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Zepter E246BD-F 24 1080p 60Hz LED Class HDTV, DVD / True 16: 9 Aspect Ratio View…
Scepter E246BD-F 24-inch HD 1080p 60 Hz LED TV and DVD Player / True 16: 9 Aspect Ratio Watch movies as the director intended, Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • MEMC 120 (motion estimation and motion compensation)
  • High resolution mobile communication (MHL)
  • USB port
  • VESA wall mount compatible
  • Built-in DVD player
Proscan 7inch Portable Dual Screen DVD Player USB / SD Card Reader Car Mount Kit
Proscan 7 ”Portable Dual Screen DVD Player USB / SD Card Reader Car Mount Kit
  • Portable DVD player with 2 x 7 inch screen
  • Includes USB and SD card readers for viewing all digital media
  • Includes car mounting kit for easy mounting on the back seat of the car
  • Compatible with all formats including: DVD, DVD +, R / RW, VCD, CD, CD-R / RW, MP3.Connection: AC output, headphone jack
  • Includes AC / DC adapter, car seat belt, car power supply
IeGeek Portable DVD Player 12.5 10.1” Rotating HD Screen, DVD Player for Travel by Car 5 Hours …
IeGeek Portable DVD Player 12.5 inch, 10.1 inch HD Pivot Screen, DVD Player for Travel by Car, 5 Hours Battery, Region Free Video Player for Elderly, Remote Control, TV Sync, USB SD, Black
  • 5 Hours Play Time – Get 5 hours play time (2 full films) with an updated 5 hour lithium battery. Not enough? please do not worry. Satisfied with the optional 5.9-foot power adapter and car charger included.
  • Regionless DVD Players – ieGeek Portable DVD Players are DVD, DVD + R (-R), DVD + RW (-RW), CD-R (RW), SVCD-R (RW), VCD, CD, MP3, MPEG, AVI and VOB can be played directly from a USB or SD card to enjoy your favorite movies and music.
  • SCREEN SYNC is an AV-AV cable that allows you to share a movie between two DVD players. The AV cinch cable (included) allows you to connect to your TV and enjoy your personal movies on the big screen.
  • Updated Technology-Improved laser to ensure compatibility when reading other disc formats. Use impact resistant technology and keep playing to avoid interruptions in the game.
  • High Bright Pivot Screen – The 10.5-inch swivel screen supports 270 degree swivel and 180 degree flipback. You can attach the ieGeek DVD player to your car seat for maximum visual enjoyment while driving.
Sylvania SDVD1037 10-inch dual-screen DVD player with USB card slot, remote control and car seat …
Sylvania SDVD1037 10-inch dual-screen DVD player with USB card slot, remote control and car seat bracket
  • 10-inch dual screen shows the same movie on both screens
  • USB, SD, and MMC card readers for digital playback of movies, photos, videos, etc.
  • Connection: AV output, headphone connection: DVD player compatible. DVD, DVD ± R / RW, VCD, CD
  • Built-in battery
  • Delivery range: Assembly kit for both screens, 2 headphones, remote control, power supply unit, AV cable, DC-DC cable, car cable
Proscan CURPDVD6670 HDMI 1080p USB-connected up-converted DVD player
Proscan CURPDVD6670 HDMI 1080p USB-connected up-converted DVD player
  • Continuous management
  • Resolution of 500 lines or more
  • Connection: USB, HDMI, composite video output, RCA stereo audio output, component video output (YCbCr), coaxial digital audio output
  • Compatible with DVD / CD-DA / CD-R / CD-RW / MP3 / HDCD and JPEG / Kodak Picture CD
  • Selectable aspect ratio
NaviSkauto WONNIE Milanix Proscan Sylvania Philips Pwr Car Charger for Portable Dual Screen DVDs…
Power Supply Car Charger for Navi Skauto WONNIE Milanix Proscan Sylvania Philips Dual Screen Portable DVD Player DC Adapter Auto Power 11ft Extra Long Cord
  • Features / Specifications: Power + Charger has 11ft extended power cord / device to power 12V DC outlet (car / air / boat) / made in Taiwan only
  • Compatibility: Emmatic Portable DVD Player with 2 Screens 7 9” ED717 ED909 ED929D; EPD105 EPD133 EPD707 EPD909 EPD707BU EPD707RD 11.6 13.3” Philips Portable DVD Player, Pb9001 / 37 Pb9011 / 37 Pd7012 / 37 Pd7012r Pd7016 / 37 Pd9012 / 17 Pd9012 / 37 Pd9012m / 377 Pd40107 Pets; Ly02 Ly-02 Ay4128 Ay4133 Ay4197 Ay4198 996510021372 ASUC12A-090080 AY5808 / 37 CRP268
  • APEMAN PV760 // FUNAVO 918A // ieGeek IK9 4331018232 4331017395 // Milanix MX102 // NaviSkauto BP-CH1014B-13A PD01-14001B-18A PD01-10002B-18A-1 25-PD0901-US // Pyle PDV156 SDV SDVD70 // Pyle // // Sykik SYDVD196 // TENKER PD918 // THZY 9001 9301 // UEME PD-0091-SCHWARZ PD-0093-ROSA PD-0091-RED PD-1010-WHITE // WONNIE W-US912
  • Safety / UL List: UL tested, approved and certified. The UL number is unique. UL test approved by OSHA.
