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Long slot toaster, 2-slice toaster, top rate, with heat stand, 1.7 inch extra wide slot …
Long Slot Toaster, 2 Slice Toaster, Top Rate, Heat Stand, 1.7 inch Extra Wide Slot, Stainless Steel Toaster, 6 Panshade Settings, Thaw / Warm Up / Cancel, Detachable Clam Tray, 1000 W, Silver
  • [Built-inpreparation:ThetoasterhasaheatstandtokeepthetoastedbreadwarmatalltimesSimplypushtherearliftingarmandthewarmerdrawerwillpopouttocomfortablywarmthedoughbreadandcroissantsBestMother’sDayGiftIdeas!
  • [1.7 Large Wide Connection]: LOFTER 2 slice toaster has a slot size of 5.9 inches in length and 1.7 inches in width, and has an adjustment rail, so it is suitable for various breads such as thin waffles and thick homemade bread. , Always durable. Optimal position. It also has an automatic lift function during cooking.
  • 6 Settable Gears: Adjustable color setting stainless steel LOFTER toaster allows you to choose the right degree of browning. Choose from 1 (bright) to 6 (dark) settings, light golden and dark, dark roast discs … Note: Three main functions (defrost, heat, cancel). Defrost mode plus 30 seconds, preheat mode for selected gear 30 seconds, cancel function can stop toast at any time.
  • [Easy to clean and store]: Bread crumbs collect in a removable tray at the bottom of the toaster. Pull it out and immediately empty the crumbs (the tray can be washed immediately)! There is a hassle-free cord wrap under the toaster to clean up unsightly cords after use.
  • [100% safe and risk-free]: This toaster is made of durable stainless steel and has several holes in the base to ensure a faster cooling rate. The toaster not only protects against overheating, but also improves protection from leaks and greatly improves breakfast safety. Click 1 Click By Now” or Add to Cart” to buy now.
IKICH Toaster 2 Long Slot, Stainless Steel Toaster 4 Slices, Heat Stand, 6 Toast Tools, …
IKICH Toaster 2 Long Slot, Stainless Toaster 4 Slices, Heat Stand, 6 Browning Settings, Thaw / Heat / Cancel, Detachable Clam Tray, 1300W
  • [Save your time up to Long Slot Toaster] IKICH Long Shot Toaster, Muffin, Sandwich Bread, Pullman Bread, etc. Or you may have two large, long breads, such as artisan bread or sourdough bread.
  • [More Favor Choice with 6-Install Toasting Gears]: 1. Dry the bread 2. Make a slight browning 3. Make a golden browning 4. Deeplight browning. 5. Dark tongue. 6. Deep dark browning.
  • [Compact Big Enough] A relatively small and compact 4-slice toaster that fits snugly on a kitchen counter without taking up too much space.
  • [Longer Build-in Warming Rack 3 Smart Functions] Simply push the back lever and a warm drawer pops out to comfortably warm the dough, bread and croissants. REHEAT, FROST and CANCEL meet all your daily toasting needs.
  • [Easy to Clean Storage with Removable Crumb Tray Cord Wrap] IKICH Stainless Steel Toaster, crumbs are collected in a removable tray at the bottom of the toaster. Pull it out and remove the crumbs immediately! There is a hassle-free cord wrap under the toaster that allows you to clean up the unsightly power cord after it’s emptied.
IKICH toaster 2 slice 9 settings, stainless steel LCD screen, wide slot, …
IKICH Toaster 2 Slice 9 Settings, Stainless Steel LCD Screen, Wide Slot, Undo / Donut / Defrost / Warm Up Function, Crumb Removal Tray, 900 W, Black
  • 9 color settings: From light brown to dark brown, multiple settings of the IKICH2 toaster meet all the needs of the family
  • LCD screen and backlit display: More convenient and easy to use with digital display and backlit buttons
  • 1.5 inch ultra-wide slot: The enlarged heating surface allows large breads to be evenly distributed and toasted, making them suitable for a variety of breads such as bagels, muffins, waffles, baked goods and hand-cut breads.
  • Detachable crumb tray and cable wrap: With a removable tray, the IKICH stainless steel toaster makes crumbs easier to collect and easier to clean.
  • 4 features: Classic and fashionable stainless steel design and versatility (Undo / Donut / Defrost / Warm Up)
Dash DVTS501BK Toaster, 2 slices, black
Dash DVTS501BK Toaster, 2 slices, black
  • More than toast: One-touch buttons for thawing, preheating and donuts add versatility to your breakfast
  • Look at the windows: With 7 browning levels and transparent windows, you can enjoy the perfect toast every time you use it.In addition, the automatic shutdown function prevents overheating.
  • Fast + Easy: Clam trays and glass windows can be cleaned quickly and easily.The outer surface is completely wiped off
  • Perfect Gift: A perfect gift for your wedding or new home. The small size takes up a little space, and the sleek design and trendy color scheme blends into any kitchen decor (add it to the list now!).
  • Warranty: The Dash Clearview Toaster with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty includes access to the recipe book and recipe database (all non-electrical components are easy to clean).
Toaster, COOCHEER toaster, LCD display with 2 wide slots, 9 stainless steel compact toasters …
Toaster, COOCHEER toaster LCD display with 2 wide slots, 9-color stainless steel compact toaster, bagels and pan toaster with defrost / warm-up / break-off function, heat stand, removable clam tray, automatic lift, high lift
  • [LED Digital and Countdown Timer]The COOCHEER 2 slice toaster comes with an LED display and a countdown timer that displays color settings and toast progress. The 2-slice toaster allows you to fine-tune the timing and is perfect for your work or your child’s time.
