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Sanding discs for LotFancy black and decker mouse sanding machines, 50 pieces 60 80 120 150 220 grit…
LotFancy Schwarz and Decker Mouse Sanding Discs, 50 pcs. 60 80120150220 Sandpaper Set – Palm Sandpaper, 12 Holes, Velcro Parts
  • 50 pieces.Box, 60/80/120/150/220, 13.5 cm x 9.5 cm (5-1 / 4 x 3-3 / 4 ) Sanding Pad Set, Compatible with Black Grinder Decker such as BDCMS20C, BDEMS600
  • Aluminum oxide grinding sheet with excellent properties: Durability, antistatic, clogging prevention, ideal for grinding and finishing
  • The 12 holes in the sandpaper sheet provide the most efficient dust collection and help keep the work surface clean.
  • Sandpaper backing with velcro allows quick and easy paper replacement
  • Premium resin bond system provides smooth surface and excellent particle support
FUGEN Gold 40PCS80 Grit Mouse Pad for Black Decker Mouse Pad (BDCMS20C, BDEMS600, …
JOINTS Gold 40PCS80 Grit Mouse Thunder Pad Black Decker Mouse Thunder (BDCMS20C, BDEMS600, BDAMX, etc.) and Porter Cable Mouse Thunder Mouse Mouse Sandpaper Sandpaper Sandpaper Mouse Pad Mouse Sandpaper
  • The FUGEN mouse pad is compatible with Black Decker mouse grinders (BDEMS600, BDCMS20C, BDAMX, etc.) and Porter-Cable mouse sanders. (Note: If you have a Ryobi, Craftsman, Wen, Tacklife, Hi Specs, TOPVORK, Genesis, Enertwist mouse grinder, please visit B076GVH3W9)
  • Properly placed vacuum vents for effective dust extraction. Strong Velcro (Velcro).
  • High quality aluminum oxide, fast cutting, long life. Clog prevention function.
  • Applications: Bare / painted soft and hard materials, metals, automobiles, furniture, primers, clear coats, etc.
  • Content of this article: 40 80-grit polished mouse pads
SSATC Mouse Sandpaper Mouse Sanding Pad 50PCS Mouse Detail Sandpaper 60/80/120/150/220…
SSATC Mouse Sandpaper Mouse Sanding Pad 50PCS Mouse Detail Sandpaper 60/80/120/150/220 Grit Palm Sandpaper 12 Holes Mouse Sandpaper
  • [Packaging5050mousesandpapers(10in6080120150220greens)Meettheneedsofvariousmaterialsandapplications
  • [Size]Sandpaper for grinders has a size of 135 mm x 95 mm and is suitable for 135 mm grinders.
  • [Material]The sanding pad for the mouse is made of high quality open coated aluminum oxide particles. Sandpaper is durable and antistatic, making it ideal for polishing and polishing.
  • [Application]Sandpaper for palm grinders is of coarse, medium and high quality, and is widely used for polishing and polishing metal, non-metal, wood, rubber, leather, plastic, stone, glass, etc.
  • [Details]Velcro fastener, easy and quick, durable and practical. sandpaper.
CRAFTSMAN Random Orbit Sander, 3 amps, with cord (CMEW231)
CRAFTSMAN Random Orbit Sander, 3 amps, with cord (CMEW231)
  • With 3.0A and 12,000 OPM, things can be done easily
  • High-performance dust collector with built-in dust bag and 11/4 inch connection.Vacuum hose
  • Dustproof switch improves reliability
  • (1) Includes dust bag and sandpaper samples
  • Compatible with universal hooks
AUSTOR Mouse Parts Thunder, 100 Palm Sanding Sheets Sorted by Velcro …
AUSTOR parts sander (with mouse), 100 pieces, palm sandpaper, sanding sheet with velcro fastener, various types, particle size 80/180/240/320/400/800/1000/1500/2000/3000
  • Package contents: 80/180/240/320/400/800/1000/1500/2000/3000 10 sandpapers, 100 in total
  • Abrasive: Aluminum oxide, durable and antistatic, suitable for grinding and polishing
  • Size: 140 * 90mm, suitable for pre-cut, 140mm grinders with 5 dust removal holes
  • Base: Velcro fastener, easy to apply, quick, durable, durable and practical
  • Wide range of applications: Grade 10 grit sandpaper from coarse to fine to meet almost all common polishing needs
Suitable for CNSSKJ mouse sanders, 40 mouse sanding sheets, all types of black and decker detail palm sanders …
CNSSKJ Mouse Sander, 40 Mouse Sanding Sheet Black and Decker Suitable for Details Palm Sander All Class 40 Mixed Grain 40 6080 120 Grain Black Cover Sander
  • High quality aluminum oxide particles for optimal grinding. Durable, practical and antistatic. Resin-on-resin bond for heat resistance.
