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Proctor Silex, iron steamer, vertical cladding with ceramic non-stick Dura Glide sole, 1200…
Vertical steamer with Proctor Silex iron and Dura Glide ceramic non-stick sole, 1200 W, adjustable steam, white (17011)
  • Duragrid ceramic metal plate. The sole of this steam iron is 7 times stronger than traditional non-stick coatings.
  • Adjustable steam. Jet and Jet Control System can be used to remove the toughest wrinkles on thick fabrics.
  • Double as vertical steam. The steam function allows you to steam the wrinkles on your clothes while they are still on the hanger.
  • World with 3-way automatic switch off: Calm down and know that it will automatically turn off after 30 seconds if the iron is on the sole plate or sideways, and after 15 minutes if the iron is on the heel .. ..
  • Tested and proven. 100% tested for durability and reliability, it guarantees excellent quality when you get home. Condensation may be seen in the steam chamber after this test.
Robust Proctor Silex 17291R iron with non-stick sole and adjustable steam
Robust Proctor Silex 17291R iron with non-stick sole and adjustable steam
  • Non-stick sole
  • Easy-to-see water window
  • Spray fine mist
  • Adjustable steam
  • On / off indicator light
Professional steam iron 1700W for stainless steel clothing, fast and scratch resistant …
1700W professional steam iron for clothing with heat-resistant, scratch-resistant stainless steel sole, precise positioning and axial alignment of steam holes, and self-cleaning function
  • STAINLESS STEEL ULTRAPRESS – Thick chrome outsole for durability, scratch resistance and unmatched sliding. The specially developed steam distribution is ideal for sewers, scrapers and craftsmen.
  • Easy thermostat control and axial steam holes – Depending on the type of fabric, you can easily select the ideal steam output and maintain the desired temperature. The position, orientation and size of the vapor vents provide the maximum amount of vapor needed to evenly distribute heat throughout the outsole.
  • Cut ironing time in half – fast, uniform heating technology and 1700 W of power make it easy to place on a variety of clothing and hard-to-iron areas. Our Pur Steam Steam Irons provide ideal temperatures for cotton, wool, silk, linen, polyester, nylon and more.
  • Safety Features – An automatic three-way barrier system keeps you safe and prevents accidents and clothing burns. Thanks to the new anti-drip feature, you don’t have to worry about water dripping from the sole plate at low temperatures or when you’re not using the iron. ANTI-CALC prevents the formation of minerals.
  • Unmatched quality / live customer support – drops in tank? do not be afraid! This means that the PurSteam steam iron has been thoroughly tested before arriving at home. Our rigorous testing process guarantees the highest quality possible. All irons are filled with water and tested to make sure it works perfectly! And our support service will do everything to make you 100% satisfied!
PROCTOR SILEX steamer, for irons and vertical clothing, non-stick sole, 1200 W, adjustable …
PROCTOR SILEX steamer, non-stick sole, 1200 W, adjustable spray and steam burst, automatic switch off, cable storage, white (17175)
  • Convenient cable storage
  • Non-stick sole
  • Adjustable steam
  • Spray / blast
  • Automatic shutdown, vertical steam
Steam Iron Maytag M400, M400-Speed ​​Heat
Steam Iron Maytag M400, M400-Speed ​​Heat
  • Faster heat: The Maytag M400 is much faster than a traditional iron and reaches its maximum temperature in less than a minute. In addition, steam regeneration takes only 3 seconds. The anti-wrinkle spray removes wrinkles faster and the stainless steel sole tends to be smooth.
  • Vertical Steam: The Maytag M400 is not only suitable for ironing. The vertical steam function allows you to steam the wrinkles on the hanger.Ergonomic soft handle provides perfect balance and comfort in an upright position
  • Precision thermostat: For ironing special fibers (linen, cotton, silk, wool, nylon, synthetic fibers). Just turn the swivel knob to set the exact temperature and iron all fabrics quickly and easily.
  • Self-cleaning: The best part is that this iron is self-cleaning! Thanks to its anti-calc and anti-calc properties, your iron remains in perfect condition after use.
