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Singer | Iron Expert Finish 1700 WEF.04 Drip protection, stainless steel sole, LED screen
Singer | Iron Expert Finish 1700 WEF.04 Drip protection, stainless steel sole, LED screen
  • SINGER CLOTHES STEAMER SINGER Expert Finish Steam Iron is a 1700W fully functional iron that provides excellent garment care. The steam is evenly distributed for fast and efficient ironing and excellent performance.
  • LCD Temperature Control Accurate LCD temperature control warns you when the desired setting is reached with the ideal vapor volume of various substances.
  • PIVOT 360 degree cable 360 ​​degree rotation for freedom of movement The open tip of the power cable makes it easier to iron around creases and buttons. The non-drip design prevents annoying leaks when the iron is used at low temperatures.
  • SMART AUTO OFF The 3-way safety automatic shut-off function allows you to leave without worrying about turning off the iron. After 8 minutes, if you stand upright for 30 seconds, stay horizontal without moving, the iron will turn off for 30 seconds if you fall sideways.
  • The SINGER Expert Finish is valid for 2 years.
Beautiful steam iron 1800W with digital LCD screen, 2 layers, ceramic coating …
1800W BEAUTURAL steam iron, digital LCD screen, ceramic coated 2-layer sole, automatic 3-way switch-off, 9 preset temperatures, steam settings for different fabrics
  • 9 Preset Mode – Clear View LCD screen. Stop guessing and don’t burn your clothes! Choose the type of fabric and always iron with the right heat. Ideal temperature for nylon, silk, wool, cotton, jeans, linen, etc.
  • Double Ceramic Base – Harder than stainless steel, scratch resistant, durable and easy to clean. A unique two-layer structure that evenly heats the entire sole to protect sensitive clothing.
  • Safe with automatic power off – at some point we are all distracted, so don’t risk it! The motion sensor automatically turns off the iron to avoid danger if the iron is idle for an extended period of time. It turns off after 30 seconds when lying down and after 8 minutes when standing.
  • 100% pre-tested and fully developed skills – All Beautural irons are checked by the QA team before leaving the factory to ensure quality right after purchase. With a huge list of features such as LCD screens, fabric presets, water splash and steam delivery, and 1800W pure power, ironing your home fabric is not difficult.
  • We guarantee your experience – our California office will respond quickly to your concerns.
Iron SINGER SteamLogic Plus 7070, output 1775 W, 45 minutes of continuous steam and 300…
SINGER SteamLogic Plus Iron 7070, Output 1775 W, Continuous Steam 45 Minutes, Tank Capacity 300 ml, Red
  • Electronic control
  • Ceramic sole with 485 steam holes
  • Automatic 3-way switch off
  • Atomization and vapor release
  • Drip and limescale protection
Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron, Double Tension, Travel Bag, Non-Stick Sole, Non-Slip …
Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron Dual Voltage Travel Bag Non-Stick Sole Non-Slip Handle Fast Heat Up 420W Power White
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – 2-Year Security Guarantee and Customer Support from Andover, Kansas
  • Fast heating time – 1.4 ounces of water tank heats in 15 seconds with one-touch steam control and three temperature settings for different dough types. Fill the measuring cup with water up to the 1.1 ounce mark.
  • Equipped for work – With 420W of power, it removes wrinkles on almost any fabric, has a non-slip handle for improved grip, and is easily accessible with a 7.5ft power cord.
  • DUAL VOLTAGE CONVENIENCE – Developed and equipped for traveling around the world. Just choose from 100-240 volts
  • Travel Features-Comes with a travel bag and a plastic measuring cup for added convenience and protection.
100 Innovations of the Industrial Revolution: 1700 to 1860 (Haines Guide)
100 Innovations of the Industrial Revolution: 1700 to 1860 (Haines Guide)
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Village Green Conservation Association
Village Green Conservation Association
  • Benz is a village environmental protection company
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Bernadette Peters
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Adult products
Singer | Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Laptop with Large Pressure Area and Automatic Shutdown…
Singer | Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Laptop with Large Print Area and Automatic Beep Shutoff – Easier to sew
  • SINGER ELECTRONIC STEAM PRESS: With SINGER Magic Steam Press, you can get professional press results at home. Thanks to the large press area and adjustable heating and steam parameters, you can quickly iron tablecloths, curtains, suit pants and more.
  • Portable Steam Press: This portable device is easy to store and, for safety reasons, has an automatic shutdown with a beep and a pressure area of ​​24 x 9 inches, 14 times that of a traditional iron.
  • STEAM PRESS SIGNAL: When the handle is in the lower position, there is an automatic shutoff with an electronic alarm that sounds every 10 seconds and lift the handle to make sure the dough is not on the heating plate.Exposure is too long
  • Wide surface: The SINGER ESP-2 electronic steam press is 10 times larger than a traditional iron surface.
  • SINGER ESP-2 Accessories: Spray bottle, measuring cup, squeeze pad
SINGER Intelligent Steam Press-26, 26 inch, gray
SINGER Intelligent Steam Press-26, 26 inch, gray
  • 26 inch non-stick press surface
  • The non-stick printed surface is heated and the nylon cures in 96 seconds.
  • Professional steam supply – continuous steam supply and steam supply on demand
  • Easily refillable removable tank
  • Tank capacity 800ml
Singer | Intelligent Steam Press 36T1, with 36-inch ball surface, professional steam, …
Singer | Intelligent Steam Press 36T1 with large 36-inch veil surface, professional steam and digital control
  • 36 inch non-stick
  • Press surface 10 times that of conventional iron
  • Fast heating time: 1.8 minutes before nylon setting
  • Easy to refill the tank
  • Tank capacity: 300ml

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