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Waterproof 8 Group Rocker Switch Panel – 12V / 24V Digital Display, Supplied via Two 5V USB Connections…
Waterproof 8 Group Rocker Switch Panel – 12V / 24V Digital Voltage Display, DC Socket with Two 5V USB Sockets, Blue LED with Fuse and Cigarette Writer Plug, Great for Boats
  • [8 Gang Rocker Switch Panel] – This model has a 5 V USB 3.1A charging adapter + 12 V cigarette writer socket (including cigarette bat) + 12 V DC charging socket (DC plug not included) + digital voltmeter + blue LED display There is a function.
  • [Real-time Monitoring] – The digital voltmeter display helps the user pay attention to the voltage situation and ensure the safety of the device. The blue light makes it convenient for maneuvering in the dark. Proper maintenance extends and protects battery and motor life.
  • [Multi-Protection] – High performance ABS plastic bezel. IP65 waterproof. 15A fuse for short circuit / overload protection and reverse polarity protection. The high-density waterproof cover has significantly improved water penetration.
  • [Widely Apply] – 12V / 24V 8 boat switchboards are suitable for caravan applications in cars, boats, trucks and yachts. The ultra-thin, flexible bezel keeps the back of the cabin clean and requires less wiring.
  • [Easy to Install] – If you use a pre-wired cable, simply connect the hotline to the 5th pin of the switch. Then all the red and blue wires are connected to the cathode and the black and yellow wires are connected to the anode.
6 Group Rocker Switch Panel-Waterproof JOYHO Fuse Panel, Digital Voltmeter, Dual USB …
6 Group Rocker Switch Panel-Waterproof JOYHO Fuse Panel, Digital Voltmeter Display, Double USB Charging Port, 12 V DC Socket, Marine RV Truck Boat 12/24 V Switch, Blue Light
  • Waterproof IP65: The JOYHO 6 control panel has a drip-proof surface, a waterproof cap, a rubber drain ring and a seal. You don’t have to worry about water when you’re on a boat or boat.
  • Excellent Design: The all-in-one pre-wired vehicle design can be used to drive any vehicle, bus, boat, truck, and touring vehicle yourself. The blue LED light switch and reminder light do not turn on at night.
  • Fully functional: 6 ON-OFF rocker switches, 5 pins and 2 blue LEDs, 12 V socket, 2.1 A / 5 V dual USB charger for connecting phones, tablets, cameras, GPS, wireless headphones and more. You can easily charge the digital display voltmeter and monitor the vehicle voltage from 6 to 30V.
  • Multi-layer protection: 3 15A fuses – output short circuit, overload, reverse polarity protection. Safe kickback protection, very easy to use. Pre-wiring to protect switches and functional devices. No additional connections are required.
  • Quantitative Warranty: All switches come with an industry-leading 12-month warranty. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, use the 30-day money-back guarantee No Questions”.
Nilight6 Gang 5 Pin ON / OFF Rocker Switch Panel, 12V-24V LED Digital Voltmeter 3.1A…
Nilight6 Gang 5 Pin ON / OFF Rocker Switch Panel, 12V-24V LED Digital Voltmeter 3.1A Dual USB Charger, Cigarette Writer Overload Protection for RV Truck SUV, 2 Year Warranty
  • Includes multifunction switch panel 6. /off.5-pole rocker switch 12V cigarette socket 5V / 21A and 5V / 1A dual USB charging port with blue LED 6 circuit breaker for overload protection and digital voltmeter, ideal for all types of circuit control, charging and voltage monitoring
  • Pre-wired control panel with wiring instructions, mounting screws, and multifunction stickers for self-organization according to your requirements
  • Suitable for short circuit / overheat protection, built-in overload protection, most 12-24V DC vehicles, UTV / ATV trucks, trailers, caravans, buses, ocean vessels, yachts, aircraft and more.
