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Panda PAN865W 2.6cc FT Compact Clothes Dryer, White
Panda PAN865W 2.6cc FT Compact Clothes Dryer, White
  • 2.6 cc ft / 8. Capacity 8 lbs. 120V socket, plug anywhere
  • Intelligent humidity sensor, touch control panel
  • Stainless drum
  • Streamlined body – a kind of visual pleasure
  • Multiple installation modes: side-by-side, stacking, wall mounting.Includes wall mount kit
Heated panda portable clothes dryer
Heated panda portable clothes dryer
  • Panda is the top brand in the washer / dryer category
  • With excellent quality and customer service, we offer a variety of options to suit your needs.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.No ventilation or special ventilation required
  • 120V socket, can be connected anywhere. Save energy. Great for apartments, dormitories and travel. Space saver.
Clothes dryer AICOOK Portable clothes dryer 2.65ccm, with touch system, 9 lbs compact clothes dryer …
Clothes dryer AICOOK 2.65 cbm FT portable dryer, touch system, 9 lb compact clothes dryer for apartment, stainless steel bathtub, 4 automatic drying modes, 1400 W, 110 V, 120 V.
  • Portable Clothes Dryer – Our clothes dryer measures 23.6 x 17.1 x 27.6 ” and weighs only 21 kg. You can fold it in the washing machine or hang it on the wall. Small and light, it’s perfect for apartments, dorms, and your family.
  • Energy Saving – A rotary dryer with a professional sensor system closes the hot air system in time depending on the humidity as it dries clothes while driving. This significantly reduces energy consumption and reduces damage to clothing.
  • Multifunctional – Suitable for most types of clothing. You can set different modes depending on the fabric and weight. Cold (0-20 minutes): Lower temperature, warm (30-120 minutes): Dry and cool clothes, anti-wrinkle, hot (120 minutes). -200 minutes): When drying large or bulky items, air drying (0-80 minutes) should start with cold air until fresh.
  • Quiet Quick-Dry – With a 1400 W motor, the wind can quickly reach 145 ° F, faster than the 850 or 1000 W dryers on the market. In addition, the dryer only works at 56-60 dB without interference. Suitable for 110V or 120V.
  • Fast Shipping and Best Service – Delivery from California or New Jersey. Orders are typically processed within 24 hours and delivered to the courier. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will give you a satisfactory answer. Included in the kit: 1 clothes dryer, 2 hanging brackets, 2 plastic spacers, 1 exhaust pipe, 4 12 mm long screws, 4 25 mm long screws, 1 manual.
COSTWAY Compact Clothes Dryer, Portable Electric 110 V Clothes Dryer with Stainless Steel Bath, …
COSTWAY Compact Clothes Dryer 110V Portable Electric Clothes Dryer with Stainless Steel Bathtub, Lower Control Panel Easy Control of 4 Automatic Drying Modes, White
  • [Small and portable]A rotary dryer that is lightweight and convenient to carry. Its compactness makes it ideal for small spaces such as apartments and dormitories. It can be wall mounted, mounted on a sturdy horizontal base, or mounted in a rack (brackets not included).[This product is not sold in California]
  • [High Performance]With this 850W, 10lb high capacity electric dryer, this portable clothes dryer can dry your clothes faster. Even if it rains, you can wear beautiful clothes every day. [For quickly drying clothes, we recommend not putting more than 5.5 pounds of clothes at one time.]
  • [Multi-function]You can set the duration and different drying modes according to the material and weight of the fabric: cold (0-20 minutes): low temperature, warm (30-120 minutes): dry cool fabric, wrinkles Prevention, high temperature (120-80 minutes): To dry large or bulky items, air dry (0-80 minutes). Start with cold air until fresh.
  • [Quiet design]For a comfortable environment, this clothes dryer is minimal. So don’t worry, it doesn’t affect your normal conversation and sleep.
