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Superio kitchen and home horse broom with wooden handle, fine fine hair – sturdy …
Superio Horsehair Kitchen Household Broom with wood handle, Premium Fine bristles – High performance home broom, easy to remove dust and thin floors and corners
  • Brandy Hair: Horsehair and polypropylene make it easy to pick up both dirt and small particles.The combination of coarse and soft hair effectively collects all the mess without cluttering
  • Superior Performance: The corner trim design allows you to sweep tight and tight areas under the kitchen cabinet and along all baseboards with a 12-inch sweep head for optimal cleaning.
  • Durable handle: Comes with a sturdy wooden handle that won’t break during use. Easy-access 48-inch length, USA threads and rubber bumpers to protect walls and toilets.
  • Multiple areas: This broom makes it easy to clean your home, kitchen or bedroom. Safe on all floors inside and outside. Hardwood parquet, granite tiles or concrete. You will have a simple experience.
A more complete brush for indoor and outdoor use – a high performance wide wooden sweeper with long bristles – commercial…
Fuller Brush Indoors and Outdoors – High Performance Widewood Sweeper with Long Hair – Commercial Floor Brushes for Salons, Shops, Kitchens, Garages – 12 Inches Width
  • Durable Design: Indoor and outdoor fuller brushes are made of styrene-acrylonitrile bristles and are securely attached to durable maple blocks made of natural hardwood to prevent peeling and ensure long life To do.
  • Efficient Pivoting: For perfect shaking, the 4½-inch bristles are stiff enough to sweep branches, sand, and pebbles, and the split ends remove fine particles such as dust, sugar, salt, hair, and sawdust. Pick up.
  • Split-end hair: Each bun is filled with additional staggered hair to ensure complete and thorough cleaning and resistance to chemicals, oils, greases and molds for reliable and long-term use. It can be used.
  • Size Choices: This broom head is available in sizes 10 and 12 to suit all your needs. Any size fits easily into a standard US threaded handle or a two piece black steel handle with a fuller brush.
  • Reliable Brand: Since 1906, Fuller Brush has been offering high quality American products designed to last. Whether you’re looking for cleaning tips or a particular cleaning product for your job, fuller brushes can help!
Eyliden Dust Mop, microfiber floor wiper with height adjustable handle and two washable handles …
Eyliden Dust Mop, microfiber floor mop with height adjustable handle and two washable mop pads, wet and dry floor mop for hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl broom (blue)
  • ✓ Cleaning: Microfiber mop can easily remove dead corners, pet hair, dust and dirt and can be used for cleaning wet and dry floors. Long and sturdy handles with dust-drying or wipe-drying modes, moisture for wiping and cleaning hardwoods, tiles, laminates, vinyl and wood. An ideal mop and broom for cleaning trash and homes.
  • ✓ Expandable adjustable rack: The squeegee rack has a convenient sponge-locking switch that can be freely expanded in length from 32.9 to 52.6 inches to suit different needs. Dust brushes provide long reach in high corners and deep under furniture. Thorough cleaning of the corners and hanging holes on the handle makes storage easier and more accessible. You no longer have to leave too much space for the mop.
  • ✓ Reusable Washable Mop Pads / Environment: The Eyliden cleaning mop comes with two washable microfiber pads that are soft, water absorbent, durable, machine washable, reusable and non-disposable. How to save money and reduce waste! And protect the environment. The mop pad can be easily attached to the squeegee attached to the attachment and can be removed for quick and easy washing. An ideal green hand-washing mop for kids and adults.
  • ✓ Multi-functionality: Use as a wet mop, flooring, kitchen, restaurant, bathroom, garage, warehouse, office floor, under sofa, floorboard, tile floor, marble floor, wall, glass window, perilla, etc. Ideal for the surface of the. It can be used as a wall-mounted dry dust mop and is ideal for cleaning dirt and hair from pets such as dogs and cats. It can also be used as a large indoor brush.
