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Oster Pro 1200 mixer, professional Tritan glass and kitchen machine attachment, metal gray
Oster Pro 1200 mixer, professional Tritan glass and kitchen machine attachment, metal gray
  • This Easter mixer and food processor has seven speeds, including three pre-programmed settings for common mixer creation such as smoothies and shakes, and impulses for precise mixing control.
  • Includes 8 cups, BPA-free Tritan plastic glass, dishwasher compatible. Tritan plastic is known for its transparency, strength, safety and style.
  • With an ultra-wide 3.5-inch jar, the material reaches the blade more easily, resulting in faster and smoother results.
  • Includes a 5-cup food processor with cutting and chopping blades.Chopper makes salsa, guacamole, or your favorite sauce easy
  • Dual directional blade technology for accurate chopping and additional mixed power for chopping and 1200W icebreaking power
Ninja Professional 72oz table mixer, 1000W base, full crushing technology …
Ninja Professional 72oz table mixer, 1000W base, smoothie, ice cream, full chop technology for frozen fruit (BL610), black
  • Ninja 1000 Professional Blender has excellent performance with sophisticated design and 1000W professional power. Maximum liquid capacity 64 ounces.
  • Ninja Full Crushing Blades deliver perfect chopping, mixing, puree, and controlled processing of ice cream and frozen fruits in seconds.
  • The 72-oz Professional Blender is ideal for making large quantities of creamy frozen drinks and smoothies, as well as delicious margaritas and daiquiri for the whole family.
  • Turn ice into snow in seconds to make delicious sauces, sauces and smoothies with your favorite ingredients.
  • The 6-blade assembly allows you to chop ice cream faster than other mixers and mix ingredients more smoothly.Wipe the motor base clean with a damp cloth
Hand blender Betty Crocker RA28683, glass, 1 pack, metal
Hand blender Betty Crocker RA28683, glass, 1 pack, metal
  • Slim appearance: The modern style with handle and control switch fits comfortably in the hand and makes operation quick and easy. With this product, you can make your favorite snack in minutes! With buttons and control switches, it fits comfortably in your hand and is quick and easy to operate. With this product, you can make your favorite snack in minutes!
  • Ergonomic design: Unique choice of two speeds with stainless steel, removable legs and pulse control. With this Marvel mechanic, you have the freedom to adjust the parameters to suit your task at hand.
  • Slicing and Dicing: With 18/10 stainless steel blades, 400 W peak power and 2 pulse speeds, this hand blender has everything you need to do the chores. The blade can be sliced, mashed, shredded and mixed.You can mix creamy soups or make delicious smoothies in seconds
  • Includes Free Bonus: Signed with a free 600mm mixing glass to help you create masterpieces in the kitchen, as if this handy little kitchen gadget wasn’t enough
  • Easy to clean and use: Maintenance is easier than ever. The mixing shaft is removable and dishwasher washable.Glass can also be used for storage
Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500W High Performance 9 Speed ​​Multipurpose Hand Blender …
Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500W 9 Speed ​​Underwater Multipurpose Hand Blender High Performance Copper Motor Brushed 304 Stainless Steel Whisk Milk Whisk
  • ❤ Special design – Ergonomic handle provides a non-slip and comfortable grip while the material is continuously mixed.
  • ❤ Superior quality – All copper motors work continuously and last 3 times longer than competitors’ motors.
  • ❤ Versatility – Detachable mixer arm with fixed blade locks in place on the motor housing for ease of use. Made of sturdy stainless steel, the S-shaped blade quickly mixes ingredients for smoothies, milkshakes, soups, and baby foods. A high quality whisk attachment is a perfect addition.
  • ❤ European quality – American warranty – 1 year warranty, safe to buy and long mixed.
  • ❤ Included-Hand blender, whisk, milk whisk, manual.
Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250 Watt Mixer, Travel Sports Bottle, Light Blue
Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250 Watt Mixer, Travel Sports Bottle, Light Blue
  • Mix your favorite smoothie or shake with a sports bottle
  • Dishwasher-safe 20-oz BPA-free plastic sports bottle
  • Crush the ice with a mixture of 400W and 250W.One-touch mixing
  • The built-in self-healing fuse will revive the engine after 15 minutes if overheated.
  • The recipe is included in the instruction manual
SCHWARZ + DECKER Crush Master 10 Speed ​​Mixer, Black, BL2010BP
SCHWARZ + DECKER Crush Master 10 Speed ​​Mixer, Black, BL2010BP
  • 10 pulse rate – find all the correct order to do at different mixing speeds of 550W motors
  • Lightweight 6 Cup Glass – Perfect Pour spout with 6 cups (48 ounces) of plastic glass is easy to use and prevents dripping and spills.
  • 4-Point Blades – Multi-stage stainless steel blades are mixed in multiple stages to improve mixing efficiency and performance.
  • Measuring Lid-The transparent lid insert acts as a 1 ounce measuring cup, ideal for making frozen cocktails.
