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Alto Professional, 5.5 channels / 2 buses (ZMX52)
Alto Professional, 5.5 channels / 2 buses (ZMX52)

  • A versatile mixer – just six inputs with an XLR input with phantom power on channel 1 – perfect for musicians looking for a compact and functional mixer for studio, podcast, or live sound.

  • Superior Sound Quality – High performance headroom circuitry to add dynamic range and very low noise for the best sounding studio mics

  • Customize Sound – Add dynamic, ribbon, and condenser mics to your studio processing with a warm, natural, two-band EQ in mono channels

  • Inputs and Outputs – 1/4 inch main, tape, headphone, and Aux outputs for flexible signal routing. Gold-plated XLR mic input and balance line input. Two additional stereo input channels

  • All you need is an assignable 2-track bus input. Main mix or headphone output. High-precision reference 4-segment histogram. Peak LED for each channel
FIFINE ultra-low noise 4-channel line mixer for submixing, 4-channel mini audio mixer …
FIFINE 4-channel line mixer with low mixing noise, 4-channel mini audio mixer with power supply. Great for small clubs and bars.As a mic, guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, or N5 subwoofer

  • [Stereo / monaural operation]: ◆ Stereo version ◆: To connect the input and output, you need to connect the input and output using a 1/4 inch TRS stereo audio cable (male to male) (1 / To connect the key points of a 4-inch stereo audio) cable (TRS cable) … ◆ Monaural version ◆: Mix 4 monaural inputs and 1 monaural output (1/4 inch TS phone socket for input and output) ). ■■ TRS / TS cable is not included ■■

  • [Compact Format]– Stereo mixer with a sturdy metal housing and rigid buttons. When you turn on the 4-channel mixer, a simple LED will light up. The small size is perfect for the top of the keyboard and can be adjusted quickly and conveniently. Monitor the mix.

  • [Easy to operate]-An audio mixer that collects and monitors sounds from various sound sources (microphone, guitar, bass, keyboard) and routes them to listening locations. Each line mixer channel has a separate volume control, a separate input jack, and a per-channel volume control with amplifier output.

  • [Variety for easy setup]The line mixer is ideal for multi-key setups and recordings where multiple channels need to be mixed into a single track. Great for keyboards, small stage sets, drums and mixing before switching to the main mixer. The modern design looks great on any desktop, the large controls are easy to use and thin, so they won’t get caught in wires or clothing.

  • [Low Noise 4-Channel Line Mixer]The mini audio mixer provides excellent sound quality and very low noise sound image at all output levels, achieving excellent sound quality. It is distortion-free, easy to set up, and ideal for quickly and easily mixing 4-line signals. The 4-channel mixer offers the highest signal quality with the highest levels of signal integrity.
Yamaha MG06 Compact Stereo Mixer 6 Inputs
Yamaha MG06 Compact Stereo Mixer 6 Inputs

  • 6-channel standalone mixer (without USB)

  • Studio Quality ADPRE Discrete Inverted Darlington Preamp: Rich, natural bass and soft, punchy treble

  • The 3-band EQ and high-pass filter provide maximum control, eliminate unwanted noise and provide a cleaner mix.

  • The Knob 1 Compressor provides easy control for a more lively guitar, sharper bass lines, tapering towards the drums, and cleaner vocals.

  • MG series mixers feature a sturdy, impact-resistant powder-coated metal body.
Mackie Mix Series, Studio Quality 5-Channel Compact Mixer (Mix5)
Mackie Mix Series, Studio Quality 5-Channel Compact Mixer (Mix5)

  • 5-channel compact mixer with proven high ceiling

  • One mic / line input with studio quality sound

  • Dedicated stereo RCA input / output for playback or recording

  • 2-band EQ with clean and accurate sound shaping

  • Studio condenser microphone phantom power
Pyle Professional Audio Mixer Sound Card Console – 6 Channel Desktop Interface, USB,…
Pyle Professional Audio Mixer Sound Card Console – 6-channel desktop interface, USB, Bluetooth, digital MP3 inputs for computers, 48 ​​V phantom power, stereo DJ streaming and FX 16-bit DSP – (PMXU63BT)

  • USB / Flash Reader / MP3 Compatibility – Connect an external USB port, computer, flash drive, or Bluetooth device for mixing and recording. Use the built-in controls to play / pause, skip tracks, and switch modes.

  • WIRELESS BLUETOOTH STREAMING – Hassle-free wireless audio streaming directly to the console. This audio mixer allows you to stream music wirelessly from your iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone using your Pandora or Spotify mixing pad.

