toothpaste for braces

ORTHOCARE toothpaste for orthodontic braces, 4.4 oz.
ORTHOCARE toothpaste for orthodontic braces, 4.4 oz.
  • University research-based formulation for people with braces
  • Contains amino power to clean the tooth surface
  • Helps prevent tooth decay
  • Fun for kids
  • Nice mint taste
Crest Toothpaste Gum Detox Deep Clean, 4.1 oz (3 packs)
Crest Toothpaste Gum Detox Deep Clean, 4.1 oz (3 packs)
  • Use crest gum to detoxify deep clean toothpaste for clinically proven gum health
  • Neutralizes plaque bacteria even around the gum line to help fight gingival inflammation
  • Activated foam shows plaque bacteria in areas that are difficult to access
  • Gently cool the gums during and after brushing.
OrthoFoam Bracket Cleaner – Cleans under metal, ceramic, or clear brackets and wires. Do you brush …
OrthoFoam Bracket Cleaner – Cleans under metal, ceramic, or clear brackets and wires. You can brush or rinse it and use it on the tray. Tooth whitening and anti-plaque foam foam (1 pack) (packs may vary)
  • ONE OF KIND-The only brace cleaner that whitens teeth under the brace! You can wash it as usual by adding foam to the fluoridated toothpaste.
  • Foam – White foam cleans and breaks down plaque around braces, braces and wires. Keep these easy-to-paint ceramic clips clean and white!
  • WHITE TEETH – Gradually whiten teeth when working under a brace that is not irritable. Avoid the white squares when removing the brackets.
  • FRESH BREATH – A taste of fresh mint that kids love. Gargling with OrthoFoam is an easy way to improve hygiene on the go, even if your child can’t brush their teeth.
  • Can be used daily-gentle formulas are insensitive-when brushing teeth, can be used alone in a rinse or bowl, or added to toothpaste during regular toothpaste. Optionally, kids can work for them!
Crest Pro-Health Smooth Formula Toothpaste, Pure Mint, 4.6 oz, 3 Counts
Crest Pro-Health Smooth Formula Toothpaste, Pure Mint, 4.6 oz, 3 Counts
  • Includes Crest Pro 3 x 4.6 oz Tube-Health Smooth Formula Toothpaste, Clean Mint Paste
  • A smooth foam formula with a light and refreshing cool mint scent
  • Healthy gums by fighting plaque and periodontitis
  • 8 additional benefits with one toothpaste
  • Stronger teeth by strengthening tooth enamel
Corrugated Sensitive Toothpaste, Total Protection, Mint-6 oz. (3 packs)
Corrugated Sensitive Toothpaste, Total Protection, Mint-6 oz. (3 packs)
  • Clinically proven sensory relief
  • Toothpaste for sensitive teeth provides protection against sensitivity 24 hours a day (when brushing twice a day)
  • Maximum strength FDA approved anti-sensitive agent
  • Fight tartar and remove plaque (by regular brushing)
  • Protects teeth from tooth decay and promotes gum health (through regular brushing)
Lighten toothpaste with activated charcoal – DESTROY DESTROY – the best natural black teeth…
Activated Carbon Whitening Toothpaste – Eliminates Bad Breathing – Best Natural Toothpaste – Mint Flavor – Herbal Degradation Therapy – Removes Coffee Spots, 4 oz
  • Order activated charcoal toothpaste from SUPER SAVER TUBE – Dental Expert and get more and cheaper in a very economical tube. Make the most of your money and whiten your teeth completely. At Dental Expert, we are constantly striving to maximize the benefits of our customers.
  • Bleach Stain Remove – Brush your teeth, strengthen your enamel and refresh your breath with Bleach Stain Remover for bright white teeth. You’ll get the results you want, regardless of whether your teeth are dirty or yellow. You can now dispose of harmful bleach products that use toxic ingredients, fluoride, or bleach.
  • 100% Safe and Natural – Get whiter teeth and better oral health today with bamboo charcoal and other natural ingredients that have been known for their value and benefits for years. Dental Expert Whitening Toothpaste contains no artificial colors or chemicals and is 100% safe for adults.
