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YVLEEN Fishing Tackle Backpack-Large Outdoor Fishing Tackle Storage Box Bag-Water Resistant …
YVLEEN Fishing Backpack-Large Storage Box for Outdoor Fishing Equipment-Waterproof Fishing Backpack with Rod Holder Shoulder Backpack
  • REAL MAGIC MULTIFUNCTIONAL OUTDOOR BAG – Main compartment of this fishing backpack: 14.17 * 10.24 * 4.72 inches. The main compartment has space for two 3700 fishing boxes. Front pocket size: 11 * 10 * 2 inches, fits in one small tackle box. And other fishing accessories. Three outer pockets with a zipper for storing essentials.
  • More Storage Boxes-This fishing backpack is very well thought out and easy to use. With this bag in hand, there are numerous compartments with the right spatial structure that you can use to sort, organize and easily carry all your belongings. Your fishing tackle / fishing box / tongs / line / bait box and your wallet / your phone / iPad / your camera / your books and keys will find them in your bag.
  • Excellent Material and High Quality – Made of durable 1000D nylon fabric, this fishing backpack is waterproof and extremely durable. It also features a rust-proof SBS zipper, a strong KAM buckle, and elastic triangular braces.
  • Adjustable and removable belt – The straps on this bag are adjustable and removable. Thanks to the specially designed durable buckle, you can turn your bag into a handbag – chest bag – shoulder bag – fishing backpack – shoulder bag – shoulder bag. And in addition to the original, you also have a series of gifts.
  • Large size and professional design – This fishing bag has a special lip handle on the right side of the bag to hold the trophy. They have a special rod holder for fixing your rod, making it easier to feed your hooks. They have a specially designed water bottle pocket with elastic drawstring closure to prevent your bottle from popping out. And on the left side of the bag, there are two special buckles to secure and release the bar.
Piscifun Fishing Backpack Backpack 4 Tray Large Capacity Waterproof Fishing Tackle Bag 4 Tray
Piscifun Fishing Rucksack Backpack (with 4 trays) Large capacity waterproof fishing tackle bag, 4 fishing drawers, rain cover black
  • Exquisite 86 Sewing Process – Piscifun NEW Giant Tackle is made of high quality waterproof 1200D high density nylon fabric with durable KAM buckle and SBS zipper. 86 precision sewing processes increase water resistance and durability by 20%.
  • The entire fishing backpack is divided into 11 separate rooms with 11 to 18 high quality SBS zippers. The unique component design supports a total of 18 relatively separate small areas. This exquisite feature provides enough space to refine all your gear and essentials.
  • Adjustable main pocket – The main pocket has a removable panel. Folding the board creates a very large L (12.6 ) * W (7.9 ) * H (17.7) space as the device size increases. Opening the lining creates two evenly spaced spaces. The result is that you can use a variety of things more efficiently.
  • Comfort and Ergonomics – The combination of a thick, padded back and ergonomic breathable design with adjustable and breathable padded shoulder straps makes you more comfortable. Reflective strips protect you at night by reflecting light. There is also a hard-molded sunglasses case on it.
  • Innovations Available – Fishing backpacks feature features such as 1200D high density waterproof nylon fabric, rain cover, hard molded sunglasses cover, KAM buckle, SBS zipper, but the best features are low price. This is the best all-round backpack for any angler. An incredible year of rest!
Ghosthorn Fishing Backpack Storage Bag-Open Shoulder Backpack-Fishing Tackle Bag …
Ghost Horn Fishing Tackle Storage Bag-Outdoor Shoulder Backpack-Fishing Tackle Bag Standard Incognito Camouflage
  • [Adjustable and versatile bag]The fishing backpack has a comfortable and convenient design and comes with a padded shoulder strap that allows you to easily replace the backpack with the shoulder bag. It can also be customized as a breast bag, handbag, fishing tackle bag or travel bag to suit different fishing needs.
  • [Unique design for anglers]The 14.5 x 8.2 x 5.1 inch size is large enough to store baits, tongs, 3600 kit boxes, wallets, phones and other everyday fishing gear without being bulky. .. The front pocket provides easy access to tools / baits while fishing. The side pocket holds a water bottle, small tools, keys and a fishing license.
  • Waterproof and Durable The waterproof fishing backpack is made of durable nylon fabric with high density and especially durable seams and is designed for long-term use. With our durable materials, you can take this outdoor tackle bag with you on a freshwater or saltwater fishing trip.
  • [Innovative storage design]The front strap of the MOLLE backpack is designed so that you can easily grab pliers, wire cutters, hooks, etc. as the weather changes, so you can use your hands freely. A lower belt with two side rod stands and a cover is used to store the fishing rod.
