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iPower 7 inch exhaust fan, aluminum, high speed, 1680 rpm, 760 cc feet per minute, silver
iPower 7 inch exhaust fan, aluminum, high speed, 1680 rpm, 760 cc feet per minute, silver
  • Application: This 7-inch louver / exhaust fan helps replace air conditioning systems with garage, loft, greenhouse business, or chicken cottage cooling.
  • Installation: Easily mounted in windows or wall openings with a thermostat to optimize cooling.
  • Cooling and Ventilation: This industrial roller shutter fan can meet all your cooling and ventilation needs.
  • Aluminum Corrosion Valve: This louver fan is made of corrosion resistant aluminum roller shutters and blades. This extends the life of the fan and prevents rusting.
  • 115 V, 60 Hz, 28 W, 1680 rpm, 760 cc feet / min
HOBBY WINGESC LED Program Card Box for Platinum V1 / V2 FlyFun V5 XeRun EzRun QuicRun SeaKing…
HOBBYWING ESC Platinum Program Card Box V1 / V2 FlyFun V5 XeRun EzRun QuicRun SeaKing Series Brushless Airplane Car Boat Robot ESC
  • The LED programming block is used to program the brushless HobbyWing speed controller. The user-friendly interface makes ESC programming quick and easy.
  • Works with Platinum V1 / V2 Series FlyFun V5 XeRun EzRun QuicRun SeaKing
  • The card supports: ALL EZRUN ALL QUICRUN XERUN series (excluding V3.1, V3.1-1S, V3.1 – inventory data, XR8 Plus, XR10-Justock) Seeking series (excluding PRO-160A) Platinum V1 / Helion V2 vehicle
  • Not supported: Platinum V3 Series FlyFun Series Skywalker Series
  • A programming accessory for the HobbyWing brushless speed controller.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
CNC milled single speed wolf gear in different colors made of aluminum (black, 18T)
CNC milled aluminum wolf tooth single speed gear in different colors (black, 18T)
  • 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • CNC processing
  • Made in USA
BETAFPVX-Night 4inch 4S Brushless Toothpick Drone TBS Crossfire Toothpick F4AIO20AFC…
BETA FPVX-Knight 4inch 4S Brushless Toothpick Drone TBS Crossfire F4AIO20A Toothpick FC3600KV 1505 Motor CaddxRatel Camera A01VTXFPV Racing Quad
  • [F4AIO 20A Toothpick FC]The first quadcopter is equipped with the AIO20A Toothpick FC, which can process a continuous current of 20A (25A pulse) and consistently demonstrates a high level of performance at an ultra-lightweight 6.63g.
  • [15053600KVmotorandstand■15053600KV4Sbrushlessmotorisinstalledtomaintaintheshaftdesignwithadiameterof15mminsteadofthescrewshaftandrealizeweightreductionPerfectlycompatiblewithHQ40252BladeTyne
  • [Camera and Canopy]The Caddx Ratel camera is equipped with a high quality 1 / 1.18 inch HDR sensor that provides up to 0.0001 lux sensitivity. The Mini V3 hood is specially designed for 19-20mm cameras that use an injection molding process and a polyethylene material that is much stronger than the original dome.
  • [X-Knight 4-inch frame]Suitable for T700 carbon X-Knight 4-inch frame.Very durable with a minimum weight of 24.43g
  • [Recommended Battery]The X-Knight FPV Toothpick Quadcopter is a lightweight 4-inch drone that supports 4S power. A BETA FPV 850mAh 4S battery with an XT60 connector is recommended for this powerful ATV.
HOODMART high speed restaurant exhaust fan with direct drive 1000cc / min, 1/4 hp, 115 V, single phase
HOOD MART high speed direct drive restaurant exhaust fan 1000cc / min, 1/4 HP, 115V, single phase
  • Variable speed direct drive exhaust fan, recommended for 4-5 inch hood sizes, compatible with 17.5 x17.5” curbs
  • Exhaust fan technical data: 0.5 SP, 1/4 PS, 1 phase, 115 V, 1000 ccm Ft / min with on / off switch – weatherproof housing
  • Thick aluminum housing, aluminum protective cap, quick release hood lock
  • The pipe stand is windproof, the integrated drain and the motor bearings are permanently lubricated
  • Fans made in the United States with a one-year warranty are rated for use in restaurants and are listed in UL762.
BETAFPV HX115 HD3-4S Toothpick Quadcopter and TBS Crossfire F42-4S AIO12A Toothpick FC…
BETAFPV HX115 HD3-4S Toothpick Quadcopter and TBS Crossfire F42-4S AIO12A Toothpick FC25-200mW Switchable A01VTX 1105 5000KV Motor Micro RC Drone
  • [F42-4S Toothpick FC]The HX115 Toothpick Drone is the first series of carbon fiber drones with a new AIO Toothpick FC layout. Ideal for compact structures, with a miniature stacking height.Equipped with a powerful STM32F411CEU processor and an optimized Betaflight MATEK F411 (MK41) that provides more power on the 2-4S
  • [HD Camera]Caddx Baby Turtle and Runcam Split 3 Nano Camera will be shipped randomly.Ultra-lightweight HD 1080P / 60fps recording with FPV camera with sharp WDR
  • [T700 Carbon Frame]The new design, R0.5 bevel, 4.2mm thick HX115 T700 carbon base frame is lightweight, extremely durable and beautiful to look at. It uses an improved T700 carbon fiber material that is more impact resistant than the original T300 frame.
