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SereneLife inflatable surfboard (6 inches thick), premium accessories and carrying bag …
Inflatable SereneLife surfboard with premium accessories and carrying bag (6 thick” | Wide stance, rudder fins, surf control, non-slip deck
  • Wide Sap Design-The Serene Life Standing Paddle Board is 10 feet long and 30 feet wide for added stability and balance when standing.
  • Great Maneuverability – Triple ribs at the bottom improve overall board speed, handling and steering, helping kids, teenagers and adults to use it better.
  • Non-slip soft top deck – Perfect for beginners, the surfboard is designed for early learning and can reduce accidents and injuries in the event of a fall.
  • Inflatable and portable – take your surfboard anywhere! Ideal for seas, rivers and seawater as it can be quickly inflated and contracted for easy storage.
  • Fully Owned Board Kits – Each SereneLife paddle board also includes the necessary rowing accessories such as ankle straps, paddle pedals, hand air pumps, patch repair kits and a convenient storage bag.
Swonder 20 PSI Digital Electric Air Pump-Intelligent 2-stage function and automatic switch-off function, perfect for …
Swonder 20 PSI Digital Electric Air Pump – Intelligent 2-step automatic shut-off feature, ideal for inflatable paddle boards, tents, kayaks and water sports cars.
  • Powerful Fixed Air Pump – Swonder’s electric air pump is equipped with two stages of expansion and intelligent digital control for the LCD display. With this powerful air pump, you can easily inflate your water sports equipment and enjoy your voyage.
  • Adjustable PSI Settings – Supported operating range 0-20 PSI. It will stop automatically when the PSI reaches the set value. (Note: Do not operate the pump continuously for more than 20 minutes.)
  • Dual Use-Unlike most electric air pump compressors, Swonder’s electric air pumps can meet the expansion needs of water sports as well as the shrinking needs of memory.
  • Eastern in use – Equipped with a 12V DC plug, supports 12V DC power supply, and allows you to easily inflate your device with a 3.6ft tube.
  • 30 Day Return Guarantee + 1 Year Warranty – Enjoy the world’s most popular water sport with Swonder Electric Air Pump. We are 100% supportive of our products by offering only the best air pump compressors made of the highest quality materials. With a one-year air pump warranty and a 30-day hassle-free return, you can buy with confidence. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly customer service.
WAVEY BOARD 10 inch inflatable surfboard, paddle, premium SUP accessories, practical carrying bag, …
WAVEY BOARD 10 inch inflatable surfboard, paddle, SUP premium accessories, carrying bag, bottom fins, paddle included | 10 feet long, 30 inches wide, 6 inches thick | Blue, WD612
  • Excellent balance: Our paddle boards are wide and can be balanced in use. When you are on the water, thanks to the excellent balance, you can enjoy more freedom and conquer nature in your adventure. Dimensions: 10 feet long, 30 inches wide, 6 inches thick. The recommended weight limit is 250 pounds. Similar to corrugated cardboard when fully inflated to 15 psi, but weighs only 7.5 kg.
  • Versatile and perfect design and material: iSUP DESIGN offers a rigid and stable foam for all levels of difficulty and conditions. And the material of this EVA deck has excellent friction to prevent slipping. It is durable and safe for long-term use. The rugged 6-inch military-grade PVC construction eliminates the risk of wear and damage. The high quality and adjustable ALUMINUM SHOULDER is divided into 3 parts and easily fits in the included bag.
  • Great portability and stability: Our SUP board is inflatable, so you can roll it into a compact 11×36 inch package for easy portability and storage. Also, thanks to various material components such as EVA, PVE, ALUMINUM, our products are so strong that you don’t have to worry about the board being damaged when it hits dirt in the water or inflates the paddle board. .. It is very convenient to carry the handle on the board.
  • Complete Equipment: SUP includes everything you need, including boards, adjustable paddles, removable fins, ankle chains, a practical carrying backpack, and other complete accessories such as a wrench. .. This includes this double-acting high pressure pump. Inflate the board quickly and easily to 15 PSI in just 5 minutes. This backpack has a wider strap and a lighter design to make you feel more comfortable. To start your SUP adventure, you don’t have to worry about everything being on the water.
  • 2-year warranty: Buy your inflatable paddle board with confidence. Wavey only offers the highest quality inflatable paddle boards made of the highest quality materials. We are 100% supportive of our products. WAVEY SUP can be expected to last longer than others
Tuomico 20PSI SUP electric high pressure air pump, two-stage vane pump …
Tuomico 20PSI SUP Electric High Pressure Air Pump, Inflatable Paddle Boat, Boat, Kayak, 2 Stage Inflatable Paddle Board Pump for 12VDC Car Connector
  • [Built-in Inflatable Air Pump and Deflator]Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) pump pressure up to 20psi, ideal for high pressure inflatable boats, allowing SUP inflatables, tents and other inflatables to expand and contract quickly. It usually takes about 10 minutes to fill the iSUP with air.
