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GERYON Vacuum Sealer, Automatic Food Sealer with Starter Kit | LED Display…
GERYON Vacuum Sealer, Automatic Food Sealing with Starter Kit | LED Indicator | Easy to Clean Dry Feed Mode and Wet Feed Mode Compact Design (Silver)
  • The food vacuum sealer removes air from a specially designed bag. Multi-layer thermal seals prevent air ingress and burns into the freezer, reducing spoilage and food waste. And cooking and cooking will be easier, more economical and faster.
  • Full start kit: 1 air intake hose, 5 heat seal bags (7.8 * 11.8 ), 1 roll (7.8* 78 ), 1 instruction manual, 1 vacuum sealer.Lifelong manufacturer support
  • Individual design: The top cover can be removed for easy and safe cleaning of the sealing machine. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to store and move. Suitable for Geryon bags and rolls up to 12 inches wide or products from other manufacturers.
  • Featuring a fully automatic vacuum sealing system, touch-sensitive numeric keys, LED display, sockets and upper control center, the Geryon sealing machine provides operator convenience.
  • Two packaging modes: Geryon Vacuum Sealer has two selectable modes for optimal product storage depending on the product type. You can also reseal roll packs and snacks that you just want to seal.
NutriChef Vacuum Sealer | Automatic Air Vacuum Sealing System for Food Preservation with Starter…
NutriChef Vacuum Sealer | Automatic Canned Air Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit | Compact Design | Laboratory Dry and Wet Supply Mode Testing | LED Display (Silver)
  • The perfect solution to save money and time: Cook and cook because you can equip the freezer with fresh foods that are ready to thaw and serve, or fresh ingredients instead of burnt foods in the freezer. Will be easier, cheaper and faster.Full of ice crystals that are likely to be put in the trash
  • Ease of use: A simple, fully automatic electric plug with a control center at the top and soft-touched numeric keys and LED indicators.
  • Two Sealing Modes: Convenient and practical Nutri Chef vacuum sealing system is well thought out in every detail and has two selectable modes to ensure the best food retention depending on the type of food to be sealed. You can select solid foods and food dryness indicators.Moisture indicator for cooked, stewed, or steamed foods
  • Lab-tested quality: Vacuum sealers hold food five times as long as zippered bags and containers, primarily depending on the type of food. However, NutriChef vacuum sealers have undergone special laboratory tests to effectively extend the shelf life of their products.
  • Complete Start Kit: In addition to the vacuum sealer and air intake hose, the Nutrishev vacuum sealer also includes a wine cork, five medium vacuum bags (78 x 118 inches), and a vacuum bag expansion roll (78 x 790). I am. Inches), reusable and waterproof. A complete kit for cooking in your new era.
Ziploc vacuum starter kit, 3 qt bag, 1 pump
Ziploc vacuum starter kit, 3 qt bag, 1 pump
  • Includes a specially designed vacuum bag and a simple battery-free exhaust pump
  • The bag has a special one-way valve that can be used to remove air from the bag.
  • Ideal for freezing steaks, burgers, chicken, etc.
  • Provides and maintains an airtight vacuum seal
  • Can be used in the microwave as instructed
Vacuum sealer, automatic food machine SLAOUWO, compact vacuum sealer for food …
Vacuum packaging machine, SLAOUWO automatic packaging machine, compact food vacuum packaging machine, dry food mode and wet food mode, patented cutter, LED display, roll vacuum bag
  • [Easy to Use and One Minute Seal] This fully automatic food saver features a sensitive screen. With touch-sensitive buttons with LED indicators, you can make the perfect bag in 1 minute.
  • [Dry Moist Food Modes] The Slaouwo Vacuum Sealer is equipped with two selectable modes to optimally store your product for different product types. Select a dry setting for solid foods and a dry setting for poached, stew, or steamed foods.
  • [Compact and Lightweight] The Slaouwo automatic vacuum sealer has a small and slim design that easily fits in the cupboard. This vacuum packaging machine is also lightweight and can be lifted with one hand.
  • [Good Suction and Food-Saver Hose] A stronger suction removes air almost completely, maintains quality and significantly improves food freshness. The hose can evacuate the packaging of food pouches, but it can also be used for vacuum containers such as food storage containers and wine stoppers.
  • [Professional Accessories and Service] This 14.2 x 4.5” x 2.5 hood packer is equipped with a matching cutter, x2 (196.8” x 9.84 ) vacuum rollers and pump hoses.
Food vacuum sealer, automatic food packaging machine with starter kit, drying, …
Food vacuum packaging machine, automatic food packaging machine with starter kit, food drying and moisturizing mode, 20 vacuum canned food and vacuum cooking bags, storage savings
  • ❤[Save money and keep it fresh]– Vacuuming food not only effectively extends the shelf life of the food, but also makes cooking easier and more economical. It’s convenient for your life, you deserve it.
  • ❤[Triple protection and certified products]-Automatic shutdown, overheat, power failure protection. This device is UL certified by the National Recognized Testing Laboratories (Nettle) to meet applicable product safety testing standards. Safety is our number one priority.
