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BONAOK wireless karaoke microphone with Bluetooth, portable 3-in-1 hand karaoke microphone …
BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone, Portable Handheld Karaoke Microphone 3-in-1, Christmas Party at Home for Android / iPhone / PC or All Smartphones (Q37 Rose Gold)
  • [Special Design]– The excellent design of the karaoke microphone fits snugly in your hand and makes you feel more comfortable. The built-in high quality Bluetooth module can be used as a speaker, player, recorder and is compatible with various vocal applications.
  • [Bidirectional connection]– Bluetooth connection and wired connection. All you have to do is connect your phone via cable or bluetooth and open the app to sing on your phone.With built-in clear sounds and vivid sound effects, you can listen and sing anytime, anywhere.
  • [High compatibility]– Supports up to 32GB micro SD card (not included) and song switcher. Bluetooth connection distance (10m)
  • [Ease of use]-A multifunctional button that allows you to easily switch to another model, adjust the volume, sing, and play music. With the Echo Model, our karaoke microphones can immerse you in the atmosphere. The USB port allows you to connect a USB and convert this magical object to MP3 for direct playback.
  • [BONAOK Battery]– Rechargeable 2600 mAh Lithium Battery (18650) provides longer working time. Faster charging, longer life.
Singing Machine SMM-205 10-foot unidirectional dynamic microphone.Code, black
Singing Machine SMM-205 10-foot unidirectional dynamic microphone.Code, black
  • No batteries required
  • Karaoke accessories
  • One-way dynamic microphone.Product Dimensions – 2.0 W x 2.0 D x 8.9 inches
  • Wide frequency response and high sensitivity
  • Note. When using the product, make sure the music player is turned on and the input jacks are working properly. The microphone cable must be properly connected to the device to avoid interference and problems. Also, make sure the power is on.
Folded wireless UHF 2-channel handheld microphone, easy-to-use wireless karaoke microphone …
Fifine UHF dual channel wireless handheld microphone, easy-to-use wireless karaoke microphone system-K036
  • Range of operation: 80-foot UHF radio microphones are less susceptible to interference than VHF microphones. It is a reliable signal and the sound is not interrupted during use.
  • Three singers can sing karaoke together. 1/4 inch input for optional wireless microphone (not included, but found in Fifine). Individual volume control for each wireless microphone. Great for karaoke, parties, schools and churches.
  • Adjustable echo effect. It is permissible to mix microphone and music signals without using a mixer. A compact metal receiver that is more resistant to interference than a plastic receiver. This wireless microphone system saves space at home and can be carried on the go.
  • Proven cables provide flexibility in connection. 1 x 1/4 audio cable (L: 39 ), 1 x 3.5 mm audio cable (L: 59), 1 x 3.5 mm cinch audio cable (L: 59 ). It can be used for various purposes such as karaoke microphones and speaking microphones.
  • What you can get: 1 wireless receiver, 2 handheld microphones, 3 audio cables, 1 power cord, helpful tutorial videos, friendly customer service.
Karaoke microphone, slim dynamic vocal microphone for speakers, wired portable microphone with on / off …
Karaoke mic, slim dynamic speaker mic, wired handheld mic with on / off switch, removable 14.8ft cable – K6
  • CARDIOIDDYNAMIC MICROPHONE mic with cardioid polar pattern that enhances amplification while minimizing feedback. Ideal for live performances that require noise canceling. Therefore, handheld microphones are essential for presentations, weddings, conferences, churches, interviews and solo performances.
  • Flat, wide range – Smooth frequency response from 50 to 18 kHz, ideal for high sound pressure levels. Suitable for slang speeches, songs, and various musical instruments. Dynamic microphones are ideal because there are no power requirements. For live applications.
  • OPTIMAL VOICE INTELLIGENCE – This is a vocal microphone that provides clear sound, accurate speech, and low distortion for voice reproduction with excellent clarity. Suitable for leisure activities such as singing, karaoke, house parties and indoor and outdoor performances.
  • You can directly use karaoke microphones for speakers and amplifiers with 1/4 XLR CABLE INCLUDED – 1/4” microphone jacks. Shielded with double rod PVC, it is thick enough for transparent, transparent and lossless sound transmission. It’s 14.8 feet long enough to move freely, so you can focus on your work.