  • [Digital LCD pressure screen and automatic power off]Accurate air pressure up to 0.01psi. Selectable psi / bar pressure units allow you to adjust the target pressure to prevent overfilling. Select the required pressure and pump it directly to stop yourself. Fully automatic mode allows you to easily inflate and deflate ISUPs, inflatable tents, inflatable boats and kayaks.
  • [Five additional universal valve adapters]Inflatables are processed with standard H3 valves such as Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) and kayaks. Inflate the inflatable by 90% with 5 valve adapters. ISUP pumps can inflate inflatable blades. Boards, yoga balls, inflatable / kayaks, inflatable beds, pool floats, inflatable sofas, inflatable tents and more.
  • [Approximately included. DC cable for vehicles with a length of 30 cm. ]It can be easily done with a DC cable for vehicles with a length of 11.2 m. Simply plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and turn it on. The 3.3-foot flexible air hose allows you to easily inflate your inflatable boat at high pressure.
  • Included in Package: 1 Electric SUP Pump, 1 User Manual, 1 x 3.3ft High Pressure Hose, 1 x 5 Valve Adapter, 1 x 11.2ft Car DC Power Cord.
Electric SUP Air Compressor – 16PSI 12V Rechargeable SUP Pump
Electric SUP Air Compressor – 16 PSI Rechargeable SUP Pump, 12V for Paddle Inflator, Electric Inflator / Deflator Pump – SUP, Boat, Pool Portable Air Compressor for Inflatable Boat – Serenelife SL PUMP50
  • 3.3ft Air Hose: Equipped with an electric pump, this inflatable SUP air compressor features a light and flexible 3.3ft long air hose that allows you to easily inflate and contract your paddleboard in a short amount of time.Also inflate inflatable water sports toys for the garden
  • Rechargeable and portable – The inflatable boat vane pump has a built-in 6000mAh 12V Li-ion battery and a built-in power cable for your car’s cigarette lighter, so you can use it anywhere, anywhere.
  • Digital LCD Display: Serenelife paddleboard inflatable electric SUP pump features an easy-to-use digital LCD screen and touch control panel in addition to a sophisticated pneumatic inflator design. There is also an LED flashlight.
  • 0-16 PSI Settings: The electric 12 V SUP air pump for inflatables has an adjustable air pressure setting of 0-16 PSI (up to 1.10 bar) and selectable pressure units of up to PSI / bar, so it is over. You can set a target level to prevent steer inflation
  • Space Saving: This portable electric paddle board compressor for pool toys has a compact design with a cover for access to the power cord and a convenient carrying handle for easy movement.Easy to assemble and disassemble
SereneLife premium compact digital air pump compressor, automatic PSI shutdown pre-installed …
Compact digital SereneLife premium air pump compressor pre-installed with automatic PSI switch-off for inflating SUP paddleboards, boats, rafts, pool toys, water sports 12 V DC vehicle connections (SLPUMP10)
  • Preset Features: Intelligent DC pump with adjustable psi air pressure setting to indicate target pressure selection.Automatic switch-off when the desired pressure is reached prevents damage to inflatable boat, SUP, or pool toys
  • Detachable Air Hose: A 3.3-foot accordion extension air hose with reliable high pressure use and a high pressure valve connection for 12 VDC vehicle connections.
  • Digital Display: Inflate your SUP stand-up surfboard or beach toy from 0 to 16 PSI in minutes with user-friendly touch button controls and a digital LCD.
  • Compact and portable design: Adjustable pushbutton PSI air outlet settings for compatibility with various SUP surfboards, water sports toys, inflatables
  • Multi-block display: The device selection button is used to select psi. Inches, kPa or mbar. One of the most trusted brands on the market, Serene LifeSUP pumps are manufactured to the highest quality.
Digital Electric Air Pump Compressor – 110 W, 12 V, High Speed ​​Air Pump with LCD Display, Adjustable Pressure from 0 to 16 PSI
Digital Electric Air Pump Compressor – 110 W 12V High Speed ​​Air Pump LCD Display Adjustable 0-16PSI Inch – Inflatable SUP Board for Water Sports – SereneLife SL PUMP20
  • Applications and Pumps: This compressor / blower of electric air pump has a problem-free insertion and pump” operation. Inflate SUP (paddle board) quickly and easily
  • Simple connection design: It features a simple electrical connection design with a built-in high-performance wired power cord. Can be powered from a 12 VDC power supply or a socket with a cigarette lighter
  • Free operation: The 110 watt air pump has a digital LCD display and buttons for easy operation. Ideal for outdoor use, water sports, hiking, as well as inflatable SUPs, boats, inflatable pool boats and more.
