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Digital robot piggy bank for kids with coin identification, flashing eyes, target display, swing …
Digital robot coin bank for children with coin identification, wink, target display, rotating arrow, electronic piggy bank counter, piggy bank
  • [Automatic coin identification, balance addition]To insert coins, simply insert coins into the slots. It automatically detects and displays which coins have been deposited and adds them to your current balance.
  • [The blinking indicator lights the robot. ]When you insert a coin, the two eyes will blink to prove that the coin has been deposited / registered. We accept all US coins, penny, nickel, dimes, quarters, half dollars and one dollar coins.
  • [Movable hinge structure, digital liquid crystal display]Time display, ABS material, stronger than glass or ceramic, movable arm can swing, press MODE to automatically and easily check balance, aim and track savings ..
  • [Creative goal achievement rate index]When you set a goal, a fan-shaped index shows the goal achievement rate. The indicator flashes when you insert the last coin to reach (or exceed) the goal.
  • When you withdraw, your new mod balance will be updated. Press Mode to view the payment, adjust the amount you want to withdraw, remove the coin lid from behind, remove the coin and replace the lid.
Anti-Spyware Error Detector | Professional RF Signal Detector | High Sensitivity Spy Bug Sweeper | Find…
Anti-Spyware Error Detector | Professional RF Signal Detector | Sensitive Spy Bug Sweeper | Find GPS Trackers, Mobile Phones, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, GSM | i4 Technology BH-03 Expert
  • Electronic scan of the room for hidden wireless microphones and broadcast cameras. With advanced anti-spyware tools, you can quickly find hidden devices and find out what spy technology is. Ultra-fast processors provide fast results that cover a much wider range of modern errors. You can fool thieves, spies, playful friends, suspicious spouses, and bosses who like to sneak.
  • Detects HF signals with a built-in frequency counter. This is a characteristic feature of eavesdropping or cameras that are configured to eavesdrop on actions. Find these devices quickly by viewing their frequency range. Now you can enjoy your privacy without fear of discovery.
  • Instantly detects most frequencies used by almost all spy devices. Detects GPRS, EDGE, 3G / 4G, DECT, DECT BASE, BLUETOOTH, WLAN, GPS, Wi-Fi. As soon as the device signals the spy, the BH-03 expert will notice it. Great for scanning hotel rooms, offices, homes, conference rooms and cars. You can exclude unwanted (known) positive signals. Don’t leave your home without it!
  • It detects a wide defect area with a sensitivity of 70 dB, even when the signal is very weak, especially at high power. This gives you access to far more bugs than most other anti-spyware devices. The detection area is up to 16 feet in all directions. If you enable security mode, you will be notified when a spy device is displayed within 30 meters. Lightweight 3.9 oz and compact dimensions 4.1 x 2.3 x 0.7 inches.
  • With a 100% Money Back Guarantee, this quickly becomes your favorite risk-free purchase. Many get a few people to keep one at home, one in the car, and the other at work. Hurry up and buy now while there are plenty of very popular upgrade models. A perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries for everyone who values ​​privacy!
Royal Sovereign 2-row electric coin counter with patented anti-jam technology and digital …
Royal Sovereign 2-row electric coin counter with patented anti-jam technology and digital count display (FS-2D), black / silver
  • Fast operation: The coin counter quickly sorts up to 312 coins per minute.
  • Large capacity: The coin counter can hold up to 400 coins, making it easy for consumers to count. Count more coins at once!
  • Easy packaging: The FS-2D comes with 16 coin packs. 4 per face value (4 quarter packs, 4 penny packs, 4 nickel packs, and 4 dime packs).
  • Trouble-free operation: Patented anti-jam technology guarantees accurate internal sorting when counting coins.
  • Ease of use: The LED display shows the total amount counted and the total face value. Voltage – 120
Royal Sovereign Electric Coin Sorter, Patented Anti-Jam Technology, Single Row Coin Sorter (CO-1000)
Royal Sovereign Electric Coin Sorter, Patented Anti-Jam Technology, Single Row Coin Sorter (CO-1000)
  • Fast operation: The coin counter quickly sorts up to 240 coins per minute.
  • Large capacity: The coin counter can hold up to 300 coins, making it easy for consumers to count. Count more coins at once!
  • Trouble-free operation: Patented anti-jam technology guarantees accurate internal sorting when counting coins. Voltage – 120. Consumption (Watts) – 6.5
  • Easy take-up: The coin wrapper’s direct customization feature allows consumers to insert a pre-formed coin wrapper into the coin tube. Easy transition from foreign currency exchange to cash!
  • Practical: The collection basket collects spilled changes and can be easily removed from the change counter.
Royal Sovereign 1 row Environmentally friendly manual coin sorter (QS-1), single, black, …
Royal Sovereign 1 Row Eco-friendly Hand Lever Hand Coin Sorter (QS-1), 504 Singles, Black, Sovereign Coin Packers, Penny, Nickel, Cent and Quarter Coin Packs
  • Product 1: Environmentally friendly: No electricity or batteries are needed to sort coins.
  • Product 1: Large capacity: The coin sorter can store up to 200 coins, making it easy for consumers to count. ;; The front door closes for easy storage and keeps out dust.
  • Product 1: Compact and portable: Lightweight design that is convenient to carry.
  • Product 1: Fun Coin Sorting: Manual Override makes it easy for all consumers to sort at their own pace. Exchange your changes for cash!
  • Product 2: Convenient: Eliminate frustration and extra time with a thin, flat wrap. 504 Preformed Royal Sovereign coin wrappers allow you to quickly place large numbers of coins.