  • Powerful and reliable metal design – dynamic speaker microphone, durable, easy to use, hand-friendly size and shape, perfect for public speaking. Built-in pop filter to protect against explosives. External on / off. Turn it on for convenient audio control.
Moukey Dynamic Cardioid Home Karaoke Microphone, 13ft XLR Cable, Metal Hand Microphone, Cable…
Moukey Dynamic Cardioid Home Karaoke Microphone, Metal Handheld Microphone with 13’XLR Cable, Vocal Cable / PA Speaker / Amplifier / Mixer / Karaoke Machine Speech / Wedding / Stage – Gray (MWm-5)
  • Omnidirectional: Picks up only your voice and separates background noise from the main source. It’s suitable for a variety of vocal applications, such as singing, talking, and playing live (Note: it makes noise when connected to a computer).
  • Dynamic: Robust design, very lightweight, very durable. Wide frequency range of 50-18kHz. High gain before feedback.
  • Non-slip mesh head: Prevents the microphone from slipping off various table tops.
  • 6.35 to 3.5 mm plug adapter: Comes with a 6.35 mm (3.5 inch) to 3.5 mm TS plug for connecting additional devices.
  • Long XLR cable: There is a 4m long cable for long distances. No longer distracting due to the limited wire length.Compatible with karaoke, amplifiers, mixers, PA speakers, and systems
BlueFire Wireless 4-in-1 Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone (with LED Light), Portable Microphone …
BlueFire Wireless 4-in-1 Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone with LED Light, Kids Portable Microphone, Best Gift Toy for Kids, Girls, Boys and Adults (Pink)
  • [4-in-1 Karaoke Microphone]The portable handheld wireless microphone can be used as a microphone, Bluetooth speaker, speaker, and recording device. Mini home KTV for singing music and songs at any time.
  • [Sound quality and high compatibility]A professional audio processor and tuning system, and three stages of noise reduction provide a great KTV live sound environment and great echo reverb.
  • [Two connection methods]3.5mm audio jack and Bluetooth connection The wireless karaoke microphone can be easily connected to an Android iPhone / phone / tablet / tablet / PC via a Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio jack. You can also use the microphone by inserting a TF card.
  • [Long-term use]This wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone with built-in 2400mAh lithium-ion battery will operate for more than 5-6 hours after being fully charged.
  • [Best Gift]A unique gift that can be enjoyed by children and adults, a perfect gift for Christmas, celebrations and parties. 1 year warranty: Feel free to contact us anytime via Amazon message.
Compatible with TONOR dynamic singing karaoke mics, 5.0 m XLR cables, portable metal mics …
TONOR Dynamic Singing Karaoke Microphone (with 5.0m XLR Cable), Metal Handheld Microphone Compatible with Karaoke Machines / Speakers / Amplifiers / Mixers for Karaoke Songs, Performances, Weddings, Stages, Outdoor Activities
  • Dynamic Cardioid Microphones: TONOR’s wired dynamic microphones feature a cardioid pattern for increased amplification while minimizing background feedback. Ideal for karaoke, stage performances, weddings, churches, interviews, etc.
  • Premium construction: The all-metal construction guarantees a long life. This dynamic TONOR mic is made of high quality full metal for durability and high impact resistance.
  • Ease of use: No battery required for operation. External on / off switch for easy audio control (push-up on, push-down off). When you’re not using the microphone, you can use a switch to turn it off without disconnecting the cable.
  • 15ft XLR to 1/4 cable: You can use your karaoke microphone directly with your speakers, amplifier, or mixer. The excellent design of the microphone cable allows you to isolate external electromagnetic interference and make the sound transmission clearer.
  • What’s Available: The TONOR Wired Dynamic Microphone includes everything you need – one mic, one XLR cable, one foam mic cover, and one instruction manual.
BONAOK wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone with controlled LED lights, portable handheld …
BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone, Controlled LED Light, Portable Handheld Karaoke Speaker Home Party Android / iPhone / PC or All Smartphones Christmas Birthday (Q78Rose Gold)
  • [4-in-1 Karaoke Microphone]-In addition to the wireless microphone, the BONAOK microphone can be used as a speaker and recording device with a bright LED backlight.
