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NERF Transceiver for Kids by Sakar | 1000ft long range, speaker, rugged construction, battery …
NERF Transceiver for Kids by Sakar | Powerful 1000ft Range, Speakers, Durable Design, Battery-powered Toys for Boys and Girls Outdoors (Gray, Blue, Orange)
  • Defeat your NERF rivals: Are you looking for the perfect companion for your NERF guns and other outdoor toys for kids? NERF Kids Radio is the perfect spy gear for NERF gun lovers for boys and girls and is an excellent interactive radio for exploration and outdoor work games. With a range of 1000 feet and a sturdy sporty design, our long-distance and durable walkie-talkie makes it a great walkie-talkie for adults and kids!
  • Powerful Conversation: Children’s walkie-talkies are simple yet powerful. They are great toys for 5 year old boys and girls who are interested in toy guns for kids or other outdoor toys. Our radio is perfect for NERF snipers and high quality military toy fans. These are more than just toys for kids. Whether you need a long-range radio for adults and children, or a portable radio for elite NERF devices, our radio can help.
  • Children’s Toys: Children’s and adult toys that will benefit everyone in the fight against NERF Blaster. Our radios are designed to withstand the rigors of normal NERF kids games. The built-in belt clip protects NERF accessories when using NERF rifles and other toy guns for boys and girls, providing fun and practical baby items perfect for playing outdoors aged 8-12 ..
  • Simple and Safe: NERF Transceivers are perfect for kids camping equipment and small toys for kids interested in exploring outdoors. We offer user-friendly outdoor toys for children ages 5-8. Our radio is an excellent companion for NERF snipers and other NERF target devices, perfect for outdoor missions and covert operations. They even have Morse code features that give you even more options to complete your NERF mission!
  • Guarantee of Satisfaction: Sakar is proud to provide high quality outdoor equipment and accessories to all adventurous children. However, if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please send us a message. Google will support it. Whether you need a great radio over a very long distance or a durable NERF accessory that can withstand the harshest conditions, the NERF radio is for you.
Children’s Radio Retevis RT628, 22-channel children’s radio, radio …
Retevis RT628 Kids Transceiver, 22 Channel Kids Transceiver, Two-way Radio Camping for Boys and Girls, Hiking, Adventure Equipment for Games (Red, 2)
  • The small and light body makes it easy for children to use, and each radio weighs only 90g.Powered by 3 AA batteries, not included
  • Easy to use, kids can assemble their own belt and hang it anywhere.
  • The one-to-one communication feature allows more radios to communicate on one channel.
  • A simple talk button is clearly visible, easy to find by touch, and the built-in microphone is activated. The VOX feature allows children to use toys hands-free. The key lock feature allows you to lock the keys to prevent your child from accidentally pressing them.
  • The VOX feature allows children to use toys hands-free.You can use the key lock feature to lock the keys to prevent unintended actions by your child.
Children’s Transceiver, 22 Channel FRS / GMRS Radio Uhf 4 Mile Children’s Transceiver…
Kids Transceiver, 22 Channel FRS / GMRS Uhf Radio 4 Mile Handheld Mini Kids Transceiver Kids Best Gift Kids Toys Built-in Flashlight 2 Pack – Blue
  • [High resolution sound]-Clear and uniform sound quality with adjustable volume. With the automatic noise canceling function, background noise can be reduced and clear sound can be produced even in crowded places.
  • [Long Distance Communication]– This children’s walkie-talkie has impressive 4 miles and 22 channels, so you can make long distance calls and open up the world of children’s adventure possibilities!
  • Easy-to-use children’s toys-With labeled buttons, backlit LCD screens and LED flashlights, these two-way radios are easy for kids day and night.
  • [Child-friendly design]– Thanks to the special ergonomic design, it is comfortable for children’s hands. The user-friendly talk button makes this toy easy to use for all ages!
  • [Best Gifts for Kids]– Wireless intercoms are a big surprise. A gift when a child opens the box. A great gift for your kids and friends for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other festivals. Great for indoor or outdoor events.
