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RC Tugboat-Radio Controlled Seaport Tug-Available immediately from www.RCjo.com
RC Tugboat-Radio Controlled Seaport Tug-Available immediately from www.RCjo.com
  • Fully functional radio control
  • 9.6V nickel cadmium battery 800NA
  • The top of the boat splashes water
  • Speed: 5-10 mph
  • Size: L-20, H-8, W-14 inches
E-Toysworld remote control port tugboat RCRTT
E-Toysworld remote control port tugboat RCRTT
  • High performance motor
  • Rugged metal drivetrain
  • Forward and backward
  • Turn left and right
  • Boat soft rubber tires
12-24VRC Thruster Model Submarine Thruster Brushless Motor 4-Blade Nylon Propeller …
12-24VRC Bow Thruster Boat Model Underwater Thruster Brushless Motor 4 Blade Nylon Propeller DIY for RC Tug
  • Specially developed propellers and nozzles ensure efficient and powerful thrust. The high performance of the underwater thruster guarantees higher operating efficiency.
  • Due to its excellent workmanship, it has a compact structure, is environmentally friendly, and is durable even after long-term use.
  • Used to modify remote controlled boats, model boats, fishing gear, net boats, lifeboats, underwater robots and more.
Cheering RC Speedboats for Adults-High Speed ​​Electronic Remote Control Boats for Kids
Cheering RC Speedboats for Adults-High Speed ​​Electronic Remote Control Boats for Kids
  • High Speed ​​2.4GHz: 2.4GHz frequency controller supports synchronized racing with multiple boats! With a top speed of 25km / h, you can blow other remote control boats out of the water! A speedboat toy perfect for pools and the outdoors!
  • Rollover recovery feature: Self-healing hull design allows speedboats to return to play immediately while the boat capsizes.
  • Automatic Yaw Correction: The internal rudder design allows the boat to automatically correct yaw for easier navigation.
  • Bad Signal Alert: The radio-controlled boat’s transmitter beeps so you can fly home when the signal is weak or stop the boat in time.
  • Battery low alarm: When the battery is low, the controller beeps to prompt you to charge or replace the battery.
With radio-controlled boat top lace, ideal radio-controlled toys for pools and lakes for adults …
RC Boat Top Race, Ideal Radio Control Toy for Pools and Lakes for Adults and Children of All Ages Boys and Girls Favorite RC Boats, 49 MHz (TR-800) (Red)
  • Reliable for long-term construction – Our unique remote controlled water speed boats are self-healing, adaptive and uniquely designed. It has a waterproof case and a modular fall-prevention design. Our play speed boats are made of impact resistant ABS plastic parts that are extremely durable and smooth to the touch. – Red” 27 MHz (TR-800)
  • RED BOAT: This boat is red and operates at 49MHz. To participate in the race, you need to purchase one such boat and one TR-800B BLUE” boat operating at 27MHz. Asin: B010RHR65C.
  • Get the best gaming experience – Use a remote-controlled water speedboat when competing with your friends in pools, rivers, lakes and more. Defeat your friends in each race to win the crown of the winner and unleash your genius. For your boat to work, you have to put it on the water.Not cool
  • Unique Gaming Experience-Play games on this boat and use the 4-channel remote control to control backwards, left and right. In addition, the boat always stays in the first position in every race, making very tight turns and automatically turning with an accuracy of up to 1800. Take advantage of this feature and beat your friends with Boat Race.You don’t want it
  • Battery – Our remote control speedboat comes with a 3.7V 700mAh battery. Ride a toy waterboat at speeds up to 10km / h and enjoy self-balanced stable swimming with the exact location of the harbor and a remote control of 30-50m. Note: For your safety, the boat must be run in water.
