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Children’s Cibero wedge bed
Children’s Cibero wedge bed
  • ✅ Improve nighttime sleep, reduce use and eliminate concussion. With a convenient 12 degree angle, the baby provides maximum comfort for uninterrupted sleep.
  • ✅ Fits all standard size cribs. Works with all US standard size cribs and cribs. The wedge size is 27.25 x 13.5” x 3 . The wedge pillow fits snugly under the baby’s mattress sheet or under the mattress.
  • 100% organic handmade cotton Hypoallergenic, breathable, removable, washable cover.The non-slip bottom design holds the wedge firmly in place
  • ✅ Baby Safety Our cribs do not contain harsh chemicals. BPA, phthalates, formaldehyde, lead, PBDE-free (flame retardants)
  • ✅ Memorable baby showers and registered gifts. Packaging Environment No need to spend extra money or time on recycled gift wrapping. Our unique and attractive packaging is ready to be a gift. Our packaging is made from recycled cardboard, so it’s eco-friendly.
Crib Mattress Universal Crib Wedge Crib Wedge for Reflux | Regurgitation Wedge Pillow…
Crib Universal Baby Bed Wedge for Crib Mattress Crib Wedge for Reflux | Reflux Wedge Toddler Pillow with Detachable Cotton Cover | 12 Degree Tilt
  • ♡ Best Wedges on the Market – Lullabies wedges are perfect for babies with acid reflux or stuffy nose. Acid reflux disease is a common condition faced by babies because the lower esophageal sphincter is still developing and learning to function properly. There are several causes of acid reflux in babies: lying too often or giving birth prematurely. With Lullababy Premium Crib Wedges, your child can gently but effectively tilt 12 degrees to improve sleep.
  • ♡ Better Sleep for Parents and Babies-Does your toddler wake up frequently at night or during sleep due to acid reflux? The 12 degree tilt prevents belching and allows you and your baby to sleep soundly. The Lullababy wedge bed is designed for infants aged 0-36 months. It will be a great gift for future parents!
  • ♡ Child Safety – As a parent, Lullababy attaches great importance to safety. Our premium crib wedges are non-slip, BPA-free, phthalate-free and lead-free. The crib wedge is strong enough to keep your child in a high position all night and get a good night’s sleep. Our crib is 13 x 27.2” x 2.75 height. Therefore, please measure the width of the crib in advance to make sure it fits properly. The tighter the fit, the better. is.
  • ♡ Easy maintenance – Our goal is always to make life easier for parents. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance of premium wedge beds is very easy. Our wedge beds feature a luxurious soft, breathable cover that is easy to remove and machine washable. Underneath the outer shell is a waterproof, dirty, odorless removable inner lining.
  • ♡ Lifetime Warranty – You’ll love the classic Lullababy crib. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty. Our universal wedge bed fits most standard beds and helps most babies and toddlers with acid reflux. If for any reason you find that our crib does not meet or exceed your expectations, please let us know. We will provide you full compensation without any questions.
Survival Guide for Women with Regurgitation, 2nd Edition: Unresolved Treatments …
Survival Guide for Women with Regurgitation 2nd Edition: How to Understand and Support Your Problematic Child and Yourself
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OCCObaby universal wedge heel cushion with removable waterproof cotton cover
OCCObaby universal wedge heel cushion with removable waterproof cotton cover
  • The OCCObaby Universal Wedge Pillow is designed with a doctor’s recommended 12 degree tilt angle to safely lift your baby’s head to improve sleep, reduce belching and reduce stuffy nose.
  • The pillows have a removable waterproof hypoallergenic cover that can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap. The cover is resistant to slips, odors, mold and bacteria, so the pillows are kept clean.
  • All elements of this product are free of harsh chemicals, BPA, phthalates, formaldehyde, lead and PBDE. It was designed with the comfort and care of your child in mind.
  • Wedge pillows are made of high density foam, so your child will be comfortable and safe all night long.
