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EIFER’s Portable Bluetooth Speaker Subwoofer A wireless speaker with strong bass for indoor and outdoor installation.
EIFER Portable Bluetooth Speaker Subwoofer First Long Bus Outdoor and Indoor Wireless Party Speaker Speaker supports remote control FM radio TF card LCD display for home phone computer
  • Portable Multi-function Speaker: Supports Bluetooth connection, FM radio, TF card music playback, AUX input, U disc music playback, smart remote control, digital display. Powerful features, lots of options to make your life better.
  • Ease of connection and transmission: Bluetooth 4.2 wireless speaker, 33ft range, quick pairing with Bluetooth enabled devices such as Android phones, iPhones, iPods. If you are not using a Bluetooth connection, you can use 3.5mm AUX. Connect the cable speaker to the other end and use it to connect additional connected devices from smartphones, computers, MP3s, MP4s, TVs and more.
  • Great sound and FM radio: 5W high performance bluetooth speaker. A clearer, more stereo sound guarantees great listening pleasure. FM Radio can search for available stations in your area. FM radio speakers can be manually entered into the station using the remote control.
  • Interesting Features: At the top of this portable speaker is a hand pull ring and stand that supports the location of your cell phone or tablet, making it suitable for a variety of occasions such as parties, dances and family gatherings.
  • Reliable Guarantee: Trouble-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service. Small and easy to carry, the B10 speaker is suitable for homes, shops, gardens, small parties, picnics, salons, projectors and more. A perfect gift for active music lovers.
High Performance Radio Shack 4-Way Stereo Speaker Switching Center
High Performance Radio Shack 4-Way Stereo Speaker Switching Center
  • Connect up to 4 pairs of speakers, giving you complete control over your sound system from one place.
  • Compatible with amps up to 100W
  • Accepts speaker wires up to 14 gauge
  • The output power is 50W / ch RMS, 100 W / chmax.
  • Wide frequency response of 20-20,000Hz for excellent sound quality
RadioShack speaker cable 50 feet 18 gauge, with RCA connectors on both ends
RadioShack speaker cable 50 feet 18 gauge, with RCA connectors on both ends
  • 50-foot extended speaker cable for connecting home theater components in different rooms
  • 18 caliber wire
  • Best Use: If both the speaker and the amplifier or receiver have RCA connectors, connect the speaker to the amplifier or receiver.
Wireless 4-channel Bluetooth amplifier-stereo speaker, 3000W home audio receiver with FM …
Wireless 4-channel Bluetooth amplifier – 3000 W stereo speaker, home audio receiver with FM radio, USB, 2 microphones with echo for karaoke, CD player with front loader, LED, rack mountable – Pyle PD3000BA
  • Note: PD3000BT is just an updated version of PD3000BA.
  • POWER 3000W: The 4-channel Pyle preamp is ideal for karaoke and home audio systems. With a peak power of 3000 W that can be used for multiple 2-8 ohm speakers, you can enjoy high quality sound.
  • BLUETOOTH Compatibility: Professional integrated stereo home receivers include wireless Bluetooth music streaming.Works with modern devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers with seamless receiver pairing
  • Equalizer Control: The speaker sound amplifier has a clear button for the sound source and selector, and a rotary knob for adjusting the overall volume horizontally. It also has a blue LED button and a backlight button for better visibility.
  • Display Counter: The compact rack-mounted amplifier incorporates a digital fluorometer that displays all the functions and input signals used. The kit also includes a remote control for adjusting the sound remotely.
Aaurora Dual 8 ”Bluetooth karaoke machine for adults and children, two wireless sound systems…
Dual 8-inch Aurora Bluetooth karaoke machine for adults and children, two subwoofers, one wireless microphone, wireless speaker system with RGB LED lights, perfect for church parties
  • HD Stereo Sound Quality: Subwoofers are a great gift for adults. The dual 8-inch dual subwoofer feature provides excellent, high-quality sound. This allows the bass to be more strongly balanced and will not distort the sound at louder volumes. Suitable for parties with friends and family, ideal for PA events with up to 200 people.
  • Powerful Battery: Powerful battery provides 6-10 hours of continuous music playback. You can dance to your favorite jam indoors or outdoors without cutting the strings. In addition, the USB port of the karaoke speaker provides a reverse power function for charging mobile phones and tablets.
  • DANCE FLOOR WORLDWIDE: Two amazing circular RGB LEDs create a club atmosphere everywhere. The bright LED lights on the Bluetooth karaoke speaker are in sync with the beat while listening to music, perfect for parties. Lighting and room shaking are easy while collecting.
  • Become a DJ with Controls: Multi-function mixer controls allow you to control all the features of your party, including karaoke balancing. Create club sound effects with a simple swipe, or adjust the balancer to control music playback. Having a party has never been so much fun.
  • Talent: With two mic inputs and a wireless mic, you can sing along with your guests to your favorite songs. Meanwhile, this dual subwoofer has a MIC PRIORITY feature. If you want to sing along with the music, just turn on the MIC PRIO button and the microphone will stop the music. Note: This version is available with European adapters. When buying this machine, please buy a US adapter from the link.
