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Acegoo RV embedded ceiling lights for boats, 4 pieces, ultra-thin LED panel lights, DC 12V 3W, all made of aluminum …
acegoo RV Boat Embedded Ceiling Light 4 Pack Super Slim LED Panel Light DC12V 3W All Aluminum Downlight, Warm White (Silver)
  • Ultra Slim – Ultra-thin, lightweight, compact 0.52 inch body suitable for tight spaces.Impact resistance and vibration resistance
  • Made entirely of aluminum – Made entirely of aluminum, it stores heat from LED chipboards and extends their lifespan
  • Energy Saving – LEDs help improve energy efficiency.It also uses less power from your car’s battery while providing efficient lighting
  • Mounting Brackets – Mounting brackets with spring clips provide a clean finish after mounting. We also sell cold white lights.
  • Note: The lights are powered by a 12 VDC power source for RV motorboats. A 12V DC power supply is required for home use. (Home power supply is 120VAC)
Updated LED interior lights, MIHAZ 108LED 12V universal light with on / off switch for camper vans …
Updated LED interior light bar, MIHAZ 108LED 12V universal light bar with ON switch. / Out. For campers, trucks, campers, boats, caravans, mobile homes (2)
  • The advantage of MIHAZ is the newly designed LED interior lighting panel consisting of 108 high quality LEDs. Join us and discover our cutting-edge technology.
  • Super Bright – Light shines like sunlight. It is only 6000K2200Lm. With 108 LEDs lined up in three rows, it’s brighter than any interior light bar on the Amz market. With low power consumption of 6W and more stable performance, it achieves a long life of 50,000 hours.
  • Three Ways DIY Flexibility – Comes with a micro-electric connector, soft serial interconnect cable, and optional extension cord, which can be combined to meet your DIY needs in the corner.
  • Certified Safety – Passing multiple certifications gives you complete protection for you and your vehicle.
  • What’s Available – 2 MIHAZ LED Strips, 2 x 40 Inch Extension Cords, Micro Electric Plugs, Soft Series Interconnect Cables, 4 Buckle Brackets, 4 Phillips Screws, Friendly Customer Service
AUDEW LED12V Interior LED Light White Strip Light 340mm 12V 4.5W 72LED Interior Light…
AUDEW LED 12V LED Inner Strip White Light Strip 340mm 12 V 4.5 W 72 LED Strips with On / Off Switch for Interior Lighting for Vans, Buses and Caravan (2 pcs)
  • ★[Ideal size]: Light shrinkage 34.5 cm (L) x 3 cm (W) x 3.5 cm (H). This ideal size allows it to be installed anywhere. Delivery range: 2 x 72 LED strips, 2 stickers.
  • ★[Environmentally friendly]: Due to the special design of the LED constant current power supply circuit, the performance is very stable, and you can enjoy long life, 50,000 hours, and environmental protection.
  • ★[Ultra-high brightness / energy saving]Ultra-high brightness / energy saving: Luminous flux: 500lm, each light strip has 72 LED lamps, which is bright enough to meet all the requirements. Power: 4.5 W, durable, low power consumption. Voltage: DC 12V, safe to use.
  • ★[Easy to install and use]: The light bar is an easy-to-use lamp. Viscose is a non-standard layout double-sided tape that can be easily installed anywhere. In addition, there is an ON / OFF switch (manual), making it easy to use.
  • ★[Widely used]: AUDEW LED panel can be used as emergency light, camping light, car repair light, field operation light, truck / boat / caravan / trailer / truck / car boots. Great lighting / decoration within 12V inside and outside the car. The AUDEW LED panel is more convenient. No instructions.
