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Kiwi Select All Protector (Large Bottle, 7.7 oz)
Kiwi Select All Protector (Large Bottle, 7.7 oz)
  • Repels elements and resists dirt.
  • For all colors of natural or artificial leather, suede, nubuck and fabric.
  • Do not use on painted reptile leather, metal leather, or vinyl.
FORCEFIELD Unisex Adult, waterproof and antifouling shoes, for headgear spray …
FORCEFIELD Unisex Adult Waterproof and Antifouling Shoes, Clothing, Hats, Shoe Protective Spray, Black, 6 oz US Bottle
  • It provides a water repellent protective barrier against dirt and dirt on sneakers, clothing, outerwear and hats.
  • The invisible coating protects shoes and equipment from UV rays and yellowing.
  • Quick-drying cure in 23 minutes with a light spray when applied
  • The maximum shelf life of the protective agent is 12 months.
  • Hydrophobic formulation prevents drainage and keeps shoes breathable
CrepProtect spray
CrepProtect spray
  • Easy-to-use 5 oz aerosol spray bottle
  • Can be used for suede, canvas and nubuck.
  • Protect your shoes with an invisible barrier
  • Repels liquids and prevents dirt
Premium Shoe Protective Spray-Shoe Dirt and Water Repellent-Waterproof Spray and Protection …
Premium Shoe Protective Spray-Shoe Dirt and Water Repellent-Waterproof Spray Protective Leather, Suede, Canvas, White Sneakers, etc.
  • Keep your shoes fresh – Sneakers look longer and fresher by protecting them from water, dirt, dirt, greasy and dirt. It is designed to repel most liquids and create an invisible safety shield that keeps your shoes from getting dirty. You can stop worrying. Get ready for the future!
  • Protect most shoes – suede, canvas, nubuck, vinyl, nylon, mesh, fleece, cotton and more! It can also be used for items you want to protect, such as hats and bags. Whether you want to protect your favorite white shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, knit shoes, running shoes or golf shoes, our premium shoe protection spray can be used on almost any material to protect against liquids and dirt. I will. Do not use on leather or dyed suede.
  • Waterproof-Fast and Easy-Tested countless formulations and succeeded in a quick-drying shoe protection spray. Not only is it effective, it is also quick. Protects up to 8-10 pairs of shoes per bottle. Lasts up to 4 weeks after use.
  • NANO TECHNOLOGY FORMULA – Our solution harnesses the power of nanotechnology to repel countless wine spills, mud droplets and everything else that brings you to life. When applied, it will show you how to repel most liquids as the shoe rolls off the surface. The treated surface repels most liquids, so cleaning dirt is as easy as rinsing it with water or wiping it with a damp cloth.
  • We are very confident in our product, so if it doesn’t suit you, please contact us, and we will fix everything! Do not stain your shoes with other products on the market. Fast and free shipping on Amazon Prime!
Big More Guard-Water Resistant and Stain Relief 5.5 oz-Leather Profile and Suede Profile …
Bickmore Gard-More Water and Stain Repellent 5.5oz – A drip-proof protective film made of leather and suede for boots, shoes, clothing, hats, jackets and more.
  • Excellent waterproofing – Bickmore Gard-More water repellents are specially formulated to protect valuable items from water and dirt and to provide a protective layer that minimizes abrasion and abrasion.
  • Works such as leather, suede, fabric, wood, navac – hats, coats, shoes, nails, jackets, shells, gloves, furniture, luggage, car upholstery, boat seats, TD all color stains, water Protects from dirt
  • Breathability: Gard-More provides a lasting, invisible protective layer that allows the material to breathe while maintaining the elasticity and best possible appearance of the skin and other materials.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Bickmore is proud to manufacture all Bickmore Gard-More aerosols in the United States.
Scotchgard Suede Nubuck Protector, 7 oz, 7 oz
Scotchgard Suede Nubuck Protector, 7 oz, 7 oz
  • Repels sediments and oils from suede and nubuck clothing.
  • Suitable for all types and colors of suede and nubuck. Not intended for use with smooth treated leather.
  • Great for shoes, coats, gloves, hats, accessories and more.
  • Simple, one-step application, odorless and salt resistant
  • Reapply Scotchgard suede and nubuck protector when clothing repulsion stops or every 6 months.
Apple Garde Rain Stain Repellent – ​​Protective spray for bags, wallets, shoes and more.
Apple Brand Garde Rain and Antifouling Spray-Protective Spray for Bags, Purses, Shoes, Boots, Accessories, Furniture-Color Doesn’t Change-Perfect for Vachetta
  • Protection from rain and dirt: Garde ensures that your bags and shoes are safe in the rain. By creating an invisible protective layer, Garde protects the product from dangers to water stains, salt stains, body oils, greases, sweat, coffee, wine and other leather products.
  • Doesn’t affect the look: Apple Brand Garde doesn’t change the color or shade of the product and leaves no sticky or sticky residue. Reliable by some of the world’s largest fashion brands, our products have been repeatedly recommended for gentle and effective skin and fabric care.
  • Use all your favorite items: Perfect for bags, wallets, heels, ballet shoes, shoes, boots, wallets, belts, furniture, cars and more.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Satisfaction Guarantee: We take pride in the fact that we perform all manufacturing and customer service in the United States and are 100% supportive of all our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, please let us know. We will definitely fix everything.
KIWI Boots Waterproof | Sealing Shoes | Water repellent shoes for hunting, hiking and outdoor activities. Spray bottle |…
KIWI Boots Waterproof | Sealing Shoes | Water repellent shoes for hunting, hiking and outdoor activities.Spray bottle | 10.5 oz
  • KIWI Boots Waterproof provides lasting silicone protection for work and outdoor shoes.
  • Waterproof shoe spray
  • The spray has a unique formula that adheres to the skin and tissues.
  • Creates a very durable water barrier where the material can breathe
  • Protect your pride in any weather
Moneysworth Best Pro-Tex Water and Stain Shoes Protection (10.5 oz)
Moneysworth Best Pro-Tex Water and Stain Shoes Protection (10.5 oz)
  • The Pro-Tex protector repels water, dirt and oil. A quick-drying fluoropolymer formulation provides invisible, breathable protection.
  • For all kinds of natural or artificial leather, suede, nubuck and fabrics.
  • Great for shoes, boots, hats, jackets and other clothing. Safe for suede and nubuck.
  • Protects against rain, snow, salt and dirt, and extends the life of shoes and clothing
  • Prevents cracks, discoloration, discoloration and premature aging. Not recommended for vinyl or patent leather.
TriNova Non-Aerosol Stain Remover – A spray to protect fabrics such as upholstery and carpets.
TriNova Non-Aero Stain Guard – Cloth protection spray for upholstery, carpets, carpets and more.For protection from liquid stains (18 ounces)
  • Spills are not stains – If the surface of the fabric is protected, the spilled liquid will remain on the surface of the sofa, rug, or clothing long enough to get wet before it gets dirty.
  • Easy to apply-just spray and let it dry and live your life.No need for dual applications or multi-step processes – protection only
  • Safe alternative – Unlike most antifouling products, our products are nonflammable. Because it uses water-based chemicals, it can be used in well-ventilated areas. High-tech solution for internal sealing.
  • Clear and odorless – the stain remover does not want to cause stains, so it does not smell.
  • TRUST TRINOVA – 100% guaranteed. Please let us know if dirt prevention does not work. I will refund you.

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