Harbor Tugboat Dumas 1250 Carol Moran 17-3 / 4
Harbor Tugboat Dumas 1250 Carol Moran 17-3 / 4
  • Model kit made of the required wood
  • Adhesive and paint are sold separately
Extreem Hobby RC Missile Warship Radio Control HT-2877 RTR Ship Battleship Cruiser
Extreem Hobby RC Missile Warship Radio Control HT-2877 RTR Ship Battleship Cruiser
  • Factory assembled, painted and ready to use.Colors may vary
  • Speed: 5-10 mph, aerodynamic ABS hull, glossy exterior paint, detailed construction
  • Fully functional boats with VHF radio (front, left / right, rear); ideal for pools, small ponds, rivers and lakes. Lower the boat into the water before it works. 2. Before using, please make sure the battery is fully charged within 3-4 hours.
  • Moisture can damage the chain and motor. There is a drain plug on the deck. After playing the boat, unplug and drain the water. Also, remove the battery and cabin cover and let the water dry. See the package for instructions.
  • Tap tap water to start” safety function. The propeller works when it comes in contact with water. Alternatively, you can check it with the touch switch on the floor. The touch switch can be connected with a wet finger or metal wire as a test paper clip. His instructions are printed on the box.
Remote control boat Force1 Velocity H102 – Remote control boat for pools and lakes, speed boat with radio control for adults…
Force1 Remote Control Boat Speed ​​H102 – Pool Lakes Remote Control Boat, Adult and Children Remote Control Speed ​​Boat 20mph or higher speed boat, 4 channel 2.4GHz remote control and battery pack boat (blue)
  • Remotely Controlled High Speed ​​Boats: Velocity RC toy boats for adults and children travel fast in water at speeds of over 20 mph.This speedboat is equipped with a 4-channel remote control with a signal range of 120 meters
  • RC boats for adults and children: Our RC boats have simple controls, a hull with double flaps to control the waves, a recovery mode to overturn the boat when overturned, a water-cooled motor to cool the motor, And has a large capacity battery.In the long run
  • Durable freshwater boats: These rugged remote control boats line up in rivers and lakes with few surface debris, or in outdoor / indoor pools.These boats are not designed for use in seawater
  • Rechargeable RC Boat: 14 inch RC Boat; (1) 7.4V 1100 mAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery – Battery Pack, Dry Dock Stand, Nose Protector, (1) Additional Propellers and Propeller Lubricant. Charging time for 15 minutes play for children from 14 years old 3-4 hours
  • Advanced remote control: 2.4GHz smart remote control with LCD display with signal / power / trim adjustment / left / right throttle mode, emergency stop function, low signal warning to keep the boat out of range
Remote Control Boat – SHARKOOL H106 Rc Self-healing racing boat for boys and girls, 2.4GHz…
Remote Control Boat – SHARKOOL H106 Rc Self-healing racing boat for boys and girls, 2.4 GHz remote control boat toy for kids (green)
  • Snap up to pass another remote control boat at speeds of 20-25 km / h: The built-in 370 powerful water-cooled magnetic drive motor can reach speeds of 25 km / h. Drive multiple interference-free boats with a 4-channel speedboat remote control and advanced 2.4G frequency connection technology, allowing you to remotely control boats up to 150m with the remote control to differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Water cooling system: This cooling system can keep the engine running for a long time, reduce the loss and extend the life of the ship. It can also protect motors that operate only when liquids are detected. WARNING: Not suitable for seawater.
  • Low Battery Reminder: The controller beeps when the boat goes far at low voltage. This time, it’s a wise decision to play the ship right away. Because you can keep control of the ship.
  • 180 ° rollback recovery and yaw auto-correction: 1. RC electric boats have a rollover hull. You can click Control to control the boat when it rolls over and bring the RC boat back into play! 2. Swim correctly every time! The self-adjusting rudder means that you will not be off course in the heat of the race.
  • Perfect gift for kids and adults with SATISFACTION guarantee: Professional design with simple steps, the best gift for friends, kids or adults (6 years old and over). If you don’t like the rc boat for kids and the rc boat for adults, we will refund you.
Dumas Products、Inc。1/48 US Army Tug Kit ST-74、18インチ、DUM1256
Dumas Products, Inc. US Army 1/48 18 Tag Kit ST-74, DUM1256
Item Number1256
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