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Newhouse Lighting 3 Watt Energy Efficient LED Clamp Lamp, Purple
Newhouse Lighting 3 Watt Energy Efficient LED Clamp Lamp, Purple
  • High Quality LED: Energy saving LED light provides effective, flicker-free, natural warm light, and illuminated diffuser reduces eye strain
  • Contemporary style: Slim, modern, adjustable and flexible metal gooseneck, 6-foot power cord, and practical on / off switch ensure great light from every angle.
  • Since 2013, over 100,000 have been sold in black, purple and blue. Students, parents, readers and manufacturers all agree that this versatile lamp is the keeper!
  • Warm Lights: LEDs provide 350 lumens of brightness and 3000K bright warm white LED lights.
  • Long service life: No need to replace the LED (up to 30,000 hours or more). Rest assured: 5 year warranty and friendly US customer service.
Animal / Nightlight / Baby Pet LED Table Lamp with Flashlight – Adjustable Angle Table Lamp – Book…
LED Pet Table Lamp / Nightlight / Baby Flashlight – Angle Adjustable Table Lamp – Book Light for Reading or Learning with 3 Modes, Dimmer, USB Charging, Auto Off Timer (Brown Bear)
  • ✅ Kids love you – cute ear lamps are adorable! They are also stylish and wonderful to decorate your home in your bedroom or living room.
  • ✅ Excellent table lamp for studying and reading – Thanks to the 90 degree adjustable nozzle, you can easily change the angle for better lighting while studying. The basis is a USB charging station.
  • ✅ Children’s Nightlight – This light has an hour-long automatic shut-off feature that won’t stay on all night, but keeps your child safe. The nightlight is dimmable and has three lighting modes (white, cool and mixed).
  • ✅ Use as a lantern – The table lamp is lightweight, compact and easy to use. It is convenient to carry and can be removed from the base, making it easy to carry and use as a flashlight.
  • ✅ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – You will love it or redeem it from you without any questions!
Children’s lamps, OCOOPA LED table lamps with touch control, dimmer lights Flexible and rechargeable USB table lamps …
Baby Lamp, OCOOPA LED Desk Lamp Touch Dimming Control Flexible USB Rechargeable Desk Lamp Eye Care Baby Study Lamp with Pen Holder (Pink)
  • Touch switch and adjustable brightness: No level setting for additional brightness, long press for brightness control.
  • Elegant design: 360 degree adjustable flexible gooseneck tube for height and angle adjustment. It can be easily folded into a compact position.
  • Energy saving and USB charging technology: Built-in 1200 mAh lithium battery, can be charged via USB or adapter of laptop / computer.
  • Pen holder design with stable base: A cute pen holder design that stimulates learning motivation.
  • Excellent eye protection: 12 LED beads, frequent flash, no dazzling light, no shadows or natural light, easy on the eyes when reading, working and writing.
LEPOWER clip-on light / reading light / changeable light color / table, nightlight for bed …
LEPOWER clip / reading light / changeable light color / table, headboard, computer night light clip (black)
  • Installation: Lights up with the click of a cable, perfect for desks, desks, headboards and computers. The maximum width of this clip-on bedside lamp is 2.36 inches.
  • Free angle between the adjustable arm and the lamp holder. Place the book light for easy viewing.
  • Two cable plugs. There are three options: warm light, off, and white light. The other has two options for adjusting the brightness. It is dim and bright.
  • Clip the device using a 2-pin USB power supply and a 5-foot cable. FCC certified quality doesn’t worry you. It can be used with normal 110V household electricity.
  • LEPOWER Warranty: Gives the light a 12 month warranty in case of quality issues. Please buy!
Cute rechargeable book light with 4 3000K LEDs for Vekkia eye care, reading clip for reading …
Vekkia Cute 3000K Rechargeable 4LED Sight, Bed Reading Clip, 3 Levels, 1.8oz Super Lightweight, Up to 40 Hours of Reading.Great for bookworms and gifts for toddlers
  • [UPGRADED ] LED warm SMD3000K technology. Bright colors perfect for reading in eye care. The four LEDs are three times as large as conventional LEDs and illuminate uniformly. Three brightness levels. The best portable book light for kids, parents and enthusiasts.
