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UV LED Gel Nail Lamp, LKE Nail Dryer 40W Nail Gel Polish 3 With Timer UV LED Lamp Professional…
Gel UV LED Nail Lamp, LKE Nail Dryer 40W Gel Nail Polish UV LED Lamp (with 3 timers) Professional Nail Tool Accessories White
  • ❤ High power and intelligent: 40W nail lamp with 21 LED lamps, voltage 110-240, 3 timers of your choice (30, 60, 99), LCD screen, intelligent sensor – Put your hands on the lamp Switch to curing. The LED light will turn on automatically.
  • ❤ Comfortable design: Easy to clean, lightweight and curved body protects eyes, soft light prevents darkening of skin.
  • ❤ Application: Dry most UV nail gels, UV topcoats, UV extension gels, LED nail gels. However, UV-free gels like regular varnishes cannot be dried.
  • ❤ Save money: You can nail at home, not at the hairdresser. Nail lamps are also a great gift for your family and friends.
  • ❤ Warm Tips: Read the product tips carefully and follow the steps below. First, connect the device to the adapter and plug the adapter into a wall outlet. Finally, plug in the socket.
UV LED nail lamp, SUN UV gel nail lamp for manicure 48W UV dryer, with 3 SUNone timers
UV LED Nail Lamp, SUN UV Gel Nail Lamp for Manicure 48W UV Dryer, with 3 SUNone Timers
  • ➣ 5 Million Expert Choices: SUNUV specializes in salon nail dryers with UV LEDs. Over 5 million professionals and salons around the world rely on top-notch quality and ease of use.
  • ➣ Quick-drying and wide compatibility: SUNUV reduces average cure time by 50%. It cures quickly with all your favorite nail gel brands, from beginners to professionals. The exact cure time for nail polish, base, topcoat and gel can be found on the product packaging or instruction manual.
  • ➣ Safe and Convenient: SUNone is a hand and toenail dryer with 30 LED lights. Thanks to the improved white light source, there is no more dizziness or eye discomfort.
  • ➣ Smart Sensors and Adjustable Timers: SUNone smart sensors allow you to start an automatic curing process without any manual steps. There are three timer settings, 5 seconds / 30/60 seconds and 99 seconds automatic setting. Ideal for home and salon use, SUNone takes manicure and pedicure to a whole new level!
  • ➣ Peace of Mind: SUNUV provides our customers with a 12 month trouble-free warranty. If you have any quality or technical issues, please contact our friendly local customer service team.
Easykep LED Curing Lamp for Professional Salon Gel Polish with 86W High Speed ​​Nail Dryer, 4 Timers…
86W High Speed ​​Nail Dryer, Easykep Professional Salon Gel Polish Curing LED Lamp with 4 Timer Settings, Automatic Nail with 12 Nail Files and Toenail Sensor (2020 NEW) (White)
  • ❤ Unique design: Diamond and sphere prevent light leakage and increase drying speed. It protects hands and eyes from damage caused by prolonged exposure and protects the skin from darkness.
  • 10 seconds fast drying: The more lamp beads and the higher the output of the nail lamp, the faster the nail will dry. There are even more lamp beads on the market. 39-piece lamp beads with an output of 86W cure twice as fast as other 48W gel lamps.
  • ❤ Big Giveaway: You will receive 12 nail files worth $ 5. This is an improved product we have introduced. The center is made of wood and is ultra-thin, washable.
  • ❤ Water drying: 18 lamp beads on the top and 21 bulbs on the sides. You don’t have to worry about the side nails not sticking. The 39 long-lasting lamp beads have an uninterrupted life of 50,000 hours and can be used continuously for up to 5 years.
  • ❤ Automatic sensor and 4-speed timer: With an intelligent infrared sensor, the nail lamp can automatically detect whether your hand is on or off. The Easkep Universal UV Nail Lamp features a flexible 4-timer (low heat, 10s-30s-60s-99s painless mode), suitable for curing almost any nail gel polish.
