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Hansang Candelabra LED lamp, 60 W equivalent, 600 lm, warm white, 2700 K, type B lamp, E12 …
Hansan candlestick LED lamp, 60 W equivalent, 600 lm, warm white, 2700 K, type B lamp, E12 base, decorative chandelier lamp, non-dimming, pack of 6
  • Save energy. The luminous flux is over 600 lumens, which is equivalent to a 60W incandescent lamp.
  • Long service life and high security. The 30,000 hour service life reduces maintenance costs and saves time. The use of an insulated thermally conductive housing ensures a high level of safety light.
  • Color uniformity and high color rendering index. SDCM data is less than 2. This means that the color uniformity of the light is very high and the light does not cause discomfort to people. The color rendering index shows excellent performance even at the Ra83 level, providing realistic colors for all objects.
  • Appearance, wide range of uses. It can be used in various rooms for lighting and decoration.
  • Warranty – We offer a 3-year warranty, 100% replacement or refund for quality issues.
Type B Small Bulb Candlestick LED Lamp E12 Small Base 4000K Cool White – 60W…
Type B Small Lamp Candlestick LED Lamp E12 Small Base 4000K Cool White – 60W Equivalent, 600 Lumens, Unadjusted Candlestick Lamp, 6 Comzler Packs
  • [Eye protection]The candlestick LED lamp meets strict test standards such as flicker, flash, glare, and color rendering, and protects the eyes. Comzler LED lamps always have a CRI of 80 or higher, improving color rendering and making home green, red and blue tones more accurate. It offers 600 lumens and high brightness.
  • [Quick installation structure]The base diameter is 12 mm (0.47 inch), and it is a standard screw base of American E12 candlesticks, and easily fits in all basic E12 appliances. Just click and turn. No tools required. The LED chip has a shock-resistant design, which provides excellent insulation, prevents accidental contact, and makes the use of electricity safer.
  • [Wide range of applications]A cool white color with a color temperature of 4000K, which realizes white and fresh feeling without humming and a beam of 270 degrees. Pure bright light with no additional yellow or blue hues. E12 screw candlestick, suitable for any pendant light. Ideal for home lighting, cafes, shopping malls, bars, restaurants, hotels and more. Ideal as a ceiling fan lamp or LED chandelier lamp.
  • [Energy saving star]60W LED bulb, saves energy cost by up to 90%. The long life of 30,000 hours saves you the cost and hassle of frequent lamp replacement. Longer life than conventional LED lamps.
  • [Warranty]Lifetime Return Policy and we are responsible for all risks. If you’re not completely happy with your purchase, we promise to refund or replace it 100% so you don’t have to worry about not enjoying your purchase.
E12 LED candlestick bulb dimmable, Comzler chandelier 5000K bulb daylight white, 40W …
E12 LED candlestick light bulb dimmable, Comzler light bulb 5000K chandelier, white daylight, 40W equivalent, ceiling fan type B lamp, C35 B11 Edison light bulb, candle, candle, 400lm, pack of 6
  • [Dimmable LED chandelier]Dimming steplessly from 10% to 100% without flickering or humming. Compatible with the latest US LED dimmers. You can adjust the brightness of the chandelier bulbs to create a perfect and comfortable atmosphere in your room at any time. By switching to the Comzler lamp, you can avoid flickering and poor dimming.
  • [Eye protection]Comzler E12 LED lamps meet strict test standards such as flicker, flash, glare and color rendering to protect your eyes. With the Comzler chandelier, the CRI of the light will always be over 80 to improve color rendering, green, red, etc., and the blue of the house will come out more accurately. Daytime white temperature 5000K and circular 360 degree lighting.
  • [Small E12 base and bright white daylight]5000K LED candle bulb guarantees bright and vivid colors without blinking. The 12mm diameter of the lamp base makes it easy to fit in any small E12 basic light. A design in the shape of transparent glasses and candles. Vintage style LED lamps are ideal for chandeliers, pendant lights, ceiling fans, wall lights and more.
  • [40W equivalent – ​​Energy saving star]Rest assured, replace your old 40W incandescent bulb with a 4W LED bulb. Save up to 90% on energy costs and achieve more brightness with the same brightness. Zler LED chandeliers are made of high quality materials. With excellent heat dissipation and long service life, you can avoid frequent lamp replacements and troubles.
  • [Professional and prompt customer service]We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products and excellent service. All Comzler lamps are manufactured according to the strictest quality assurance principles. The C35 Candelabra LED lamp comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 24-day money-back guarantee. Months of customer service. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.
Albrillo E12 lamp, LED candlestick lamp, 40W equivalent, warm white LED chandelier …
Albrillo E12 lamp, LED candlestick lamp, 40W equivalent, warm white LED chandelier lamp, decorative E12 candle base, non-dimming, pack of 4
  • Compatible with 40W incandescent lamps with only 4W LED, 90% energy saving
  • Each e12 LED lamp illuminates the nightlife with a soft white color of 2700K and 350 lumens.