  • Warranty: 30 days return – 24 months exchange. PWR + is a company in Washington, USA.We are friendly support specialists
DVD player Sony DVPS R210P
DVD player Sony DVPS R210P
  • High speed / low speed playback with audio. 480p progressive output.Power consumption (standby): less than 0.5W
  • Multi-brand TV remote control. Play CDs, MP3s, JPEGs
  • Playable file formats: MPEG 1 Cyber-Shot data for video, JPEG-DCF format for photos, MP3 (excluding MP3 Pro / WMA) for music (excluding WMA Pro / AAC / LPMC / Wave)
  • DVD / DVD RW / DVD R / DVD + RW / DVD + R / DVD + R DL / R DL playback
  • A 12-bit video DAC with 108 MHz processing. 96 kHz / 24-bit digital output
Proscan Progressive Scan DVD Player, Automatic Download
Proscan Progressive Scan DVD Player, Automatic Download
  • 2-channel output
  • Compatible with DVD, VCD, CD-DA / R / RW, MP3, HDCD, JPEG-CD, Kodak Picture CD
  • Continuous management
  • Different levels of block and fragment selection
  • Screen aspect ratios 4: 3 and 16: 9
DBPOWER 12 Portable DVD player with 5 hour battery, 10 inch rotating screen, SD …
DBPOWER 12-inch DVD player, 5-hour battery, 10-inch swivel screen, SD card slot and USB port, 1.8m car charger and AC adapter, no regional restrictions – black
  • [Watch movies longer]With a built-in 2500mAh lithium battery, you can watch your favorite DVD for 5 hours. It can also be powered from a car charger or power adapter, so it can be used anytime, anywhere for a long time.
  • [Supports HUGEAR RAY MULTIMEDIA]Directly supports CD, DVD, CD-R / RW, DVD-R / + R, DVD + RW / -RW, VCD, SVCD (excluding Blu-ray DVD). This is not a region. In addition, up to 32GB USB and SD cards are supported for MP3 / WMA / WAV, JPEG, MPEG2 / AVI / DIVX playback.
  • [PANEL SCREEN]The 10-inch tilt screen (1024 x 600 TFT-LCD) that rotates 270 degrees and 180 degrees always provides perfect visibility, so do not limit the viewing angle. It can be easily rotated and attached to the headrest when driving on the road.
  • [To play multiple games]Do you need more? You can connect to your TV via AV output and watch your favorite movies on the big screen. You can also connect two similar DVD players with an AV-AV cable to watch the same movie on the two players at the same time. One player is set to DVD mode for DVD playback, the AV cable is connected to the AVOUT port, the other player is set to AV mode, and the AV cable is connected to the AVIN port.
  • One of the great features of this portable DVD player, starting from the starting point, is that it has breakpoint storage capabilities. That is, the DVD will be loaded from the last remote location.Warranty: 1 year free standard parts and labor
DBPOWER 11.5 Portable DVD player, 5-hour built-in battery, 9-inch rotating screen, …
DBPOWER 11.5 inch DVD player, 5 hour battery, 9 inch rotating screen, CD / DVD / SD card / USB support, remote control, 1.8m car charger, power adapter (black)
  • [Built-in large capacity battery]You can watch all your favorite TV programs and movies, and let your child watch your favorite comics on the go. The built-in 2500mAh lithium battery provides 5 hours of video playback. The DBPOWER 11.5 Portable DVD Player has three power sources: a battery, a car charger, and a power adapter, so you can use it for a long time until it needs to be charged.
  • [Compatible multimedia]Direct playback of CD, DVD, CD-R / RW, DVD-R / + R, DVD + RW / -RW, VCD, SVCD (Blu-ray DVD is not possible). Supports up to 32GB USB and SD cards. MP3 / WMA / WAV, JPEG, MPEG2 / AVI / DIVX are supported. This is not a region.
  • [Rotating screen]A 9-inch screen with a unique design. The 800 * 480 rotation screen has the ability to rotate 270 degrees and 180 degrees. The DBPOWER portable DVD player can be easily rotated like a tablet and attached to the back of a car headrest when traveling with your family.
  • [DOUBLES PEAKERAND VOLUME]Dual speaker design. The DBPOWER portable CD player is built into two powerful stereo speakers, so the volume is loud and clear. In addition, a DVD player with a 3.5mm headphone jack on the right side provides focused and clear sound.
  • [Last memory and remote control]Here is one more feature you need most. DBPOWER runs the universal remote control operating system. The breakpoint storage feature allows you to pick up from the last remote location on your portable DVD player. Warranty: We offer 24/7 customer service and a 12 month warranty to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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