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Melissa and Doug Sorting Cube
Melissa and Doug Sorting Cube
  • Creative Sorting for Kids: Melissa Doug Shape Sorting Cube Classic is a beautifully constructed wooden toy with 12 bright and easy-to-grip shapes.
  • Classic learning task: This popular activity of shape and color should fascinate children. Each shape fits into the corresponding hole in the wooden cube.
  • Durable Wood Structure: Melissa Doug’s early development toys are made to last. For toddlers and preschoolers, this colorful toy promotes color and shape recognition and problem-solving skills.
  • Great gift for kids 2-4 years old: This toy is a perfect gift for kids 2-4 years old. Add a 100 piece Melissa Doug wooden block set to complete a hands-on learning experience and give kids fun screen options. Free entertainment.
  • Golden Standard for Children’s Games”: Melissa and Doug have been developing beautifully designed products that inspire imagination and creativity for over 30 years. NBC News calls this the gold standard for children’s play.”
Baby block toy sorter by shape – Baby block contains 18 shapes – Color-recognized toy by shape…
Baby Block Shape Sorter-Baby Block contains 18 shapes-Toys with color recognition and colorful cube sorting boxes-My first baby toys-Gift toys for boys and girls-Original-Play22 From
  • This is a satisfaction guarantee – great birthday and Christmas gifts for students, boys and girls – original from Play22USA
  • Learning blocks in Sorer Cube Shapes are challenging and fun for young children. BPA-free plastic, safe for babies and toddlers.
  • Children’s building blocks can learn using shapes, identify and adapt shapes, develop fine motor skills, and determine their ability to learn STEM.
  • 18 multicolor blocks, shape classification lids, 5 different shapes – improved hand-eye coordination – blocks, easy to grip – developed shape and color recognition – developed problem-solving skills.
  • Play22 Multi-Game Learning Cube – Versatile Tactile Exercises – Learn Shapes, Colors and Counting – Solve Maze and Sorting Problems – Develop Fine Motor and Logic – Expand Vocabulary and Creativity – Interesting from All Angles game!
Drum VTech Sort and Discover, Yellow
Drum VTech Sort and Discover, Yellow
  • Sort 5 colorfully shaped blocks and throw them into the sorting and searching drums to develop your motor skills
  • The Magic Shape Sorter recognizes every block and displays animals, shapes and numbers.
  • The blinking light on the top of the drum attracts children’s attention by blinking with the sound. Over 50 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases
  • When you press a drum, various drum sounds and melodies are played, stimulating your creative performance.You can easily open the drum and unload the molded parts
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (batteries included for demonstration purposes only, new batteries are recommended for normal use). For children from 6 months to 3 years old
Battat-Shape Sorter House-Sort of color and shape toys with 6 keys and 12 shapes for toddlers …
Battat – Shape Sorter House – Color and shape sorting toys with 6 keys and 12 shapes for a 2 year old baby + (14 items)
  • Sort by 14 Items Home: Customize the shape of the blocks and place them all in your home! Then open the door with a bright key and start over!
  • Educational toys: Explore concepts such as color, shape, and causality. Hand-eye coordination and improved fine motor skills.
  • 12 different shapes: Yes, there are regular standard shapes such as circles, squares, stars, triangles, but kids also love to grab cats, cars, keys and hearts!
  • 6 color-coded keys: Open the door with the appropriate key. This keychain can be easily grabbed and held with a small finger. The color of the rainbow is bright and uplifting.
  • Easy to use with small hands: Easy to unlock and open. Recommended for 2 years and older.
Playskool Form Fitter, Form Sorter, 18 months (Amazon only), multicolor
Playskool Form Fitter, Form Sorter, 18 months (Amazon only), multicolor
  • Sort forms with a smile: Look! This toy is very excited about your super smart pants sorting skills, it’s a smile!Kids can match, sort, shake and unload by identifying colorful shapes made of materials that are easy to grip even with small hands
  • Practicing fine motor skills: Kids love to discover that each of the nine shapes of Playskool Form Fitter fits a cubic cut. In addition, they practice their fine motor skills.
  • Fun for babies over 18 months: Both sides of the fitter are configured to match their shape, giving babies and toddlers tactile signals to shape their success
  • Easy storage: Storing 9 cubes makes cleaning easier. literally.One side of the cube opens and closes to comfortably accept all shapes
GEMEM Shape Sorter Toy Learn My First Wood 12 Building Block Geometry Matching Sorting…
GEMEM Shape Sorting Toys My First Wood 12 Building Blocks Geometry Learning Matching Sorting Gifts Instructive Classic Toddler Toys Kids 23 Years Old
  • SHAPE SORTER CUBE TOY: 12 kinds of color blocks are attached. With its bright colors and compact size, you can hold your hand even with a small hand. Once they have fallen into the shape classification cube, place the pieces in the appropriate holes. This item cannot be washed. Wipe with a cleaning cloth.