Retevis RT33 Kids Transceiver, Flashlight, Portable Long Range Military Toy for Boys and Girls …
Retevis RT33 Kids Transceiver, Long Range Portable Army Toy with Flashlight Boys and Girls Gifts Survival Gear and Kids Adventure Camping Game Gear (1 set of camouflage)
  • Small and easy to carry. Children’s walkie-talkies are very suitable for children’s hands. Children are easy to hold.Belt clips can keep your child hanging everywhere
  • The operation is easy. A simple call button is clearly visible and can be easily found with a touch. The VOX feature allows you to take your hand off during a conversation. You can lock the channel using the keyboard lock function.Prevention of accidental control of children
  • Built-in backlight; LCD with backlight that can be easily operated in a dark environment.Built-in lighting can be used as a night flash or emergency light
  • Adjustable volume level; Level 1 is the minimum volume, Level 8 is the maximum volume; Volume can be adjusted in various situations
  • One-to-one and one-to-many. Channel 22; Children can communicate with many radios on the same channel.No matter how many radios you have
Children’s Transceiver With House, Best Portable Toys for Boys and Girls …
Wishouse Transceiver for Kids Popular Toys for Boys and Girls The best portable wokitoki (T388 camouflage, 2) with flashlight-free kids survival gear for hunting and outdoor adventures
  • [Best Cool Gifts]Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, long-distance calls, friendly and fun creative electronic festival gifts.
  • [Easy to use for everyone]Children aged 3, 4, 5 and 6 or most importantly, a simple instruction manual with a cleaning button on the machine is available.
  • [Great Distance and Voice]You can bring your child home for dinner from the area, from the playground, or from the stairs.
  • [Perfect functional design]22 channels, 3 mile range, built-in flashlight, non-slip palm size, automatic battery saving mode, low battery warning. With the Vox feature, you can talk without pressing a button.
  • [100% integrity guarantee. ]FCC certified eco-friendly ABS material. We guarantee 100% that you are entitled to a refund. Please use a walkie-talkie. There is no reason to go back 30 days.
Neoteck 2 PCS FRS 462MHz transceiver, rechargeable 16-channel 2-way long-range radio …
Neoteck 2 PCS FRS 462MHz Transceiver, Long Range 16 Channel 2 Way Wireless Transceiver (with USB Charger) Original Headphones
  • FRS 462MHz, 16-channel transceiver размер Portable size, easy to carry, connect in remote areas or in the wilderness of about 3 km (depending on the maximum environment in a vast field), you can chat with your partner at any time Tuning to the same channel
  • [DCS and CTCSS function]Noise reduction or multiple use of the same frequency channel by transmission of sub-audio frequency signal and audio frequency signal, shielding of external interference signal and noise reduction, clear communication
  • [Rechargeable, with USB charger]Equipped with a 1500mAh lithium-ion battery, it can be used for a long time. The USB version of the practical charger can be charged via a PC, car charger, power bank, and most USB-connected power supplies.Intercom charging and battery charging
  • [Original Earphones]Original earphones with ergonomic and patented earphone design provide long-lasting comfort and free your hands
  • [Multi-function]Built-in LED flashlight for emergency room, scan function / alarm function / English voice prompt / with low voltage warning, ideal for security guards, supermarkets, construction sites, on-site survival, cycling, tD. Back up 12 months US Basic Warranty
Topsung Walkie Talkies Long Range, M880 FRS Bidirectional Adult Radio, LCD Microphone Screen / Durability…
Topsung Walkie Talkies Long Range, M880 FRS Two-way Adult Radio, LCD Microphone Screen / Rugged Noise Canceling Wakie Talkies for Men, Women, Outdoor Adventure, Cruise Ship (Red 2 in 1)
  • [Smart system]: Automatic noise canceling system, automatic monitoring function, automatic storage function, automatic scanning function, automatic energy saving, low battery warning
  • [Basic parameters]: 22 main channels and 121 data protection codes (2662 combination), long distance in various areas (up to 1/4/16 mile), long standby time (up to 3-4 days) , 3AA installed battery (sold separately)
  • [Comfortable design]: Palm size, lightweight (2.9 oz), hands-free function (VOX), key lock (channel lock), adjustable power and volume, backlit LCD screen, strap hole belt clip, 2.5 mm headphones For connection dust plug, with durable and eco-friendly material (ABS)
  • [Various situations]: The top song transceiver for adults is easy to use and can be carried by children. Therefore, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities such as home, mall, CS games, camping, hiking, cycling, cruise ships, road trips and more. Topsung’s adult walkie-talkie allows you to talk to the whole family or the whole family.Members travel partners at the same time
  • [Professional Service]: All Topsung adult transceivers are up-to-date FCC certified and can be returned and exchanged within 30 days for any reason. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email. Don’t let me down.
