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Mpow CH6S children’s headphones with on-ear / on-ear microphone, headphones with HD audio separation function …
Mpow CH6S Children’s Headphones (with Microphone) On-Ear / On-Ear, HD Sound Separation Headphones for Kids, Boys and Girls, Volume Limit, Safe Foldable 85 dB / 94 dB Headset (For School / PC / Mobile Phones)

  • Built-in microphone and hi-fi stereo sound: Baby headphones with a microphone are convenient for children to study online and communicate at home. Kids stereo headphones with excellent sound effects. It’s the perfect partner for your child to study, listen to music, watch movies, play games, talk to friends, and have fun at home, school or while traveling. (Note: The built-in microphone does not work on desktop computers.)

  • Individual volume control: There is a separate switch that can limit the volume to 85dB and 94dB. This will better protect your baby’s hearing and answer the phone when used on the phone. In noisy environments such as cars and planes, you can adjust the volume up to 94 dB for clear sound.

  • Happy Sharing and 3.5mm Plug: Baby headphones allow easy access to two devices connected at the same time for comfortable exchange with friends and family. I didn’t care about the debris anymore. The wide 3.5mm socket allows you to use your headphones with any device that has a 3.5mm socket.

  • Comfortable Fit: The soft round earcups fit snugly in your ears and provide a comfortable listening practice that you can use all day long. A paper jam-free hinge protects your child’s fingers. An easily adjustable headband guarantees a perfect fit. The headband is also made of soft leather, so it’s comfortable to wear and you’ll forget you’re wearing headphones.

  • Support: Mpow headphones provide prompt customer service. If you have any questions during use, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or the contact information in the manual.
Nenos Children’s Headphones Children’s Headphones Limited Volume (Lavender)
Nenos Children’s Headphones Children’s Headphones Limited Volume (Lavender)

  • No splitter is required for voice exchange. Nenos headphones can be connected to other headphones simply by connecting directly to Nenos for audio transmission.

  • The volume of your baby’s headphones is automatically limited to protect your baby’s ears

  • The perfect size and suitable for children. These lightweight headphones feature soft and comfortable ear pads. Recommended for children 3-8 years old.

  • This pair of great earphones is very easy to wear. Easy to fold, it’s fully adjustable and provides a comfortable custom fit over extended wear.

  • Nenos, premium headphones for kids, are designed and manufactured with kids in mind. No other earphone is comparable in quality and price.
SnugPlay + Kids headphones with volume control and sound sharing connection (green)
SnugPlay + Kids headphones with volume control and sound sharing connection (green)

  • Each device has a shared port. Connect one side of these children’s headphones to the multimedia device and the other side to the second pair of headphones so that all children can listen continuously at the same time.

  • Automatic Volume Limiter to Protect Your Child’s Ears – Snug Play + Baby Headphones has a built-in volume limiter to protect your eardrum.

  • Perfectly sized and suitable for kids, these lightweight headphones feature soft and comfortable ear cushions. Recommended for children 3-8 years old.

  • Excellent sound quality – With a 40mm driver that offers a range of 20Hz to 20kHz, your child will enjoy full sound and will never run out of sound.

  • These headphones are made of high quality and durable materials and are designed to last a long time and withstand the rigors of children’s play.
Mpow CH1 Children’s Headphones with 85 dB Volume Limit, Hearing Protection and Music Release Features, Kids…
Mpow CH1 Kids Headphones (Volume Limited to 85 dB), Hearing Protection and Music Release Features, Food Quality Kids Safe Material, Tangle-Free Cables, Wired In-Ear Headphones for Kids / Toddlers / Babies

  • 85dB Volume Limit and Note for Hearing Protection: The Mpow headset protects your child with an 85dB volume limiter. Some customers have stated that the headset volume is too low to be heard on airplanes or in noisy places. Note that health professionals believe that 85 dB is the maximum volume for a child. If you are more concerned with volume than hearing protection, consider other methods.

  • Learn about sharing with MPOW headphones – no splitter required. Thanks to the sharing interface on the right side of the earphones, your child can connect to other earphones and share videos and music with friends.Great for kids at school or at home on the road or on the plane

  • Designed for a small head and safe ears – Designed with an adjustable headband, thick pillows and soft ear pads without sharp edges, your child will be comfortable to wear. Tip: To protect your child’s sensitive skin, we recommend limiting the maximum earphone usage time to 2 hours a day.