  • For stainless steel toasters with 9 pan color settings to 9 color settings, select the appropriate browning level by selecting roast slices from light gold to dark dark and 1 (light) to 9 (dark) according to your preference. You can, time and shade. Bring your use closer to your taste and easily make the perfect toast.
  • [Twoverywideauto-adjustmentslotsandauto-shut-offBesteThisbestPrimeDualSliceToasterhastwo15inchwideslotswithadjustmentrailsmakingitsuitableforboththinandthickslotssuchaswafflesmuffinsandbagelsAlwayskeepthebreadintheoptimaltoastpositionandadaptittoyourdailylifeNeedsforatoastCOOCHEERBreadToasterisautomaticallyturnedoffafterbrowsing/thawing
  • [Three functions in one toaster]The extra wide 2-slice toaster slot has settings for heating, thawing, and canceling. With simple function keys, you can toast bagels, breads, waffles and more perfectly. Enjoy a delicious breakfast with just one click. With the Undo feature, you can stop the toaster while it’s running and get the perfect toast when you’re happy with it. The thawing function is a function to toast the frozen bread taken out of the refrigerator.
  • [Integrated heat stand and removable clam tray]The 2-slice kitchen toaster has a removable heat stand that keeps the bread warm every day and is practical for the whole family. The retractable removable crumb tray makes it easy to collect bread crumbs and allows for quick one-step cleaning.
iSiLER 2 slice toaster, 1.3 inch wide slot toaster, 7 shadow settings, double sided …
iSiLER 2-slice toaster, 1.3 inch wide slot toaster, 7 shade settings, double-sided baking, compact pan toaster with removable crumb tray, UL certified, overheated defroster
  • Two ultra-wide slice slots and 750W power. Each slot is 5.4 x 1.3” and accommodates thick slices of different types of bread, muffins, waffles and more. The high power of 750W reduces the duration of the toast and saves a lot of energy by keeping the outside crispy without drying out. With toast.
  • Seven color settings and double-sided baking browning: Seven selectable browning levels for double-sided baking guarantee the perfect crispness for all types of bread, and precise control ensures uniform browning. Selectable tanning times are 55-175 seconds.
  • 3 LED function buttons: Defrost and reheat mode prevents excessive browning or browning.[キャンセル]You can easily exit with the button. The LED display conveniently shows all the function keys.
  • Easy to use and clean: Simply pull out the clam tray and it’s easy to clean. The very long 3.6-foot cable has convenient cable storage at the bottom of the device for extended reach. The product comes with a cleaning brush.
  • Safety and Certification: 430 stainless steel fast-heating pan slots and polypropylene housing provide optimal UL-certified safety.
Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Maxi-Matic, 4-slice length toaster, very wide 1.5 inch pan slot, …
Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Maxi-Matic, 4-slice long toaster, pan, bagel, croissant, very wide 1.5 inch slot for rolls, warm-up, undo, thaw, 6 adjustable toast settings, stainless steel
  • An additional 1.5 inch preparation compartment for very thick bread slices such as toast, bagels and specialty breads.
  • Six adjustable brand levels for choosing the perfect browning shade for your bread. Slightly warm, dark and crispy.
  • The heating and bagel function makes it easy to heat the bread and quickly reheat it, toasting only the center of the cut bagel.
  • SIMPLE CANCEL BUTTON is an easy way to cancel and release toast in the middle of a toast cycle.
  • The self-center guide automatically grabs the pan and pushes the lever to center the pan so that both sides are evenly toasted.
Russell Hobbs TRL9300GYR Glass Accent, Silver, Stainless Steel 2-Piece Long Toaster
Russell Hobbs TRL9300GYR Glass Accent, Silver, Stainless Steel 2-Piece Long Toaster
  • Long Toaster – The elongated design occupies a small work area, allowing you to toast long slices of bread and small slices side by side.
  • Detachable Heating Grid-This grid attaches to the top of the toaster, making it easy to warm up rolls, pastries and rolls. Remove for normal sunburn.
  • Lift to see – Monitor the tanning process without interrupting the heating cycle.
  • Three functions – The bagel function roasts the cut surface and heats the underside of the bagel. The freezing setting adjusts the browning to achieve the same result as freshly baked bread. If you cancel, the tanning process will end.
  • Fried food level setting – Select the desired cooking level from 1 (bright) to 6 (dark).
Dash DMTO100GBAQ04 mini toaster for bread, bagels, cookies, pizza, panini, etc …
Dash DMTO100GBAQ04 mini toaster for bread, bagels, biscuits, pizza, panini, etc., baking tray, wire mesh, automatic shutdown, aqua
  • More than toast: Make toast, bagels, pizza, paninis and even cookies! Ideal for small quantities, noisy eaters, or on the go. Thanks to its miniature size, it is more energy efficient than an oven.
  • Temperature control: The dial controls the exact temperature to ensure that the food is always fully roasted and comes out, and the automatic switch-off feature prevents overheating-it’s so easy, just set it and forget about it please!
  • Easy cleaning: The baking tray, oven rack, and clam tray are removable, and the dishwasher can safely and quickly clean the workbench completely (all other surfaces can be wiped off).
  • Perfect Gift: A perfect gift for your wedding or new home. The small size occupies a small desk space, and the sophisticated design and trendy color scheme blend into any kitchen decoration (add it to the list now!).
  • Includes: Manufactured by the manufacturer for one year, the 550 W DASH Compact Toaster includes access to baking trays, oven racks, clam trays, recipe books and recipe databases (all non-electric parts are easy). To clean)
Cuisinart CPT-1222 Slice Compact Plastic Toaster (White)
Cuisinart CPT-1222 Slice Compact Plastic Toaster (White)
  • Compact design with stainless steel elements
  • 7 position dial
  • Heating, thawing, bagel control
  • 1-1 / 2 inch toast slot
  • Pull out the clam tray

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