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Window Air Conditioner MIDEA EasyCool – Cooling, Dehumidifying, Remote Control Fan – 8000…
Window air conditioner MIDEA EasyCool – Cooling, dehumidifier, remote control fan – 8000 BTU, up to 350sq. Ft room. (Model MAW08R1BWT)
  • 3-IN-1 Features – Midea 3-in-1 technology combines only air conditioning, dehumidification, and fan modes to improve home comfort.
  • Fast Cooling – This 8,000 BTU model provides fast, efficient cooling and dehumidification ideal for rooms up to 350 square feet. You can keep your home, office, or apartment cool and comfortable.
  • Innovative features – Intuitive remote control and LED digital display make it easy to change all settings from anywhere in the room.
  • Easy Installation-This window unit can be easily installed without major changes to the existing 23-36 x15.5” window frame. Includes all mounting accessories (23-36 x 14 ). A screwdriver is required for installation (but not included). For some window frames, it is advisable to drill a pilot hole before installing the screws. For details, see the attached instruction manual.
  • World-Aesthetics is the world’s largest supplier of air conditioner products. As a proof of our commitment to quality, we have been working on this product by providing parts for one year.
Global Air 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner / Fan, White with Remote Control
Global Air 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner / Fan, White with Remote Control
  • Accurate temperature control is possible with digital control, and the air conditioning of the entire room can be operated with a remote control.
  • Self-evaporation system without water tank. The water returner is reused to improve efficiency by cooling the water returner.
  • Room size up to 400 square feet. Overcooling protection, 3 minute restart delay function.Anti-frost function when the wind blows upward and cools
  • The device must be ventilated to the outside (use the included window mounting kit and follow the detailed mounting instructions in the user manual).Do not use extension cords
  • Dimensions: 13 W x 17” D x 31.3 H | Product Weight: 62.20 lbs
Portable air conditioning system COSTWAY 8000 BTU, 3-in-1 air cooler with integrated dehumidifier, fan mode, …
Portable air conditioning system COSTWAY 8000 BTU, 3-in-1 air cooler with integrated dehumidifier, fan mode, sleep mode, remote control, LED display, room up to 230m², home office (white and black)
  • ❄️[Efficient and energy efficient cooling]With a cooling capacity of 8000 BTU, cold air cools rooms over 230 m2 quickly and efficiently. leg. Air coolers can cool, dry and purify the surrounding air. It does not contain Freon and is much cheaper and safer than Freon Conditioner. It consumes less power, reduces energy costs and is perfectly suited to low carbon lifestyles.[This product is not sold in California]
  • ❄️[Multi-function mode and 2 adjustable speeds]This portable air conditioner offers cooling, dehumidifying, blow and sleep modes to meet the needs of different users. It is equipped with two additional speeds (low / high) that can be set freely as needed. The blade can be adjusted vertically and horizontally according to the needs of different applications.
  • ❄️[Timer function and noiseless operation]With the 24-hour programming function, you can work, read, and sleep without catching a cold. The temperature can be adjusted from 60 to 86 ° C to suit all your needs. Sleep mode provides extremely quiet, low noise performance (56 dB) and provides a peaceful and comfortable sleep all night at the right temperature.
  • ❄️[Washable air filter and ease of use]The included removable and washable filter keeps your portable air conditioner clean and efficient. The indicator light encourages you to clean the air filter regularly. The digital LED display provides accurate temperature control and the remote control allows you to control the air conditioning from anywhere in the room.
  • ❄️[Portable and compact design]With an elegant and comfortable rectangular housing, this compact air conditioner fits well in a limited space and saves a lot of space. With omnidirectional casters and built-in handles, you can move freely from room to room, making it suitable for living rooms, offices, bedrooms, dormitories, etc.
GOFLAME 12000BTU Portable air conditioner, permanent room air conditioner with remote control, built-in …
GOFLAME 12000BTU Portable air conditioner, permanent room air conditioner with remote control, built-in dehumidifier, fan mode, window, wall bracket
  • 24-hour timer function: This air cooler has a 24-hour timer function. You can set the automatic shutdown time while the device is running by pressing the timer button. After a set amount of time, it will automatically turn on and run in its original mode.[This product is not sold in California. ]
  • Double drain: Our portable air conditioner has two drains, an upper drain and a lower drain. You can also choose between manual drainage and continuous drainage.
  • Quick Cool Down: With a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU, our air coolers can provide quick cool down. The new eco-friendly refrigerant R410a not only provides excellent cooling effect, but also does not destroy the ozone layer.
  • Manual air flap adjustment: Both horizontal and vertical air flaps can be manually adjusted to improve cooling performance. You can adjust the wind direction as needed. If you place the mobile air conditioner anywhere in the room, the wide-angle wind will feel cool.
  • Multiple protections: Our portable electric chiller features antifreeze, full water alarm, shutdown protection, and compressor delay protection.
Gree 8000 BTU air conditioner with dehumidifying function, fan mode of up to 350 rooms …
Gree 8000 BTU air conditioning with dehumidification, fan mode for rooms up to 350 m², remote control and timer, quiet and energy efficient, with white windows
  • ❄ Powerful Refrigerator Air Conditioner – The Gree 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner uses the latest condensation technology for 2020. Heat is dissipated with advanced compressors that quickly and efficiently cool your home, kitchen, office, booth, or campsite. With a sleek design and an footprint of up to 350 square meters, this floor unit ensures that it meets your cooling and ventilation needs.
