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Karvipark H-10 Gaming Headset for Xbox One / PS4 / PS5 / PC / Nintendo Switch | Noise Reduction, Low Frequency…
Karvipark H-10 Gaming Headset for Xbox One / PS4 / PS5 / PC / Nintendo Switch | Wired 3.5mm Stereo Headphones with Noise Canceling, Surround Bass Sound, Closed Ears, and Microphone for Clear Conversation
  • Multi-platform compatibility: Karvipark gaming headsets are professionally designed for gaming devices such as PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Nintendo Swith, PCs, laptops , And compatible with other 3.5 compatible devices Diameter mm. Audio jack. Headsets provide the most authentic experience for a variety of players.
  • Passive Noise: Use of built-in high quality 40mm neodimium driver speakers and state-of-the-art precision chips, fully enclosed headphone design for physical noise isolation, their in the gaming world and without looking at their teammates One entertaining game where you can hear the steps.
  • Comfortable and lightweight design: The size of the headset can be easily adjusted for different heads. Thanks to the high tensile strength cable, you can achieve a more open playing posture and fully blend into the game without restricting your sitting position. This is an ergonomic design that provides the player with the most comfortable experience.
  • High Sensitivity Rotating Microphone: Microphone volume control and mute button make setup easy. The 360 ​​° random rotation of the microphone can be set at different angles at any time, whether it’s a Skype chat or a PUBG game. Very convenient and convenient.
  • Free Post-Sale Service: As long as you are the customer, we offer a free replacement or full refund for 12 months from the date of purchase of your gaming headset, unless it is caused by human damage. We firmly believe that we will provide you with the best possible experience. Purchase.
Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, Nintendo …
Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mobile Phone – Xbox One
  • Flip-up mics: Turtle Beach’s famous high-sensitivity mics pick up your voice loudly and clearly, making it silent.
  • Surround Sound Support: Optimized for Windows Sonic Compatible with Microsoft Windows Sonic for Xbox One and compatible Windows 10 PC Dolby Atmos (additional purchase may be required)
  • High quality 40mm driver: The excellent 40mm over-the-ear driver reproduces sharp treble and loud bass.
  • Multi-platform compatibility: Designed for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Works well on PS4 Pro and PS4, 3.5mm Nintendo Switch, mobile devices and PCs with 3.5mm connectors (PCs with green and pink connectors require a PC splitter cable (sold separately)).
  • Premium Ear Cushions: Synthetic leather-covered ear cushions provide improved comfort, improved bass and improved noise isolation.
BENGOO V-4 gaming headset for Xbox One, PS4, PC, controller, in-ear headphones with noise canceling …
BENGOO V-4 Xbox One PS4 PC Controller Gaming Headphones Ear Headphones with Microphone LED Soft Memory Base PS2 Surround Headphones Nintendo 64 Gameboy Advance Game
  • [Wide application]Supports PlayStation 4, Xbox One S, PC, Nintendo 3DS, laptop, PSP, tablet, iMac, computer, mobile phone. Please note that you will need an additional Microsoft adapter (not included) to connect to older versions of your Xbox One controller.
  • [SURROUNDINGSTEREOSUBWOOFERoperationDurablebrassclearsoundexcellentisolationfromambientnoisehighprecision40mmmagneticneodymiumdriveraccurateacousticpositioningimprovespeakersensitivitybrightsoundfieldclearYoucangetanicesoundandashockingsoundPerfectforavarietyofgamessuchasHalo5GuardiansMetalGearSolidCallofDutyStarWarsBattlefrontOverwatchandWorldofWarcraftLegion
  • The unidirectional microphone built into the NOISEISOLATING MICROPHONE енный headset has excellent noise canceling function, which can transmit high quality communication, pick up noise with high sensitivity and remove noise, so message during playback Can be sent and received clearly. The long and flexible microphone design is very convenient for adjusting the microphone angle.
  • [Superior Human Design]Excellent comfortable and breathable protein ear cushions, multi-point head beam, and cord designed by the human body can reduce hearing impairment and heat sweating. Made of leather, it is gentle on the skin and can be used for a long time. The bright LED lights on the earphones emphasize the atmosphere of the game.
  • Free Volume Control Swivel A tough, twist-resistant braided USB cable with volume control and mic mute effectively prevents the 49-inch cable from getting tangled, making volume and mute as easy as volume adjustment. .. Please mute the sound.
TurtleBeachRecon Chat Headset for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.
TurtleBeachRecon Chat Headset for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.
  • Universal Compatibility – Works well with Xbox One and Xbox Series X controllers | 3.5 mm socket S, PlayStation 5 and PS4 controllers, 3.5 mm socket mobile devices / tablets.
  • Unique Open Ear Cushion: Listen to game sounds from your TV or home theater system with both ears while listening to chat sounds on your headset
  • Glasses-friendly: Thanks to Turtle Beach’s innovative features, you can comfortably wear your glasses and headset. Avoidance band for glasses.
