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Midland 75-8224 Channel CB-Way Radio
Midland 75-8224 Channel CB-Way Radio
  • 40 CB, 10 NOAA channel, 4W output portable CB radio
  • Equipped with 6 AA batteries or the included mobile cigarette lighter adapter
  • Instant access to NOAA Radio, channels 9 and 19.Dual watch monitors channel 9 and additional channels
  • ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) and noise canceling control improve reception and eliminate noise
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Cobra HHRT50 Road Trip Cb-Radio-Emergency Radio on the Go, Portable Black Interactive Radio …
Cobra HHRT50 Road Trip Cb Radio – Portable Black Bidirectional Radio with Travel Essential Emergency Radio, Magnetic Roof Antenna, NOAA Channel, Double Clock, 40 Channel Access
  • MOBILE MAGNETIC ANTENNA – Enables mobile control from the vehicle. You can easily use the radio in the car by attaching a magnetic antenna to the roof of the car.
  • Sound Tracker System-Don’t miss important information from interference and static electricity. 90% Sound Tracker Listen to crystal clear communication with noise reduction system
  • 10 No
  • Dual Watch – Select two channels for continuous monitoring at the same time. Monitor incoming broadcasts on multiple channels and listen to nearby alerts.
  • Access to 40 Channels – Navigate the entire 40 channel range to fully cover your CB station.
Portable 40-channel radio CB Uniden PRO401HH Professional series, high / low power 4W power …
CB Uniden PRO401HH Professional Series 40 Channel Cellular Radio, 4 W Power with High / Low Power Switch, Automatic Noise Canceling, Belt Clip, Attached Strap, 2.75 inch. x4.33 inches x8.66 inches
  • The Uniden PRO401HH offers the convenience of a portable CB radio and recognizes that it has the longest distance to stay connected.
  • There is a low power setting to extend battery life and a high power setting to extend the range as needed.
  • The PRO401HH mobile radio is developed for use in the Citizens Band (CB) and can operate on any of the 40 CB frequencies approved by the FCC.
  • Whether you’re in a car, truck, van or bike, on the go, on a hike or on the road, the powerful PRO 401HH stays connected.
  • Compact, lightweight and weighs about 1 pound, it’s easy to use with one hand. This design includes strategically placed controls and ports on the top, bottom, left, and right.
Uniden PRO505XL 40 channel CB radio. Pro series, compact design. Loudspeaker function (PA) …
Uniden PRO505XL 40 channel CB radio. Pro series, compact design. Loudspeaker function (PA). Instant emergency channel 9, external speaker jack, large and easy-to-read display. – Black one
  • Uniden’s PRO505XL Professional series is a compact, affordable 40-channel CB radio with full-featured, CB and hands-free capabilities, and a large, easy-to-read LCD display with backlight.
  • This compact and rugged radio is easy to use and, thanks to its compact size, fits almost any vehicle.
  • Monitor the transmit power and use the built-in signal / RF signal strength indicator to see the relative power of the incoming broadcast. You can use the hands-free feature to listen outside the car with the optional external PA speakers.
  • The PRO505XL is ideal for CB users looking for an affordable radio with CB and public address features, instant channel 9 emergency button, channel up / down button, and S / RF meter.
  • You can connect additional external speakers through the integrated external speaker socket. Delivery range: CB radio, 4-pin electret microphone, mounting parts, mounting bracket, instruction manual, 2-year warranty.
Midland 75-785 40 Channel CB Radio
Midland 75-785 40 Channel CB Radio
  • Padlock, lock / tag, safety device
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Manufacturer: MIDLAND RADIO
  • CB transceiver with 40 CB channels and up to 4W output power
  • Equipped with 9 AA batteries or the included mobile cigarette lighter adapter
Radioddity CB-27 Mini-CB-Funkmobil 40ch、AM Instant Emergency Channel 9/19、HF増幅…
Radioddity CB-27 Mini CB Radio Mobil 40 channels, AM Instant Emergency Channel 9/19, HF amplification with removable microphone
  • Super compact and portable. Easy to use even for beginners. It has better RF sensitivity and gain control. AM radio station
  • Noise Canceling Control: 9 levels of automatic noise canceling (ASQ) and 29 levels of manual noise canceling make this radio more flexible to block static background electricity.
