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CAPMESSO coffee capsules, stainless steel refillable Nespresso espresso coffee capsules …
CAPMESSO Coffee Capsule, Refillable Stainless Steel Nespresso Espresso Coffee Capsule, Vertuo Capsule Pod Vertuoline GCA1, and Delonghi ENV135 Refillable (2.5 oz Double Espresso Cup (Small))
  • Reusable Vertuoline Capsules-Don’t worry material]Made of durable (up to 10,000 times!) And non-rusting food grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Nespresso Stainless Steel Vertikolin Pod-Save Wallet, Save the Earth]Save money on daily capsules and play your part in protecting our home.
  • Refillable Coffee Capsules-[Best Version (Rich Crema)]Accurate coffee filters make coffee oil-rich, soft, soft and tender.
  • Refillable Nespresso Capsules –[Ease of Use]Use an espresso grinder to fully fill, squeeze, twist and slide into a Vertuoline coffee machine into a frothed cup.
  • Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Capsule-[Double Espresso Cup]Make a 2.5 oz espresso cup with your favorite coffee in 1 minute! For larger coffees, we have 8 ounces of Vertuoline capsules available at our store. Warranty: In case of problems, please email us for a refund or replacement within 180 days.
Refillable coffee capsules Stainless steel Nespresso cups, compatible with Nespresso machines
Refillable Coffee Capsules Stainless Steel Nespresso Cups Compatible with Nespresso Coffee Machines
  • Compatibility: Refillable capsules compatible with most Nespresso coffee machines.
  • 100 capsules: The foil cap puts pressure on the capsules during brewing, producing large bubbles.
  • Environmentally friendly: Stainless steel coffee capsules can be used for a long time. The foil lid is recyclable. It does not harm the environment.
  • Safe for your body: You can’t brew espresso through hot plastic. Our lids are made of foil and the refillable capsules are made of stainless steel. It does not absorb the taste and color of various espresso blends.
  • Lightweight coffee filters, easy-to-carry filters, compact and lightweight, form the perfect whole, don’t fall off easily, and have a variety of self-service coffee flavors.
i Refillable Kafilus Stainless Steel Capsules Refillable Crema Coffee Capsules in Reusbale bowls …
Compatible with i Cafilas, refillable stainless steel capsules, refillable crema coffee capsules, refillable lidded capsules, Nespresso coffee machines
  • 1, ONE IS ALL-Durable, high quality crema refill capsule made of stainless steel
  • 2. Equipped with a stainless steel cap to save more than other disposable aluminum silicone seals and an O-ring for a comfortable fit and ease of use.
  • 3, Crema coffee style design, better than other refillable capsules, get more cream in your coffee cup in multiple tests
  • 4, Package Includes: Refillable Capsule and 1 Lid, Gift: 1 Coffee Spoon + 1 Cleaning Brush, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 5, fits most Nespresso machines[butnotallCompatiblemodelsare:NespressoUCitiZ(notsuitableforD110andProdigioKrups)elevenLeCubeEssenzaMaestriaLattissimaInitiativeconceptNote:NotsuitableforDolceGustoNesspressVertuoline
Blusea coffee capsules, stainless steel reusable filter capsules …
Blusea Coffee Capsule, Espresso Nespresso Vertuo Capsule Pod Vertuoline GCA1 and Delonghi ENV150 Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Capsule Filter Holder for Coffee Machines, 70 ml
  • ☕️ Made of stainless steel, no fading or rust, more practical.
  • ☕️ Recyclable to protect the environment and save money.
  • ☕️ Corrosion resistance, acid resistance, easy cleaning, long life.
  • ☕️ High precision coffee filter makes coffee taste stronger and softer.
  • ☕️ Rich in oil and delicate taste, you can freely pour your favorite coffee powder.
