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Elk Bear Expandable garden hose with brass nozzle Flexible, kinky light …
Elk Bear Expandable Garden Hose with Brass Nozzle Flexible, lightweight portable water hose with no twist. The perfect RV accessory for your garden (100 feet)
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee. – The best and latest garden hose you’ve ever bought!100-foot expandable portable flexible garden hose with brass fittings including spray nozzles
  • A 100-foot flexible, portable and expandable hose that doesn’t entangle cables. Do not twist the garden hose. Ideal for growing boxes, vegetable gardens, motorhomes and car wash areas.No garden spray required on wheels or butler hoses
  • A light, portable and space-efficient garden hose triples with water. Promotes storage and ease of use.No twist
  • Premium quality material: High performance garden hose. The perfect accessory for campers and trailers. Use with a garden hose divider or bib. There are no more leaking hoses. Brass fittings are free of cracks, breakage, leaks and corrosion.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Elk Bear supports all the expandable garden water hoses we make. If the hose is torn, leaked, or simply worn, replace it. Warranty registration is required within 2 weeks after purchase.Exchange shipping
Winter storage of sprinkler system and external mixer: Quick coupling plug to air compressor socket…
Cold protection for sprinkler system and external taps: Air compressor quick coupling plug to internal garden tap blow adapter (lead-free brass)
  • Drainage plug adapter for easy wintering by blowing off underground irrigation systems, outer pipes, pipelines, homes, cabins, faucets, nozzles, garden hoses, thresholds and hose plugs.
  • Thanks to the short cut design, it works even in tight spaces. Air compressor quick coupling. Compatible with standard garden hose threads and air compressor quick couplings common in North America.
  • For your health and safety, this sprinkler insulation is made from lead-free brass containing less than 0.25% lead. Lead-free brass is about 30% higher than regular brass. However, in order to promote the health and safety of our customers, we have chosen to bear the additional cost and maintain the same retail price. Lead-free brass is also harder, stronger and more durable than regular lead brass. Always wear protective goggles when handling compressed air.
  • Easily connect to air compressors and garden taps to keep lawn irrigation systems, drip irrigation systems, drinking hoses, faucets and pipes cold and prevent frost damage. Compatible with standard garden hose threads and air compressor quick release couplings common in North America.
  • This high performance heating tool is made from a single piece of lead-free cast brass. If you are looking for a high quality tool that will last a lifetime, this is the tool for you! This plug can also be used for winter preparation in mobile homes, boats, jet skis, mobile homes, mobile homes, caravans, waterlines, plumbing, and various sanitary facilities as needed.
Mueller Industries 108-105 GARDEN VALVE 1 、1”
Mueller Industries 108-105 GARDEN VALVE 1 、1”
  • The valve is attached to the vertical pipe with a handle from above.
  • Brand name: Muller
  • Model number: 108-105
  • Country of origin: China
Danko Faucet Handle Outdoor | Replacing the round wheel handle with a hose …
Danco Faucet Handle Outdoor | Replace Round Wheel Handle with Hose Includes Screws | Metal (10006), Silver / Tin
  • Outdoor Mixer Repair-External Tap Handle Danco provides a solution for repairing defective, worn or leaking external taps.
  • Standard Installation – In the standard version, this handle is compatible with most external taps.
  • Large ergonomic design – The large, rounded wheel change handle is more user-friendly and comfortable than traditional thorny handles.
  • Durable construction – The sturdy metal construction withstands rust and corrosion while ensuring reliable performance.
  • Included – Round wheel mixer handle for hose mounting includes screws and adapters for easy mounting.
Plastair WHA-625-7IN-4-AMZ Ulink Adhesive Protection (2 pcs), Green, 5/8
Plastair WHA-625-7IN-4-AMZ Ulink Adhesive Protection (2 pcs), Green, 5/8
  • 180 degree flexibility
  • Prevents the crane from buckling
  • Maximum flow rate during bending
  • Extend the life of the hose
  • Made in canada
ATDAWN 4-way brass hose divider, 3/4 inch brass hose tap, garden hose adapter connection
ATDAWN 4-way brass hose divider, 3/4 inch brass hose tap, garden hose adapter connection
  • High quality: 100% brass sturdy construction for durability, no leaks, standard 3/4 inch. Fits most standard hoses for connections.
  • Comfort: This handy hose divider includes four shut-off valves, ideal for taps with 1 to 4 sprinkler hoses, allowing for multiple tasks.
  • Individual control: All hose connections can be turned on and off individually. You are free to use either one, and you can switch freely to significantly improve the user experience.
  • Complete Leakage: The garden hose connection is equipped with a high quality ball valve for sealing. Garden hose separators effectively prevent leaks and drips.
  • Included in the kit: The 4-way hose divider comes with 4 free replacement rubber pads and 1 PTFE sealing strip for easy and convenient connection. If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied, please let us know. Our customer service team will assist you with returns or refunds.
Moen pull-down kitchen fitting Moen replacement hose kit
Moen pull-down kitchen fitting Moen replacement hose kit
  • The Moen Replacement Hose Kit is compatible with all Moen Exhaust Kitchen Fittings.
  • The chrome surface of the dock is highly reflective, creating a mirror-like look that suits any kitchen style.
  • The Moen Kitchen Faucet Service Kit comes with a one year warranty.
  • The product has two part numbers. The hose part number is 187108. The box from which the product is shipped is part number 150259.
  • Product dimensions 11 inches x 7.5 x 1.5.
High performance garden hose connection made of Morvat brass (2 directions) – Newly improved – Socket…
Morvat Brass High Performance Garden Hose Splitter (2-way) – New and Improved – Exhaust Splitter, Hose Splitter, 2 Valve Hose Adapter, 2 Additional Rubber Washers
  • Updates and Improvements: This splitter has been updated and redesigned. The top joint is stronger, more durable and will not break. The handle is also easy to grip and turn! The Morvat hose connector is back and better than ever!
  • No more hassle: With this high performance reversible hose divider, you can quickly create two branch taps and eliminate the burden of constantly separating hoses. The adjustable flow regulator makes it easy to use this faucet divider as a pressure regulator for garden hoses by simply adjusting the brass lever, making it ideal for watering plants, cleaning cars, or cleaning siding. You can secure a good flow.
  • Durable Brass: The one-piece construction of the Morvat Y hose connector provides excellent durability and withstands high pressures and all weather conditions without cracking, rusting or breaking down.
  • Store Leaks in Compartment: With a high quality ball valve for tight shutoff and excellent threads for secure connection, this garden hose divider effectively prevents leaks and leaks.
  • Easy installation: The brass hose divider is designed for easy compatibility with all standard hoses, and the main connector airtightly seals the water outlet with metal or plastic screws.
Digital sprinkler timer for Orbit HT7 hose tap with two dials
Digital sprinkler timer for Orbit HT7 hose tap with two dials
  • This remanufactured product has been tested and certified to look and work as new. The recovery process includes functional testing, thorough cleaning, inspection, and repacking. This product comes with all the necessary accessories and can be shipped in standard packaging.
American valve M71QT 1/2 Horse bib, 1/2”, brass
American valve M71QT 1/2 Horse bib, 1/2”, brass
  • Duo inlet with solder and IPS
  • Easy-to-operate quarter rotation
  • Ball valve design for reliability
  • Full connection for maximum flow

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