  • [High quality]Due to the stainless steel bathtub design, this rotary dryer is more durable and can be used for a longer time. Package Included: 1 cloth dryer, 2 hanging brackets, 2 plastic spacers, 1 exhaust connection, 4 x 12 mm length screws, 4 x 25 mm length screws, 1 manual.
Panda compact washing machine 1.60cu.ft, fully automatic high-end washing machine, white
Panda compact washing machine 1.60cu.ft, fully automatic high-end washing machine, white
  • This washing machine is compact and easy to wash. It’s perfect for apartments, mobile homes, cottages, dorms and a second washing machine for your home.
  • Storage capacity 1.6 cu. Feet allow you to hold up to 11 pounds. Fabric, electronic touch control panel and LED display, potential start delay, improved optional control lock, traditional 3 110 tension pin can be plugged in anywhere, 2 built-in rollers for increased mobility and freedom of movement To do.
  • Large clear stainless steel lid and tub, 3D waterfall, pulsator create strong and weak water flow
  • Six cleaning programs offer flexible cleaning options: usually fast, focused, bulky, gentle, spin-only, additional rinse function improvements
  • Two rear air inlets for easy installation. Connect the washing machine directly to the mixer using the quick coupling adapter and the included hose.
KASYDoFF Portable Rotating Dryer 1500W-1.7m 3-stage Folding Rotary Dryer Energy…
KASYDoFF Portable Rotary Dryer 1500W-1.7m 3-stage Folding Rotary Dryer Energy Saving (Anion) Rotary Dryer Residential Digital Automatic Timer Remote Control
  • Large Capacity and 3-Deck Folding – Thanks to the new 3-deck design and stainless steel, you can put up to 15kg of clothing in a portable dryer at a time. When not in use, it can be folded without disassembling.
  • Easy drying and satisfactory results – The clothes are simply hung in the dryer and will not wrinkle. You can store towels and socks with 12 hangers. Gently dry the laundry to protect it from noise.
  • Intelligent temperature control – Emergency shutdown feature allows you to set the temperature between 50 and 70 degrees. When the overheating is removed, the flame-retardant materials will completely overlap.
  • Smart Wireless Remotes – Smart Touch Screen Wireless remotes help older pregnant women avoid problems.
  • Electric Anion Sterilization Dryer – An anion garment disinfectant dryer that helps dry clean clothes and remove mold spores, pollen, odors, microorganisms, viruses, dirt, and various dangerous air pollutants.
Burton Digital Electric Compact Laundry Car Dryer Timer Simple control panel.
Barton Digital Electric Compact Washer Automatic Timer Dryer Simple Control Panel Rotating Dryer Dormitory, Residential, Apartment Clothes
  • Compact and portable – This tumble dryer weighs only 30 kg and is small in size so it is portable. Compactness makes it ideal for small rooms such as apartments and dormitories. Multi-function washing machine – You can set the duration or different drying modes and timers, depending on the material and weight of the fabric.
  • High Performance – With 850W of power and a capacity of 2.8kg, this rotary dryer can dry clothes faster. Even if it rains, you can wear beautiful clothes every day.
  • Front Road Electric Clothes Dryer – This front load electric clothes dryer can handle almost anything a family can throw. Dry up to 2.8 kg of clothing in spacious cubic feet. The high quality integrated viewing window and stainless steel bathtub are scratch resistant and have a smooth surface.
  • Energy-efficient and quiet tumbling – Equipped with a technically advanced lint filter that is easy to clean for efficient operation and an automatic shutoff to save energy. It’s also designed to dry quietly, so it works uninterrupted in your sleep and daily activities.