Eyestar ATM Sparkasse Personal ATMATM Sparkasse Silver / Black ATM for Kids
Eyestar ATM Sparkasse Personal ATMATM Sparkasse Silver / Black ATM for Kids
  • Use a realistic bank card and PIN for access. Simply insert the card and enter your 4-digit password. Lights up and displays a voice prompt. Ideal for Christmas gifts and birthday gifts.
  • Automatic coin recognition – cash deposits, check balances, or payments. Coins and banknotes are accepted by passing them through slots (rollers) and ejecting them from the compartment.
  • Reinstall PIN – If you forget your password, press the reset button on the back of the ATM or remove the battery and start over. Go back to 0000 and it works for all dollars.
  • Goal Setting – Children can see on the display how many days or how long it will take to reach their goals. A fun way to teach boys and girls how to save money.
  • Set contents: ATM, bank card, instruction manual. You can add (or delete) notes. You can manually add (or subtract) the corresponding amount from your balance using the keyboard.
SNAEN target shooting, digital target electronic automatic reset outdoor game …
SNAEN Cross Country Shooting Target, Electronic Automatic Reset Digital Scoring Target Outdoor Games Interactive Sports Toys for Kids Boys Girls
  • [Creative and interesting electronic target]The sports target set is made of high quality safety material. Advanced technology includes 4 targets, 10 foam arrows, and a hand strap that is easy to use in combination. It summarizes the goals and benefits of the target practice.
  • [Movement Targets and 4 Modes]This set of auto-reset digital targets is available in the regular single player, random single player, regular multiplayer, and selectable multiplayer random categories. You can move the target automatically on the track. This will increase the difficulty and enjoyment of the game.
  • [Auto reset design in electric mode]Built-in auto reset system in the target game set. Once the four targets are active, they will continue to jump. This will improve the child’s eye coordination and make shooting fun. You can increase or decrease the game time according to your game requirements.
  • [Realistic effects and playability]The interactive auto-reset game has high sensitivity and shocking sound effects, so you can immerse yourself in a realistic design game. The target of this sports game is suitable for daily personal target training or for other players to play together and enjoy the game more. This set of running goals is easy to assemble and play.
  • [Gifts for children]Electronic targets can promote communication between parents and children and improve children’s design skills in fun games. A great outdoor toy for boys and girls for birthday parties, family celebrations, Christmas, Halloween, or holidays.
Nerf cannon target movement, electronic score update, automatic reset, target shooting …
Nerf pistol moving targets, automatic restart updates for electronic scoring, target shooting activities, outdoor kids home games, crazy gift ideas
  • [Upgrade Challenge]Experience a higher level of shooting with the newly released mobile target. The static media has been shot down, but the targets on both sides are moving. Can you do it? Compatible with Nerf N-Strike Elite, Nerf Mega, Nerf Rival series, and other pistols with foam arrows or ammunition.
  • [Improvement of auto-reset performance]Based on important feedback from customers regarding the auto-reset function, the chip has been updated to improve sensitivity. Compared to other Nerf targets on the market, our targets offer higher auto-reset performance, so you can enjoy challenging gameplay without interruption.
  • [3 goals 2 game mode]The result in static mode and the countdown in move mode are displayed on the 2-digit liquid crystal display. If you want to advertise with more points, choose static mode or buy time in countdown mode. Every hit comes with in-game lights and simulated sound effects. When all three targets hit, you will hear a congratulatory sound.
  • [Nerf Target Practice]Digital targets can be used as a personal target practice to focus attention on children, especially those who are too trapped before the actual nerf fights. Is it time to prove who the real sniper is?
  • CRAZY GIFTIDEA A frustrating package perfect for nerf-themed birthday gifts, kids parties, after-school activities, gun parties, Christmas gifts, and party items with your parents at home or outdoors. Toys are recommended for boys aged 6-12.
Measurik Digital Suitcase Scale – Black Travel Pocket Scale with Rear LCD Display…
Measurik Digital Suitcase Scale-Black Reverse LCD Travel Pocket Scale, Red / White Backlit, 50 kg, Includes Battery
  • High precision sensor. Capacity: 50 kg, split: 50 g
  • Pocket Scale – Thin and light for added durability and convenience when traveling
  • New design and high quality – practical shape for a safe hold.Flexible belt with durable metal connections
  • Includes CR2032 battery, Lo / Err indicator, 20.5 mm x 15 mm LCD
  • 30-day money back guarantee and FCC / CE / ROHS approval
Target shooter with dimples for kids – shooter – elite accessories…
Dimple target shooter for kids – Shooting target – Elite accessories for boys and girls – 2 blasters, 36 balls, 2 darts holders and 2 spin obstacles – Nerf compatible
  • Improved shooting skills: Premium dimple shooting targets are equipped with very powerful emitters that can be used to destroy training targets and improve their aim.
  • Surprise your little sniper today: spoil your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson or granddaughter at a mom-approved training gear destination and give them a great birthday gift!
  • Shoot the stars and pick your rivals: Embark on a galactic adventure with a precision projector with rotating obstacles and two darts holders.
  • The Perfect Accessory Kit: Here you will find everything you need for your target training group: 2 precision percussion pistols, 24 shooters, 2 spinning space obstacles, 14 targets, 2 darts holders!
  • Get 100% Risk-Free Toys and Toy Sets: In the unlikely event that your child isn’t 100% enthusiastic about one-stop target sets, all dimple toys come standard with a one-year comprehensive manufacturing warranty!

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