EasykepFast Nail Dryer Professional Gel for Gel Polish with 120W LED Nail Lamp, 4 Timer Settings…
120W LED Nail Lamp, Easykep 4 High Speed ​​Nail Dryer for Gel Polish with Timer Setting Professional Gel Lamp With Automatic Nail Sensor Portable Curing Lamp with Nail Handle (2020 NEW)
  • Best performance on the market: The higher the power of the nail lamp, the faster the nail dries. Our performance is higher than most nail lamps on the market. Professional UV for gel nails can shorten the curing time, it is easy to work with very hard gels, and the curing efficiency of gel nails is high.
  • 4 Timer setting and touch screen: Built-in LED display shows the drying time of nails and has time memory function. In low heat mode, it can be set to 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 99 seconds. Optional touch screen physical buttons do not extend the life of the product. Note: After using the LED nail lamp, the primer will remain sticky. This allows the color coating to stay on your nails longer.
  • Intelligent sensor and temperature protection: Thanks to the intelligent infrared sensor, the nail lamp can automatically detect whether your hand is on or the light is off. Our LED nail lamps provide heat protection for your hands and create a new nail salon experience. Note. Infrared sensors can be affected by strong outside light. If the sensor light is off, try a lower light.
  • Perfect cure with no dead space: Compared to regular lamp beads, full coverage with 36 beads ensures uniform and quick cure of the nails. The harmless soft purple light does not hurt your eyes and prevents your skin from darkening.
  • Salon effect at home: Provides ample space for fingernails and toenails. Detachable bottom plate and portable cleaning handle: Dry your nails for a salon effect at home with your family.
54W UV LED Nail Lamp Professional Nail Dryer Gel Polish UV Nail Light 3 With Timer…
54W UV LED Nail Lamp Professional Nail Dryer Light for Gel Polish UV Nail Lamp with 3 Timer Settings LED Gel Dryer for Curing Nail Polish Professional Nail Art Tool with Automatic Sensor LCD Display
  • Drying Almost All Nail Gels: Perfect for both at home, including LED Nail Gels, Nail Gels, Solid Nail Gels, Builder Gels, Nail Extension Gels, Gem Gels, LED Nail Gels and other gel applications. And for the salon. It’s also a great gift for your friends.
  • 18 pcs. Dual LED Technology: UV LED nail lamp is 54W super strong, 54W UV LED nail lamp offers unique speed, characteristics and very energy efficiency – automatic sensor for convenient curing of germanicure.
  • Multi-function and hand protection: UV-LED nail lamp has an automatic on / off sensor (no switch). When you put your hand in the smart touch or nail lamp, it lights up automatically. It will turn on automatically for 30, 60 and 90 seconds upon request. With LCD display. LED nail lamps use professional LED dual light sources that are long lasting and can simulate eye-damaging sunlight instead of black hands.
  • Large space for processing 5 nails at the same time: The UV nail dryer has enough space to process 5 nails at the same time. LED Weil Lamp 54W beads offer unique properties, high speed, high energy efficiency and durable construction. Solve has made nail lamps smart and easy to use.
  • Warranty: All customers can unconditionally get their nail cure lamp money back within a month. Manicure dryers also come with a 12 month warranty on quality issues and lifetime maintenance. Make sure you are satisfied.
UV LED nail lamp, 120W nail dryer with 42 LEDs UV gel lamp Quick-drying gel nail polish LED …
UV LED Nail Lamp, 120W Nail Dryer with 42 LEDs UV Gel Lamp Quick Dry Gel Nail Polish Auto Sensor 4 LED Gel Gel Nail Lamp with Timer, Professional UV Nail Lamp for Salon and Home
  • [High performance and fast curing]With 42 evenly dispersed light beads and 120W high power, UV gel light shortens the curing time by 60 to 85% and provides professional nail art even in your home salon. I will. (This LED nail lamp is safe to use and protects your skin from sunburn.)
