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Wireless USB RC Flight Simulator Dongle SpektrumWs2000, SPMWS2000
SpektrumWs2000 Wireless USB RC Flight Simulator Dongle, SPMWS2000
  • Fast and easy wireless control of compatible wirelessly controlled flight games and simulators such as Real Flight 8, Real Flight 9 and above
  • The integrated bind button connects all Spektrum DSMX / Dsm2 RC transmitters wirelessly to your PC, Mac, or Android and uses it as a USB game controller.
  • When the binding process is complete, the orange LED will stay on
  • Optimized for Real Flight 8.0 and above. Compatible with DRL Simulator, Repulsion and Hot Prop FPV Simulator, Remote Control Airplane Absolute SIM Card and FPV Free Rider
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, * android (* OTG support and micro USB adapter required, sold separately)
RC-AirSim-Radio Controlled Airplane Flight Simulator
RC-AirSim-Radio Controlled Airplane Flight Simulator
  • Realistic aerodynamics of remote control airplane flight based on NASA flight simulation technology.
  • Radio Control Aircraft: Electric Park Flyer and 40 size trainer. In-app purchases available: F-15 fighters, World War I biplanes, gliders, aerobatic planes, air jet fans.
  • Great run! Aircraft are destroyed in a realistic physical-based way.
  • Three display options – remote control, tracking (tracking camera), in-vehicle camera.
  • Avoid field objects and chase them. (It’s not just a panoramic background photo.)
RC Flight Sim 3D Online
RC Flight Sim 3D Online
  • Realistic flight simulator for mobile devices!
  • Free online game for 8 players in real time
  • 5 exotic spaceplanes
  • Exciting space station to explore
  • Immersion mode in full screen mode since Android 4.4
RealFlight 8 Hobby Edition: Only discs with add-on RF8 RC flight simulator (compatible with…)
RealFlight 8 Hobby Edition: RF8 RC Flight Simulator Additional Disk Only (compatible with the original RF8 GP MZ4550 and GPM Z4558), RFL1002
  • Enhance your Real Flight 8 experience by adding RC to over 12 top-brand planes.
  • Includes popular pilot request add-ons for aircraft such as E-Flite, Hobby Zone, Park Zone, Blade and Anger9.
  • Only compatible with previous installations of RealFlight version 8 loaded from a hard drive or digital download
  • It is not compatible with versions of Real Flight prior to version 8 or versions purchased and downloaded from Steam.
  • In addition, the Horizon Hobby model and transmitter require an internet connection (activation and update) and a Spectrum Ws1000 USB wireless dongle.
Ultimate RC simulator
Ultimate RC simulator
  • Very realistic RC simulator
  • Real radio controlled planes, helicopters, boats
  • Lots of different real flying objects
  • Interactive objects for training helicopters
  • 4 control models (1, 2, 3, and 4)
Radio Control Airplane Flight Simulator Arcade Adventure Simulator: Extreme Adventure Airplane Flight Simulator…
Radio Control Airplane Flight Simulator Arcade Adventure Simulator: Airplane Flight Simulator Extreme Adventure Simulator Addictive Games for Kids
  • √ Great graphics
  • √ Simple and easy gameplay
  • √ Fly various single cylinders
  • √ High quality landscape with buildings, runways, fields and more.
  • √ Accelerometer for easy tilt control
RC Flight Simulator 8CHR7G7 Phoenix 5.0XTR Remote Control Support Helicopter Fixed Wing Glider…
RC Flight Simulator 8CHR7G7 Phoenix 5.0XTR Remote Control Support Fixed Wing Helicopter Glider Drone Training (Model 2)
  • 1) Download the software from the CD or the internet. Note: Express delivery takes 3-5 business days via DHL.
  • 2) 1618 NEW 8 channels, there is a switch in the lower right corner that can be easily switched to auxiliary software
  • 3) DTXMX 8CHRC Flight Simulator For unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with fixed-wing helicopters. Connect the USB connection cable. No batteries required.
  • 4) Link to download the software: https: //drive.google.com/open? id = 16CZNj1B77efnrHYal_-9q2TAg0uUJa8X
  • 5) Minimum system requirements: CUP dual core processor, 2 GB RAM, Windows7 / 8/10.
RC flight sim
RC flight sim
  • A variety of high quality aircraft to fly.
  • You can choose from various types such as standing, cockpit, and chase.
  • All transmitter control modes 1, 2, 3 and 4 are available.
  • Realistic crash.
  • Dynamic user interface with adjustable sensitivity.
RC Free Flight Helicopter Sim
RC Free Flight Helicopter Sim
  • Fun RC helicopter game
  • Fly UAV drones and quadcopters
  • Exciting flight missions
  • Some challenging levels
Flysky FS-i6 AFHDS 6CH 2.4 GHz wireless control, FS-iA622in1 receiver…
Flysky FS-i6 AFHDS 6CH 2.4GHz Radio System RC Transmitter Controller, RC Flight Simulator Cable with FS-iA6 Receiver USB 22in1, RC Helicopter Airplane Quadcopter Glide (Model_2)
Item NumberDTUS_FS-i6-iA6
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