Cutequeen LED Flood Light 4x 18 W, SUV, SUV, 1800 lumens for boats, 4×4 bulbs, tractors, marine …
Cutequeen 4 X 18W 1800 lumen LED flood light (for SUV boat) SUV lamp 4 × 4 tractor marine off-road lighting Rv ATV (4 pieces)
  • Input: 10-30 VDC, high brightness 6 x 3 W LED; 1800 lumens, point beam: 30 degrees; 4.2 x4” high power square light
  • Color temperature: 6000K-6500K; Use temperature: -40~85; Lifetime: 50,000 hours
  • Mounting bracket: Stainless steel Material: Aluminum Die-cast housing Lens: Tempered glass;
  • Certificate: FCC, CE, RoH, IP67
  • Includes: 4 18W LED strips and mounting brackets
On / Off Switch 5 Leisure LED RV LED Ceiling Double Dome Light Packs with Indoor Lighting…
A pack of 5 leisure LED RV LED ceiling double dome lights with on / off switch. Interior lighting for automobiles / campers / trailers / campers / boats DC12V, Natural White 4000-4500K 48X2835SMD (Natural White 4000-4500K, 5)
  • LED Recreation Double Dome Light 5 Pack, 620 Lumens, 48 ​​LED 2835SMD, 11-18 V, Super Bright
  • High quality materials and reliable performance: This CE and RoH approved double dome lamp has an expected service life of over 60,000 hours and lasts longer than standard lamps. It also has heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • Practical ON / OFF switch. Design: Built-in 3-position switch that can be used independently on one or both sides of the world. It provides excellent functionality in any lighting area and is widely used as an ideal replacement for cars / RVs / trailers / RVs / RVs / boats.
  • Low power consumption and high energy efficiency: Two T10 wedge plates with 48 2835 SMD LED lamps are provided. It consumes only 6W and has a total brightness of 2 x 310 lumens.
  • 1 year warranty. We are solely responsible for our products and your dissatisfaction.If you have quality problems with our lamps or you are not happy with the purchase from our store, please contact us, and we are always ready to help
Side LED lights, 2 AutoPowerPlus. 5 inch 120W LED light unit. Off-road fog lights …
Lateral LED Light, AutoPowerPlus 2 Piece 5inch 120W Field LED Light Fog Light Truck Waterproof LED Cube Combination Work Light ATV TV Pickup Truck
  • Unmatched Visibility-The off-road high beam has 28 high-brightness LEDs mounted in the center of a four-row refraction cup and eight LEDs on each side to provide excellent ultra-bright light. I will. It delivers maximum light at 120W and 14,400lm / s for forward distance and unmatched visibility.
  • VISUAL HOLIDAY – Average detection of all light for projection of 121 ° points, perfect combination of beams to the front, side arrow auxiliary LEDs provide additional 2×30 ° coverage. The side arrow system aims to eliminate blind spots, remove lighting restrictions and ensure a memorable visual experience.
  • Long Life – Sidelight panels with low power consumption LEDs and large aluminum alloy cooling fins for optimal thermal balance for LED lights. This provides the highest LED efficiency and a service life of over 50,000 hours.
  • Durable Design – Rugged aerospace grade die-cast aluminum housing, waterproof rubber gasket, and three-layer hard-coated lens protector are moisture-resistant, harsh climates, rugged terrain, and other Create an airtight and breathable environment that can withstand harsh conditions. Protection class IP68.
  • Free after sale – Package Includes: 2 LED Side Arrow Modules + Screw Kit + 2 Durable Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets + 24 Hours Online Customer Service! Ideal for all 9-32vdc off-road vehicles (12vdc stable), as well as A-pillars, bumpers, roof racks and more used for indoor, industrial and agricultural lighting.
Nilight60001 F-B Bar 2PCS18w 4 Flood Fog Street Boat Driving LED Work Light SUV Jeep Lamp, 2 …
Nilight60001 F-B Bar 2PCS18w 4 Flood Fog Street Boat Driving LED Work Light SUV Jeep Lamp, 2 Year Warranty”
  • Ultra-bright and wide lighting area: The latest LED chips emit a bright white beam for a clear view. The special design of the lamp cup provides a wider lighting area so that you can clearly see the left and right sides.
  • Excellent heat dissipation: The fast-cooled aluminum alloy heat sink and high-quality heat-conducting silicone gel can effectively extend the life of the light bar to over 30,000 hours.
  • High degree of protection: IP67 water resistant, 30 minutes water resistant to 1 meter of water, effective dustproof. Stainless steel brackets are corrosion and corrosion resistant.
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket: The adjustable mounting bracket allows you to adjust the work light approximately 45 degrees, making it easy to change direction. Wide range of applications: Lightbar is compatible with almost all SUVs, 4×4, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs, cars, boats and more. Many indoor and outdoor applications: garden lighting, backyard lighting, reversing lights, switch off. Street lights, construction lighting, etc.
