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Silent timer and soft glow light
Silent timer and soft glow light
  • Promotes independent time management
  • Improves endurance for activities that require concentration
  • Easy-to-use silent time signal – passive signal indicating that time has passed
  • Carefree time management for students with special needs
  • 7 preset times from 1 minute to 30 minutes.Rechargeable – no batteries required
Learning resource time recording mini visual timer, cool timer, hand wash timer, sound …
Learning resource time tracker mini visual timer, cool timer, hand wash timer, acoustic and visual prompt, from 3 years
  • Great for home or class: A simple timer with tricolor backlight and additional alarms with visual and acoustic signals for timed activities
  • Multi-functionality: Development of independent time management skills. Please use it as a hand-washing timer or countdown timer for children!
  • Easy operation: Easy operation with just two dials: Total alarm time and warning time
  • Viewer and visual label: Adjustable volume and visual cues
  • 3 years old and over
Time Tracker Learning Resources Visual Timers and Clocks, Classroom Trackers, 5+ – Blue
Time Tracker Learning Resources Visual Timers and Clocks, Classroom Trackers, 5+ – Blue
  • Keep your kids busy with an improved timer that uses both optical and audio signals
  • A timer is an easy way to program a three-color backlight that alerts your child to the remaining time
  • Children’s timer with 180 ° viewing angle and large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • The timer measures 8 x 4
  • Requires power supply (LER 6989) or 4 AAA batteries.Not included
GEEKERA visual timer for children, countdown timer, 60 minutes silent analog timer …
GEEKERA Visual Timer Countdown Timer for Kids 60 Minute Silent Analog Keeper Timer Gift for School Cooking Time Management Tool for Kids and Adults
  • Time Management Monitoring: Helps people with autism, ADHD, poor timing, poor concentration, and delays improve their time management skills and work efficiency. It can be a child or an adult.
  • Multiple uses: Our visual timer can be used in various situations such as school, home and office. This helps parents manage the time their children spend studying and playing, and helps teachers effectively manage their students’ school days. This is useful for adults who manage their working hours.
  • Quiet and easy to use: Turn the GEEKERA 60-minute countdown knob at the desired time to start the countdown. You don’t have to press them one by one like a digital timer. There is no loud ticking, so you have a calm environment where you can concentrate on your deep thoughts. With two alarm sound patterns, your baby will not be afraid of annoying voices.
  • Send 2 AAA Batteries: With 2 AAA Batteries, use this visual timer to instantly free beep volume from low to high and beep length from 3 to 60 seconds. You can select with. There is no loud clicking sound.
  • Portable for Portable: – The GEEKERA analog timer measures 3.07 x 3.07 x 1.83 inches and weighs 3.4 ounces. Due to its miniature size and light weight, it can be carried anywhere and requires less desk space. 3 years quality guarantee, problems with our products, contact us in time and we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.
Twenty-six LED letters with letters, ampersands, and a remote control timer illuminate the letter symbol …
26 LED letters, alphabet lights, signs, remote commercials and timers, letter light signs, bedroom table lamps, bars, wall decorations – Blackletter R.
  • [Unique design]An elegant black diamond-shaped tent that is different from ordinary tents. You can freely combine words such as HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, MARRY ME”, LOVE”, and BAR” to create a vintage atmosphere that attracts people’s attention.
  • [Technical data]Size approx. (W x H x D): 8.07 x 8.86” x 1.77 Made of eco-friendly ABS + PP material, does not require socket, uses 2AA battery (included) Is not)).
  • Easy to use
  • [Remote control]A 10-meter smart remote control is attached, and there are optional on / off, +/- dimming, and off time after 10 minutes / 20 minutes / 30 minutes. You can control multiple characters with one remote control. When connected, multiple characters may light up at the same time. You don’t have to work individually. It is very easy to use.
  • I promise. If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied, please let us know. Our customer service will help you within 24 hours, for example B. Free reshipment or full refund. Our lamps support free replacement of problems within a year.
Fresh firefly original children’s toothbrush, with timer, flashing lights with suction cups, soft …
Fresh firefly original children’s toothbrush with a blinking timer with a suction cup, 1 minute timer with soft hair (12 pieces) by Cayenas
  • Soft bristles for gentle care and baby toothbrush with flashing lights make care fun
  • Press the bottom of the handle and the indicator will flash for 1 minute.Brush the top and bottom for 1 minute each
  • Fun toothbrushes motivate children to brush their teeth longer and more often
  • Includes 12 toothbrushes of different colors: 4 white, 4 red, 2 blue, 1 yellow and 1 green.
