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Forum New Articles Electric Ballpoint Pen Joke Joke Trick Toy Set of 2
Forum New Articles Electric Ballpoint Pen Joke Joke Trick Toy Set of 2
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Set a funny pen with a shocking pen and stroke marker 2-in-1 as a gift gag – trick your friends and make your family laugh …
Shocking Pen and Marker Prank Set 2-in-1 Gift Gag Pen-Trick your friends and make your family laugh with electric shock prank toys-April Fool’s Trick Shocking Beats and Real Letters-2 Pack
  • 2 and Shocker Set: You are shocking and really writing! You will get an electric shock when you press the paper pen button and highlighter! Only you can see that it pops out when you turn the nib instead of pressing the discharge button. They are writing-they are shocking!
  • Your pen / marker will not be returned: funny things and joke gifts will cover you-your careless borrower” will laugh with surprise and cheerfulness when electrocuted!
  • Make a fuss with friends and family – get advice from this fun gag star prank kit consisting of tranquilizer pens and markers. You can trick anyone into becoming a trickster or a cool clown!
  • Attractive colorful gift packages – novelty toys toys prank tricks and gag gifts will be a unique gift. Great for birthdays, Christmas and other gifts. Lift the spirit around you with harmless, safe and shocking fun!
  • Lifetime warranty eliminates the risk of purchase. Your satisfaction or your money will be back!
Hill shocking kit, prank set, shocking rubber band, shocking pen, prank toys, finger traps …
Hill Shocking Set Naughty Set Shocking Chewing Gum Pack Shocking Pen Naughty Toy Gift Finger Trap Trick Toy (5 Pieces)
  • The ultimate shocking kit # 1 is even better!
  • Includes 4 of the most popular shock toys: 1 * Shock Rubber Band, 1 * Shock Handle, 1 * Shock Handle руко 1 * Giant Spider
  • Use the spirit environment for harmless, safe, and mind-boggling fun!
  • Perfect for parties and birthday games, this prank set includes everything you need to become a prank king.
  • This is really the best joke kit for any joker!
Daron shocking pen
Daron shocking pen
  • The most shocking pen in the world !!!! You can see it by trying it.
  • Offer hours of fun and put a smile on your face
  • Realistic appearance
Two shock pen gag and novelty toys.pack
Two shock pen gag and novelty toys.pack
  • Two graphics.New Rhode Island Electric Shock Pen
  • Each piece is in a blister pack.
  • Pressing on the top of the pen creates a shocking discharge (50-70 volts).
  • Batteries included
  • For children from 14 years old
Rhode Island Novelty Shocking Pen, Habit
Rhode Island Novelty Shocking Pen, Habit
  • Shocking pen
  • Great for pranks
  • Each piece of blister card
  • Order one
  • 3 years old and over
YMCtoys shocking toys (pen)
YMCtoys shocking toys (pen)
Item Numbershock
Blackcell – Creative Naughty Trick Toy Stun Gun with Battery
Blackcell – Creative Naughty Trick Toy Stun Gun with Battery
  • Shock your friends.
  • Warning, danger of suffocation. A small piece. Children under the age of 3 are not eligible.
  • Catch the wings
  • Includes battery.
  • There is only one pen in the pack.
Laughing Smith Shock Pen Play with funny pranks and electric shock pen – trick your friends …
Laughing Smith Shock Pen Fun Prank Shock Pen Play-Fool Friends and Family-Fun Prank Shock Pen Toys-New Gag Pen-Looks like a Laser Shocker Pointer
  • Surprise your friends and family with this amazing shock pen. This fun shock pen from Laughing Smith can be electrocuted when the victim wants to use it. Watch them scream in shock as they grab your realistic pen and push it seriously!
  • Lock these cereal thieves – always take your pen and take revenge on the guy who never returns it! Your defenseless thief will be in real shock when he is struck by pressing the top button on the handle. Battery included for endless laughter!
  • A Gift for All Electricity” – This fun and shocking pen is a great gift for someone with a good sense of humor. Great if you’re looking for shocking toys such as laser shockers, gag gifts, shocking games, and other pranks.
  • Shock the victim here – prepare a stippling pen and wait for the victim to need it. Keep your face straight, provide a realistic pen, swipe the top of the pen to start writing, and wait to witness an interesting reaction when you get an electric shock.
  • Boutique Jokes Smith Laughs Prank – This ingenious shock pen is designed to look, feel and provide the most engaging and shocking pranks. Make unforgettable memories with laughing Smith! Not intended for children or adults with heart disease.
Cooplay Stun Gun Fake Booklet Maker Sewer Stapler Joke Joke Toy Joke Funny Gadget Shock…
Cooplay Electric Shock Fake Book Stapler Sewer Stapler Prank Toys Joke Funny Gadget Shock Tricky Gag Veigar April Fool’sDayハロウィンパーティー
  • Weight 90g. Size: Like a book channel. However, it cannot be used with a stapler, it is only a shocking toy.
  • It is not suitable for children under the age of 14, so please use it responsibly.
  • Only feature: shock. (If you push down the flow of books, you will get a hit.)
  • After someone is shocked, they can drop them and they can break
  • Includes: 1 fake shocking sewage book. Random color (blue, red, or green)

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