  • Great for your car.The universal design of the durable ABS plastic bezel can be used to independently control any electrical equipment
  • Package includes 6 groups of rocker switch panels and DIY stickers
Boat waterproof rocker switch panel WUPP, 8-pin, 3-pin, overload protection LED …
WUPP Boat Rocker Switch Panel Waterproof 8 Group 3 Pin Breaker Overload Protection DC12 / 24V LED Switch Panel Marine RV Trailer Aluminum On / Off Switch, Christmas Gift Ideas
  • ❶ Overload protection – 4 5A rocker switch panels for outdoor and offshore operation, 2 10A and 2 15A 8 speed rubber rocker switch panels, short circuit / overheat protection.The circuit breaker panel automatically shuts off the power to keep your appliances safe.
  • ❷ Easy installation – The panels are pre-wired, so most of the work is already done. Just attach it to the switch hole with a screw. The elaborately finished LED switch panel can be installed horizontally or vertically (horizontally optional)
  • ❸ National Approval Criteria – WUPP rocker switch panel for ships with Rhos, UL and CE certification.The best waterproof protection class IP65 protects from rain and water
  • ❹ High quality material – made of ABS, PC, PBT, high and low temperature resistant, flame retardant, environmental protection, can withstand temperatures of 25-80 degrees
  • ❺ Widely applicable – WUPP 8-seater control panels for boats are common to most 12-24 V vehicles, trailers, buses, caravans, boats, steamers, sailboats, yachts, oceangoes, mobile homes and more. To our customer support service.
WATERWICH Marine boat car 8-speed on-off ignition 3-pole waterproof rocker switch panel …
WATERWICH Marine Boat Car 8 Speed ​​Ignition On / Off 3 Pin Waterproof Rocker Switch Panel 12V / 24V Circuit Breaker Blue LED Display (For Camper Truck Trailer Yacht ATV) (8 Speed ​​Blue)
  • 1. Multi-function control panel set: Includes 8 DIP switches with blue LED rubber seal, 8 circuit breakers, 4 10A, 4 15A, ideal for all types of power control. The circuit breaker automatically shuts off the power, which helps save power. The device is safe. The lights are on individually and only when this switch is on.
  • 2. With a multifunctional DIY sticker for your special needs, the new clear PC sticker can display words at night. A set of 20 labels (for 20 different applications), high quality scratch and corrosion resistant plates with rubberized plugs on all sockets, dust and antifouling agents.
  • 3. The RED cable is connected to the positive terminal of the battery. The BLACK cable is connected to the negative electrode of the battery. METAL PLACE is connected to the positive electrode of all electrical equipment. Operating temperature: Can also be used at -25 ° (minimum) or 80 ° (maximum) IP67. Waterproof and absolutely environmentally friendly.
  • 4. Easy to install and can be installed horizontally or vertically. The panel comes with pre-wired instructions and wiring instructions. Fixing screws and a series of labels. Available in eight electric off-state devices with synchronous control, marine design and IP65 water resistance.
  • 5. Short circuit / overheat protection: Built-in overload protection suitable for most 12V-24V DC vehicles, UTV / ATV, trucks, trailers, RVs, caravans, buses, seaboats, yachts, planes, etc. The control system tests each item before shipping and guarantees 100% in good condition.
FXC Marine Boat 6 Group Waterproof rocker switch with 2 USB sockets and cigarettes …
FXC Marine Boat Waterproof Rocker Switch Panel 6 Group Dual USB Socket + Cigarette Writer + LED Light for Digital Voltage Display for Campers, Cars, Trucks (6 Group, Green Light)
  • Nice design, perfect for your car, sturdy ABS plastic face plate. IP67 waterproof, approved: CE certified, completely eco-friendly.
  • Electrical life: 10,000 on / off cycle at full load, 3.1 A, dual USB (2.1 A + 1 A). Voltmeter reading: 6-28 V, cigarette lighter socket output voltage: 12-24 V.
  • Rocker switch 6PC with green LED, loop circuit: ON-OFF 12V-24V. Panel size: 18 x 12 x 9 cm.
  • Easy to install and durable. Through a strict quality control system, we test all items to make sure they are in 100% good condition before shipping.