  • [Intelligent sensor and 4 timers]Intelligent sensor enables automatic curing process without manual operation. Includes lamps on the inside of the hands / feet. Remove your hands / feet and turn off the lamp. The nail dryer has four timer settings of 10 seconds / 30 seconds / 60 seconds / 99 seconds and is equipped with a digital LCD display, so you can freely set the curing time according to the gel polish.
  • [Portability and large space requirements]UV gel nail lamps are equipped with a simple and portable handle that is convenient to carry. With a large space of 9.1 * 8.3 * 4.3 inches, the nail light helps prevent overheating and allows you to freely place your hands and soles to avoid rubbing or scratching your nails.
  • [Removable base]When the gel nail lamp is used for a long time, lacquer residue and light powder will inevitably remain, which promotes the growth of bacteria. However, the base and lamp body are attracted by a magnet, so the base can be easily removed and kept clean.
  • [Peace of Mind]A perfect gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and wedding anniversaries. Your satisfaction is our priority. If you have any quality issues, please contact our friendly customer service first. We will provide you with the best support.
48W LED nail lamp, portable DIOZO nail dryer, nail polish / pedicure curing lamp, 30 seconds timer 60 seconds 99 seconds …
48W LED Nail Lamp, DIOZO Portable Nail Dryer Manicure / Pedicure Cure Lamp, Gloves 30s 60s 99s Timer Suitable for fingers and toenails, home and salon
  • Product Contents: 1 * Nail Lamp + 1 * Power Adapter with Plug +1 * Gloves (Gift) + 1 * Nail File (Gift) + 1 * Manual, 12 Months Quality Guarantee, Friendly Lifetime Customer Service.
  • Portable and Lightweight Nail Lamps: LED nail lamps weigh only 227g. This nail dryer is made of shatterproof ABS material, which is half lighter than other competitors with the same performance. An ideal pocket nail lamp for school, office, home and travel.
  • Professional LED Nail Lamp Design: The 48W UV LED Lamp is a new professional design with double UV + LED light source. Nail dryers are suitable for curing almost any nail gel with no dead space! The light is close to white light and does not harm the eyes or skin. There is no need to replace the lamp. The LED lamps are evenly distributed inside and have a long life of 50,000 hours. This allows the gel polish to be evenly distributed without damaging the skin.
  • Multi-functional and intelligent: Three timer settings (30 seconds 60 seconds 99 seconds) allow you to easily control the curing time, which is displayed on a large LCD screen. An automatic sensor that switches on and off without pressing a button.
  • Scope of application: The large enough LED nail lamp can cure 5 toenails or toenails at the same time, making it ideal for home and salon use. It’s also a great gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas and wedding anniversaries.
UV Gel Nail Lamp, SUNUV UV LED Nail Dry Lamp 48W Nail Gel Polish Professional Manicure…
UV Gel Nail Lamp, SUN UV UV LED Nail Dry Lamp 48W Gel Nail Polish For Manicure 4 Sensors For Salon Professional Curing Lamp SUN2C Timer Setting
  • [High performance and quick drying]48W high performance quick drying, 33 LEDs with a service life of 50,000 hours cure gel polish uniformly and efficiently. There is no need to replace the pearls.
  • [Intelligent sensor and painless circuit design]SUN2 CUV-LED nail lamp with flexible timer setting 4:10, 30, 60, 90, low heat mode. Automatic detection without pressing a button, operates for 120 seconds. Great for home and salon use to take manicure and pedicure to a whole new level!
  • [Curing All Gel Nail Polishes]These nail dryers can be quickly cured with all brands of nail gels such as base coat, top coat, color gel, hard gel, builder, acrylic, modeling gel, gem glue (normal). (Not for nails) Polish) Heals 5 fingernails or toenails at the same time in a large space.
  • [Safe and comfortable design]SUN2C nail light emits daylight even in the absence of ultraviolet rays, is safe for the eyes, and does not blacken your hands. With beautiful silicone cushions, durable quality and comfortable design, this LED nail lamp is a great gift for you, friends, lovers and your family!