  • Emergency Emergency Channel 9 (for emergencies), Channel 19 (for truck drivers). Equipped with a removable microphone, it is easy to pack and carry.
  • Output power 4W; Working with external speakers; Backlit display; Memory scan; Key lock
  • Recommended accessories: 28-inch CB antenna (B07Y9M57FS), CB radio mini speaker (B07Y7531C9).
Midland Radio 75-822 Portable CB Mobile Radio, Large LCD Display, Key Lock, Plug and Play,…
Midland Radio 75-822 Portable CB Mobile Radio, Large LCD Display, Key Lock, Plug and Play, Robust Design, Up to 40 Channels
  • 40 Channels, Channel Search – Automatic Check for Channel Activity
  • 4 W output power – maximum communication range
  • Squelch control – eliminates unwanted background noise
  • Large backlit LCD – multifunction display that is easy to read day and night
  • Built-in ANL – Improves reception when received signal is weak
Uniden CMX760 Barecat Off-Road Series Compact CB Mobile Radio, 40 Channels, …
Uniden CMX760 Barecat Off-Road Series CB Compact Cellular 40 Channel Ultra Compact and Easy to Install Speaker Microphone Large 7-color LCD display with black built-in microphone and background lighting
  • The CMX760 is an ultra-compact CB radio with a microphone display and controls. Ideal for off-road use, it is designed for years of trouble-free operation. Ultra-compact for easy installation – just 4 x 4 x 1 inch.
  • Use for jeeps, trucks, cars, or where space is limited or where you need a compact CB. When using in a noisy environment (outdoor jeep, diesel truck), it is recommended to use external speakers as the compact built-in speakers may be difficult to hear due to background noise.
  • The Uniden CMX760 is the highest quality communication device developed for use in citizen band radio services. It operates on one of the 40 FCC approved CB frequencies.
  • The CMX760 is easy to install and is an ideal ultra-compact size that fits easily from above, under the dash, or under the driver’s seat of the car.
  • Its durable components and materials can withstand harsh environmental conditions.
28 inch CB antenna for CB 27 MHz radio, complete set of portable indoor / outdoor antennas …
28 inch CB antenna for CB radio 27MHz, complete kit Compatible with Midland Cobra Uniden Anytone President of LUITON, a portable indoor / outdoor antenna with a strongly magnetically mounted mobile / car radio antenna
  • 1. Long antenna – higher antenna = wider area! 28 inches for maximum range and reception!
  • 2. Full kit – Includes 10-foot coaxial cable, roller load, and magnetic mount pre-mounted with stainless steel whip.
  • 3. Magnetic base – Uses a large metal surface to improve reception.
  • 4. Weather channel function. Covers all CB frequencies.
  • 5. The warranty for manufacturing defects is 12 months.
Uniden Bearcat BC125AT handheld scanner. 500 channels with alpha tags. Public security, police, fire brigade, …
Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Handheld Scanner. 500 channels with alpha tags. Public security, police, fire, emergency, marines, military aircraft, and auto racing scanners. Lightweight and portable design.
  • This sophisticated scanner has a convenient, compact and feature-rich design of 500-channel alpha tags. Closed call RF detection technology adapts instantly to signals from nearby transmitters, and silent mode prevents closed calls from being checked during transfer.
  • Listen to frequencies over 40,000 and you’ll hear both civil and military groups such as police, ambulance, fire, weather, naval, aviation, railroad, civil aviation, ham radio, and racing.
  • More efficient search with 500 alpha tag channels. Finding the channel you want to listen to is easy. The 500 channels are divided into 10 memory banks. Organize your channels by department, location, interest, or other way. Alpha tags allow you to name your channels so you can track who you are listening to.
  • Lightweight and portable design: Take this Bearcat portable radio scanner with you when you travel or go out. Full of features, the orange-lit display is easy to read even in dark places.
  • Listen now with useful presets for the most popular searches. The frequencies are preset in 10 different search areas for police, fire brigade / emergency, ham, navy, railroad, civil aviation, military aviation, CB radio, FRS / GMRS / MURS, and racing. This makes it easy to find the channel you are interested in.

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