Refillable Nespresso Capsules-Refillable Coffee Capsules for Nespresso Cups-Compatible with Original Line …
Refillable Nespresso Capsules – Refillable Coffee Capsules for Nespresso Cups – OriginalLine Compatible – 6 Packs
  • Simple and economical – You can now easily prepare your favorite espresso, cappuccino, latte and Americana, as well as a one-time coffee blend. Enjoy your favorite coffee with your favorite Nespresso machine!
  • The perfect alternative to save money – great for expensive pads and cooking in seconds. With the included spoon, place your favorite fine espresso on the edge 5-6 grams and gently press down to close the lid. After a few test broths, you can easily make multiple Nespresso cups.
  • Exact compatibility – all models of Nespresso Original Line – Essenza, U, Milch, Citiz, Citiz-Milch, Gran Maestra, Maestria, Pixie, Lattissima, Lattissima, Concept, Le Cube, Inissia. The stainless steel micromesh filter allows the reusable Nespresso capsules to be dishwashed several times and refilled without wear.
  • Eco-friendly – ​​an ideal eco-friendly alternative to using a Nespresso espresso machine – this product is BPA-free and 100% non-toxic. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions!
  • Long Service Life and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Note: Warranty is provided only by the manufacturer. Fast direct sales – We support our customers as a top priority. Made of durable food grade BPA-free material to extend the life of the capsule. Nespresso is a registered trademark of Nespresso SA. ABG / Rapid Merchants Direct is not affiliated with Nespresso or its brands.Machine and coffee not included
CAPMESSO Espresso Refill Capsule Refill Capsule Nespresso Pod Espresso Coffee Pod Stainless Steel…
CAPMESSO Refillable Espresso Capsules Refillable Nespresso Capsules Espresso Coffee Pod Capsules Stainless Steel Nespresso Compatible with OriginalLine Brewers (1 Capsule Set)
  • ♻ Nespresso Recordable Capsules[Durable than Plastic]– As you know, heated plastic releases harmful substances. Our refillable Nespresso capsules are made of food grade stainless steel, which is rust resistant, abrasion resistant, safe, healthy and durable.
  • Reusable Nespresso Pod Capsules[Economical and Environmentally Friendly]– Cost Savings: Reusable coffee pods can be refilled and washed multiple times. (Stainless steel caps save you more than buying disposable aluminum seals.) Enjoy your coffee without feeling guilty about wasting disposable capsules. It is not limited by taste and minimizes the impact on the environment.
  • Reusable Nespresso Capsules[Cream Version Update]– Significantly improved over the purchase of disposable aluminum seals on the market. The fine perforated mesh stainless steel lid not only offers significant savings, but also a rich taste that keeps the coffee fresh and aromatic.
  • Refillable Coffee Pieces[Easy to Use and Clean]– Choose 1.35 oz for the best espresso. You have everything you need. Feel free to add whatever you like and press the button to create a strong espresso.
  • ⏩Original Coffee Capsules Compatible Nespresso Original Line Capsules】 – Specially developed for Nespresso original line machines, it provides high quality and stable espresso parts one after another. These include Essenza, Citiz, U, Pixie, Miele, Masteria, Grand Masteria, Concept, Latissima Plus, and Inissia. Not compatible with Nespresso Vertuo Brewers. * Not affiliated with Nespresso.
RECAPS Reusable Stainless Steel Filter Reusable container compatible with Nespresso original line …
RECAPS Reusable Stainless Steel Filter Nespresso Compatible with original line coffee machines, but not all reusable capsules (3 capsules + 120 capsules + 1 operation)
  • 1. The pod and tamper are made of No. 304 stainless steel, which is durable and eco-friendly. The yellow food grade silicone rubber ring is a free replacement for the green capsule ring.
  • 2. Compatibility: U Umilk, Lattissima Lattissma +, Essenza mini, Most Inissia series, Most Pixie series, CitiZ and CitiZ milk, Gran Maestria and Maestria, Concept, Most Le Cube, Brevelle Creatista Plus BNE800BSS, Nespresso Creatista Plus, Silver and Williams. Sonoma Signature Capsule Coffee Machine.