  • Pillows are common to cribs and cribs of all sizes and styles. The wedge is 27.3 inches long and has anti-slip properties designed to fit securely and permanently under the proper blade.
Cher Bebe Bed Wedge for Regurgitation and Colic | Wrinkled Tilt | Cotton and Waterproof Cover…
Cher Bebe Bed Wedge for Regurgitation and Colic | Wrinkled Tilt | Cotton Waterproof Cover | Baby Sleep Positioner Above or Below Mattress | Newborn Sleep Solution (Standard, 3.25 inch)
  • Improves acid reflux, colic and digestion | 14 ° angled sleeping wedge effectively lifts baby’s head and chest, reduces vomiting and stuffy nose, supports digestion and relieves gas
  • Supports head and torso | Three-piece ropes do not dive under children. Made of high quality foam that provides optimal support. The wedges on the crib mattress are solid enough to fit under the mattress without flattening.
  • Children’s wedge regurgitation pillows with children’s positioners or side bolsters have no fixed parts that can cause breathing problems. This wedge can also solve the problem of crib mattresses.
  • Easy to wash double case | Save your time! The zippered cotton cover is machine washable in a delicate cycle.Big mess – no problem – just wipe the inner nylon cover clean
  • Approved Safety and Large Scale | All materials used in the manufacture of children’s shoes are approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Rest assured that babies and toddlers use safe and proven hypoallergenic products.
Crib Wedge Pillow-Universal-Improve sleep at 3 heights, easy …
Crib wedge pillow-universal-three heights to improve sleep and relieve stuffy nose during reflux-happy babies and happy parents-cotton fabric with carrying bag
  • Prompt delivery! Do you feel inappropriate and delighted because you can’t sleep your child? I’ll help you! Our 3-in-1 Waterproof Sleep Positioner is what you need to relieve the pain and discomfort that keeps your afflicted child night after night.
  • We know how to help your child feel when crying with reflux or stuffy nose. Stop being overwhelmed. Our versatile sleep positioning pillow will help you lift your baby’s head a little. This wedge has three adjustable slopes – a standard 12 degree wedge and a small 4 degree crib wedge. Put them together in a specially designed 16 degree lid for easy feeding of baby bottles.
  • Developed for the safety of your child and your understanding – we designed the Did and Me Universal Lifting Bag using only the best non-toxic materials for your crib or stroller. Contains no BPA, phthalates, formaldehyde, lead or PBDE. Easy to clean – machine washable in a gentle cycle.
  • Did you know that mom and dad are suffering from insomnia? This is a great gift for her. Every day and night when your child sleeps without the pain of regurgitation or stuffy nose, you are blessed with very good parents. It’s also perfect for presentations at baby showers, baby sprinkles, baby names, blessingways, gender parties and other kids events.
  • With DID AND ME, we support you, support you, and understand that you need to overcome this difficult time in your child’s life. We take great care and pride in our service to the parents of our young children. The pillows come with a 5 month warranty, but we are always ready to help and advise you.
Newzealkids wedge pillows, baby sleeping pillows for cribs, anti-reflux pillows, wedge baby pillows …
Newzealkids Baby Pillow, Crib Wedge, Reflux Prevention Pillow, Baby Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow, Universal Wedge Pillow for Cradle, 15 Degree Tilt Improves Baby Sleep (Gray)
  • Great for newborns: Baby wedge-shaped pillows can reduce the discomfort caused by acid reflux / milk spit. Wedge-shaped pillows have a density suitable for supporting the baby’s head and torso at a 15 degree tilt (recommended by a pediatrician for newborns).
  • Fits most bassinets: Baby Sleeping Pillow Positioners are durable. Sometimes you’re worried that your baby will get caught between two pillows. Please tie and fix the middle lace. Putting a breathable towel on the pillow will improve the experience.
  • Healthy Material: Backflow Prevention Wedge Baby Cradle uses a high quality stereotyped 60D high density sponge and a breathable cover made of organic cotton. It is gentle on the skin and harmless, ensuring a sweet sleep for the baby, the foam inside is slightly hot and has a certain odor.
