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Rochan Slingshot’s professional outdoor catapult. Starting belt made of wood made of stainless steel.
Rochan Slingshot Professional Stainless Steel Wooden Outdoor Catapult Launch Strap Wrist High Speed ​​Hunting Sling Adult Rocket 4 Replacement Catapult Strap 100 Rounds
  • High Quality: These slingshots are made of stainless steel frame, aluminum alloy sight and wooden handle, which makes them durable, durable and more comfortable to use.
  • Precision Shooting: A professional hunting slingshot with infrared sights and laser flashlights to help you find your target quickly and accurately.
  • Powerful hunting tool: Pachinko made of all-metal material with double springs and rubber band support under high tension can increase instantaneous firing power
  • Magnetic design: Portable magnetic steel ball holder reduces shooting time and facilitates hunting. The wrist design support frame also has a flashlight mount (flashlight not included).
  • Material type: Metal fiber
Easimgo Professional Slingshot、Y Shot Hunting Slingshot for Adults、Wrist Rocket Slingshots、…
Easimgo Professional Slingshot Kit、Y Shot Hunting Slingshot for Adults、Rocket Wrist Slingshots、High Speed Catapult Belt Shooting with 100 ammunim and 3 Rubber band
  • Professional Pachinko: A fast, accurate and powerful Y-shaped slingshot. The magnetic skin holds the cartridge more safely and easily.
  • Remember your kid: You’ll return to unforgettable childhood memories-when I was young and hunted a lot on the snare! Share happy times with your friends and family!
  • Premium Material: Durable, shaped to fit comfortably in the hand. Adjustable wrist design makes the discharge base more stable. The ergonomic handle is more comfortable and easier to use.
  • Multi-functional purpose: Not only for fun entertainment, but also for eye and focus training, entertainment, competition and outdoor hunting.
  • Packaging: One slingshot with 3 high-strength rubber bands, 50 hard clay balls, 50 steel chucks and 3 wrenches.
Kaino Kai Hunting Slingshot, Heavy Duty Wrist Rocket Slingshot for Outdoor Adults …
KAINOKAI Hunting Slingshot High Performance Adult Wrist Rocket Slingshot Slingshot Set For Outdoor Catapult (B-Black Assassin Set)
  • Item 1 is a professional hunting tool with great power, precision and speed.The magnetic skin holds the slingshot firmly and the ergonomic handle is comfortable and easy to use
  • Item 2 – Top stainless steel with anti-corrosion function. High-pressure rubber band; Top leather wrap; High-precision and sturdy body with aluminum die-cast frame.
  • Item 3 – A powerful sling with an outdoor hunting sling, a catapult and three high quality rubber bands. The magnetic leather design holds the slingshot ammo firmly and replenishes the wrist rocket launcher faster.
  • Item 4 – Great for eye and focus training, entertainment, outdoor competition, fitness catapult and hunting, boutique collection.
  • Article 5 – Includes a plastic gift box, 3 high quality rubber bands, 3 wrenches, 1 ultra-lightweight holder and 2 bags with sling cartridges.
NOBONDO Strong Folding Wrist Rocket Slingshot is a durable, adjustable stainless steel bracelet …
NOBONDO Strong Folding Wrist Rocket Slingshot – High Performance Adjustable Stainless Steel Wrist Hunting Catapult with 2 Rubber Bands and 100 Cartridges
  • Efficient: Hunting slingshots with triple-strength rubber bands and ergonomically shaped adjustable handles convey a sense of hand strength and comfort.
  • Accurate recording: Adjustable palm rests and golden ratio slings allow accurate hunting.This sling is also suitable for beginners
  • Heavy conditions: All-metal slings with sturdy rubber bands are ideal for field adventures and rabbit hunting.
  • Professional hunting tools: fast, precision, power.Magnetic skin allows you to quickly replenish bullets
  • Matching accessories: 100 cartridges enough for outdoor hunting, another strong rubber band for easy replacement
COOY Slingshot, a professional slingshot with an armband and a sturdy launcher band, …
COOY Slingshot, professional slingshot with armband, powerful starter belt, high speed catapult
  • Strong – Made of 6 rubber bands, it is stronger than other slingshots.
  • MWTAL Bob and Wrist Support Frame Design-Structure makes the emission base more stable. Sturdy handle and wrist support frame for higher discharge rates. Ergonomic design that makes the handle more comfortable and user-friendly.
  • Small removable lamp design – you can find all the targets at night. Hit the target quickly and accurately.
  • Application – Great for sight and awakening, entertainment, competition and hunting training.
  • Package – 1 slingshot with rubber band + 1 free replacement rubber band + hard clay ball + steel cartridge + other specialized equipment.
ucho Professional Slingshot Set, Outdoor Shooting Slingshot, High List Hunting Rocket Slingshot …
ucho Professional Slingshot Set Outdoor Wrist Hunting Slingshot Rocket Slingshot with High Speed ​​Catapult for Adults and Kids
  • With a wide bow and triple-strength rubber band, an ergonomic shape and a stable adjustable handle, the professional hunting slingshot gives you a feeling of hand strength and comfort.