  • Size: 170mm x 140mm x 95mm, 4-hole configuration, Velcro: Durable and durable, easy to install and remove.
  • Compatible with nearly 140 x 95 mm eccentric triangular sanders with velcro and velcro.
  • Target Target: These standard size mouse parts sanding sheets are suitable for 140mm sanding machines.Velcro sanding sheets make it easy to attach mouse-sanded parts to a sanding machine
  • Wide range of applications: Abrasive films for mouse parts are widely used to remove rust on metal surfaces and to polish or grind non-metal objects such as plastic, wood, rubber, leather, glass and stone.
120 packs of sandpaper for polishing parts with a mouse – 40, 60, 80, 120, 180, 240 sandpaper (20 sheets…
120 packs of sandpaper for polishing parts with a mouse – 40, 60, 80, 120, 180, 240 grit (20 each grit), velcro, 5 holes – Science Purchase
  • 120 sheets of 5-hole sanding paper for mouse grinder
  • Includes 20 sheets of the following sizes: 40, 60, 80, 120, 180, 240.
  • Made of durable and durable aluminum oxide suitable for polishing various surfaces such as wood, painted surfaces, metals and plastics.
  • Easy to attach to the parts sander, but with velcro fasteners that won’t fall off during use
  • Easy to identify – The grit number is printed on the back of each sheet
BLACK + DECKER mouse grinder, compact parts (BDEMS600)
BLACK + DECKER mouse grinder, compact parts (BDEMS600)
  • Compact size
  • Includes finger attachment and sanding pad
  • Easily fits in the smallest space
  • 3-position button for control and ease of use in many applications
  • Items included in the kit: (1) BDEMS600 mouse sander, (2) leaf sandpaper, (1) finger attachment.Tool weight: 2.8 lbs
BLACK + DECKER 20V MAX Sheet Metal Grinder (BDCMS20C)
BLACK + DECKER 20V MAX Sheet Metal Grinder (BDCMS20C)
  • Mouse grinder up to 20V
  • Its compact and ergonomic design allows access in tight corners and spaces.
  • The two-position handle provides control and ease of use in many applications.
  • Finger fasteners can be replaced in hard-to-reach places
  • Black + Decker 2-year limited warranty
Tonsiki 50 pieces 40/80/120/180/240 Abrasive particles and adhesive Grain mouth sandpaper…
Tonsiki 50 pieces 40/80/120/180/240 Grit Bond Polishing Dykes Sanding Mouse Sandpaper Sandpaper Sheet Various sanding hooks and loops for cleaning and polishing
  • [Size]6.37 inches x 3.62 inches (162 mm x 92 mm) (L x W), 0.04 inches (1 mm) (thickness), 0.19 inches (5 mm) (hole diameter)
  • [Excellent Material] The front material is high quality aluminum oxide that can support hook rings and quick connectors. Liner – Velvet paper / blade. 12 holes with a diameter of 5 mm.
  • [Wide Application] Suitable for various demanding surfaces made of metallic and non-metallic materials in furniture, automobiles, yachts and other industries, rust removal, paint removal, deburring and spot welding.
  • [Special Points] The Bellett paper and adhesive tape on the back can carry a special adhesive disc. The holes prevent clogging, are easy to handle and easy to use. The surface of the sand is sharp and exhibits high grinding performance.
  • [Excellent Quality] Excellent cutting resistance and excellent wear. Security and high efficiency. Low consumption, high performance cost, long life.

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