  • [Manufacturer’s Warranty]We offer a one-year replacement warranty for all defective fishing bags included in the product, 30 days of problem-free compensation / returns, and Ghosthorn customer support.
Bassdash Fishing Backpack Backpack Waterproof Lightweight Tactical Bag Soft Fishing Tackle Box…
Bassdash Fishing Tackle Backpack Waterproof Lightweight Tactical Bag Soft Fishing Tackle Box with Fishing Rod Holder and Rain Cover
  • The adjustable main compartment can be divided into two separate internal compartments by the movable panel of the main compartment. The lower compartment has space for up to three large 3600 (10.71 x 7 x 1.65 inch) trash cans (not included).
  • Spacious front pockets and large side pockets fit most boxing styles and sizes, as well as other accessories and personal belongings.
  • Ruggedly shaped sunglasses compartment with chain strap with attachment points, pockets for rod holders, rods, rod tubes, or side velcro trips for attaching nets
  • Ergonomic and breathable design with padded back.Adjustable shoulder strap with padded molding webbing, D-shaped toothed belt, adjustable elastic chest strap with whistle buckle
  • Integrated rain cover with zipper in back pocket – holds bag
Piscifun Waterproof Outdoor Fishing Equipment Bag One Shoulder Fishing Equipment Storage Bag Durability…
Piscifun Waterproof Outdoor Fishing Equipment Bag One Shoulder Fishing Equipment Storage Bag Durable Shoulder Bag Shoulder Bag Multifunctional Camping Bag Hiking Cycling Travel Digital Camouflage
  • Waterproof and Durable: Water resistant, high density 1000D nylon fabric made with high quality hardware to ensure safety. Abrasion resistant and non-breaking KAM buckle and SBS zipper (full length double zipper), stronger than competing products.
  • Adjustable and removable belt: Two removable, adjustable, removable left / right shoulder straps. The length of the main strap can be increased to 51.2 inches and the length of the auxiliary strap can be increased to 36.2 inches. It can be used for shoulder bags, backpacks, handbags, chest bags, fishing tackle bags, travel bags, etc. Two fishing rod straps.
  • Multifunctional zipper bag: Main compartment size: 11.8 * 8.3 * 3.9 inches. Convenient for storing baits, tongs, fishing lines, bait boxes, wallets, phones, iPads, cameras, books, keys and other everyday accessories.
  • Unique and innovative design: The humanized reflective sticker protects you by reflecting light in the dark. The overall ergonomic design (extended shoulder straps and breathable mesh back) makes the user feel very comfortable.
  • Multiple storage compartments and outer pocket: The main pocket has three components to keep things simple. Three outer pockets with a zipper for storing essentials. Left pocket for glass / water bottles, right pocket for tools such as pliers. Fashionable and durable for both adults and children. Great for outdoor enthusiasts.
Spider wire fishing backpack with 3 medium drawers SPB006
Spider Wire Fishing Backpack SPB006 with 3 Medium Boxes
  • Comes with 3 medium-sized drawers
  • Fishing rod holder / carrying system
  • Expanded organizer compartment for storing equipment
  • Padded lined foam sunglasses case
  • Adjustable main compartment divided into 3 separate internal compartments
Lixada fishing tackle bag backpack fishing single arboring box storage bag with 4 fishing tackle boxes
Lixada Fishing Tackle Bag Backpack Fissle Bait Box Storage Bag with 4 Fishing Tackle Boxes
  • Large storage space: Large storage space with removable partition turns your backpack into a bigger item. Four zippered side pockets and two mesh pockets provide additional storage space for small and dirty items.
  • Appropriate equipment: Detachable dividers combine the upper and lower compartments into one large compartment to accommodate larger items and more tackle boxes.
  • Comfort: Adjustable padded shoulder straps improve comfort and fit. Padded mesh back wall for excellent breathability.
  • Waterproof bag: A transparent inner pocket with a zipper under the lid keeps licenses and other valuables visibly safe.
  • Scrap-proof bottom: A sturdy base pad protects your backpack from rock scratches.
Rodil fishing tackle backpack with 4 tackle trays, 6 rod holders, large storage space, backpack …
Rodil Fishing Tackle Backpack, 4 Fishing Tray, 6 Rod Holders, Large Storage Space, Trout Fishing Backpack Outdoor Sports Camping Hiking
  • [LargestoragespaceTherearetwofishingbackpacksthatprovideafrontloadingtackleboxazipperforlargeitemswithadjustablesidedividersandalargetopstoragespace
  • [DeviceShellSpaceThebackpackhasfourlargedeviceshellspacesThebackpackfrontcoverisfoldableprovidingtheanglerwithahorizontalworkspaceandcanbeusedforotherpurposesaswell
  • [Durable Material]This 600D polyester backpack features a durable zipper and buckle for stormy weather.