  • Reversible over-ear design: Wear the headset on the right or left ear, whichever is more comfortable
  • Convenient Inline Controls: Convenient inline controls allow you to control the volume of your chat and mute it directly
PowerA Chat Headset for Xbox One
PowerA Chat Headset for Xbox One
  • Lightweight and comfortable for long gaming sessions
  • Communicate with crystal clear broadband digital audio
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Cable length 3.6 feet
  • No batteries required
HyperX CloudX Stinger Core – Officially licensed Xbox gaming headset with integrated audio…
Official Xbox-licensed HyperX CloudX StingerCore gaming headset with built-in audio control, striking in-game sound, and microphone
  • Officially licensed Xbox headset
  • Optimized for comfort and convenience
  • Immersive game sound
  • Compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.
PS4, Xbox One, PC headset with surround sound, RUNMUS gaming headset for in-ear noise suppression …
RUNMUS PS4 Gaming Headset Xbox One PC Headset Surround Sound On Ear Noise Canceling Microphone LED Light Compatible PS4 Xbox One Switch PC PS3Mac Laptop
  • Realistic surround sound effects. The RUNMUS gaming headset uses an excellent 50mm audio driver combined with advanced audio technology. Enhance your immersive gaming experience by providing high quality simulated surround sound.
  • Comfortable all day long. Soft ear pads with bionic protein cushions gently cover your ears. The RUNMUS gaming headset costs just 12 ounces. You won’t feel any discomfort with your headband and headphones, even after a long gaming session.
  • Multi-platform compatibility. RUNMUS gaming headsets are PS4, PS3 (adapter required), PS Vita, PSP, Xbox One, switch (audio), 3DS LL / 3DS (audio), 3DS LL / 3DS (audio), PC, Mac OS, iOS Works on devices and Android devices.
  • Noise canceling microphone for clear communication. The RUNMUS gaming headset features a sensitive, adjustable microphone with noise canceling capabilities. It removes most of the ambient noise and enables instant conversations in real time.
  • Convenient volume control. With practical volume control, you can adjust the volume of the game at any time.
NUBWOPS 4 Gaming Headset N7Xbox One Stereo Headset Noisy Wired PC Gaming Headphones …
NUBWO PS4 N7 Gaming Headset Xbox One Stereo Headset PC Wired Gaming Headphones (with Noise Canceling) Overhead Gaming Headphones for PC / MAC / PS4 / Xbox One
  • Immersive game audio. The two 50mm drivers create a detailed and balanced soundscape with very little distortion for games, music, movies and more.
  • Noise canceling microphone. A flexible omnidirectional microphone picks up the user’s voice and eliminates unwanted background noise.
  • Ease of use: The integrated volume control makes it easy to adjust the volume and mute the microphone without any additional settings.
  • Designed for comfort.Soft synthetic leather ear cushions and an ergonomic headband allow for long game sessions without getting tired
  • Universal compatibility. Designed to play anywhere on your PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and more. (You may need an Xbox One stereo adapter and it may not be included.)
PS4 gaming headset with mic, Beexcellent Xbox One headset with stereo sound and noise isolation …
PS4 Gaming Headset with Microphone Stereo Sound Noise Isolation for PC Laptop Tablets Excellent Xbox One Headset with Foam LED Light
  • Excellent 3D sound effect: Neodymium driver with strong magnetic field provides clear sound reproduction and correct surround sound. You will be more likely to hear the terrorist team’s sound spread, the terrorist team’s landing, the enemy reloading, the type of weapon the enemy uses, and more.
  • Noise Canceling Boom Microphone: Improves communication by completely separating keystrokes and surroundings from voice.You can better inform your teammates about where your enemies are and what you need to be aware of.
  • Comfortable Touch Touch Control + Lightweight Material + Durable Cable: Memory foam material for ear pads, headband and lightweight frame allows you to focus on the game without pain or pressure on your ears or head. The braided cord is designed for long-term use.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: 3.5mm Jack Adapter PS4 Xbox 1 S / XPC Laptop Mac iPad Tablet Supported on mobile phones.If you have any connection questions, check the compatibility photos
  • Sincere Customer Service: Your experience is what we value most. We will gladly answer your questions, we will answer them soon.
The Mpow EG3 Pro is a 7.1 surround sound gaming headset with on-ear headphones for PC, PS4 and Xbox …
Compatible with Mpow EG3 Pro – 7.1 Surround Sound On-Ear Gaming Headset PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, LED Lights, Noise Canceling Microphones, Soft Memory Headphones
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility-The headset is compatible with PCs, PS4s, Xbox Ones, laptops and Nintendo Switches via a 3.5mm cable. Note. An optional Microsoft adapter (not included) is required for use with first-generation Xbox controllers.
  • Game Sound – 50mm speakers, excellent 7.1 surround sound. The Mpow EG3 Pro Gaming Headset improves acoustic recognition. Headphone sensitivity: 103 +/- 3dB
  • NOCE CANCELING MICROPHONE – Advanced microphones reduce ambient and background noise to keep your voice clear and loud. Mute button and 360 ° adjustable soft microphone. Microphone sensitivity: -38 +/- 3dB
  • Easy access control – Built-in audio control makes it easy to turn it on and off and adjust the volume. Cable with high tensile strength and winding protection. Note: The USB connector is for LED lighting only.
  • Comfortable and Comfortable Design-Thick memory foam earphones are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.Lightweight aluminum frame, durable construction and hanging headband

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