  • Tip: It cannot be washed. Clean with tissue and dry. Durable wood and non-toxic paint. Design a large hole in the cube instead of the lid to prevent children’s hands from getting caught when opening the lid. An early learning center that encourages color and shape recognition, fine motor skills, and dexterity.
  • Create good motor skills: Place 12 different shapes in the correct 12 holes and spread them out to improve your child’s observation and practical skills. An ideal interactive educational toy for babies from 18 months.
  • A perfect gift for preschool kids: Our shape classification cubes keep your kids focused for a long time. It’s a good toy for your child. Instead of playing computer games, traveling is also a great gift for us.It’s the best gift for your child
  • Lots of little fun: Little boys and girls will have a lot of fun exploring both sides of the cube. A practical handle that is convenient to carry. This will help you develop practical skills for your child. Suitable for children 18 months, 2-3 years old to play
PlayGo Kids Activity Center Shape Sorting Toys Environmentally friendly and non-toxic toys | Early childhood …
PlayGo Kids Activity Center Shape Sorting Toys Environmentally friendly and non-toxic toys | Early childhood development toys for fine motor skills
  • ♥ 15 Piece Shape Sort Toy: Develop your child’s tissue, athletic ability and color recognition skills with this shape sort toy. With 15 different shapes that fit in the slot, this toy comes with a bucket that makes it easy to store and carry the blocks.
  • ♥ Education and Entertainment: Looking for a fun educational activity for your child to enjoy while cooking, replying to emails and breathtaking? This colorful entertainment center is an attractive design for children to play and learn.
  • ♥ Train your child’s mind: The little mind wants to grow, learn, and expand! This activity center is a great way for your child to look up shapes, find colors, and develop cognitive thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • ♥ Develop Fine Athletic Ability: Looking for an athletic toy for kids who love puzzles? This activity center helps children develop logic and dexterity by carefully arranging, rotating and adjusting different shapes so that everything fits snugly.
  • ♥ Designed for small hands: Your child will love the variety of geometric shapes, vibrant colors and smooth surface feel. With its compact design, this outdoor toy is the perfect travel companion for solving puzzles on the go.
Melissa Dog Foam Sorter
Melissa Dog Foam Sorter
  • Padded Shape Sorter: The Take Along Shape Sorter is part of the K’s Kids series toys for early development. Includes a double-sided soft cover for practice, a removable handle, and 9 texture blocks in 9 colors and shapes.
  • Strong Valves: Our toddler-shaped sorting toys feature familiar items at the top and crumpled flaps with a matching shape at the bottom.
  • Help develop skills: This toy travel bag helps toddlers and toddlers develop sensory, fine movement and communication skills.
  • Gifts for children over 9 months old: Sorting toys that you bring with you will be a great gift for babies over 9 months old. Add Melissa Doug Rainbow Stacker Classic to complete your educational game.
  • Golden Standard for Children’s Games”: Melissa and Doug have been developing beautifully designed products that inspire imagination and creativity for over 30 years. NBC News calls this the gold standard for children’s play.”
Sorter Kid O Shape-Classic Sorter
Sorter Kid O Shape-Classic Sorter
  • Explore the colors and shapes of this modern home and customize all shapes to assemble windows, doors and chimneys
  • These bright, rounded shapes are perfect for small hands and fit perfectly.Can you see yourself at the mirror door
  • The parts are made of high quality ABS plastic with smooth edges, easy to hold and use.
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills, shape and color recognition, accomplishment and self-esteem
  • 7 piece set for babies from 12 months
QZM shaped sorting toys with 19 colorful geometric wooden blocks and sorting cubes …
QZM shaped sorting toy with 19 colorful geometric wooden blocks and a cubic sorting box.Classic Wooden Education Preschool Toy Girls Boys Birthday Gifts
  • Award-winning for children’s physical and mental development – ​​one of the classic puzzles for kids and toddlers. The solid wood sorting cube has 19 different geometric shapes for sorting, which contributes not only to problem solving, shape and color recognition development, but also fine motor skills and mobility.
  • Great for kids: 18 months or more. Giving your kids this timeless toy is great because it makes them smarter! Great Montessori toys for toddlers.
  • Play Safely-Only non-toxic paint is used, there is no risk of choking, and the edges of each block are smooth. This toy meets or exceeds the strict product safety regulations set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as part of the ASTM F963 Regulations for Toys for Infants Up to 3 Years.
  • Excellent quality and design – Touch this handmade toy-shaped sorting cube and you will notice the weight and strength of solid wood, bright colors and smooth surface. Includes convenient flip cover and strap.
  • Gifts – This shape sorter is a timeless gift. After all, this is a very beautiful and cute toy that looks great on a kid’s shelf until the kid is ready to play.

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