  • [11055000kV motor]Equipped with a 11055000kV motor with a reinforced cable connector suitable for 3-4S power supply, providing unmatched traction and control performance.
  • [Batteries and props are recommended]The HX1105 supports 3-4S batteries. It has enough strength and power to do all the tricks and flips you want. The recommended power combination is the 3030 leg with a 3S 450mAh battery and the 3020 leg with a 4S 450mAh battery. Note: Do not use 30303 blade struts with a 4 second battery. This can increase power consumption and burn the motor.
Zipp 3ZERO Moto 27.5 inch carbon boost wheel slate / stealth, front, 6 screws
Zipp 3ZERO Moto 27.5 inch carbon boost wheel slate / stealth, front, 6 screws
  • Rim material: UniStitch carbon
  • Wheel size: 27.5 inches
  • Tire type: Tubeless
  • Rim depth: 14.8 mm
  • Rim width: [internal] 30mm、 [external] 37.5 mm
BETAFPV 4pcs 1805 2550KV 4S F4 AIO 35A FC Toothpick 4S Brushless FPV Motor Sports Motor…
BETA FPV 4pcs 1805 2550KV 4S F4 Brushless FPV Motorsport Motor AIO35A Tooth Pick FC4S Brushless Drone 4-5inch Quadcopter Racing Tooth Pick Drone
  • [Power]Brushless motor 18052550KV is a lightweight motor suitable for 4S power systems. Ideal for 4-5 drones. TWIGET5 FPV drone and X-Knight 4”.
  • [FC and legs]Toothpick F435A AIO FC and 5125/5020 propeller are the best combination with a motor. Provides great power effects to pilots during FPV races
  • [Mountinghole/Originalmounting51805motoradopts15mmshaftdesigninsteadofscrewshaftforweightreductionThismeansthatyou’llneedM2screwstosecureyourfootbutmost4-inchfeetaresecuredwithcommerciallyavailablenuts
  • [Weight and Cable]Lightweight – 16.1 g / piece, 100 mm 24 AWG cable included, no pre-soldering connection.Pilots get the best cutting and soldering experience
  • [Package and Support]You will receive four 18052550KV motors with one set of M2 screws.If you have any problems with our products, please contact us via” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”5f2c2a2f2f302d2b6f6b1f3d3a2b3e392f29713c3032″ rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>[email protected]
540 brushless 4-pole motor including HobbyStar 1/10 combo, 60A ESC, programming card – 3100KV
HobbyStar 1/10 Combo, 60 A ESC, 540 Brushless 4-Pole Motor (Includes Program Card) – 3100 kV
  • Complete drivetrain with brushless HobbyStar60A ESC, brushless 540 motors and compatible LED program cards. With a maximum torque 4-pole motor, this combination is ideal for a wide range of 1:10 scale vehicles from 2WD to 4WD.
  • The HobbyStar 60A Brushless ESC is a breathtaking all-round speed controller that combines many features into one without losing money. Smooth operation, integrated BEC, many settings with LED program card. Even at 12AWG, the silicon wire is already soldered (4.0mm round plug for motor cable and Dean-T plug for power cable).
  • Output: Continuous 60A, Pulse 380A Input: 4-9 cells NiMH / NiCd or 2-3S LiPo BEC: 6V / 2A Impedance: 0.0007 ohms Supported motors: Brushless sensorless application: 1/12, 1/10 (car and 1/10) (Not SUV) Recommended for very heavy 4×4 applications) Programmable elements: Motor control, initial acceleration, operating mode, brake%, brake mechanism, cutoff voltage, throttle valve limit, motor rotation and neutral range size: 34 mm (L) x 28 mm (W)) x 25 m (H) Weight: 60 g (without wire)
  • The HobbyStar 540 4-pole brushless sensorless motor is ideal when you need a powerful power plant with high torque. The beautifully machined T6 billet aluminum case contains a 4-pole, 12-slot high torque rotor that operates at high speeds with large ABEC5 bearings. This makes it a powerful and reliable engine for 1:10 scale vehicles. Comes with a motor cable that already has a 4.0mm spigot installed. Full motor characteristics are shown in the image in the figure.
  • Motor Features: Billet 6061 T6 4-pole 12-slot design and high torque CNC machined aluminum can High-purity copper winding for maximum efficiency High-performance, large ABEC5 bearings High-precision balance for smooth operation and maximum speed Rotor Ultra Slim (0.2 mm) Stator Laminate Detachable / replaceable precision machined rotor for maximum energy conversion
TarotTL3T053D IV GOPRO5RC Brushless metal FPV gimbal for multicopter
TarotTL3T053D IV GOPRO5RC Brushless metal FPV gimbal for multicopter
  • Developed specifically for GoPro Hero5.
  • Cardan speed is adjustable.
  • The gimbal supports PF mode and FPV mode.
  • High-precision drive algorithm for accurate motor control.
  • Suitable for installation in RC quadcopters and multicopters.

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