  • Sucker to lift the toothbrush and prevent it from lying anywhere
Fresh fireflies, original flashing light timers for kids, soft hair, 1 …
Fresh fireflies, original flashing light children’s toothbrush, soft bristles, 1 minute timer (12 pieces)
  • Soft bristles for gentle care and baby toothbrushes with flashing lights make care fun
  • Press the bottom of the handle and the light will flash for 1 minute – brush the top and bottom for 1 minute each
  • Fun toothbrushes motivate children to brush their teeth longer and more often
  • Includes a sealed battery and lasts about. 3 months cleaning
  • Includes 12 toothbrushes of different colors: 4 white, 4 red, 2 blue, 1 yellow and 1 green.
LED dedication frameless candle real with 6400 hours battery life timer …
Battery-powered flameless LED dedication candle with timer that lasts 6400 hours Realistic flickering electric tea candle baptism wedding reception decoration kitchen house decoration centerpiece battery included
  • Optional 5-hour daily cycle timer. You can set a 5-hour timer or turn on the votive candle / tealight without a timer. When the timer is set, the frameless LED candles will turn on and off for 5 hours a day. The auto-timer feature eliminates the need to manually turn these frameless tealights / candles on and off individually.
  • Multipurpose. Decorative frameless LED timer candles can be widely used for home, garden, patio, party, holiday, season, Valentine’s day, Easter, Mother’s Day, wedding decoration. Plastic vows and tealights are often used as Halloween LED pumpkin candles to illuminate Jack’s lanterns.
  • Ultra long life battery connector. Thanks to energy saving technology, LED candles emit bright light with minimal battery consumption, and a single CR2450 button cell battery has a lifespan of about 400 hours.
  • Realistic appearance and sparkle. Made of high quality resin and bright sparkling LED lights, these battery-powered LED candles look and sparkle like real wax candles.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly. There is no fire hazard or smoke. Battery-powered LED candles are safe to use, especially if you have children or pets. These electric kettles do not burn or blow pumpkins.
YOUZONE recently upgraded their LED letterlights to letter letters with remote control …
YOUZONE Newly Upgraded LED Letter Light Tent, Letter Light with Remote Control Dimmable Timer Battery for Events Wedding Birthday Party Home Bar Decoration (RC-M)
  • [New remote control]The light switch can be operated with the remote control. You don’t have to remove characters from the wall when you turn them on or off. This is very convenient. The remote control can also adjust the brightness and time of the lamp. If you put the characters together, you can also operate them all at once with the remote control.
  • [DIY combination]You can select numbers from 0 to 9 from the entire alphabet AZ simply by selecting your favorite letters from the list. Come up with your own words and phrases to decorate your home. For example, combinations such as I LOVE U, HOME, MARRY ME, and HAPPY 2019 are perfect for your imagination.
  • [Convenience]The size is approximately 15 cm x 4.5 cm x 22 cm (5.9 inches x 1.78 inches x 8.67 inches). These tent lights are portable and can be hung on the wall or placed on a table. It requires two AA batteries, so you don’t have to plug it into an electrical outlet.
  • [Multipurpose]Highlight the alphabet and highlight your favorite words for home decoration such as special occasions, events, homes, birthdays, streets, bars, coffee shops, nursery decorations. Create a romantic and warm atmosphere and give gifts.
  • Make your life more memorable. ]Let’s create a romantic and warm atmosphere. Emphasize your favorite words for a special day, event, or home decoration. Never miss an unforgettable moment in your life.
Crayola timer light toothbrush (3)
Crayola timer light toothbrush (3)
  • The colored LED flashes every 60 seconds to indicate the minimum brushing time for each jaw.
  • Unique dome trim hairs have been clinically proven to clean at high levels below the gum line where periodontal disease begins.
  • Bristles protect your baby’s teeth and gums. The thin, pointed head reaches the back of your mouth comfortably.
  • Sucker bottom – self-supporting, reduces countertop clutter and keeps nozzles clean and dry.
  • Colors are different

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