  • 1 year quality guarantee for regular use. If you have any questions about technology, installation, or usage when using customer service, please feel free to contact us.
Amarine 8 Section Aluminum LED Rocker Arm and Circuit Breaker Manufactured by Waterproof Boat Control Panel Rv…
Amarine 8-speed Aluminum LED Rocker Arm Circuit Breaker Waterproof Marine Boat Rv Switch Panel AM62-PN-LB8Z
  • The elegant and modern design is perfect for your machine.High quality made of aluminum
  • With water resistant rubber stopper, ideal for ships
  • Overload protection, splash protection, corrosion protection with circuit breakers
  • Easy to install and can be installed horizontally or vertically (horizontal is optional)
  • Suitable for 12V and 24V systems.Pre-wired panel, set of 45 labels (for 45 applications), with 6 stainless steel screws
MKING 5 pin 3 gang / 4 gang / 6 gang auto marine boat RV circuit LED toggle switch panel…
MKING 5 Pin 3 Gang / 4 Gang / 6 Gang Auto Marine Boat Circuit RV LED Toggle Switch Toggle Switch Control Panel Voltmeter Dual USB RV Auto Boat Blue / Red / Green Light
  • 1. ✪ ✪ Important Note]: Please note that due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States, this product will be shipped within 4 to 28 business days after purchase. The actual delivery time is decisive.
  • 2. Nice design, perfect for your machine, dual USB 3.1A (2.1A + 1A). Panel size: 183 * 120 * 75 mm (7.20 x 47.24” x 2.95 )
  • 3, marine switch panel, circuit breaker, constant current marine LED panel. Black; Hole size: 167 x 104 mm (6.57 x 4.09 )
  • 4. Strict quality control system for all 12V-24V vehicles, buses, trailers, boats and ocean-going vessels. We test all items to make sure they are in 100% good condition before shipping.
  • 5. Easy to install and durable. Practical product quality check If you are not satisfied, please contact us.
Geloo Marine Boat Switch Panel 68 Rocker Switch, Waterproof 12V, Blue LED…
Geloo Marine Boat Switch Panel 68 Rocker Switch Waterproof 12V, Blue LED Aluminum Panel ON-OFF 5 Pin Plug for Camper (8 Gang Blue)
  • 8 Gang Backlit Blue Aluminum Rocker Switch Panels, these switches are unlabeled and you can assign the switches according to your requirements. Ideal for wire harnesses used to control lighting such as LED light strips, LED work lights, fog lights, headlights, taillights and additional light bulbs.
  • Equipped with a control panel fuse, it is easy to replace and protects the control panel from overheating, overcurrent, overcharging and short circuit. DC12V / 24V switch.
  • Pre-wired panel combinations, DIY stickers, screws, manuals. Easy to install and durable.
  • The input voltage of the aluminum plate is 12 to 24V, and 12 to 24V can be installed and used on all ships, and the range of application is very wide.
  • The switchboard of a ship can be used in an environment with a minimum temperature of -25 degrees and a maximum temperature of 80 degrees.
Rocker Switch Panel FXC 12V Voltmeter Cigarette Socket Dual USB Charging Adapter…
FXC Boat Rocker Control Panel 12V Voltmeter Cigarette Socket Dual USB Charging Adapter Hidden Waterproof Control Panel, 6 Switch Black RV For Car Marine
  • ★ 6 rocker switches with blue LED lighting and rubber stickers for outdoor and sea use. Protected from short circuits / overheating.
  • ★ 12V cigarette socket and 4.2A dual USB charger for all types of charging.
  • ★ Suitable for 12V / 24V systems, the panel is pre-wired and contains 4 stainless steel screws.
  • ★ IP67 waterproof, Rhos and CE certified, completely eco-friendly.
  • ★ Product dimensions: 18 cm x 11 cm x 6.3 cm (7.08 inches x 4.33 inches x 2.52 inches), pouchforium size: 15 cm x 8.5 cm (5.9 inches x 3.35 inches) inches).

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