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US Toy US Toy One Jumbo 9 Plastic Magnifier, Black
US Toy US Toy One Jumbo Plastic Magnifier 9inch, Black
  • Jumbo magnifying glass
  • Product packaging may differ from the photo
  • Also, Halloween accessories and props
  • Add an inspector or detective to your clothes
Handheld Magnifier Kadaon 10X Antique Mahogany Handle Reading Magnifier…
Kadaon 10X handheld magnifier with antique mahogany grip magnifier for reading books, inspections, coins, insects, stones, cards and crossword puzzles
  • The 3.2-inch 10x handheld magnifier adds sharpness and clarity, making it suitable for displaying small prints and objects.
  • Great for jewelry upgrades, painting, engraving, sewing, stamping, sewing, small hardware repairs, reading fine printed matter on bottles and more.
  • Handheld magnifier, removable handle, optical lens, gold frame
  • This magnifying glass can be used to focus the light. For example, focus solar radiation to create a hotspot of focus that ignites a fire.
  • The best gift for the elderly and children.
Wapodeai Safety Magnifier 4x Portable Reading Magnifier for the Elderly and Children, 75mm…
Wapodeai Anti-scattering magnifier 4x portable reading magnifier Large 75mm magnifier with non-slip rubber grip for reading and hobbies for seniors and children
  • [Clear Actual Glass Lens] : No more squinting while reading. Glass lenses provide high image quality without distortion.
  • [Material] : Glass lens and polypropylene magnifier. A long, non-slip rubber handle. 7.4 inch length, 4.13 inch handle length, 2.95 inch lens diameter
  • [Breakage-Proof] : The thick rubber frame around the glass prevents damage if dropped accidentally and guarantees the excellent performance of the glass lens.
  • [Widely Used] : Great for reading books, seeing children’s bugs and hobbies, entertaining children while exploring the outdoors, reading books and newspapers for the elderly, printing material labels.
  • [High-Quality] : 4x magnifying glass and 75mm magnifying glass are packed in a box, making it a perfect gift for children and the elderly.
Elcoho 25 Pack Magnifier Plastic Color Party Loupe …
Elcoho 25 Pack Plastic Magnifier with Storage Bag Colorful Party Magnifier, 5 Colors
  • Package Includes: 25 Multicolor Magnifiers and 1 Black Storage Bag. Enough to meet different needs.
  • Five colors of blue, pink, green, red, and yellow, and five colors of each color, colorful magnifying glass appeals to young people.
  • Dimensions: Each colorful magnifying glass is 9.8 cm in size, the mirror surface is 4 cm, and the handle size is 5.5 cm.Medium-sized magnifying glass and 3x magnification
  • This magnifying glass is a great tool for young people to play detectives and scientists. A good educational toy.
  • Wide range of uses: Suitable for many situations and easy to carry. We also have a black drawstring storage bag that is convenient to carry and store.
Insten 5X Magnifier, books, maps, 3 inch clear portable magnifier for classrooms …
Insten 5X Magnifier Clear 3-inch portable lens magnifier for books, maps, school science, insects and hobbies, seniors and children
  • [Crystal clear lens]Magnification: 5x. Lens diameter 3 inches.
4x magnifying glass for reading and hobbies, 75mm hand magnifying glass with scratch-resistant glass lens, …
4x magnifier for reading and hobbies, 75mm handheld magnifier with scratch-resistant glass lens, thick rubber frame magnifier for seniors and children
  • CRYSTAL TRANSPARENT GLASS LENS: The magnifying glass is made of real glass instead of plastic, providing a very clear image without distortion.
  • Ergonomic handle design: The handle is made of soft non-slip rubber and is easy to handle, hold and use.
  • AGGREGATE PROTECTION-Rubber frame for completely fixing the glass lens
  • Great Gift Ideas-Enjoy kids exploring the outdoors and help older people read small prints
  • Premium Quality Assurance
Melissa Doug Simmy Snake Magnifier
Melissa Doug Simmy Snake Magnifier
  • Snake-shaped magnifying glass
  • Bright and fun design
  • Sturdy plastic structure
  • Anti-scattering lens
  • Promotes observation and interest in nature.
Super Z Outlet Mini 2 Plastic Glasses Case Detective Researcher Crafts …
Super Z Outlet Mini 2 Pocket Magnifier Detective Investigator Creates Colorful Party Items (72)
  • A plastic magnifying glass with a mini pencil tip for fun parties and game prizes. Great for kids birthday parties, classroom awards, trade fair and carnival awards, gift bags and gaming events. A fun game as an inspector watching a crime scene, or as a scientist or paleontologist studying different races, fossils and insects.
  • Find every detail of every business you run! Whether inspecting a variety of stones, fossils, beetles, and insects, such as crime scene inspectors, scientists, and paleontologists, these magnifiers help you see through a clearer lens.
  • Each miniature magnifier has a small hole at the top of the handle to simplify the DIY necklace! A fun creative activity for those who always want a zoom tool together! Great for camping, festivals and carnival prizes.
  • The color is different for each order! Great for boys and girls birthday parties. Each magnifier is also equipped with a pen that writes in blue ink. Great for holding a mystery party with all the clues.
  • Each set includes a fun holiday set with 72 small loops. They are small, light and make great pocket toys! All magnifiers are 2 cm long.
Learning Resources Jumbo Magnifier, Exploration Game, 6 Loops, 3+, Multi
Learning Resources Jumbo Magnifier, Exploration Game, 6 Loops, 3+, Multi
  • These oversized magnifiers open science to young children
  • Teachers can introduce early scientific research and research using the tools used by real scientists.
  • The perfect size for small hands
  • Great for taking a closer look at creatures, stones, cloth and more.
  • 3 years old and over
ArtCreativity Giant Kids Magnifier – 9 inch Jumbo Magnifier – Fun for young explorers …
ArtCreativity Giant Kids Magnifying Glass – 9 inch jumbo magnifier – fun toys and adventures for boys and girls for young explorers, spy costume props, cool gift ideas and parties for kids
  • Add to the fun: Quench the curiosity of young explorers with this gigantic magnifying glass toy! This is an hour-long fun recipe for kids to explore the backyard, discover amazing wonders of nature, and guide their inner spies during these fictional play sessions.
  • Jumbo size: This is more than just a glass magnifier. Its dimensions are huge, 9 inches in diameter and 4.75 inches in diameter, and it’s so much fun that it makes kids dizzy at a glance. You’ll also love the sturdy black plastic that can withstand passionate play.
  • Cool Party Favors: Looking for a party favor that every little boy and girl loves? This giant magnifying glass toy is a real treat for detectives and spy parties. Use it as a bag stuffing, or to really make those loot bags stand out and guarantee your kids’ party.
  • Great Idea Gift: Make this birthday or holiday unforgettable. This large magnifying glass is sure to please children over the age of three. It can be a great birthday or Christmas gift, gift item, carnival award, or fun learning guide to make your science lesson fun.
  • Buy without risk: We fully support the product by making it completely satisfying and guaranteeing a 100% money back guarantee. Are you happy with the big toy with a magnifying glass? We will send you a replacement or refund you. Click Add to Cart” now to surprise your kids without risk!

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