  • ✓ Unique one-note design: The microfiber cloth is easy to install and remove, with a light buckle to lift the squeegee. The lower shelf is folded. The squeegee can be easily attached and detached. After the installation is complete, push the buckle in place.[Mop model: PB-06-02]
LandHope Bristle Deck Broom Adjustable Long Handle Cleaning Brush High Performance Concrete Push…
LandHope Bristles Deck Brush Adjustable Long Handle Cleaning Brush Rugged Concrete Brush Outer Brush Garage Brush Wooden Brush, 30-49 inch Balcony Brush with Large Bottom
  • The broom hair does not deform or fall apart during cleaning. Suitable for different types of floors such as bathroom / kitchen / patio / garage / patio tiles, marble, stone and wood.
  • !!!!! A broom head with a width of 26 cm and an inclination of 45 degrees. Suitable for wiping off dirt, stains, stains, soot and soapy water and reaching corners and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Adjustable brush 77-126 cm (30.31-49.61 inches) – Very long handle makes it much safer and easier to clean without bending.
  • The reinforced handle won’t rust or come off your head, ensuring long-term use. Accidental hitting of the toes will not damage the smooth edges of the broom’s head.
  • Instructions for use and care: Shake or rinse with a broom after each use to remove excess residue. You can easily hang up and store it.
Wyler 44008 High-performance cone fiber storage broom with wire band, wooden handle, 1-1 / 2 inch head …
Weiler 44008 Rugged corn fiber storage broom with wooden handle, 1-1 / 2 head width, 57” total length, brown
  • Great for cleaning floors, grabbing corners, and cleaning ceilings.
  • Corn and fiber filler
  • High-performance storage broom
  • 4 needles – 1-1 / 8 Handle wire with strip”
  • Cutting length 18 inches
Magnolia 71 18 inch horse floor broom
Magnolia 71 18 inch horse floor broom
  • 18 inches long
  • 3 inch trim
  • Horsehair
  • Recommended use: For cleaning smooth and dry floors such as tiles, linoleum, terrazzo, waxed and polished wooden floors.
  • Includes a 60 inch wooden handle with a metal edge
Regular tool 48 Industrial durable cotton mop with wooden handle and frame. 48” X5 …
Regular tool 48 Industrial durable cotton mop with wooden handle and frame. 48” X5 wide cut squeegee head-hardwood floor brush
  • LARGE COTTON COTTON MOP HEAD 48 X 5 CUT – Super absorbent cotton thread, ideal for dry and wet wiping.
  • Use of multiple surfaces – Use this mop for wooden floors, kitchen floors, restaurant floors, bathroom floors, garages, warehouses, office floors, tile floors, vinyl, laminates, fitness, marble, Clean all types of surfaces, including parquet floors.
  • Strong and reliable wooden handle with 63 inch metal frame – We also chose a traditional wooden handle with a steel frame. This allows you to use a sturdy and reliable handle that can withstand all kinds of cleaning and operation without worrying about breaking. .. Like plastic. The steel metal clamp also includes a plastic guide that can be used to lock or unlock the pivot movement.
  • When fully expanded, the squeegee head will be 52 x 10” in size, large enough for efficient and effective cleaning.
O-Cedar Heavy Duty 100% Corn Commercial Broom with Solid Wood Handle
O-Cedar Heavy Duty 100% Corn Commercial Broom with Solid Wood Handle
  • Made from the highest quality 100% natural broom corn
  • Handmade for durability
  • Reinforced with 5 rows of Politvin
  • Durable enough for commercial use
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
Weiler 42041 18 ”Block Silver Polystyrene Filler Clean Floor Brush Natural
Weiler 42041 18 ”Block Silver Polystyrene Filler Clean Floor Brush Natural
  • Ideal for accurate sweeps in commercial and industrial applications
  • Great for cleaning smooth surfaces such as delicate wood and tiles without scratches
  • Practical lacquered hardwood rod, female thread connection
  • Polystyrene filler materials are oil and heat resistant up to 180 ° F and are suitable for both wet and dry coatings.
  • Bristle length 3 inches, block length 18 inches, block width 2-1 / 2 inches.
Harper brush 10804A 12 inch internal brush
Harper brush 10804A 12 inch internal brush
  • Ideal for kitchens, utility rooms, offices, beauty salons, beauty salons.
  • 90 degree threaded handle hole
  • 12 inch hardwood block with vinyl bumper
  • 4-inch synthetic fiber with split ends

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