  • Easy to clean: The zippered lid is easy to remove and machine washable. No assembly required.
  • Buy with confidence: Your satisfaction is our priority. We have a great customer service team. If you have any questions, please contact us. Provide a solution.
OCCObaby Universal Wedge Carry Cot | Handmade waterproof cotton layer and removable cover …
OCCObaby Universal Wedge Carry Cot | Waterproof Layer and Detachable Cotton Cover, Handmade | Tilt 12 degrees for better sleep …
  • Improves baby’s sleep, reduces function and removes structure – The doctor’s recommended 12 degree tilt safely lifts the child’s head and torso to ensure a healthy and comfortable sleep.
  • Luxury Handmade 100% Cotton – High quality handmade cotton provides extra comfort for your child.
  • Easy to clean waterproof cover – Antifouling cover with non-slip bottom. The cover protects the cradle wedge from belching, salivation and diaper leaks.Easy to clean with hot water and soap
  • Suitable for most pools – Universal Wedge Cradle fits most standard bassinets in the United States. The wedge size is 15 (W) x 12.2” x 2.6 . For the best fit, make sure the tote bag is 14.5 to 17 inches wide. Carry cots vary. If the bassinet is wide, for example a hello bassinet, you should place it under a mattress and fill the gap with a blanket or towel.
  • Safe for your child – High Density Foam Carrier Bag Both wedges and covers are very safe.
Wedge bed, memory foam, sleeping pillow, crib pillow, sleep positioner, crib …
Wedge Bed, Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow Baby Pillow Sleep Positioner Crib Tilting Mattress Removable Waterproof Cotton Cover – Reduces colic and acid reflux, white
  • Safety for Your Child-As parents, we attach great importance to safety. High density foam wedges and covers for cribs are extremely safe and free of harsh chemicals. Carrycot wedges keep your toddler high all night, soft and comfortable, and powerful enough to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Comfortable and waterproof cover – The fabric is soft and breathable.Handmade cotton gives your child extra comfort
  • Improves your child’s sleep, shortens distance and provides sexual intercourse – The doctor’s recommended 10 degree tilt safely lifts your child’s head and torso for a healthy and comfortable sleep.
  • The cover protects the crib wedge from belching, salivation and diaper leaks.Easy to clean with hot water and soap
  • Supported Head and Torso-Three-piece ropes never flatten under the baby. It is made of high quality foam for optimal retention. The wedges on the crib mattress are solid enough to fit under the mattress without flattening. In addition, this article can be used in a variety of ways to provide support, comfort and peace of mind to adults. For example, B. Sleep, pregnancy, reading, leg comfort and more.
Universal wedge pillow for crib Mattress for crib Newborn regurgitation and stuffy nose …
Cribs for newborns Cribs for regurgitation and stuffy nose Cribs for mattresses Universal wedge pillows 100% cotton removable cover | Tilt 15 degrees for better sleep
  • ♥ 100% Baby Comfort Guarantee – This Super Cradle Wedge was developed to provide your baby with 100% comfortable sleep. This carry cot wedge is free of harsh chemicals such as BPA, phthalates and PBDEs (flame retardants). The cover and foam of this sleeping wedge is solid.
  • ♥ Stylish handmade 100% cotton case – Perfect 15 degree wedge with sloping cradle to support your baby’s body. This high orientation provides maximum comfort and leads to better relaxation. This versatile wedge crib comes with an optional third owl print cover.
  • ♥ Easy to clean: The zippered cover is easy to remove and machine washable. No assembly required.
  • ♥ Best Gift for New Moms – Looking for the perfect and best gift for breastfeeding mothers? This wedge cradle is for you! A perfect gift for the recipient’s smile. No gift is better than comforting your baby!
  • ♥ Buy with Confidence: Your satisfaction and your newborn’s satisfaction are our priorities and we guarantee that you will be satisfied or will send you money immediately.

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