  • Adjustable bracelets and golden ratio slingshots, foldable slingshots, easy to use and carry, the laser flashlight holder allows you to hunt accurately even at night.
  • The magnetic leather design holds the slingshot’s ammunition firmly and replenishes the wrist rocket’s slingshot faster. Both jogging and jumping do not affect usage.
  • Used for outdoor competitions, fitness catapults, entertainment, competitions, hunting, and boutique collections.
  • You may not use this product in a way that does not comply with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. This is not a toy and should be used by children under the supervision of an adult.
Slingshot, professional SlingShots kits, powerful high speed slings for hunting, adults …
Slingshot, Professional SlingShots Kit, Powerful High Speed ​​Hunting Slingshot, Adult Outdoor Slingshot, Stainless Steel Speed ​​Catapult Slingshot with 3 Rings and 50 Slingshot Ammo
  • Professional Design-These are very durable and practical centrifuges, well made, more powerful and faster. High quality integrated stainless steel construction, sturdy, durable and impact resistant. The curved solid wood handle is ideal, easy to hold, non-slip, ergonomic, and easy to carry and remove.
  • Portable – This slingshot is designed to be lightweight and compact. With a nice and practical storage box, you can do eye training and attention, entertainment, hiking, camping and outdoor hunting anytime, anywhere by simply putting the sling in the box or bag. This slingshot is a lot of fun outdoors.
  • Easy Installation-This slingshot is very easy to install and use, and easy to install and replace the rubber band and scope. There is no problem even if it is disassembled. As simple as a series of building blocks, it’s perfect for both slingshot learners and slingshot shooting enthusiasts.
  • Mechanical Scope Updates-Upgrade four precision mechanical rifle scopes made of stainless steel. The combination is free and can be adjusted left and right, making it suitable for people with different grip habits. Triple aiming points help beginners modify their gestures. Colored fibers make the target point clearer, and the sliding site can be adjusted to hit the target more accurately for different distances.
  • 100% Returns – Back up your pachinko with friendly and professional customer service. If you encounter any problems, please return them for a free replacement or a full refund.
LuckIn 1500pcs 3/8 inch slingshot chuck, clay biodegradable slingshot chuck, floor paint
LuckIn 1500pcs 3/8 inch slingshot chuck, clay biodegradable slingshot chuck, floor paint
  • Biodegradable Materials: Luckin Sling Ammunition is made of non-toxic, tasteless, biodegradable, eco-friendly natural clay.
  • High hardness and water solution: Sling balls are made by a high temperature baking process with high hardness and excellent moisture resistance. It dissolves easily in water and can be placed anywhere in the garden or garden.
  • Clean hands on a smooth surface: The surface of a hard clay ball covered with a layer of smooth clay. Keep your hands clean when using.
  • Suitable for most types of pachinko: Slingshot balls with a diameter of 9-10mm, 3/8 inch, suitable for most types of pachinko. The package contains 1500 pieces and can be used for a long time.
  • Round for effective use: Medium weight, special treatment, rounded shape keeps the trajectory good and covers the target effectively.
50 rounds of adult Tongtu stainless steel hunting and shooting slings with two rubber bands …
Adult Tongtu stainless steel hunting slingshot, 50 cartridges for hunting slingshot with two rubber bands Adult catapult slingshot, with slingscope …
  • [Hunting Slingshot for Adult] Easy to install and carry, it is suitable for slingshot enthusiasts and beginners.
  • [Mechanical sight] There are two mechanical areas. Observation at medium and long distances of 5 to 50 m is very convenient. Align 5 pens to show a more accurate target.
  • [Ergonomic handle] Stainless steel handles with wooden hand guards provide good friction for a better feel. You won’t get bored even if you use it for a long time. Stainless steel technology prevents rust.
  • [Easy to assemble] Easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to replace rubber and visor. You can give it to your friends.
  • [For beginners] Our pachinko machines are very popular with young people and beginners. A gentle handshake will not hurt your hand. Included in delivery: 1, slingshot 1, rubber for slingshot 2, mechanical visor 2, cartridge 50 x 8 mm.
RCZZSUWE slingshot, professional hunting sling with cartridge
RCZZSUWE slingshot, professional hunting slingshot with cartridge
  • [PROFESSIONAL SLINGSHOT]-Stainless steel slingshot with 1mm flat strips for increased strength. Quick change flat rubber band. A lightweight frame that won’t get tired even after long-term use.
  • [SHOOTING Slingshot]-Equipped with a stainless steel visor. Effectively helps beginners practice and aim.
  • [WOODEN SLINGSHOT]– Use smooth wood as the handle. The curved arch design makes shooting more comfortable.
  • [HUNTING SLINGSHOT]-Suitable for use in various environments. Attention Training, entertainment, competition, hunting, perfect for collections and gifts.
  • [PACKAGE CONTENT]-Slingshot * 1-Flat Ribbon * 2 (Random Color) -Mechanical Sight * 4-Target Shooting * 1-Steel Cartridge * 50-Instruction Manual * 1

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