metal amp heads

Guitar Amp Valeton TAR-20G Amp Pedal Platform Studio Desktop with CAB SIM
Guitar Amp Valeton TAR-20G Amp Pedal Platform Studio Desktop with CAB SIM
  • A pure analog preamp design with a very wide range of sounds, from perfect sounds to classic British, crispy sounds, and thunderous high gains.
  • maximum. 20 W pure semiconductor output power, rich and harmonious tone tube amp-like noise and reaction
  • Phone with AUX IN and cabin simulator for connecting directly to an audio interface or loudspeaker system
  • A vast built-in hall.FX loop for connecting other effects
  • 8/16 ohm compatible speaker output
Orange MD20 Micro Dark 20W Mini Guitar Head Amp, Instrument Cable and Austin …
Complete with Orange MD20 Micro Dark 20 Watt Mini Guitar Amp Head, Instrument Cable, Austin Bazaar Polished Cloth
  • Valve / solid state hybrid design
  • Shape control
  • Loop buffer effect
  • Headphone output CabSim
  • Power output: maximum 20W
Electronic head of low frequency amplifier TC (BAM200)
Electronic head of low frequency amplifier TC (BAM200)
  • Portable 200W Micro Bass Amp for Stage and Studio
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight design for maximum mobility
  • State-of-the-art Class D amp technology for incredible power and sound performance
  • Electronic TC preamp for the sound and feel of a real tube amp
  • The 3-band EQ section gives you full control over sound shaping
Randall RD20H Diavlo series amplifier
Randall RD20H Diavlo series amplifier
  • 20 watts
  • 2 channel all tubes
  • 2 function foot switch
Marshall Amp Guitar Amp Head (M-DSL1HR-U)
Marshall Amp Guitar Amp Head (M-DSL1HR-U)
  • Adjustable output power
  • reverberation
  • Emulated Softube output
  • Mute mode
  • 2 x ECC83 and 1 ECC82
Marshall amplifier with guitar amplifier head (M-DSL100HR-U)
Marshall amplifier with guitar amplifier head (M-DSL100HR-U)
  • Gain and volume per channel. Special resonance control. Two separate volume controls
  • reverberation.High power and low power settings
  • Two separate volume controls
  • Emulated Softube output
  • 4 ECC83 valves and 4 EL34 valves
Marshall Amp Marshall Origin 50W, with FX loop and boost (M-ORI50H-U)
Marshall Amp Marshall Origin 50W, with FX loop and boost (M-ORI50H-U)
  • 50W all valve head
  • Switchable output power: high, medium, low
  • Tilt Control – A combination of bright and normal sounds
  • Effects loop and amp with footswitch
  • 3 x ECC83 preamp, 2 x EL34 output section
Peavey 6505 Mini Guitar Amp
Peavey 6505 Mini Guitar Amp
  • Two EL84 amps and three x12 AX7 / ECC83 preamp tubes
  • 2-channel with footswitch and 3-band EQ
  • Switchable rhythm channel crunch
  • Hall with foot switch
  • Footswitch buffered effects loop
Orange CR120H2CH crash head
Orange CR120H2CH crash head
  • 2-channel digital reverb clean channel control: volume, bass, treble volume control Dirty channel: volume, bass, middle, treble, gain control: volume and reverb 120W
JOYO JACKMAN-II (JCM800) Mini Head 20W BanTamp XL Series 2-Channel Hybrid Vacuum Tube Guitar …
JOYO JACKMAN-II (JCM800) Mini Amp Head 20W 2-Channel Hybrid Tube Guitar Amp, BanTamp XL Series (with Bluetooth) (Red)
  • The BanTamP XL series has a footswitch for switching channels, allowing you to control six controls, especially two channels independently of each other. Now you have better control over the volume of the CLEAN and DISTORTION channels, and you can also adjust the GAIN and TONE independently.
  • Jackman has to fill some huge boots and can achieve the same drive sound with moderate gain that perfectly responds to playing and guitar volume. Like classic rock monsters, Jackman needs a little help to move on.
  • JACKMAN also has a CLEAN channel for excellent pedal control. This makes him flexible and a good helper in many situations where your big” head is simply irrational. Use a TS pedal (such as JOYO Green Legend or Vintage Overdrive) to drive to a higher gain range and listen to singing.
  • The amp operates on a single 12AX7 tube preamp and uses a solid state power amp. FX loops allow you to place timing effects (or phasers, flangers, choruses) behind the drive area and keep the effects sharp so they don’t get too muddy.
  • Cherry on the Cake – Bluetooth connection is perfect for practicing and learning songs with PlayAlongs. Warning, the amp is small but loud … its 20 watts is very low. If you want to practice quietly, use the built-in headphone output with speaker emulation.

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