  • KID’S FOOD MATERIAL – Headphones are made of food safety material and can be rotated and bent. The untangled 4-foot audio cable is strong enough to withstand the impact of a toddler.

  • Wide compatibility – standard 3.5mm audio jack for listening to music and audiobooks. Compatible with most smartphones, PCs and tablets such as iPhone / iPad / Samsung Galaxy / LG / Lenovo / Kindle Fire / Android phones / PCs. Mpow offers a 45-day refund and an 18-month hassle-free warranty
Midola Volume Limited 85dB / 96dB Children’s Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Foldable Stereo Sound…
Midola Volume Limited 85dB / 96dB Children’s Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Overear Foldable Stereo Noise Headset 3.5mm AUX Cable Microphone (for Boys and Girls) Mobile Phone Ipad Tablet TV PC Blue

  • (12 months replacement warranty) Hearing protection: MIDOLA baby headset (from 2 years), children when playing for long periods of time at a limited volume of 85 dB (a level that the World Health Organization considers safer) Protects against hearing pain Press and hold the Pause / Play button for 3 seconds to switch from 85dB to 110dB. (1 to 3 years old; 3 years old to ears)

  • Multi-function Bluetooth headphones: 8 hours Bluetooth headphones (hands-free) / AUX-IN. Children can listen to music at any time, wired or wireless. The wireless design helps avoid confusion, which is a favorite feature of panelists. However, the removable cable minimizes the risk of trapping your baby. However, the volume of the wired headphones is normal.

  • Comfortable and foldable design: The adjustable headband gives the earphones impressive flexibility and fits perfectly to the shape of your head. With soft ear pads and durability, it is comfortable and stress-free, suitable for growing teenagers and adults. It’s a great travel companion for your kids. Let your children enjoy the trip without disturbing you.

  • High compatibility with most devices: Standard 3.5mm audio jack suitable for listening to music and audiobooks. Fast pairing with most Bluetooth devices: for iPhone, iPad / Android phones / PCs and tablets. Crystal Stereo Sound – 40mm Splitter, produces high quality sound and provides a great experience.

  • Ideal Gift Choice for Kids: 30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee, 12 Months Replacement Guarantee, 12 Hours Practical Customer Service. Note: The FM radio (SD card) function may not work properly. Please do not order if you are very dissatisfied. (1 to 3 years old; 3 years old to ears)
GBD Unicorn Kids Cat Ear Headphones Girls and Boys Tablets School Supplies Gifts, Lights …
GBD Unicorn Kids Cat Ear Headphones Girls and Boys Tablets Toddlers School Supplies Backlit Gifts Wired Kids Pink Folding Headphones Game Headset Travel Birthday Party Gifts

  • Cute unicorn design with flashing lights: Folding unicorn headphones with LED lights on two cat ears GBD 2020 update look and unicorn horn for girls! Colorful, attractive and flexible features. A perfect gift for kids, girls, boys, students and cosplay lovers aged 3-12.

  • Adjustable and foldable headphones: The 3.5mm jack and GBD wired headphones with a foldable design make it easy to store and carry. The adjustable headband not only fits a variety of head sizes, but also extends life (withstands up to 1 million adjustments) and is a fit and lightweight design for children ages 3-12.

  • Comfortable to wear: The ear pads are made of a very soft, environmentally friendly and durable material, which is durable, comfortable and stress-free. Suitable for radiation-free adolescent teenagers and even adults, and with a comfortable touch, children can safely use it on long-term clothing every day in the car, at school, on the plane, and at home.

  • Wide compatibility: Equipped with 3.5mm standard headphone jack that works on almost all smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and works on mobile phones, tablets, computers, PCs, games, MP3, MP4 and other audio devices GBD Unicorn Cat Ear Headset. Just plug in the compatibility!