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts-Easy to clean with a dishwasher safe jug, lid and knife
Ninja 400W Mixer / Food Processor, 48 oz Freeze Mixer, Chopping, Cooking …
Ninja 400W Mixer / Food Processor for Mixing, Chopping and Cooking Frozen Foods in 48 oz Glass and 16 oz Silver Chopper Bowl (QB900B)
  • Frozen mixing and perfection, and even chopping
  • Two cans of the right size; Ease of use: Ergonomic one-touch control of pulsating buttons for a user-friendly and safe product
  • Drip-proof, lightweight foldable spout and non-slip base.Minced beef, cubes, chops, mix, 2 cups of mashed potatoes
  • Do not immerse the drive head in water or other liquids. Wipe with a damp sponge. Storage containers, splash guards, blades and lids are dishwasher washable. We recommend placing the blades, fenders, and storage lid on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Pay particular attention to cleaning and handling the blades. Always store the blade in a container or in a safe place. If the engine does not start, make sure the plug is firmly plugged into the outlet. Make sure the bowl’s splash guard and power supply are securely attached.
  • Accessories: 400W power adapter, 48 oz glass, blade assembly, pitcher fender, 16 ounce chopper bowl, chopper knife assembly, chopper splash guard.
Chef Man Hand Blender 300W Turbo 12 Speed ​​Hand Mixer, Powerful Ice Crushing …
Chefman Hand Blender 300W Turbo 12 Speed ​​Hand Blender, Ice Cream, Puree, Smoothie, Sauce, Strong Design for Chopping Soup, Detachable Heat Resistant Plastic Blade Guard Protects Pot, Black
  • Multiple speeds with precise control: A soft ergonomic rubberized handle with a silky finish and 12 speeds for precise control of mixing requirements and simplification of all mixing tasks. The turbo button gives an additional boost to the mixing process!
  • High Performance for Better Mixing: The Chefman Immersion Mixer features a powerful 300 W motor to handle a variety of mixing tasks easily and quietly. This blender liquefies fruits and leafy vegetables and mixes them with baby food and more! The blades can be easily removed with a twist and dishwasher-washable, making them as easy to clean as 1-2-3. The sleek black body is easy to wipe clean to remove food droplets.
  • Protect the pot from scratches: A grate of heat-resistant plastic blades protects the pot so you don’t have to worry about scratches and focus on preparing delicious mixed dishes!
  • Icebreaker Cloth: A specially developed cloth blade allows you to prepare fully pureed dishes such as smoothies, sauces, soups and sauces. When mixing frozen ice or frozen fruits and vegetables, soak in a liquid to get the desired result. This blender is the perfect tool for a variety of mixing options and can be used in bowls, large bowls and jugs. Do not immerse the cord in water.
  • RJ19-MS-PBG-Warranty: With advanced security technology for long service life and CETL approval with 1 year Chef Man warranty, you can shop without any problems-we will protect you! Please refer to the PDF User Guide for how to use the product.Power supply: 120 volts
GoWISE USAGW22503 Optimized the powerful 2HP Professional Pitcher 67oz …
GoWISE USA GW22503 2HP, 67 oz Glass and Rammer + 20 Blender Recipe Book (1450W Black) Optimizes Heavy Duty Professionals
  • Professional and high performance: This commercial mixer is equipped with a 2.0 liter motor. C. And with the power of 1450W, you can mix the toughest and toughest ingredients into a lump-free, creamy and smooth consistency! Make everything from delicious soups to creamy smoothies.
  • Adjustable Speed ​​Control: Adjustable speed control and pulse capabilities give you complete control over the mixing cycle and enhance the texture of each recipe. This mixer has eight different blade speeds and is controlled by the disc. The disc can be rotated at any time during the mixing cycle. Ideal for preparing dishes such as thick salsa and soft drinks.
  • Fast and nutritious: Featuring an 8-flute 25,000 RPM stainless steel assembly, it can be chopped, diced, sliced ​​and ground every time for the perfect recipe. This professional high-performance blender keeps all the vitamins and nutrients from the ingredients in seconds while making the most delicious treats.
  • Family size and space savings: A large 67 ounce mug is perfect for entertaining families and multiple guests. A shallow jug and built-in cable storage in the base make it easy to store under the kitchen cabinet or elsewhere. The jug is made of durable, impact resistant BPA-free Tritan plastic. Includes tampering to mix the recipe with rich ingredients such as ice cream, shakes, and other mixes.
  • ETL Certification and Safety: Designed with several safety features to increase safety. For example, rubber legs for added stability, a safety switch that turns off the mixer when the jar is not connected, and a slow start to keep the mixer on. To prevent switching on at the highest level …
Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Mixer 14oz Travel Cup Lid, Blue 51132
Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Mixer 14oz Travel Cup Lid, Blue 51132
  • Compact design and BPA-free: Perfect for home, office and travel thanks to portability
  • Mix Drink: 14 oz glass and dishwasher with a safe lid and whisk.
  • One-touch mix: Make great smoothies, cocktails, baby foods, marinades, salad dressings and more.
  • Stainless Steel Blade: Icebreaking power for consistent results
  • Efficient 175W motor provides all the power needed for fast and reliable operation

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