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Creative Options 1363-83 Grab N’Go Rack System, Soft Blue, Medium
Creative Options 1363-83 Grab N’Go Rack System, Soft Blue, Medium
  • Includes two 2-3630 series deep organizers and one service drawer with latch 2-3650
  • Adjustable compartment
  • Dedicated latch lock system
  • Ideal for sewing, handicrafts, beads, sewing, scrapbooking
Flower Tulip Print Sewing Basket – Storage Box for Sewing Kits with Detachable Tray,…
Sewing basket with floral tulips – Storage box for sewing sets with removable trays, integrated pincushions and inner pockets – Large – 12 x 9” x 6 -Adolfo Design
  • Quality Design: Unleash your creativity with a convenient sewing kit organizer made of user-friendly design and high quality materials. Easy-to-open buttons and a soft appearance.
  • Carrying and Durability: The large and comfortable handle and lightweight design make it easy to carry. This sewing basket is made of durable material and is light and convenient to carry.
  • Stylish look: The classic look gives this storage box an attractive appeal. The unique textured fabric with floral and gold embellishments creates an attractive and fashionable look.
  • Built-in features: Organize and keep your tools safe! With an integrated pincushion, mini pockets and a removable plastic tray with compartments, the interior is ideal for storing supplies.
  • Optimal storage: Easily store threads, scissors, buttons, needles, bobbins, tape measures and more! The spacious interior provides ample space for all tools and accessories.
Michley sewing basket with 41 piece sewing kit
Michley sewing basket with 41 piece sewing kit
  • Owl pattern fabric
  • 41 sewing kits in
  • Handle and latch
  • Detachable plastic shell
  • Basket size 10.5 x 8 x 6.7 inches. Note. 10.5 x 8 x 6.7 inches is 11 x 8 x 7. Label values ​​are simply rounded to the nearest inch.
SINGER07281 Vintage sewing basket with accessories
SINGER07281 Vintage sewing basket with accessories
  • Large classic sewing basket with bonus concept set Fun vintage print
  • Folding handle for easy carrying and storage
  • Internal storage and organizations used by professionals
  • Includes 10 hand needles, 100 sewing needles, scissors, 10 miniature thread spools, needle threader, needle stick, seam breaker, tape measure, thimble
  • The perfect sewing kit for beginners and additions to existing tool collections
Large fabric sewing basket with TidyCrafts organizer inserts
Large fabric sewing basket with TidyCrafts organizer inserts
  • Nice sewn material, durable wooden floor, plastic wrapped handle
  • Includes a basic set of sewing accessories.
  • The practical organizer compartment allows you to place your essentials at the top of your shopping cart.
  • Large 121/2″ x 9″ x 6 3/4″
Trash cans with 30 adjustable compartments for storing and organizing sewing and bins for storing items …
Trash can with 30 adjustable compartments for storing and organizing sewing work and storage bins for personal belongings Embroidery accessories Thread spool beads Beauty products Manicure jewelry Crafts – Large
  • Never lose small items again – clumsy little household items can be annoying, especially if you keep losing them. Keep all your belongings in one place with this practical organizer case from Bins Things.
  • Great for sewing and bead collection – this convenient storage compartment stores the thread spools separately and gives each color thread a separate compartment. Great for bobbins, colored beads, jewelry, beauty products and accessories, scrapbooking items and other art items. Great for polishing short nails (3 inches or less) like essies.
  • Light, comfortable and easy to carry – Bins Things container The container lid has a handle for easy portability. The lid closes tightly and it is lightweight so it is easy to carry.
  • Supports multiple applications – With 3 levels and 30 individual adjustable compartments, this plastic holder is also suitable for fishing tackle and small equipment such as hooks, screws, nuts and bolts and other small equipment and tools. You can use it. Great for placing batteries, electrical connectors and connectors of all sizes.
  • Durable clear plastic design – you can clearly see where you stored it without opening the box. This storage case is made of durable clear plastic that will last for years.
Large sewing basket with accessories Organizer DIY sewing kit for sewing box with accessories…
Large sewing basket with accessories Sewing box with accessories Organizer DIY sewing set for adults, blue dots
  • [ Valuable Set ] – This large sewing basket with everything you need to sew
  • [ Complete Sewing Kit ] – Receive a complete set of 20 spool threads, various needles, scissors, threaders, thimbles, tape measures, seam breakers, multicolor buttons, mini pin pads, straight pegs on pearl heads, and white marker pens.
