six hole punch

WORKLION 6-hole adjustable stamp, with alignment mark, 6-ring A5 daily stamp …
Daily punches for A5 planners with 6-hole punches with WORKLION alignment marks and 6 ring bindings – page replenishment
  • Sturdy 6-hole metal stamp perfect for personal organizer, 6 A5 rings, pocket pad, FranklinCovey diary, classic original ring binding diary, personal kikiki k diary, travel diary
  • The hole guides on the base allow you to easily adjust the hole spacing. Two groups of three holes 19 mm apart. Distance between 2 groups – 4 adjustable positions: 19 mm, 38 mm, 51 mm, and 70 mm
  • A practical 6-hole rotary hammer with a non-slip rubber base, removable work parts and a tip shell that can be easily emptied.Suitable for home and office
  • Stretchable plastic ruler allows you to modify different paper formats and perform punching work more accurately
  • Capacity: Punch up to 6 holes of 5.5 mm
Villa Craft 6 Hole Adjustable Hole Punch, Off-White, 8 Sheets Storage, Mini / Pocket / A4 / A5 / A6 /…
Villa Craft 6 Hole Punch, Cream, 8 Sheets Capacity, Mini / Pocket / A4 / A5 / A6 / Agenda / Notebook / Desk Fax, Performance Guarantee
  • A 6-hole punch with an adjustable hole design that makes it easy to create pocket mini seats, agenda pages and planner pages.
  • Perforation size: 7 1/4 X 2 3/4” X 17/8 . Capacity 8 sheets, mini / pocket / A4 / A5 / A6 / agenda / personal / desk fax
  • Use one of your favorite sheets to combine new pages with tabs and fun stickers.
  • A risk-free purchase that promises 100% satisfaction.
  • User Manual: https: // v = PDPL8-zAf-w
Chris-Wang Adjustable 6-hole metal stamp for A5 / Personal / Pocket size 6 ring…
6-hole punch with adjustable metal holes for Chris-Wang A5 / Personal / Pocket size paper ring insert Side insert – 6 sheet capacity – 6mm hole diameter
  • Adjustable intervals to fit most 6-hole diary / organizer
  • Great for Filofax a5, Personal Pocket Notebooks, Franklin Covey Compact Notebooks, Kikki.K and most other brands – Create your own liner
  • Punch up to 6 sheets with a 6mm hole. Punched into two groups of three holes 19 mm apart. The distance between the two groups can be set in three positions: 19 mm, 51 mm and 70 mm.
  • Rugged metalwork parts for long service life, non-slip base, easy-to-empty tip tray
  • Dimensions (approximately): 198mm x 39mm x 67mm / 7.8 x 1.54″ x 2.64”
Rapesco 6 Hole Punch and 6 Ring Binder Files for Planners – Pink
Rapesco 6 Hole Punch and 6 Ring Binder Files for Planners – Pink
  • Suitable for all major diary sizes including personal organizers such as Mini, Pocket, Personal, Slimline, Compact Agenda and many other popular A5 and A6 planners.
  • Adjustable paper guide with planner dimensions and additional markings on the adjustable knife
  • Fold the confetti tray
  • Handle lock switch for easy storage
  • Please refer to the A5 paper description of the product description below.
6-hole metal punch with alignment marks, daily paper stamps for folders with 6 A5 size rings
6-hole metal punch with alignment marks, daily paper stamp for A5 folder with 6 rings
  • Adjustable intervals to fit most 6-hole diary / organizer
  • High quality cutting head, easy punching
  • Install the ruler, pull the ruler to its default position,
  • Soft non-slip floor cushions, perforations on used paper are not damaged, and paper cleaning is easy and convenient.
  • Dimensions (approximately): 198mm x 39mm x 67mm / 7.8 x 1.54″ x 2.64”
Swingline 2-7 punches, adjustable and high performance stamps, 32 punches, …
Swingline 2-7 hole punch, adjustable, heavy duty punch, 32 seat hole punch, black / silver (74350)
  • High Performance – The sturdy metal construction makes this sturdy 3-hole punch a reliable choice for everyday office use. Provides medium manual punching force.
  • Glossy wood with chrome handle – The hand hammer features an elegant inlay with a wooden look and a slim chrome handle. Interchangeable wooden panels in three elegant colors fit seamlessly into your decoration.
  • 32 Paper Capacity – Adjustable hole punches allow you to cut up to 32 sheets, giving you the flexibility to choose. You can create precision holes 9/32 , 11/32 ” or 13/32”.
  • 3-7 Punchheads – The patented semi-adjustable punchhead system comes with 3 punchheads, but can accommodate up to 7. Depth of field and paper guides increase flexibility and control.
  • Head Change – Delivered with 3 stamps. The replacement punch head (A7074854) is sold separately.
SANYE A3 / A4 / A5 / A6 / B4 / B5 / B7 6-hole metal stamp 6 ring binder for paper …
SANYE A3 / A4 / A5 / A6 / B4 / B5 / B7 6-hole adjustable metal stamp for paper folders, 6 rings, diary inserts, 6 sheet capacities (black)
  • Stylish 6-hole handshake with adjustable pitch
  • Adjustable hole spacing from 19 to 70 mm, with 6 mm holes
  • Great for Filofax notebooks – create your own liner
  • Slippery tip holder prevents clutter spills and simplifies maintenance
  • 寸法:198 mm x 39 mm x 67 mm(7.8 x 1.54” x 2.64 )
Aibecy 6 Hole Desktop Punch for Paper A4A5 A6B7 Milk Organizer 6 Ring Folder…
6 Hole Desktop Puncher for Aibecy A4 A5A6B7 Dairy Organizer 6 Sheet Capacity 6 Ring Folder
  • Adjustable distance of A4 / A5 / A6 / B7 paper for drilling.
  • Punch up to 6 pieces (80 g / m2) with 5.5 mm holes.
  • There are holes in two groups of three holes 19 mm apart, and the distance between the two groups is 19/51/70 mm (adjustable).
  • Simple extrusion design for convenient operation, non-slip base for stable punching.
  • The base chip drawer prevents the leakage of dirty chips and keeps the working environment clean.
We R Memory Keepers Perforated Planner Board | Includes perforated plate and 5 planner inserts.
We R Memory Keepers Perforated Planner Board | Includes perforated plate and 5 planner inserts.
  • Punched holes suitable for all planners: Works with all common planers for standard holes, discs and spirals.
  • Customize your needs: The punches are replaceable, adjustable and easy to customize.
  • Versatility: Drill up to 30 cm holes in paper or cardboard.
  • Universal Board: Includes 5 stamps for perforated boards and planners. It also comes with a simple reference table and instructions.
  • Easy storage: The stamps are locked together for easy storage when not in use.
Adjustable Officemate punch with 2-7 holes. Includes 7 punch heads. Drilling capacity 5-11 sheets, black …
Adjustable 2-7 hole punch Officemate. Includes 7 perforated heads. Rotary hammer, 5-11 blade, black with chrome rim (90070)
  • Made of sturdy all-metal construction
  • Can be used to make 2-7 holes
  • Compatible with most 8.5 x 11 inch planners and most 7 ring loose-leaf (folio) planners
  • Chrome-accented paper guides allow for accurate paper placement
  • Chip tray is easy to empty

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