  • Life: Approximately. Reduce the frequency of lamp replacement for 15,000 hours
  • Dimmable, ready to use, provides a comfortable and relaxing light for the eyes
  • [Reliabilityanddurability40we12lamp40wcandlesticklamp40wLEDchandelierlampetc
E12 candlestick LED lamp dimmable 4000K daylight 6W, chandelier type B bulb, Winshine C35 …
E12 candlestick LED lamp dimmable 4000K daylight 6W, chandelier type B bulb, Winshine C35 ceiling fan bulb transparent glass, 60W equivalent, 600lm, 6 pieces.packing
  • ✔ Candlestick LED Bulbs – Set the LED dimmer continuously from 100% to 10% to choose the desired brightness at any time. (Lutron and Leviton recommended) The rugged electronic components of this LED sconces lamp help prevent visible flicker and eye strain, so there is no more flicker.
  • ✔ E12 LED Bulb 4000k Daylight – The E12 chandelier quickly emits 4000k daylight, creating the comfortable and vibrant atmosphere most homes need. A perfect addition to the E12 socket, perfect for chandeliers, wall lights, pendant lights, ceiling fans, hallways, hallways, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchen lighting.
  • ✔ Equivalent 60 Watt Light Bulbs – Are you suffering from a light bulb that always gets slightly hot? It would be wise to replace them with these energy efficient 6W LED sconces lamps. Due to its advantages of low heat release and long service life, E12 LED lamps are the best choice to reduce energy costs by more than 50% and save time when changing lamps frequently.
  • ✔ Brightness in all directions – With a transparent and transparent glass shade, these E12 LED chandeliers emit 360 ° daylight with a higher CRI than incandescent lamps, making the motif look more realistic and natural. There is no glare, no blue light, no sharp shadows. A completely different lighting experience for your home.
  • ✔ Decorative candle shape. These antique candle-shaped C35 LED lamps can be used as a unique decoration to make your home more enjoyable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will resolve these within 24 hours and provide professional customer service.
JandCase Candelabra LED lamp, dimmable, type B, 4 W (equivalent to 35 W), warm white 3000 K, 350 lm, …
JandCase candlestick LED lamp, dimmable type B, 4 W (35 W equivalent) warm white 3000K 350 lm, home / office torpedo light, chandelier, ceiling fan, trailer, E12 socket, 4 pieces
  • Infinitely adjustable. With the updated version of JandCase Candelabra LED Lamp, you can continuously dim from 0% to 100% without flickering or humming. The soft white 3000K provides a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in your home.
  • Energy efficiency. This 4W LED lamp is an energy efficient alternative to 35W incandescent lamps, providing a light output of 350 lumens. Save 88% of energy costs.
  • It fits perfectly. This E12 chandelier pedestal lamp fits most everyday lighting fixtures such as ceiling fans, chandeliers, nightlights and porch lights. It can be installed in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • Excellent heat dissipation. LED lights are made of aircraft grade aluminum and plastic to improve heat dissipation and make daily lighting more durable and safe. This material helps to cool the lamp quickly, keeps maintenance costs low, and consistently achieves high quality.
  • Reliable service. This high quality lamp has a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours. No UV, IR, lead or mercury is used. If you have any questions, please contact us.
GE Crystal Clear Chandelier Incandescent, 25 W, 160 lumens, candlestick base, clear …
GE Crystal Clear Incandescent Lamp, Chandelier, 25 W, 160 Lumens, Candlestick Base, Transparent Light Bulb, Delicate White, 2 in Package, Decorative Candlestick Lamp, Dull Candlestick Lamp
  • Chandelier Bulbs: GE sconces lamps are ideal decorative bulbs that work with most chandeliers, wall mount sconces, or lights where the lamp is visible.
  • Light Bulb Power: These sconces lamps consume 25W or 160 lumens.
  • Durability: The chandelier and ceiling fan lamp have a lifespan of 1.4 years and can be used for 3 hours daily. These long-lasting GE sconces lamps won’t disappoint.
  • Effective Cost: Each chandelier lamp costs $ 3.01 per year when used for 3 hours a day at $ 0.11 per kWh. These efficient GE (chandelier design) lamps will not disappoint.
  • White candlestick bulb: Candle lamps are warm, soft and emit white light.