  • [Controlled Dynamic LED Lights]– Music ~ BONAOK The 48 bright LED lights of the microphone flash in rhythm. More volume, brighter light. Press and hold M” to blink the LED.
  • Great Live Show – Noise canceling, powerful speakers, multi-layer heads with professional buttons, everything you can enjoy at the Sound Carnival.
  • [Ease of use]– BONAOK Karaoke Microphone can be easily connected to your mobile phone anywhere via Bluetooth. You will love this speaker.
  • [BONAOK Battery]– Rechargeable 2600 mAh Lithium Battery (18650) provides longer working time. Faster charging, longer life.
TONOR radio mic, metal dual professional UHF radio mic with dynamic mic …
TONOR Wireless Microphone, Home Karaoke, Conference, Party, Church, DJ, Wedding, KTV Home Kit, Metal Dual Dual Dual Professional UHF Wireless Microphone with Dynamic Microphone for 200ft (TW-820)
  • Clear and Perfect Sound Quality: With professional dynamic cardioid capsules, your system can reproduce better, clearer, clearer and richer sound, eliminating background noise and howling. Great for karaoke, KTV at home, big parties, DJs, weddings and classes.
  • Improved signal stability: With 15 adjustable frequencies per UHF mic and a wide open space transmission range (60 m), you can use up to 15 devices simultaneously without worrying about interference.
  • Durable and Durable Material: All-metal microphones with steel grills are especially impact and corrosion resistant. The receiver box has a separate volume control for each wireless microphone.
  • Ease of use: Simply switch on the receiver and microphone and they will match automatically. Note: Not compatible with laptops, iPads, mobile phones and AV receivers. Two AA batteries are required for each microphone (not included).
  • Available: 2 handheld mics, 1 receiver, 2 non-slip rings, 1 1/4 inch audio cable, 2 mic covers, 1 manual.
Wireless microphone, wireless dual portable dynamic UHF microphone with rechargeable battery …
Wireless microphone, UHF wireless dual portable dynamic microphone system with rechargeable receiver, 160 ft range, 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) plug, for karaoke, audio amplifier, sound system, sound machine, church
  • ★ Latest Wireless Karaoke Microphone System: Built-in high-sensitivity professional dynamic microphone extends transmission range up to 50m. ★ Signal stability ★ No delay ★ No radiation ★ Howl prevention ★ Constant frequency ★ Distortion
  • ★ Easy-to-use microphone: Plug and play, no pair required. ★ Equipped with 1/4 (1/4”) to 3.5 mm (1/8 ) TRS converter for MIC and 1/4” (1/4 ) to 3.5 mm TRRS adapter cable (1/8 inch) Wireless My Cloud Speakers, Singing Machines, Audio Amplifiers, Loudspeaker Systems, Voice Amplifiers, etc. Connect only microphone sockets for streaming media. Connect PC / Apple iPhone / Android phones, laptops, etc. using TRRS cable. ★ Disable AUX connection. ★ MacBook is not supported.
  • ★ Battery and display: The microphone does not come with a battery. We recommend using two AA alkaline batteries from Amazon. The rechargeable receiver has a built-in 650mAh battery, rated for 4 hours and fully charged for 3 hours. ★ The display can show the battery power and signal strength in real time. There is no need to worry about sudden stops.
  • ★ Professional Dynamic 2-Channel Microphone: Built-in moving coil microphone widely used for conferences, performances, web podcasts, YouTube recordings, outdoor recordings, yoga teachers, churches, conferences, family parties, opening ceremonies, dance teachers, promotions, games, etc. .. ● If you want to use multiple microphones at the same time, change the channel (● Part 4, Advanced Features of Note B” (page 8)). Otherwise, you may not hear noise or sound.
  • ★ Advanced connection and after sale. If there is no sound in the microphone, make sure the microphone and receiver have enough power. Connect the MIC jack instead of the AUX jack. We offer a one-year warranty and a free replacement. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be the largest brand in the United States. Bluetooth speakers and MacBook are not supported.

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