  • Stop spending money on batteries – never. Built-in rechargeable battery 520mAh lithium ion. Enjoy wireless reading (low brightness) for 30 hours charging in 2.5 hours. Many options for charging via USB ports such as laptops, power banks, 5V phone chargers (not included). Includes standard micro USB cable for Android.
  • Super Lightweight 1.8 oz. Suitable for those who are interested in the weight of book lights, such as B. children and the elderly. It is better to reduce the pressure on your hands.
  • EYE CARE SOFT SCATTERED LIGHT lightly illuminates the entire two pages of books of all sizes. You don’t need to adjust the lights from time to time. This evening’s reading light comes with a secure clip and an endless flexible neck that allows you to position and focus the light exactly where you want it. Great for camping, children’s reading, studying, music stands, computer lighting, homework and hobbies.
  • You will love our stationless lighting and excellent customer service – try our 30-day free money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty. (Note: This book lamp is only sold at the Lumino Lite Store and Amazon. Only Lumino Lite Store products are guaranteed for one year.)
LED reading clips, book lamps, 16 LEDs to protect your personal eyes, 3 brightness levels, …
LED reading clip, book light, 16 LEDs for personal eye protection, 3 brightness levels, rechargeable USB device, reading lamp with soft touch control, perfect for bed reading – Vont
  • Touch Switch: Three levels of light intensity that can be adjusted as desired. Use high mode for reading and then switch to low so that you can read the low profile nightlight without disturbing your partner.
  • Flexible Necklace 360 ​​°: Place a lamp on the edge of a book, table or bed to illuminate a dark room. The clever and flexible neck design allows you to place the light exactly where you need it. The wide opening of the clip allows it to be attached to almost anything.
  • Extended battery life: Built-in 1000mAh battery that lasts twice as long as competitors. With a USB cable, the lamp can be powered by any charger, laptop, computer, or portable charger.
  • Reliable Lighting-Safe Lighting: 16 high quality LED lamps to improve image clarity and flicker-free light. Removes glare, reduces eye strain and increases productivity. Good for eyes and environment.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Our brand is deeply involved with our customers and believes in the quality of our products. See our review for confirmation. Your light comes with a lifetime warranty. CE / ROH certified.
Eyocean LED reading light, adjustable headboard lamp, bedroom, office, 3 modes and 9 …
Includes Eyocean LED reading light, adjustable headboard lamp, bedroom, office, 3 modes and 9 dimmable levels, desk lamp with flexible clip, adapter, 5 W, silver
  • 3 lighting modes and 9 brightness levels. Multi-function switch with memory function that can store the previous brightness setting. With the push of a switch, you can turn the clip lighting on and off and adjust different brightness levels for the most comfortable and ideal lighting mood.
  • Eye Protection: Eye care Eyocean table lamps made of high quality LED chips do not require lamp replacement. The front panel is covered with a milky white diffuser to provide a uniform flow of light without glare, flicker or glare. Does not tire your eyes even when exposed to light for a long time. Ideal for office lamps, student reading lights, desk lamps, work lamps for architects and artists, bedside reading lights.
  • High quality aluminum alloy and durable clips. Eyocean reading lights are made of high quality aluminum alloy (not cheap plastic), which improves heat dissipation and keeps you cool during use. The sturdy metal clip opens up to 2.4 inches and has a non-slip pad, making it ideal for music stands, pianos, office tables, computer tables and headboards.