  • [Comfortable and ergonomic]This backpack is extremely comfortable with padded back pads and shoulder straps. Thanks to this design, your body feels good with a backpack all day long and also reduces annoying and unpleasant sweating.
  • [Reusable]This backpack is a professional fishing backpack. However, it is also perfect for cycling, day trips, day trips, travel, travel, camping, shopping, work and more.
X-Large’Recon’ Rolling Fishing Backpack, Tackle Box Storage Bag – Non-Corrosive Fishing…
X-Large’Recon’ Rolling Fishing Backpack, Tackle Box Storage Bag – Non-corrosive Fishing Tackle Bag with (5X) Box 3650 – Men’s Fishing Gifts, Tackle Bags, Backpacks, Tackle Box Organizer
  • Here’s why we outperform our competitors: 1) 12 Month Warranty: Save time and effort to bring more fish home without appearing confused. A self-respecting fisherman can’t solve it below. Try Calissa Offshore Tackle Recon for 30 days now. If you don’t like it, we’ll refund you every penny. If you choose a caretaker, you also get a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 2) Fish Guy American Companies: Why buy from Chinese sellers when you can buy from innovative American companies? We have added 4 rod holders to this rolling tackle box. In addition, a backpack strap that is convenient to carry has been added to the side. Finally, with balance points and adjustable straps, it’s comfortable to sit on and easy to carry.
  • 3) Corrosion resistance: This freshwater or saltwater fishing backpack wants to go out for as long as possible (… and your wife too). Lightweight, breathable polyester bags and zippers are resistant to saltwater corrosion, so stay out all day. A rain or seawater spray cover is also included to protect against salt and environmental impacts. Don’t go home empty-handed. Sturdy feet keep this waterproof bag dry on decks, sand and ice.
  • 4) Size: This backpack is designed with a tackle box so you can carry everything with you! But not many. The less equipment you have, the more fishing you will have. The front flap fits 5 containers 3650 (included) and any 3600 series. The backpack is oversized, 19 inches high, 16 inches wide and 10 inches deep. The upper compartment has a removable divider for men with large gear.
  • 5) Fishing, not balls. Have you ever seen a fisherman digging a fishing bag? Don’t be that man. Serious anglers know that Carissa Reconnaissance is the only fishing backpack that keeps you organized thanks to its quick access pockets and spacious, practical size. Only the fish should fly!
KastKing Pound Hopper Fishing Tackle Storage Bag-Lightweight Fishing Backpack-…
KastKing Pond Hopper Storage Bag for Fishing Equipment – ​​Lightweight Backpack for Snare Fishing – Sling Tool Bag for Fishing Hiking Hunting Camping, (1) 3600 Drawers, 17.7 x 12.6 x 6 inch, Orange
  • Versatile Design – The KastKing Pond Hopper Fishing Tackle Bag is designed for flexibility to meet your fishing needs in both freshwater and seawater. This lightweight and versatile bag is designed for adventurous fishermen who enjoy hiking, canoeing, kayaking, or even farther fishing on SUP. The Pound Hopper Fishing Bag has the basic features you need to control rods / reels, tools, lures and gadgets for hours without heaviness.
  • Durable and Waterproof – The KastKing Pond Hopper is made from a durable 420D ripstop nylon material for added durability and reliability. The hydrophobic coating is moisture repellent on the outside and the PVC layer on the inside provides additional protection, protecting the device from the elements.
  • Functional features – Double zipper loops make it quick and easy to operate with one finger. In addition, the self-healing zipper ensures that the bag will not become unusable if you accidentally cut the zipper. Padded back cushions and shoulder straps ensure comfort and fit, reducing fatigue on long fishing days. Adjust the strap length and bottom mounting point to the right or left as needed. Stay at your feet with the KastKing Pond Hopper Outdoor Bag!
  • Efficient Tackle Configuration – Designed to store and transport fishing equipment, the Pound Hopper allows you to efficiently manage everything you need for your fishing day. (1) The 3600 tackle box is located in the front pocket, and the inner pocket is ideal for storing end devices. The main compartment is great for lunch, raincoats and food, while the inner pocket is great for keys and wallets. Front-mounted molding straps are ideal for attaching pliers, wire cutters, sprints, or other tools.
  • Integrated Fishing Rod / Bottle Holder – Keep your hands free. Two hidden zipper pockets provide a safe way to carry rods, combos, water, or soda. Unzip the right pocket zipper to reveal a double elastic pocket, push the second part of the shaft or two-piece rod into the pocket and secure the rod to the top of the pocket loop using the built-in adjustable one Rubber band. On the left side is a hidden zipper pocket for the water bottle.

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