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Sport-Brera Versa-Brera 4-way parasol (dark blue), 38×39
Sport-Brera Versa-Brera 4-way parasol (dark blue), 38×39
  • UPF50 + protection. Versa-brella is a canopy umbrella that provides UPF50 or higher protection while protecting the skin from 99.5% of UVA and UVB rays.
  • Sturdy housing and durable plug: The durable housing won’t tear. The high-performance universal clamp can be connected to square and tubular surfaces to hold golf bags, strollers, sun loungers and even stands securely.
  • Adjustable to any angle: The 4-way 360 degree swivel joint and 2-button hinge allow the Versa-Brella to be adjusted to any angle to block the sun.
  • Easy shipping for easy protection. The Versa-Brella is an easy-to-fold compact tote bag that weighs only 1.8 pounds and can be carried anywhere. The normal size when opened is 38 x39 .
  • do not be afraid. With Versa-Brella, you stay loyal to your team, family and friends by protecting your skin from the sun, from the beach to the curbs. 1 year limited manufacturer warranty
Taylor Made Products 22042, AnchorShade III Sun Visor, White
Taylor Made Products 22042, AnchorShade III Sun Visor, White
  • Adjustable binding post up to 8 feet
  • Lightweight, moldy / light resistant nylon top with UV treatment
  • Excellent sunscreen, blocking 85-90% of harmful rays
  • Adjustable corrosion resistant straps provide assembly flexibility for virtually any application
  • Over-the-counter upper materials allow ventilation without sacrificing sunscreen.
Magma Products, B10-404 Cockpit Screen, Jet Black
Magma Products, B10-404 Cockpit Screen, Jet Black
  • Light-resistant acrylic nylon canopy with windproof ventilation mesh
  • Fully adjustable rail mount with quick release at all angles
  • Lashing strap for fixing corners.
  • The umbrella contains 7/8 or 1” (22mm or 25.5mm) round rails made of 18-8 stainless steel and 365 anodized aluminum.
  • This bracket can be adjusted to any angle with vertical stanchions or horizontal railings.
Dekero Large windproof umbrella, 6.5ft portable umbrella with UV protection and sand …
Dekero Large Windproof Umbrellas, 6.5ft Portable UV Protective Umbrellas with Sand Anchors, Inclined Aluminum Pole Carrying Bag for Garden Fishing on the Beach
  • ☂ Windproof design: Unique thick 3-layer windproof ribs and vents prevent the umbrella from tipping over. Three windshields to polish the floor around the base to prevent the wind from being blown away.
  • ☂ Silver sunscreen coating blocks 99% of harmful UV rays. Wet the sand around you and enjoy a comfortable stay at 39 degrees outside and only 30 degrees under a parasol!
  • ☂ Maximum comfort + 360 degree tilt for full height adjustment. Thanks to the sturdy, high-quality screwed metal rod, the umbrella can be easily tilted so that you can see the sun all day without moving the chair or the base of the umbrella.
  • ☂ Rugged and durable aluminum construction. The one-piece swivel support is easy to install and remove, and the triangular metal anchors allow you to easily puncture sand or ground with your feet. A compact umbrella with a bag weighs 7 kg and is completely portable.
  • ☂ Umbrellas can be used on beaches, lawns, patios, parks, gardens, patios, balconies and pool decks. Not just an umbrella table. Used for travel, sporting events (golf courses, soccer fields), picnics, fishing and sunbeds.
CleverMade QuadraBrella – Portable 5-inch parasol for outdoor sun and wind protection –…
CleverMade QuadraBrella – Portable 5-inch parasol for outdoor sunlight and wind protection – Blue, including carrying bag, jackhammer and support
  • The oversized canopy provides not only sun protection on the beach and picnics, but also rain and wind protection for bystanders during youthful outdoor sports such as soccer and baseball.
  • Accessories include a shoulder bag, a sturdy steel telescopic stand, a small multipurpose rock drill, four cable ties, and four metal ground pins to secure the cockpit to the sand.
  • The giant umbrella can be placed sideways for privacy or fixed to the ground for immediate outdoor coverage in the park.The square shape allows for modular construction with multiple umbrellas
  • All-weather UPF50 + protection that protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays in the summer.High performance steel ribs prevent large sun visors from turning inside out on windy days
  • Lightweight solar key fobs travel a distance of 49 L x 3” W x 3 H when closed and a road weight of 64” x 64 (5’x 5′) – 6.5lb when opened.
9ft aluminum umbrella and adjustable boat mount (blue)
9ft aluminum umbrella and adjustable boat mount (blue)
  • Your VIP area of ​​sand spikes, pools or fishing piers because you deserve the best!
  • Umbrella covers the whole family
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Free storage / carry bag
Millennium Marine Shade Tree Fishing Umbrella # U-570-00
Millennium Marine Shade Tree Fishing Umbrella # U-570-00
  • Easy-to-move top that tilts for the perfect angle of view
  • Lightweight construction made of aluminum and composite
  • Durable storage and carry bag protect your umbrella for easy movement
  • Practical vents can open the top to blow hot air and close to protect against rain
  • Height adjustable
6.5’Innovated portable beach and sports umbrella (blue)
6.5’Innovated portable beach and sports umbrella (blue)
  • The diameter of the umbrella is 6.5 feet.
  • 6.8ft white coated steel center pillar
  • The silver coated 210D Oxford fabric provides UV50 + protection.
  • Rigid rib, steel 0.16 inch
  • Through brand innovation
AMMSUN Sunscreen Outdoor Umbrellas with Slope and Carry Bag Solid Lake Blue
AMMSUN Sunscreen Outdoor Umbrellas Slope and Carry Bag Solid Lake Blue
  • Vents 6.5 feet in diameter. A hood that facilitates airflow and enhances stability. The visor structure is supported by eight reinforcements.
  • Polyester fabric with special UPF50 + aluminum primer protects from harmful sunlight
  • It has a diameter of 1.26 inches / 1.26 inches. Includes stand, fiberglass ribs and plastic convertible top. A powder coated anti-corrosion stand and eight durable ribs provide more support.
  • For added protection, the parasol has a tilting feature for maximum and accurate shade.
  • The umbrella carries the same bag for ease of use and storage and weighs 5.5 lbs, including a carry bag and optional ASIN sand fasteners. Recommended: B01EHMC9EQ (sold separately). It is designed to keep your umbrella stable.If you have any questions, please contact us” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”493a3c3939263b3d092824243a3c27672a2624″ rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>[email protected]
ONIVA – Picnic Time Brand Outdoor Canopy Umbrella Umbrella 5.5′, Black
ONIVA – Picnic Time Brand Outdoor Canopy Umbrella Umbrella 5.5′, Black
  • Oniva’s Portable Sunshade Umbrella 5.5, Brand Picnic Time; Includes Shopping Bag with Drawstring and Shoulder Strap
  • Featuring a sturdy polyester construction, the canopy provides 5.5 feet of shade
  • 2-piece 1-1 / 4 inch steel rod with tilting function and sharp edges for easy penetration into sand and grass
  • Coordinate with party cubes with built-in picnic tables, fusion chairs and pole slots.
  • Diameter 5-1 / 2 feet, height 6.8 feet.Backed by the Picnic Time family of brands created for the latest lifetime warranty

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