  • [Most trusted nail lamp brand]SUNUV has specialized in salon grade UV LED nail lamp development for many years and is trusted by people all over the world. SUN2C UV lamps always provide reliable customer service for 12 months. If you have quality problems, replace it with a new one for free! Customer satisfaction is our first goal. There is no risk of ordering today!
Sunrich UV Gel Nail Lamp 120W LED Nail Lamp High-speed nail dryer for curing gel varnish with 4 timers …
Sunrich UV Gel Nail Lamp 120W LED Nail Lamp High Speed ​​Nail Dryer Portable Pen Automatic Large Room Sensor for Curing Gel Wani with 4 Timers
  • [Updated Double Light and Fast Curing Nail]– Uses advanced dual light source LED technology to cure all types of nail gels without distinguishing between nail gel types. The huge output of 120 W achieves a curing rate 80% faster than low power UV nail lamps. Enjoy the perfect professional salon nail art easily and freely at home with our Nail Gel Lights.
  • [4 timer and infrared sensor]– Sunrich nail lamp offers flexible drying option of 10S / 30S / 60S / 120S, time is displayed on big LCD screen. Your manicure and pedicure are more fun and energy efficient with intelligent sensors. Includes lamps on the inside of the hands / feet. Remove your hands / feet and turn off the lamp. Heat dissipation holes prevent overheating. Very intelligent, portable, quick and quiet to use.
  • Save 80% on Nail Curing Time – Our professional UV gel LED gel nail lamps can reduce curing time by 80% compared to other nail lamps. More than twice as fast as gel lamps from other manufacturers.Save time, effort and money to get great salon nail designs anytime, anywhere
  • [Portable Handle Well Made]– Nail lamps are a classic black and white color. The handle is easy to carry anywhere. The removable base is useful for curing and cleaning nail gel. The large LCD display shows the cure time more clearly. The curved design expands the interior space and easily heals the hands and feet. The lines and lights look like small space capsules. The moment when it becomes wonderful is like a visit to a mysterious room!
  • [First customer]We place the highest priority on customer satisfaction. If you have any quality problems, please feel free to contact us from the storefront.[質問する]Or[サポートにメール]Click or leave a review. We will get back to you within 24 hours. A perfect gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and wedding anniversaries.
GreenLife 54W UV LED Nail Dry Lamp, Nail Phototherapy Equipment, Professional High Speed ​​Nail Curing …
GreenLife 54W UV LED Nail Dry Lamp Nail Phototherapy Device, Professional Fast Curing Nail Dryer Dual Light Source for Automatic Joint Polish Pedicure Manicure Tool
  • Significant time savings: You can use a nail lamp to speed up the drying of gel nails. Most gel polishes only take 30-60 seconds to become mirror-smooth. Magic Therapy: Applies to nails such as UV gels, nail gels, nail engraving gels, rhinestones, CND shellac, and LED nail glue. UV nail glue dries in just 30 seconds and rhinestone jewelry dries in 60 seconds.
  • Multi-functional, adjustable: large screen, curing time, nail lamp with 3 timers, set to 30s / 60s / 99s, low heat mode with automatic sensor, suitable for nail treatments. All requirements. UV-LED nail lamps with auto-detection provide safety and comfort.
  • It does not damage the eyes and has no black hands. This LED nail lamp emits daylight without UV white light and is safe for the eyes. Say goodbye to old UV lamps that cause problems with darkened hands and don’t hurt your eyes.
  • Wide space design: You can put your nail lamp in your hand while working. The bottom fits your foot easily. This unique design adds a heatsink to lengthen the device and allows for a large LCD screen when illuminated.
  • Portable and Compact: Mini nail lamps are compact, ergonomic and lightweight. The perfect pocket nail lamp for school, office, home and travel. You can use it anywhere! Gift Ideas: The super cute white heart-shaped button design is a perfect gift for friends and family. The best birthday gift for daughters and granddaughters who want to learn nail art.

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