Two walkie-talkies for girls and boys, rechargeable, long-distance, easy-to-use walkie-talkies for adults …
Two walkie-talkies for girls and boys.Long Range Rechargeable Adult Radio, Top Song and Easy-to-Use Transceiver for Kids, Men and Women, Rechargeable Transceiver NOAA Weather Resistant Radio VOX 22 Channel Monitor
  • Two-way radio with USB charging: The rechargeable walkie-talkie comes with an original charger, a USB quick charging cable, and a rechargeable AA battery. The rechargeable AA 3000mAh battery offers high security and long service life, so you don’t have to keep buying the battery.
  • [Advanced technology]: Updated for children and adults to enjoy, and will bring happier moments to families. The easy-to-use transceiver supports many advanced features such as hands-free communication (iVOX), one-to-one communication, automatic noise suppression, automatic memory function, automatic scanning function, automatic energy saving, low battery warning and so on. Key lock, adjustable power supply, fall protection (ABS), 22 channels each with 121 privacy codes, backlit LCD screen, NOAA emergency weather alerts and more.
  • [Long-distance transceiver]The powerful transceiver supports free license and group communication. Up to 1 mile in the neighborhood, up to 4 miles in open water, and up to 16 miles from hills to valleys. Therefore, you can make long-distance calls at the same time as all your children, and there is no call charge.
  • [Playing indoors and outdoors]: HD walkie-talkie audio signals can be clearly guided through the house, allowing children to talk to their neighbors at home. Don’t worry about your child feeling lonely in the rain or at night. The FRS GMRS walkie-talkie is also ideal for indoor and outdoor family activities such as hiking, biking, boating, traveling and CS games.
  • [Join the Topsung Family]: A reliable product trusted by millions of families. We bring the ultimate entertainment to your family, whether at home or on the go. All Topsung USB transceivers are up to date with FCC certification. Therefore, it supports a quick and convenient return process that no need to reactivate or replace the service”. There is a problem. Try resetting: 1. Insert the battery. 2. Press the power button to turn off the device. 3. Press and hold the PTT button and power switch at the same time to turn on the device.
Children’s walkie-talkie WEST AYIN wesTayin, range up to 4 miles, long-range radio, 22…
WES TAYIN Children’s Transceiver wesTayin, up to 4 miles range, long range radio, 22 channels of clear sound, adult transceiver, 2 sets (green camouflage)
  • Long Range Radio 4 Miles with 22 Channels and 38 Data Protection Codes The range of long range radio 4 miles may vary depending on the environment and conditions. With a total of 836 channels and two-way wireless communication, it’s easy to find channels available for secret conversations.
  • Built-in VOX (hands-free) as voice-activated transmission (VOX) for baby monitors with three sensitivity levels for hands-free functionality. When you cook in the kitchen, you can hear your child say mother”.
  • Extended White LED Flashlight A built-in flashlight-mounted walky talkie headset illuminates your path during night events, emergencies, or power outages.
  • Compatible with any remote radio, regardless of brand, you can communicate with another outdoor headset while using the same channel and privacy code.
  • Approved quality Easy and convenient return process, no need to return 30 days a year
FLOUREON4 wireless package Wireless connection 22 channels 3000m (maximum 5000m, open field) UHF long …
FLOUREON4 Radio Package Radio 22 channels 3000m (up to 5000m in open space) Long-distance (orange) talkie UHF radio
  • [Use of Radio]This Floureon radio is equipped with a two-way FRS / GMRS radio that provides GMRS with 22-channel PMR support for accessing the FRS band and sending and receiving ID cards. Requires 3 AA batteries per unit (not included). Super long playtime; 3.5 hours of continuous work, 9 hours of standby.
  • [Remote communication]These wireless devices are installed up to 3000m (up to 5km in the open field). Bad weather, cars (iron), travel, buildings (courtyards, streets) affect the range. It is convenient to set the power to 1W.
  • [Clear sound quality, no noise]Full Oleon’s dual transceiver has clear and great sound quality made of durable and eco-friendly material. The volume can be adjusted, and clear and uniform sound can be safely received. The automatic noise canceling function attenuates background noise, so you can get clear sound even in crowded places.
  • [LCD display and night use]– Backlit LCD display, battery status indicator, belt clip, modern and compact design. The backlit LCD is useful at night because it provides a good view to make sure everything is fine. The built-in LED flashlight can be used as both a flashlight and an emergency.
  • [Friendly customer service]100% satisfied, no problem with returns. We provide friendly 7/24 customer service. Recommended for use in open areas.

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