Lollipop Speaker Cable-Audio Plug RCA Connection Adapter Socket Plug 10 Pieces / Set
Lollipop Speaker Cable-Audio Plug RCA Connection Adapter Socket Plug 10 Pieces / Set
  • 10 pieces.Speaker cable Audio plug RCA connection adapter
  • Simple and professional look of power cable
  • Connection mode: Press type
  • Joint specifications: 5.5mm * 2.1mm
  • Maximum transmission power: 200W
Kicker KB6 2-way outdoor speaker (pair) | Weatherproof patio speaker…
Kicker KB6 2-way outdoor speakers (pair) | Weatherproof speakers for home terraces, solariums, pool garages | 6.5 woofers, 2” x 5 horn tweeters | high speed assembly system
  • New in 2019 – The new KB6 kicker is a direct replacement for the legendary KB6000 kicker. The Kicker KB6 offers new and improved drivers and improved audio quality for outdoor installations. Its body is UV treated and has the ability to produce a clear sound. The KB6’s clear sound over long distances makes it ideal for many indoor and outdoor applications.
  • NOT GOOD BEST BEST BEST GET A LEGENDAR – Its legendary kicker sound can now be heard from the family room listening room, backyard patio, patio, eaves garage, or pool. The sound of boats and mobile homes. KB6 is a high-performance speaker system that is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It delivers 8 ohms and is ready to use with a 75 W RMS stereo receiver (150 W peak power).
  • There is no substitute for moving! Customs plays a role in the world of speakers. In terms of sound quality and value, other atrium speakers are unmatched by our woofers. The compact dual cabinet system features a powerful 6.5-inch KICKER woofer and a 2×5 inch compression horn tweeter. The woofer uses finely tuned polypropylene cones and sturdy Santopren surround. The system is acoustically combined with a 12 dB / octave impedance-compensated bass crossover to provide a typical KICKER sound.
  • Universal Speaker Positioning Equipment Installation – Outdoor speakers can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or used in a wide range of vertical or horizontal movements for accurate and faithful playback anywhere.As an outdoor and bookshelf speaker, you can attach the included rubber legs for stereo sound indoors
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction One Year We take pride in providing customer satisfaction. The kicker provides lifetime support from a professional customer support team. Whether it’s a technical question or an important question, we’re happy to help.
Mogami GOLD SPEAKER-10 cables to connect the amplifier to the housing, 1/4 inch TS plug, gold contacts, …
Mogami GOLD SPEAKER-10 Amp 1/4 ”TS Plug Gold Plated Straight Connector for Housing Speaker Cable 10ft
  • The Mogami GOLD SPEAKER cable is a high resolution speaker neutral patch cable for the interface between the power amplifier and the speaker housing. The Mogami GOLD SPEAKER cable is designed to accurately reproduce details at every sound and power level. They are also suitable for professionals and enthusiasts.
  • Regardless of your musical style, the Mogami GOLD SPEAKER cable provides a crystal-clear sound and a soothing background, revealing the timbre and timbre of the original sound. Compatible with virtually any amplifier and loudspeaker box with 1/4 ”TS loudspeaker connections.
  • Connected with a highly flexible Mogami Studio speaker cable, the Mogami GOLD SPEAKER series features an OFC (oxygen-free copper) core wrapped in a unique coaxial configuration dedicated to amplifier and speaker applications. This lossless self-shielded cable also features Mogami’s unique Ultra High Density (UHD) spiral shield for superior transparency and noise reduction.
  • The cable length from the Mogami GOLDS PEAKER-10 amplifier to the speakers is 10 feet. Mogami GOLD SPEAKER series cables from amplifiers to speaker cabinets are also available in lengths of 3, 6, 15, and 20 feet.
  • Mogami’s Lifetime No Sorry” Warranty: All new Mogami Cables come with Mogami’s Lifetime No Sorry” Warranty, which is proudly approved by Mogami and its authorized reseller’s dedicated network. .. For more information, see Mogami Cable’s Limited Life Warranty.
Radio Shack Foam Speaker Kit, 15 inch, Mach 2, Mach 3, FSK-15MACH2 (pair)
Radio Shack Foam Speaker Kit, 15 inch, Mach 2, Mach 3, FSK-15MACH2 (pair)
  • Easy to follow the illustrated instructions. The average setup time is 30 minutes per speaker.
  • Great for the average craftsman. Our YouTube video makes installation easy!
  • Free technical support. Free shipping to US addresses.
  • Join thousands of customers who have successfully installed the New Edge It Styrofoam Repair Kit! We are proud to be number one on Amazon.
  • A full-service speaker repair center with over 20 years of experience!
Wireless Stereo Headphones – HiFi Headphones Professional Black Monitor Headset…
Wireless Stereo Headphones – HiFi Headphones Professional Black Monitor Headset, 100ft Range, Noise Isolation, FM Radio – TV, Computer, iPod Phone Game Console – Pyle Home PHP W2
  • Plug type: Headphone jack
  • Wireless technology: infrared
  • For troubleshooting information, see the following user guides:
  • Connect to TV, CD, MP3 player
  • Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz

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