Dimmable E12 candlestick LED lamp, 40 W equivalent, warm white 2700 K, 4 W filament LED chandelier …
E12 dimmable LED chandelier 40W, warm white 2700 K, 4W filament LED chandelier, B11 vintage Edison clear candle lamp, candlestick base, pack of 12
  • Extended Dimming Pattern: LED candlestick bulb (100% -10% dimmable) guarantees gentle and long dimming, and thanks to the latest light source technology, it is optional from the dark without flickering or humming. Steadily leads to the brightness of.Read the pictures to find a compatible dimmer
  • Energy Saving: The 4W E12 LED candlestick, which is equivalent to a 40W incandescent lamp, can reduce energy costs by up to 90%. High luminous efficiency and low heat dissipation.
  • Light and soft to the eyes: The LED 2700K candle lamp radiates relaxed, comfortable and warm. This LED chandelier lamp offers a total brightness of 400 lumens in all directions, making it ideal for main and accent lighting.
  • Easy installation – American standard LED lamp, E12 sconces base, direct screw-in light. LED filament chandeliers are ideal for hall lighting for chandeliers, ceiling fans, wall-mounted candlesticks, pendant lights, dining rooms, corridors, utility rooms, living rooms, corridors and porch lighting.
  • With an amazing 25,000 hours of life, you don’t have to change LED chandeliers frequently. We support our customers 100%. Please let us know if you encounter any problems. We would like to provide you with a satisfactory solution until it is fixed.
LiteHistory T640W Dimmable LED Lamp Candlestick LED2700K Clear 400lm 4We12 Edison Light Bulb 6 Pack
LiteHistory T640W Dimmable LED Lamp Candlestick LED2700K Clear 400lm 4We12 Edison Light Bulb 6 Pack
  • Dimmer compatibility and no flicker: The e12 LED lamp is gently dimmed from 0% to 100%, with no flicker, stroboscope, humming or humming. LED chandeliers are compatible with 95% Lutron and Leviton dimmers such as Skylark and Davi. Togler, Maestro, Preset Rotary Dimmer (SCL-153P-WH, CTCL-153PDH-WH, TGCL-153PH-WH, MAELV-600-WH, S-600P-GR, DVELV-300P-WH, DVWCL-153PH-WH, DV-600P-WH, D-600P-IV, DVELV-303P-WH, MACL-153M-WH, S-600PNL-LA), Leviton VPE06-1LZ, Leviton 6633-PLW
  • [Eye care and multifunctional use]: LED chandelier lamp t6 provides a comfortable, cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Warm white light without flicker or 2700k flash protects the family’s view. e12 dimmable LED lamps are widely used in ceiling fan lamps, pendant lights, LED ceiling lamps, chandeliers, candles, bathroom lamps, wall lamps, decorative lamps, accent lamps, outdoor lamps and more.Kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, corridor, wall, etc.
  • [Compact size and energy saving]: Compact miniature LED candlestick lamp. Suitable for most e12 sconces-based luminaires, especially small diameters and small heights. Save up to 93% on Edison e12 lamps, 4W equivalent to a 40W sconces, and tube lamps to save invoices. ETL, REACH, CE, ROHS approved, mercury-free, flicker-free LED bulbs are eco-friendly.
  • [TechnicalfeaturesRamppen:LampAC110V-130V4W40WE12candlesticklampcompatibleCRI>80PF>09warmwhiteLED2700K360degreeslightsupimmediatelyWithoverloadprotectionshortcircuitprotectionandoverheatprotectionarehealthierforyourfamily
  • Life and Warranty: Lamps with Epistar chips, unique filaments, unique screwdrivers, and a helium charge for heat dissipation offer up to 25,000 hours with a 2-year warranty. If you have any quality issues, please email us. Email your order or replace the LED Edison bulb. Otherwise, you will get a refund of the warranty.
LED lamps, dimmable Emotionlite sconces, E12 base, yellow amber, chandeliers …
LED lamp, dimmable Emotionlite chandelier, E12 base, yellowish amber, chandelier, ceiling fan lamp, 40 W equivalent, 4 W, 2200 K, 350 lm, UL list, 6 pieces
  • [DIMMABLE AMBER GLOW]: Provides a pleasant and relaxing yellowish yellow with a brightness of 300 lumens and gentle dimming from 100% to 20% (compatible with the dimmers listed).
  • [E12 BASE RETRO EDISON BULB]: Universal 120VAC. E12 candlestick base LED lamp (§1.3 * 3.6”), directly compatible with E12 chandelier base light
  • [ENERGY SAVING]: 4W for 40W incandescent lamps saves up to 90% energy and reduces the frequency of lamp replacement.
  • [MULTI-APPLICATION]: Applications such as universal E12 socket lamps, wall lights, vanity tables, ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendants, etc. Indoor use in homes, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, bedrooms, corridors, restaurants, lobbies, cafes, hotels, etc.
  • [LONG LIFESPAN]: 6 packs, UL certified, lifespan up to 25,000 hours, 23 years or more (based on 3 hours a day).

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