  • Flexible gooseneck and USB power supply. A flexible gooseneck made of high quality aluminum alloy makes it easy to adjust the clip light and direct the light anywhere. Simply plug in a 1.6m USB cable, available USB port (laptop / desktop / powerbank / USB adapter) to power the lamp
  • Energy saving and consideration for the environment. It takes only 20% more energy than an incandescent lamp of the same brightness. There is no lead, mercury, UV or infrared. Includes 5V, 1A UL Adapter ($ 8 Equivalent), 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee
Book lamp for reading in bed at night, improved book lamp for reading for a long time with super high brightness …
Book lamp for reading in bed at night, improved book lamp for extended reading time with super bright clip of LED lamp for reading at night, double use as a bookmark Perfect for Christmas and birthday gift
  • [Multi-function book light bookmark][Children love to read with cute book light]WINCHY reading light is a gift for children and women, a birthday gift for girls and boys, a cat gift for cat lovers Great for. The WINCHY book light, combined with a bookmark and backlight, is not only a cute cat pattern, but also a reading light before bedtime. The WINCHY bookmark reading backlight is small and thin enough to easily function as a bookmark. That means it’s there whenever you need it.
  • [Extended reading time]WINCHY Booklight uses the latest technology and can last more than 70 hours, which is longer than other batteries on the market. Two replacement batteries are available. The WINCHY bookmark backlight can also be used as a bookmark and is easy to use. Clip it to your book and turn it on, and you can go. Book lights can be mounted on multiple pages together or on the back. The WINCHY reading light can be attached to books of any shape and size.
  • [Portable Reading Assistant]The WINCHY Book Light is as light as 0.84 ounces and does not add weight to your books. Our bookmark reading lights are perfect for traveling, camping and bedtime bookmarks. A soft rubber material that allows the reading light to bend in any shape. The flexible neck is fully adjustable so you can adjust the right lighting position to suit your needs.Take your bookmarks anywhere and shed light on wherever you like
  • [Ideal reading light for bed]If you like reading at night and don’t get in the way of your partner or children. WINCHY bookmark highlighting is required. The soft light helps you read without damaging your eyes or disturbing others. Whether you’re reading in bed or reading a bedtime story for your child, the book lights don’t illuminate your entire room at night. The WINCHY reading light is a perfect Christmas and birthday gift for kids, students and mothers.
  • [Satisfaction Guarantee]WINCHY offers free customer service. If you have any questions about the bookmark backlight, please contact us. We offer a free warranty so that you can purchase the WINCHY reading light with peace of mind. Thank you for your cooperation. To solve the problem until you are satisfied. We are always ready to help you!
Etekcity LED table lamp with USB charging connection, eye care table lamp with 3 brightness levels, …
Etekcity LED table lamp with USB charging connection, 3 brightness level eye care table lamp, touch control, adjustable goose neck, colorful night light for office and bedroom, gift for kids and family
  • EYE CARE LED 16 Energy Saving LED Lamp ensures flicker-free lighting. My eyes don’t get tired anymore.
  • With COLORED NIGHT BASE 256 color options, the basic lights of the table lamp give the environment a different atmosphere when learning to read, sew, or sleep. A perfect gift for children and families.
  • Turn on the wireless and portable rechargeable Li-Po 1000 mAh battery and use it anywhere with a wireless connection. After a full charge, it can run for up to 2.5-6 hours.
  • Adjustable arm Flexible gooseneck allows you to direct the light in any direction you need for proper lighting
  • The perfect gift Christmas and birthday gifts for kids and families.
Children’s Table Lamp-Uniwit Sunflower LED Charging Table Lamp Holder Eye Protective Equipment Small Table…
Children’s Table Lamp-Uniwit Sunflower LED Charging Table Lamp Holder Eye Protection Small Table, Foldable for Reading, Learning, Office-Foldable-Pink
  • Touch design: A single button press turns on the desk lamp, and a long press changes the brightness.
  • Elegant design and flexible gooseneck: The 360-degree adjustable flexible gooseneck tube allows you to adjust the height and angle for easy bending to a compact position. Implementation is also very convenient.
  • Energy saving and USB charging: The battery lasts about. Maximum brightness is 4 hours and minimum brightness is 12 hours. The battery can be recharged periodically via a USB connection to your laptop / computer or an adapter.
  • Excellent eye protection: 12 LED beads, frequent flash, no dazzling light, no shadows or natural light, easy on the eyes when reading, working and writing.
  • 2-in-1 design: Not only a desk lamp, but also a pen holder. The table lamp pot design can be used as a pen holder.

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