  • ❤[Easy operation and continuous sticker]-Automatic vacuum cleaner control with one touch of a button, hands-free device with intelligent LED display, easy to use. Save time with vacuum speeds of 5-8 seconds, continuous sealing and short cooling times.
  • ❤[Separate Compact Design]– Vacuum sealer body size is 14 * 3.13 * 2.15 inches Smaller and lighter sol than most machines on the market, easy to store and move. You can easily clean the sealer by removing the top cover. And safely.Great for takeaways and camping
  • ❤ Full Start Kit – 20 Heat Seal Bags (6 * 10 ), 1 User Manual, 1 Vacuum Sealer (Note: For product related issues, please email us from Amazon.)
Kitchen Boss Vacuum Sealer Automatic Vacuum System for Canning, Intelligent …
Kitchen Boss Vacuum Sealer for Storage Automatic Vacuum System, Intelligent LED Display, 20 Starter Kit Included (Red)
  • Fireproof and Heat Resistant Housing: The housing of this product is made of Class V0 ABS-PC material and has several advantages such as high temperature resistance and guarantee of continuous operation. Complies with REACH standards for food safety and the environment.
  • Thick body coating: G200 is a handmade piano mirror finish. It is perfectly smooth and discolored, ensuring durability. The G200’s color options are Space Gray and Apple Red.
  • Everyone’s Fresh Multi-Function Seal Mode: Our multifunction vacuum machine guarantees the best storage of the product. ZOLL” is a soft product such as bread. VAC seals for wet and dry products such as frozen meats and vegetables. Only seal” for sealing without evacuating. And INDIVIDUAL VAK. Hose” marinated bowls and stoppers to prevent food from burning in the freezer, reduce spoilage and waste, and keep canned food fresh eight times longer than normal.
  • Powerful suction performance: Thanks to the highly efficient vacuum pump and powerful motor, the sealant provides suction power up to -60kPa. There is no air in the bag and the food is fresh.
  • Compact storage size: The overall size is slim and compact, saving valuable kitchen space when storing.
Mueller Vacuum Sealer | Automatic airtight system for food preservation …
Mueller Vacuum Sealer | Automatic Canned Air Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit | Compact Design | Laboratory Dry and Wet Supply Mode Testing | LED Indicator
  • ❇️ Save money and time: Cook food and organize food in the freezer instead of fresh food ready to thaw or serve in the freezer filled with ice. Easier, more economical and faster to prepare Crystals that can be put in the trash.
  • ❇️ Not Easy: A simple, fully automatic electrical plug with a top-mounted control center and soft-touch numeric keys and LED indicators. A smart device for families!
  • ❇️ Double Seal Mode: Convenient and practical MUELLER vacuum seal system has two selectable modes to ensure the best food retention depending on the type of food to be sealed. You can choose between a dry setting for solid foods and a dry setting for poached, stew, or steamed foods.
  • ❇️ Proven by the Reliable Muller Quality Laboratory: Vacuum sealers hold food 5 times longer than bags and zippered containers, mainly depending on the type of food. However, Mueller vacuum sealers have undergone rigorous laboratory testing to effectively extend the shelf life of food and will continue to do so for the next few years.
  • ❇️ Everything you need an outer box: In addition to the vacuum sealer and air intake hose, the Muller vacuum sealer also includes: 5 medium vacuum bags (7.8 x 11.8 inches) and a very long vacuum bag Roll (7.8 x 79.0”)), both reusable and waterproof. Complete the kit as soon as it is out of the box.
Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer, White
Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer, White
  • The LED display will change color to indicate its function
  • Vacuum chamber for easy cleaning
  • Ziploc quality
VOSEN vacuum sealer, automatic dry and wet sealer …
VOSEN Vacuum Sealer, Wet and Dry Automatic Food Sealer | Integrated Milling Cutter | LED Indicator | Starter Kit | Easy to Clean
  • Save money and ease of use: Our vacuum packaging machines make cooking and cooking more economical and faster, reducing spoilage and waste. Fully automatic work system, evacuation / sealing can be done within 20 seconds, which is very convenient.
  • Dry Wet Mode: A convenient and practical wet / dry setting for optimal sealing that provides the best preservation effect for different types of foods.
  • Built-in bag cutter and vacuum hose: Our vacuum sealing system comes with a bag cutter and vacuum hose. You can make a custom size bag if you want. A canned vacuum hose with a vacuum container, compatible with wine stoppers and vacuum garment bags.
  • Humanized design: The pulse function allows you to control the time and strength of the seal to prevent damage to the fragile product due to excessive vacuum, especially by choosing a wet seal.
  • Powerful suction: Equipped with an improved vacuum pump and motor, this latest vacuum sealer has a vacuum pressure of up to 80 kPa, combines oxygen and moisture to remove maximum air and make food 5 times longer. Keep it fresh and tasty.
Pump Ziploc vacuum freezer, 12 bags
Pump Ziploc vacuum freezer, 12 bags
  • Vacuum bag

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