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Just Dance 2020 – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition
Just Dance 2020 – PlayStation4 Standard Edition
  • 40 HOT NEW TRACKS: Continue your party with the latest hits such as Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s I Don’t Care” and Disney’s Frozen 2’s new song Into the Unknown”.
  • FREE DANCE UNLIMITED: Dance to over 500 favorite songs. 1 month free trial included with every purchase
  • Choose your favorite song: Create your own playlist to personalize your Just Dance party
  • Kids Mode: Enjoy 8 new baby songs to please the youngest player.
  • Listen to the Just Dance 2020 playlist. Only available on Amazon Music Unlimited.
  • BOXVR, an award-winning VR cardio fitness game since 2018, brings workouts to virtual reality with enhanced music and enhanced boxing.
  • Training by fitness professionals! A top-notch fitness trainer will help you offer a variety of boxing workouts specially designed to burn calories in the most fun way ever!
  • All training is recorded so you can see how many calories you burned.Set your own goals and monitor your progress daily to stay motivated
  • There are over 100 different types of music, from rock to pop, dance to hip hop. You can create your own workouts at different intensity levels.Create and save as many custom routines as you need
Carnival Games – PlayStation 4
Carnival Games – PlayStation 4
  • Mardi Gras games are full of addictive mini-games that are played over and over again, much like the real village market.
  • Invite your family and friends to a real carnival party.
  • Play to earn tickets and exchange for new costumes for the invited carnival characters.
Just Dance 2015 – PlayStation 4
Just Dance 2015 – PlayStation 4
  • Just Dance 2015 is the latest and coolest version of the world’s leading dance game.
  • Just Dance 2015 is new to over 40 top tracks, including hits such as Maroon 5 cards, Jessie J’s Bang Bang, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and legendary favorites such as Run-DMC’s Walk This Way.” Brings movement and game mode. And Aerosmith out.
  • Online Multiplayer is back: With the World Dance Floor feature, you can dance with anyone in the world with our exclusive online multiplayer Just Dance!
  • Don’t Dance Alone: ​​The new Dance Challenge mode allows you to compete with your friends and family to be the best just dancer dancer.
EA Sports Active 2
EA Sports Active 2
  • Pre-made routines include many well-known upper and lower body exercises, as well as aerobic exercise.
  • Start with a light jogging, curl your biceps, and cardio boxing to boost your heart rate.
  • Your coach will be the center of experience and will guide you to the personal achievements of your own version.
  • Receive feedback during your workout to help you reach your fitness goals.
  • 30-day Challenge: Take part in a 30-day challenge to experience personalized workouts for your fitness level.
Zumba Fitness – PlayStation 3
Zumba Fitness – PlayStation 3
  • Both local and online – when teaming up to get the best score in a group workout or playing with each other
  • Use the PlayStation Move system to make your first interactive game feel like you’re at home. Zumba Fitness.
  • Learn and refine nine different dance styles: reggaeton, merengue, salsa, cumbia, hip hop, mambo, rumba, flamenco and calypso.
  • Some game-only products, and the Zumba belt that turns the PlayStation Move motion controller into a hip motion sensor.
  • Follow the on-screen Zumba instructor routine in a high voltage party atmosphere.
Jumanji: Video Games – PlayStation 4
Jumanji: Video Games – PlayStation 4
  • Combine adventure and laughter in a fast-paced Jumanji game to overcome the difficult challenges of those who want to leave the world!
  • Only you and your three teammates can retrieve Jumanji and save Jumanji. So go online, gather friends for split screen games, or go alone with your AI friends.
  • Fight evil assailants, deadly beasts, and troops of traps, avoid them, cool your settings, and unlock them. And with the heroes of Dr. Bravestone, Ruby, Mouse, and Professor Oberon as avatars, you know you have unique skills and funny mistakes to save the day!
  • Play as a hero of Dr. Braystone, Ruby, Mouse and Professor Sherry in a fun new 3D action adventure.
  • In online mode or split screen mode, you can work with up to 3 friends or AI teammates to defeat enemies, overcome deadly traps and save the world.
Latin Dance – PlayStation 4
Latin Dance – PlayStation 4
  • A new dance game that the whole family can enjoy!
  • Baila Latino has 20 dance hits choreographed by Carlo Romano and Vera Sokolova of Caroline Smith Dance Academy.
  • Let’s dance your smartphone as a controller, PlayStation Camera, PlayStation Move!
Zumba Fitness-Movement Compatible (PS3)
Zumba Fitness-Movement Compatible (PS3)
We Sing 2-Mic Bundle(PS4)– PlayStation 4 Bundle Edition
We Sing 2-Mic Bundle(PS4)– PlayStation 4 Bundle Edition
  • Sing with all your heart to the hottest hits of the best artists, including 50 years of original recordings and HD videos.
  • Connect up to 4 USB mics, download the free We Sing Mic app (available on iOS and Android devices) and sing along with 10 friends.
  • Sing with friends or play alone to top the online leaderboard and become a star
  • Six game modes, including a We Sing” mode for singing and scoring together and a Sing-Off” mode for individual competition.
  • Sing with your favorite artists or immerse yourself in real karaoke with original instrumental recordings.

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