  • 3-in-1 Features and Energy Efficiency – The Gree 8000BTU air conditioning system is equipped with cooling, fan and dehumidifying modes. With three adjustable fan speeds and a built-in 90 pint dehumidifier, this unit remains dustproof even in the hottest and humidest environments.
  • ♻ Remote Control and Hibernate – The Gree 8000BTU Air Conditioner has an easy-to-read digital LED panel on top and full-featured remote control for easy operation wherever you use it. Put the device in sleep mode and sleep like a baby.
  • Easy to install and transport – The Gree 8000BTU comes with a window bracket and exhaust kit that is compatible with windows that use 40-inch exhaust hoses up to 56.7 inches wide. Enjoy an easy installation of this complete kit in less than 5 minutes. Equipped with four sturdy stainless steel casters, this air conditioner unit is easy to carry as a fixed unit.
  • ⚗ Self-evaporative system – This portable air conditioner is made with self-evaporative cooling technology that cools the condenser coil with water from the air. This improves cooling efficiency and reduces the amount of water collected in the tank. That is, you don’t have to empty it often. Relax and enjoy your extra free time!
Frigidaire FFRE0833S1 8,000 BTU115V Window Mini Compact Air Conditioner…
Frigidaire FFRE0833S1 8000 BTU115V window mini compact air conditioner remote control (with temperature sensor)
  • External dimensions: 18-1 / 2 width, 13-7 / 16 ” cabinet height x cabinet depth (with front): 17-1 / 2x cabinet depth: 16 ”| Window height: 14 , Window width: 23” – 36
  • The kit includes a set for quick installation in the creases
  • Mini compact air conditioner for window installation 8000BTU
  • Quickly cools rooms up to 350 square feet and discharges up to 1.7 pints per hour
  • Clean Air Ionizer removes pollen and air pollution, making life easier for allergic patients.
GOFLAME 10000BTU Portable air conditioner, permanent room air conditioner with remote control and LED …
GOFLAME 10000BTU Portable Air Conditioner, Permanent Room Air Conditioner with Remote Control and LED Display, Built-in Dehumidifier, Fan Mode, Windows, Wall Bracket
  • Model diversification: This air conditioner can provide various operating modes such as cooling, dehumidification, fan, sleep mode, suitable for use in apartments, dormitories and offices.[This product is not sold in California. ]
  • Unique design: Dimensions 12 x 13.3” x 28.1 (W x D x H). A 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner provides enough airflow to cool a room up to 200 square feet in size. There is no need to install drain hose water.
  • Versatile: Instantly cools the room, with 2 speeds, 4 modes (cooling, dehumidifying, fan, sleep), programmable 24-hour timer, temperature control. The air conditioning system has two fan speed levels controlled via LED panels or remote controls.
  • Easy to move: Equipped with 4 casters that can be easily moved on most floors. You can easily get to places where you need to cool down.
  • Multiple protections: Various protection features such as programmable 24-hour timer, automatic condensation circuit, ultra-intelligent temperature sensor, full control and warning of water filling.
Portable 5 Clockwise screws and A / C hose outlets up to 80 inches long …
Portable air conditioner hose outlet diameter 5 inches, clockwise screw, length up to 80 inches. Compatible with LG, Delonghi and other portable air conditioners, saving energy
  • – Our AC exhaust has a clockwise screw direction. Therefore, make sure it is suitable for your AC before you buy. Our AC hose is 5 inches in diameter, so it fits most portable air conditioners on the market such as LG, Frigidaire, Whinter, SPT, Honeywell, Haier, Emerson and Newair.
  • – Kraftex air conditioner hoses are made of durable and flexible polypropylene, which makes them durable. It can withstand all wear without leaking. Keep your LG portable air conditioner in good condition with an AC hose.
  • – Set the AC vent to a minimum length of 15 inches or extend it completely to 80 inches. Whether at home or in the office, the flexible retractable air conditioner hose fits in any room.
  • – Pull out the AC hose to match the existing ventilation, align the front of the hose and connect the device connector provided for this purpose (sold separately, usually included with the AC device). Turn clockwise until you hear a click – easy.
  • We have spent years developing AC hoses. We absolutely believe these are the best AC hoses in the world and we support them. I If our AC tube feels hot and worrisome, we will give you a full refund of your purchase. Click Add to Cart” to buy with confidence.
Air Conditioner Pioneer Pioneer Mini Split Heat Pump Mini Split 12000 BTU-208 / 230V.
Air Conditioner Pioneer Pioneer Mini Split Heat Pump Mini Split 12000 BTU-208 / 230V.
  • Ultra-high performance inverter + channelless mini split heat pump system
  • Cooling capacity: 12,000 BTU / h with 17.5 SEER efficiency
  • Heat capacity: 11,800 BTU / h with 9.0 HP efficiency
  • Voltage: 208-230 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 phase (standard home network 2-wire network, l1-l2-g)
  • The active links on this page give you access to complete articles, tutorials and more.
Frigidaire, White Energy Star 5,000 BTU, 115 V, Window Mini Compact Air Conditioner …
Frigidaire, White Energy Star 5,000 BTU 115V Window Mini Compact Air Conditioner with Fully Functional Remote Control
  • Feel comfortable with this air conditioner that effectively cools rooms up to 150 square feet
  • Washable filter screen with hinged filter access and filter test warning
  • Ready-to-use electronic controls allow you to select parameters at the push of a button.
  • After a power outage, a hassle-free reboot will continue with the previous settings even after power is restored.
  • It uses two cooling rates, two fan speeds, and a 24-hour on / off timer to provide climate control when you need it most.

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