  • Apartment-sized portable clothes dryer. The era of bulky and heavy rotary dryers is over. Say hello to this compact 19.75 x 15.5 x 23.25 inch rotary dryer that fits perfectly into your apartment, dormitory, and small corner of your home.Designed with handles to allow the machine to move freely, made of steel plate for a modern look
Sentern Compact Rotary Dryer 2.65 cu ft – 1400 watt portable 9 lb rotary dryer…
Sentern Compact Clothes Dryer 2.65cc Ft – 9 lb 1400W Drying Capacity Portable Clothes Dryer
  • [Classic Compact Design] The compact tumble dryer offers a variety of heating modes: hot (120-200 minutes), warm (60-120 minutes), cold (0-20 minutes), air dry (0-80 minutes), wrinkles. Smoothness (30-) 60 minutes).
  • [Powerful Drying] The internal power supply of the dryer component operates at 120V and 60Hz, allowing the dryer to reach temperatures up to 140 degrees Celsius and dry faster.
  • [Quiet Tumbling] Rotary dryer for minimal inconvenience and quiet drying, wash capacity 9 lbs.
  • [Bonus Wall Mounting Kit] Save space in your home with the Sentern wall mount kit for tumble dryers
  • [Quality Build] Manufactured with all the features of a standard rotary dryer.Solid metal outer casing, stainless steel inner drum, lint holder, air filter, etc.
COSTWAY portable rotary dryer, non-ventilated dryer, high temperature dryer with home heating, and …
COSTWAY portable rotary dryer, unventilated dryer, heated hot dryer for home and dormitory
  • [High Performance]The breathable and portable foldable clothes dryer dries clothes safely and gently with a warm air motor that smoothes wrinkles and gives a fresh, clean and soft feel.[This product is not sold in California. ]
  • [High internal temperature and safety]During normal operation of the hot air pump, the internal temperature reaches 60 ℃, guaranteeing the best sterilization effect. With the hot air pump, you can set a safe time of 30-180 minutes without flames.
  • [Hanger and bracket included]A case that doubles as a mini wardrobe with a hanger and bracket included. Keeps the original shape and color of wrinkle-free clothing.
  • [Carrying bag]During drying, clothes are completely isolated from dust, insects, bacteria, etc. Much cleaner and safer than traditional drying methods.
  • [Portability and ease of use]The clothes-drying stand can be used anywhere. Small rooms, apartments, dormitories, hotels, offices, etc.
COSTWAY compact electric rotary dryer, 13 lb rotary dryer with 1500 W drying power, …
COSTWAY compact electric tumble dryer, 13 lb tumble dryer with 1500W drying capacity, 3.2 cubic feet front loading, portable tumble dryer for 7 automatic drying modes Easy control, white
  • [Strong drying performance]Costway electric compact rotary dryer is equipped with performance and innovative technology that guarantees faster drying time than other dryers on the market. With a drying power of 1500W and powerful electrical mechanisms at 110V and 60Hz, this dryer can reach temperatures up to 172 degrees Fahrenheit, accelerating drying in a short amount of time.[This product is not sold in California]
  • [Universal Front Loading Dryer]This electric front dryer clothes dryer can handle almost anything that your family throws. Depending on the material and weight of the fabric, you can set the duration or another drying mode from 7 options. Even if it rains, you can wear beautiful clothes every day.
  • [Highly efficient and quiet movement]An electric clothes dryer equipped with a technically advanced intake filter. It is easy to clean and efficient, and automatically turns off to save energy. The quiet acrobatic infrastructure reduces inconvenience and allows the dryer to operate without unnecessary loud noises during sleep or daily activities.
  • [High quality, large capacity]This electric rotary dryer has a built-in display window and a high quality stainless steel bathtub, which is resistant to scratches and scratches and has a smooth surface. With 1500W of power and high capacity, it can process up to 13 lbs of laundry to dry clothes, linen and inscriptions faster.
  • [Portable and Compact Design]This compact clothes dryer is designed for those who live in apartments, dormitories and mobile homes who are tired of air drying clothes. The electric front-loading dryer, which measures just 23 x 19 x 26 inches, fits perfectly in any small room. It can be wall-mounted, mounted on a sturdy horizontal base, or rack-mounted to save space.

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