  • 3. Incompatible: Dolce Gusto, Nespresse Essenza C100, Nespress Vertuoline, Nespresso Krups CITIZ TYP XN 7006, Citiz C110, Inissia C40, Le Cube D185 and C185, Krups CitiZ XN740B, Breville CitiZ BEC620RED, Despress 520B.
  • 4. Warning: ① Water leakage to the tray is normal. You can still get a good espresso. ② Before you buy, please check the list above to see if your coffee maker is compatible. If you still cannot confirm, please contact us first.
  • 5. Items included: 3 * Sleeve + 120 * Seal (Diameter: 37mm) + 1 * Tamper + 1 * Plastic Shovel + 1 * Brush.
Reusable aluminum hubcaps for coffee capsules compatible with 100 RECAPS VertuoLine. 62 mm
Reusable aluminum hubcaps for coffee capsules compatible with 100 RECAPS VertuoLine. 62 mm
  • 1. Developed specifically for the VertouLine brewery (62mm in diameter).
  • 2. Diameter: 62 mm
  • 3. Food grade material.
  • 4. Easy to remove with small tabs and won’t stick.
  • 5. Included in the item: 100 aluminum foil seals.
SEAL POD Nespresso Refillable Capsules – Refillable Stainless Steel Capsules for Nespresso Coffee Machines…
SEAL POD Nespresso Refillable Capsules – Refillable Stainless Steel Capsules for Nespresso Coffee Machines (OriginalLine Compatible) (2,100 Capsules)
  • Reusable Reusable Nespresso Capsules. Compatible with most Nespresso Original Line coffee machines. Stainless steel capsule.
  • The Seal Pod Espresso Cap is a foil closure that can be used to apply pressure inside the capsule during brewing, producing a large amount of foam, similar to a disposable Nespresso capsule.
  • Environmentally friendly Nespresso capsules made of stainless steel will last a lifetime. Our food grade lids are recyclable. Now you can enjoy your Nespresso coffee machine without feeling guilty about the environmental impact of Nespresso disposable capsules. And you will still enjoy the convenience of your Nespresso coffee machine.
  • Safe for your body: Do not brew espresso through hot plastic! User-friendly stainless steel capsule. Our covers are made of foil or paper. Reusable Seal Pod Capsules do not absorb the taste and color of various espresso blends.
  • The patented design, when used correctly, is completely safe to use on a Nespresso coffee machine. Tested on Nespresso OriginalLine coffee machines: Citiz, Citiz-Milch, Concept, Essenza, Essenza Krups, Gran Maestria, Inissia, KitchenAid, Latissima, Latissima, Le Cube, Maestria, Pixie, Yu, Umilk.
CAPMESSO aluminum foil lid for Vertuolin capsules that can be reused for Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules …
CAPMESSO Aluminum Foil Lid for Reusing Vertuoline Capsules with Coffee Capsules Compatible with 64 mm Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee Machines (100 Pieces Per Pack)
  • ☀[Safe and high quality Nespresso VertuoLine Brewer Capsule Cap]100% recyclable, food safe, BPA free. Vertuoline’s high-quality films create pressure on the perfect cup of coffee.
  • ☀[Economical and Environmentally Friendly Cap]Ideal for extending the life of Nespresso VertuoLine capsules, you can use it in your favorite blends. Waste Reduction: Vertuoline Nespresso Capsules are reused instead of being thrown away to reduce the burden on the planet.
  • ☀[Easy to use]Remove the used Vertuoline film with small scissors. Peel and add finely ground coffee. Place the foil cap on the rim and gently push it around the rim to seal the Nespresso Vertuo or Vertuo plus capsule.
  • ☀[Compatible Coffee Capsules]Our Nespresso Foil Closure was specially developed for Vertuo coffee capsules compatible with the Nespresso Vertuo Line coffee machine. * Not compatible with Nespresso original line coffee machines. * *
  • ☀[Accessories]100 aluminum foil VertuoLine with capsules for coffee (diameter 64 mm). * Vertuoline capsules not included *

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