  • Adjustable PSI Settings: The SereneLife Air Pump Compressor has adjustable air pressure settings from 0 to 16 psi (up to 1.10 bar) and you can choose a pressure unit with a maximum PSI / bar so you can set the pressure to the target level. , Can prevent overfilling.
  • Space Saving: This compact and portable air compressor features a long flexible hose, easy to assemble and disassemble to save space in the car trunk, and a convenient carry handle for easy movement.
OutdoorMaster Shark High Pressure SUP Pump is an electric air pump with active cooling and 20PSI. inch…
High Pressure SUP Pump OutdoorMasterShark – 20 Electric Air Pump with PSI Active Cooling System Inflatable, Boat, Watersport Inflatable 2-Stage Expansion and Automatic Shutdown – 2nd Generation
  • Active Cooling System – Unique Electric SUP Air Pump with Active Cooling System Up to 20 PSI (3 Boards Consecutive Use) – Enjoy the Slim Design of Paddle Board Pump with Fast High Pressure Expansion and Stable Cooling System Please – share!
  • Fast and powerful two-stage and automatic switch-off for easy expansion – automatic two-stage pump: first stage with maximum speed of 350 l / min, and maximum second stage. 70 liters / minute pressure. The automatic shut-off feature turns off the pump when the expansion target pressure is reached. When packaged, the blow-off feature makes descent quick and easy.
  • 12VDC Auto-Connect and Accessories for Complete Nozzle Kit – Connect to 12VDC Vehicle Connector. It has a 12A fuse for added security. Comes with a full range nozzle that fits most HP inflatables, including C7 and H3 valves.
  • Digital Display with Real-Time Pressure Monitoring – Use the digital display to set the desired pressure and monitor the pressure in real time. Pumping has never been easier!
  • Environmental and test approval – SHARK is rigorously tested and has CA65 and CE certification. Durable, high quality and eco-friendly materials provide a promising summer trip.
Tuomico Max 20 PSI SUP electric air pump, two-stage expansion and contraction, LCD digital …
Tuomico Max 20 PSI SUP electric air pump, 2-stage expansion and contraction LCD digital electric pump, 6 jets, water sports inflatable tent for boats
  • >> 12V DC car power supply: Supports 110W DC 12V cigarette lighter plug and can be connected directly to the car. Noise ≤ 85 dB.
  • >> LCD screen: With built-in digital display and real-time pressure monitoring, you can set the target pressure and monitor the real-time pressure. The 3.6-foot hose facilitates expansion and contraction of the inflatable.
  • >> Automatic stop: 2 air pockets – expansion and contraction, low airflow: 350 (A) l / min, high airflow: 70 (B) l / min. Supports pressure range: 0.5-20psi. It will stop automatically when the target pressure is reached.
  • >> High Pressure 20 PSI: The powerful 20 PSI can inflate a 9 foot inflatable boat in about 10 minutes. Size 9.8 x 6.9 x 6.1 inches, only 3.4 lbs. Lightweight and practical portable design makes it easy to use both indoors and outdoors.
  • >> 6 attachments: widely used in water sports and hiking, various SUP valves, inflatables, kayaks, floats, rafts, water sports pools, islands, balls and more.
Intelligent 12V high pressure pump with new 20PS IS UP electric high pressure pump, intelligent 2 stage and …
Intelligent 12V high pressure pump with new 20PS IS UP electric high pressure pump, intelligent 2 stage and automatic switch-off function for air mattress, inflatable, tent and paddle board
  • ELECTRIC AIR PUMP 20PSI: Smart Ang SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) for SUP and inflatable boats and an easy-to-use electric high pressure pump (12 V) that quickly and easily inflates and contracts inflatable boats for water sports
  • Real-time monitoring: Real-time pressure monitoring with a digital display with an electronic pump and a built-in digital display. You can set the desired target pressure and monitor the pressure in real time.
  • Automatic 2-stage pump: Inflatable boat The maximum speed of the first stage is 350 l / min and the maximum pressure of the second stage is 70 l / min, so you can adjust the pressure to the target level to prevent overfilling.
  • 12V DC Cigarette Plug: Connects to a 12V air pump 12V DC car plug. For 6 inflatable nozzles, select the pressure first to achieve 90% of the products on the market suitable for inflatable beds, cellulose boards, tents and more.
  • Quality Service: If you have any questions about our electric air pump, please email us. I will be 100% satisfied.

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