  • Fresh Breath – How about a fresh mint breath all day long? Shine your teeth and enjoy the breath of fresh mint that builds your social confidence throughout the day.Improve your overall oral health and enjoy a fresh mint breath every day without puncturing your wallet
  • Dental Professional Guarantee-Fight at the same time as bad breath, plaque and oral ulcers. In addition, it eliminates mouth sores, gum bleeding and other common dental disorders. Everything else will be processed as soon as possible. At Dental Expert, your satisfaction is not an option – it’s a guarantee!
Corrugated Cavity Protective Fluoride Toothpaste-6 oz. (6 packs)
Corrugated Cavity Protective Fluoride Toothpaste-6 oz. (6 packs)
  • Fluoride toothpaste fights and protects against cavities for healthier teeth
  • It has been clinically proven to strengthen tooth enamel and clean teeth completely.
  • Anti-cavity toothpaste with a great mint taste leaves a fresh and clean feeling in the mouth. Mint ingredients from American farmers.
  • The American Dental Association (ADA) has been accepted and trusted by dentists for over 45 years.
  • Gluten-free toothpaste prescription
3M Oral Care ESPE12117 Clean Pro Toothpaste 0.21% NAF Vanilla Mint Toothpaste
3M Oral Care ESPE12117 Clean Pro Toothpaste 0.21% NAF Vanilla and Mint Toothpaste
  • Clinpro ™ toothpaste is not what the dentist called the Clinpro 5000. Ask your dentist about Clinpro 5000.
  • A unique formula can restore decalcified tooth enamel
  • Prevents cavities and cavities.
  • Provides a gentle and effective cleansing and whitens teeth
  • Vanilla and mint flavors
Plaque HD toothpaste, 1 tube
Plaque HD toothpaste, 1 tube
  • Effective plaque removal: Brushing your teeth with regular toothpaste doesn’t tell you how much plaque remains in your day and what builds up and damages your teeth. HD Plaque Detection Toothpaste is essential for daily oral hygiene where plaques are identified in green. Continue brushing until the green color disappears and enjoy healthy teeth and gums!
  • Developed by a dentist: HD plaque measurement toothpaste was developed and manufactured by a dentist in collaboration with a key team of chemists. This FDA-registered fluoride toothpaste is a healthy and effective way to remove plaque. Now you and your family can enjoy painting their mouths green and brushing their teeth for a healthier and smarter smile. Plaque HD toothpaste also contains xylitol, which helps kill harmful bacteria in the mouth and tongue.
  • Fresh Breath: Plaque HD toothpaste is an essential part of your morning, evening and post-meal cleaning routine, as a healthy mouth ensures fresh breathing. Plaque HD is made of rich, natural mint chocolate, so you can take a mint fresh and soothing breath and talk and laugh with confidence with Plaque HD alone.
  • Gently bleached teeth: If you brush your teeth regularly with Plaque HD, you will soon notice healthy gums and white teeth. Plaque HD Toothpaste detects and removes plaque twice as effective as other major toothpastes. Contains mild and effective whiteners to help you enjoy bright white teeth that will captivate your friends and family.
  • 100% Customer Trust: At Plaque HD, we are as passionate as product quality. That’s why we offer a 30-day warranty on each purchase. If you are not satisfied with the plaque measurement toothpaste at any point during this period, please feel free to contact us to resolve the issue.
Sensodain Pronamer A gentle toothpaste containing tooth enamel that hardens sensitive teeth …
Sensodain Pronamer Gentle Teeth Whitening Toothpaste restores hardness and strengthens tooth enamel for sensitive teeth. Alpine Breeze-4 oz. (Pack of 3)
  • Alpine Breeze Sensodaine Pronamer’s three 4-ounce tubes whiten toothpaste for sensitive teeth, restore hardness and strengthen tooth enamel
  • Acid erosion toothpaste that protects teeth from acid erosion caused by acidic foods and drinks by adding minerals to the enamel layer.
  • A delicate toothpaste that protects your teeth from painful irritants such as temperature changes, acids, sweets and contact
  • A toothpaste containing strong enamel that provides effective protection against tooth decay and improves the overall condition of the enamel.
  • A delicate toothpaste made from tooth enamel specially formulated to gently brush stains and restore the natural whiteness of teeth.

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