  • [ Premium Material ] – Sewing basket organizer is made of durable wood. The outside is lined with soft polyester fabric and the removable pallet is made of durable polypropylene material.
  • [ STYLISH DESIGN ] – Basket size 12.2 x 9.17 x 6.38 inches. It comes with an ergonomic handle and magnetic clasp, making it easy to carry and organize with plastic inserts. The polka dots are very attractive and eye-catching!
  • [ Precious Gift ] – The basic concept sewing basket is suitable for sewing repairs and repairs. A perfect gift for your family and friends.
SINGER 07276 Sewing basket with accessories for sewing kit, pink and black
SINGER 07276 Sewing basket with accessories for sewing kit, pink and black
  • Everything you need to sew into a high quality and stylish basket
  • This portable sewing basket includes the following sewing accessories: 8-inch utility scissors, (10) various hand needles, (100) tailor pins – size 17 – 1-1 / 16 , (10) threads Mini Spool – (10 yards each), needle threader, pincushion, seam breaker, 60 inch tape measure and thimble
  • Each basket has a plastic tray for storing relief supplies.
  • It has a handle and ample space under the plastic tray to store samples, cuttings, tools, etc.
  • The Sewing Aid website is easy to find:
Stackable trash and storage bins with 18 adjustable compartments (9.75 W x 7.75 8.3”…)
Stackable storage space with 18 adjustable compartments (9.75 W x 7.75 8.3”) for drawers and objects | 3-layer stackable storage basket for crafts, jewelry making, bead organizers, sewing access
  • 3-Layer Craft Box – There are 3 durable removable levels, each with 6 large adjustable compartments to keep everything neat and tidy. Our large plastic storage organizer case is designed to be compatible with all jewelry and sewing accessories, thread spools, crafts, miniature toy figures, or LOL Surprise Dolls.
  • 18 adjustable compartments – each compartment is 3.6 x 2.4” x 3 ”to provide more storage space. Thick and durable plastic spacers are thread spools, bobbins, sewing needles, Ideal for buttons, parlor beads, rainbow woven ribbons, keyrings, etc.
  • THICK HEAVY PLASTIC – Our stackable storage boxes are made of plastic that is more than twice as thick as other competitors. Don’t settle for a flimsy art organizer that can collapse over time.Lightweight, reliable and portable storage
  • Slide lock system. The other three-layer container consists of thin, thin tabs that hold each layer in place. Certain bends break the tabs over time and the container becomes unusable. It uses a sturdy and reliable slide lock system that won’t break.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – Bins Things has developed the safest and easiest solution to keep all your crafts, jewelery and sewing accessories organized. We know you will love our three-tier stackable storage box. However, if you are not satisfied, please contact us immediately and we will respond.
Bins Things Stackable Plastic Craft Containers | Plastic Basket Organizer…
Bins Things Stackable Plastic Craft Container | Plastic Organizer Basket with 2 Tray | Craft Supplies Box | Jewelry Storage Box | Portable Sewing Box Organizer
  • Efficient Plastic Containers – In addition to the potential cost savings of reusing these plastic containers, smart organizers keep your most important things at hand. With a high quality material and a well thought out design, it is designed to withstand the challenges of time and last a long time.
  • Multi-function – Do you like making loom ribbons and special and tricky things? Are you the type of person who likes to personalize jewelry? Our stackable plastic organizer is the perfect plastic container for organizing and storing crafts, sewing and embroidery accessories, and jewelry making tools! This blue removable basket is divided into 6 compartments, versatile and versatile.
  • Easy to carry – You can carry your handset or craft box anywhere with one grip. Four see-through transparent baskets and two blue baskets are divided into six compartments, making it easy to carry beads, looms, jewelry accessories and other handicrafts anywhere. All of these branches are always at hand wherever you go. A transparent container makes it easy to identify what you want to bring in.
  • Superior quality – Bins and stackable plastic storage bins are not a regular organizer or storage location. This lightweight organizer has a locking mechanism that sets it apart from other traditional storage boxes. The hinges are made of a very thick and durable plastic that blocks the air inside and provides better protection for the system. With the addition of a layer of security, accidental drops do not cause any problems! We are the only seller to offer this. Please do not calm down.
  • Interchangeable Design – Choose to use storage shelves divided into 6 compartments or the entire cart. The Trash and Inventory Organizer can be split into space-saving parts organizers or trash can organizers to organize small children’s crafts.

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