  • A perfect gift for kids: The GBD Upgrade Unicorn headset was developed for kids from 3 years old. These headphones are extremely durable and can withstand the violent play of children. Get these unicorn headphones for kids, boys, girls and birthday gifts!
Children’s Headphones-noot product K22 Tangle-free foldable 3.5mm stereo socket, cable to ear …
Children’s Headphones-noot Product K22 Foldable and Unconfused Stereo Headset with 3.5mm Cable Cable Kids / Teenagers / Girls / Smartphones / Schools / Kindle / Airplanes / Airplanes / Flamingo Tablets Pink / Gray Overear Headphones
Item Numberk22
colorFlamingo pink gray
Children’s Headphones Bluetooth Wireless 85db Limited quantity Children’s headphones, up to 6-8 hours playback time, …
Children’s Bluetooth Headphones Wireless 85db Children’s headset with limited volume, up to 6-8 hours playback time, stereo sound, SD card slot, on-ear headphones, and built-in wireless / wired microphone headphones for boys and girls ( Blue)

  • Limited volume 85dB, child protection hearing: Headphone volume is limited to a maximum of 85dB for children. Now all girls and boys can enjoy their favorite content without hearing loss.

  • Amazing music experience and 500mAh battery: 40mm dividers with equalizer technology ensure high sound quality. The battery has been improved to 500mAh. It lasts up to 6-8 hours and can be used with the audio jack even when the battery is running …

  • Travel Partners: Adjustable headbands and soft pillows are perfect for growing children. The foldable design makes it easy to put in your bag.

  • High compatibility with most devices: Fast pairing with iPhone, Android phones, tablets, PCs and other Bluetooth devices.

  • The perfect gift for your child – adorable colors and high quality sounds, the best choice for your toddler, child or grandchild (3+). Get a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, a 6-month replacement warranty, and 24-hour customer service.
Children’s Headphones-No Product K11 3.5 mm Socket, Tangleless Folding Stereo System with Cable to Ears …
Children’s Headphones – noot products Folding stereo headset with 3.5mm plug and cable for kids / youth / boys / girls / smartphones / school / kindle / airplane travel / airplanes / tablets (dark blue / turquoise)

  • In-ear headphones come with a soft, soft pillow. Adjustable headband for perfect fit and light design from 3 years. Foldable design for more compact and convenient storage. The cable is a 5-foot nylon braided cable. Designed for kids, girls, boys, kids, toddlers, home / online schools, studying.

  • Trouble-free 24-month warranty, practical support.

  • These headphones do not have a microphone, remote control, or volume control. However, you can speak into the microphone of the connected device. The receiver hears your voice through the device’s microphone.

  • Compatible with all smartphones, Chromebooks, iPads, tablets, computers, laptops, and any device with a 3.5mm audio jack. For iPhone 7 and later, 2020 iPad Pro 11 and 12.9, a Lightning-3.5mm adapter is required.
CozyPhones Children’s Headphones for Girls. Limited volume, slim speakers, very soft rubber bands …
CozyPhones Kids Headphones for Girls with Limited Volume, Slim Speakers, Very Soft Elastic Headband – Headphones Perfect for Toddlers and Kids at Home, School, Travel – Pink Rainbow Unicorn

  • Super-comfortable children’s headphones – features a thin 1 / 8-inch speaker with volume limiter and a durable, extremely long, tang-free braided cable. These headphones are a great alternative for girls and boys of all ages who don’t like headphones or are struggling with bulky on-ear headphones.

  • Hearing protection volume limit – The headband is soft and washable, so slim speakers are limited to 90 dB to protect small ears. Your earphones won’t get stuck in your ears or your bulky earphones won’t fit. It can also be used as a sleep mask for a carefree sleep. These headphones are also great for touch issues and special needs.

  • Headphones perfect for children’s travel and school – practical, foldable and easy to carry. CozyPhones easily fits in your backpack or suitcase. The elastic headband is secured and does not interfere with the headrests of child seats or airplane seats, allowing children to sleep comfortably while traveling. A perfect gift for both boys and girls.

  • THE PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT is a unique and fun gift for friends and family. Surprise them with these ultra-comfortable, breathable and lightweight earphones. A great gift for Christmas, holidays, fathers, mothers, women, men, mothers, fathers, teens, children, and almost everyone! Easy Brake Cleaning – Easily clean your child’s headphones after traveling the city or the world. Simply remove the speakers and wash the headband in the washing machine to keep them as fresh and clean as new.

  • Finally – headphones with kids’ favorite headphones – CozyPhones are designed to last a long time thanks to a durable 52-inch braided cable and a durable 3.5mm stereo plug. You can use it on your favorite device, tablet, or any other audio device or accessory. Order now!

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