  • Package: 2 18w LED pods
Bluefire 4 Pack Improves Super Bright DC 12V LED RV Ceiling Double Dome RV Interior …
Bluefire 4 Pack Upgraded Super Bright DC12V LEDRV Ceiling Double Dome
  • [High Quality]This double dome light is made of high quality SMD 5050 LED and imported ABS material, and has excellent uniform color, high brightness and energy saving.
  • [Ultra bright and soft lighting]48 LED beads and white light of 4000-4500K simulate natural light, and the lighting is soft and not dazzling, so your eyes are comfortable and unaffected by light.
  • [Easy to install]With 4 nuts and 4 screws. Cable screw caps help you connect quickly. Simply screw the double dome anywhere in your mobile home.
  • [Reliable Operation]48 Piece 5050 SMD-LED Embedded Lamps These CE and RoH approved double dome lamps have an expected life of over 60,000 hours and last longer than standard lamps. It also has heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • [Convenient ON / OFF switch design]Convenient ON / OFF switch design that adds functionality to any lighting area and is widely used as an ideal light alternative for cars / RVs / trailers / RVs / ships. ..
YITAMOTOR LED light bar 2PCS18W 6 inch flood LED work light pod single row off-road LED light…
YITAMOTOR LED Light Bar 2PCS18W 6inch Flood LED Work Light Pod Single Row Offroad LED Light Driving Light Fog Light Waterproof SUVATV 4WD Truck Truck Golf Cart 12V 24V, 2 Year Warranty
  • Brighten the night: Our LED strips are equipped with 6 x 3W high brightness LEDs. This is a total of 18W at a color temperature of 6000K. This 6-inch light bar expands your horizons and provides the best driving experience.
  • High Performance: Withstands harsh environmental conditions thanks to the die-cast aluminum housing for strength and durability. Improvement of the surface of PC lens with high transmittance. Our 6-inch single-row LED lights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and are IP67 certified, waterproof, dustproof, earthquake resistant, and corrosion resistant to harsh environments.
  • Better heat dissipation: For better heat dissipation, our LED light strips use 1070 aluminum alloy as the case. It has better heat dissipation and better heat sink sealing. The sharp aluminum fan housing allows for faster and more efficient heat dissipation. This extends the useful life of the light bar by up to 50,000 hours.
  • Adjustable mounting accessories: The included adjustable mounting accessories allow you to adjust the 18 W LED work light for approximately 1 hour. 90 degree. This makes it easy to change the direction of the rays. The lamp can be slid after installation.
  • Versatile Use: This LED spotlight is compatible with almost all SUVs, 4×4, trucks, tractors, trailers, golf carts, pickups, cars, motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs and boats. In addition, there are many options for indoor and outdoor use: garden lighting, backyard lighting, backlight, off-road lighting, inverted lighting, construction lighting and more.
AMBOTHER LED Pod Light Bar 4inch 120W 12800 Lumen Driving Fog Off Road Light Triple Low…
AMBOTHER LED Pod Light Bar 4inch 120W 12800 Lumens Off-Road Fog Light 3 Rows Waterproof Spot Combo Beam Jeep Pickup LED Brick ATVTV SUV Boat, 2pcs
  • Incredible Brightness: With a three-row light strip design and the new 5050 SMD LED, our light unit can provide ultra-bright white light of 6000 Kelvin and 12800 lumens.
  • Spot Combo Beam: With a 15 ° spot beam and a 170 ° directional beam, you can achieve extremely long range and wide angle illumination with 4-inch headlights.
  • Waterproof: As an off-road light bar, it has a shock-resistant and waterproof aluminum die-cast housing. Compliant with the international IP67 standard. CE, RoH, FCC certification
  • Fast Cooling System: Thin heatsink fins allow the LED light bar to cool rapidly, providing a very long service life of over 100,000 hours.
  • Versatility: The operating voltage of this light bar is 9-30V, so it can be widely used in most styles of vehicles (SUVs, SUVs, ATVs, UTVs, trucks, oceangoes, boats, etc.).

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