  • Microphone and stereo line inputs – Supports XLR and unbalanced 1/4 inch plugs with + 48V phantom buttons, precision LED peak meters, ultra-musical 3-band EQ on all channels.Mixer with very low noise level, large power reserve and very simple features

  • DURABLE STEEL CHASSIS – With a sealed knob that keeps out dust and dirt, this compact DJ mixer offers complete dynamic control. This incredibly versatile mixer is perfect for high quality stage performances, live performances and karaoke.

  • New multi-voltage power supply – 100-240 V (+/- 15 VDC power supply), ideal for worldwide use. Enjoy an affordable mixing solution with great sound today.
Professional Mixer Weymic | 4-channel 2-bus mixer with 48V phantom power input…
Professional Mixer Weymic | 4-channel mixer with 2 buses for recording karaoke apps for DJ music on stage and a USB stick with 48V phantom power

  • WEYMIC PRO DJ Console Mixer with USB Audio Interface

  • A 4-channel mixer with proven headroom. Two mic / line inputs with studio-quality sound.

  • Power supply via external 110V power supply unit (included)

  • Provides 48V phantom power – connects to laptops, computers, audio devices – works with Mac and PC, and studio condenser microphones
Roller MX51S Minimix 24-Channel Stereo Linear Mixer
Roller MX51S Minimix 24-Channel Stereo Linear Mixer

  • When mixing XLR mic inputs and three RCA inputs

  • Only 4 channels

  • Line / headphone output level

  • Brand: Bread

  • Model: MX51S
Neewer Mixing Console Compact Audio Sound Condenser Microphone 2 Channel Mixer, 48V…
Neewer Mixer 48V Phantom Power 2-Band EQ 2-Band Stereo Line Input RCA Input / Output 4-Band LED Level Meter (NW02-1A) Compact 2-Channel Audio Mixer for Condenser Microphones

  • One-button function: Studio-quality compressor with LED display for professional vocal and instrumental sounds. There are 4 LED level meters: (clip), 0, -10, -20

  • HIGH HEADROOM ANOLOG MIXER: Very low noise level of -103 dB and auxiliary output -90 dB (residual noise at main output)

  • Superior characteristics: Features a neoclassical British” 2-band equalizer for warm musical sounds. Ideal for recording DJ karaoke music

  • XENYX MIC PREAMP with phantom drive: With a very wide frequency range, it can process any sound source without over-amplifying certain sound elements.Comparable to a standalone boutique preamp

  • Portable and compact design: Weighs only 680 grams. Compact design and durable metal body.Can be used in various places
The Maker Hart LOOP MIXER is a portable 5-channel, 5 x 1/8 stereo and 1/4″ monaural audio mixer.
Manufacturer HartLOOP MIXER Portable 5 Channel Audio Mixer, 5 x 1/8 Stereo and 1/4″ Monaural Stereo DM2S Adapter

  • UNIVERSAL MIXER – Mixes audio / music from computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, Amazon Echo / Dot, microphones and musical instruments.

  • SIGNAL BOOST – Powered through a power supply unit, it amplifies the MIC to LINE signal up to a maximum gain of 50 dB for each input.

  • STEREO MONO-3.5mm stereo jack with monaural stereo DM2S adapter

  • 3 outputs – 3.5mm headphones, speaker outputs, stereo REC-OUT sockets for 3 simultaneous outputs

  • Durable and Still Portable – A portable yet durable body with a slim and intuitive design
A4 4-channel audio mixer Audio mixing console and Bluetooth USB recording 48V phantom power monitor …
A4 4-Channel Audio Mixer Sound Mixer with Bluetooth USB Recording 48V Phantom Power Path and Effects Used for home music, webcasts, and song K.

  • Professional 4-channel mixer and monitor path, and effects processor with two monaural tapes and one stereo tape on tape

  • Electronically symmetric display with main channel AUX bus output, 1 AUX and backtrack output, 2-band EQ for each input channel, integrated professional reverb, and 2 buses

  • Input amplification and treble / bass control, + 48 V integrated phantom power, HD headset connection, MP3 streaming, computer sound card capabilities

  • XLR and phone plugs can be connected to any microphone or instrument. The combination of A4 and condenser microphone is excellent. The A4 can be operated by USB bus or mobile battery. Power Bank, Note: USB Power Supply: Current must be 1.5A or higher, USB power supply voltage is 5V or higher.

  • Stereo input jack for connecting line-level musical instruments such as electronic keyboards and audio devices. There are two types of connections available: telephone and pin cinch.

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