  • Includes: 1500 W; 8.1 oz tank capacity, 8-foot 360-degree rotating cable, 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
Proctor Silex Electronic DuraGlide Ceramic Non-Stick Iron 1600W, Vertical Steam,…
Proctor Silex Electronic DuraGlide Ceramic Non-Stick Iron 1600W Vertical Steam Self-Cleaning (17010) Blue
  • CERAMIC CERAMIC NON-STICK TOE: The DuraGlide outsole is 7 times stronger than traditional non-stick soles.
  • Electronically controlled: A blue indicator indicates which heat setting is selected or whether the iron is turned off.
  • Choose the right setting for your garment from a wide range of features and fabric options: steam, spray, blast.
  • DOUBLE VERTICAL STEAM: The steam function allows you to steam the wrinkles of your clothes while still on the hanger.
  • Self-cleaning feature: Removes mineral deposits and allows iron to function optimally.
Proctor Silex Commercial Lightweight Hotel Steam Iron Non-Stick White 17515 Gray
Proctor Silex Commercial Lightweight Hotel Steam Iron Non-Stick White 17515 Gray
  • Steam and Spray Options: Easy-to-access spray and spray buttons are designed to prevent tight creases. A fine spray mist slightly moisturizes the garment and smoothes stubborn wrinkles. Alternatively, guests can use strong steam to remove wrinkles in various fabrics.
  • Self-cleaning system and durable non-stick sole: Thanks to the self-cleaning system and non-stick sole, enjoy the long life of this hotel’s iron. This convenient self-cleaning system removes lint and minerals and cleans the steam valve to extend the life of the iron. The outsole slides all kinds of fabrics smoothly, withstands everyday indoor use and guarantees perfect performance for years.
  • Steam Jet – Strong steam through the dough for faster ironing
  • If the guest forgets, they will be automatically disconnected after 15 minutes
  • Built to withstand the rigors of daily ironing in the room
Rowenta DW5080 Stainless Steel Sole 1700W Automatic Switch Off for Micro Steam Iron, 400 Holes, Brown
Rowenta DW5080 Stainless Steel Sole 1700W Automatic Switch Off for Micro Steam Iron, 400 Holes, Brown
  • Precision Stainless Steel Outsole – Glide smoothly over a variety of clothing, smoothing hard-to-reach areas and delivering 1700W of power.
  • Over 400 steam holes with 35 g / min steam – excellent steam distribution
  • Easy operation Thermostat knob – Easily select the ideal steam output according to the fabric
  • Use tap water for ironing – Easy filling of irons thanks to simple filling holes, drip-free lids, and clear water tank windows
  • Rowenta Safety First-Automatic 3-way shut-off system to prevent accidents
Sunbeam Classic 1200W Medium Non-Stick Non-Stick Iron, Steam Jet / Vertical…
Sunbeam Classic 1200W Medium Steam Non-Stick Vertical Blast Non-Stick Iron, 8ft 360 Degree Twist Cord, White / Clear, GCSBCL-317-000
  • The Shot Steam” feature provides additional steam shots for clothes and curtains that are steamed flat or vertically.
  • The drip irrigation system prevents water from leaking at any temperature setting to prevent unwanted drip
  • 30-minute automatic time-controlled shutdown for safety and security
  • Self-cleaning system removes iron minerals for longer steam
  • Lifetime outsole and 3-year limited warranty
Steam Iron Sunbeam Steammaster | Large 1400W non-stick stainless steel…
Steam Iron Sunbeam Steammaster | Large Stainless Steel, Non-Scorch, 1400 W, with Steam Regulator and Drawer Cord, Chrome / Turquoise
  • The Steammaster steam iron features a 1400 W output, a large non-stick stainless steel sole, a large water tank, and a drip-free system to prevent water from leaking at all temperatures.
  • The iron has a steam shot feature to release additional steam to flat surfaces and vertically hanging items on clothing and curtains.
  • 3-way movement smart auto shut-off for safety and security
  • The self-cleaning system keeps iron free of mineral deposits for optimal performance
  • It measures 14 x 6.2 x 6.3 inches and weighs 3 lbs.Retractable cord 8 feet long; 3 years only

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