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A set of 21 educational and musical percussion instruments for children and children. – From …
A set of 21 educational and musical percussion instruments for children and children. – Using tambourines, maracas, castanets, etc. – Develop fine motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination,
  • More Instruments – More Fun: Our Music Percussion Set includes 21 great instruments instead of one or two. Each set includes 1 tambourine, 2 shaker eggs, 2 castanets, 2 sand eggs, 1 bell, 1 pair of maracas, wrist bell, 2 clave, 2 fins, 1 large jingle bell, 1 small jingle bell. Includes 1 piece, 1 castanets with handles and 1 triangle. striker.
  • Increase sensor input – Sky Rocket Creativity: Discover the world of music and rhythm with a little angel. Order your BritenWay educational music toy set now. Improve hand-eye coordination, develop fine motor skills and basic learning, keep kids busy, increase auditory stimulation, and have fun!
  • Easy to carry – Comfortable body: All instruments come in a beautiful zippered pouch that is easy to store, carry and transport. Take it with you wherever you go. The fun of music doesn’t stop even on the go. Perfect for long car trips, beach trips, garden activities, overnight stays, trips, camping and more.
  • Made a lot – 100% safe for kids: Rest assured that BriteNway musical instrument toys are made of high quality materials. Don’t worry about stench, chemicals, fragile parts, and cheap toys. Protect your children and loved ones.
  • Give Educational Gifts: Stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity with educational games. Then order the BriteNway Toy Toolkit. Great gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, quick rejuvenation, musical instruments, party souvenirs, Easter and other treasure hunts.
ToyerBee musical instruments, children’s toy sets, wooden percussion instruments for toddlers, 26 pieces, …
Children’s set of ToyerBee musical instruments, 26-piece wooden percussion instruments for toddlers, musical instruments for preschoolers, storage bags for children, tambourines, maracas and other musical instruments
  • ♫[Music Education Toy]A perfect toy set as an inspiration for children to keep moving, touching and feeling the rhythm. Discover the world of music and rhythm with your little angel. You can learn the original musical concept and see it with your hands bigger. Coordination develops fine motor skills and basic learning, improves their listening stimuli, and has fun. Our rattles and castanets have random colors and images, but they are all cute.
  • ♫[Convenient to carry]Pocket size 24.4 * 19.3 * 19.3, the most suitable size for carrying, 15 kinds of tools are included in the set. At the same time, most of the instruments in our instrument set are easy to carry and can take hours for children, so you can carry some of the instruments in your bag in a children’s package. I will.
  • ♫[It has a good tactile sensation and can be used safely. ]This wooden toy was polished and then painted with harmless water-based paint so as not to hurt the playing child. There are no color clips or chemical odors during the test. We carry out strict quality control to ensure a safe play environment for children.
  • ♫[Unique design for children]To protect children from shocks and injuries, our music toys replace the other jungle bell X” with a more durable, smooth-edged jungle bell. -using. In addition, the core of the Toyebee toolbox is cute animal pictures and models, as well as a variety of vibrant colors. Green, yellow, orange, blue, red … Rainbow musical toys and cute animals will change children’s minds at a glance and improve their color perception while playing.
  • ♫[Perfect Gift]Based on Orff’s approach, the Toyer Bee Tool Set of 15 types and 26 parts will be the highlight of the children’s party. With this set, your kids and their little friends can have fun in the corner. They can take turns playing, playing instruments together, or playing separately. This is a great bridge for building friendships.
Children’s musical instrument set Bokushiki, 16 | Rhythm and music educational toys for children | Clave…
Children’s Musical Instrument Boxiki Set, 16 | Rhythm and Music Educational Toys for Kids | Claves Sticks, Shakers, Tambourines, Wrist Bells, Maracas for Kids | Natural Toys with Carry Bags
  • Creativity Development-Give your child music! These music learning toys provide children with a unique way to express their creativity and musicality. Encourage them to sing, play and learn with this lovely wooden instrument set.
  • Develop Rhythm and Music-Small hands and voices yearn for music! Submit a song or instrument, or have them play your own song. This music playset is a fun way to develop your child’s musicality while having a good time together.
  • Promoting Early Development – ​​Music helps your child develop hand-eye coordination, careful musicality, and a lively and energetic mind. Ring the bells and spin the wooden maracas with these educational toys!
  • Play and Learn Safely – This music set is colorful, beautifully designed and made of high quality and durable materials. With smooth lines and delicate surfaces, these children’s tools are completely safe for toddlers to play.
  • FULL WOODEN TOOLBOX-Designed for small hands, this set of toys includes percussion eggs, wooden maracas, rhythm sticks, bells, castanets and more. That’s all you need to introduce your child to the wonderful world of music.
Set of 3 songs 1. Clarinet 2. Saxophone 3. Trumpet, combination of 10 or more colored educational songs …
Set of 3 songs 1st clarinet 2nd saxophone 3rd trumpet combined with more than 10 colored educational songs Made in Italy.
  • Music play set, 3 musical instruments – children’s set. All three are approximately 16.5 inches long.
  • Includes trumpet, clarinet and silver saxophone.
  • Simple color coding and numbers for faster learning and instructions for some of the most popular songs, including.
  • 11 colors of trumpet and saxophone and 3 trumpet fanfare melodies.
  • Made of high quality plastic made in Italy. Packed in a beautiful colorful box.
B. Toys-Drum Rolls Please-Drums for 7 Musical Instruments for Kids from 18 Months (7 Pieces)
B. Toys-Drum Rolls Please-Drums for 7 Musical Instruments for Kids from 18 Months (7 Pieces)
  • Toy Drum Set: B’s Drum Roll Please Toys is a portable front set with 7 instruments for toddlers.
  • 7 parts: 1 toy drum, 2 drumsticks, castanets, 1 pipe, 1 tambourine, 1 shaka egg.
  • Included storage: Easy to store and carry. The drum fits all seven children’s instruments.
  • Listening to music: Fosters a love for music and stimulates your imagination. An ideal children’s drum kit for future music lovers.
  • Sensory toys. Bright and refreshing colors, various textures, ridges and bristles, twisted handles and handles.
iPlay, iLearn toys for toddlers with musical instruments, children’s drums, drums, tambourines, trumpets, …
iPlay, toys with musical instruments for toddlers iLearn, children’s drum set, drums, tambourine, trumpet, maracas, harmonica, flute, 18 months learning gift 2 3 4 5 year old boy girl child (blue)
  • The first[Safety First]iPlay, iLearn Toys have been tested in CPSC-approved third-party laboratories. Drums have passed physical and mechanical tests for children of all ages (18M +).
  • ♫[Premium Material]Made of high quality ABS material, it is safe and reliable even for small children. This percussion set includes 1 marching drum, 2 stickers, 2 maracas, 1 tambourine, 1 trumpet, 1 flute and 1 harmonica.
  • ♫[Educational Music Toy]This toy helps children develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and better understanding of intelligence and emotions.
  • ♫[Storage function]The drum itself can also be used as a storage box. It is convenient for children to collect toys and is easy to carry outdoors. The perfect size for preschoolers and toddlers.
  • ♫[Choose the best gift]This gift will be the winner, especially on every occasion of Christmas and New Year! Give your kids gifts that will create countless happy moments!
Toyer Bee musical instrument toy set for kids, 15 piece wooden percussion instrument for toddlers, …
ToyerBee Musical Instruments For boys and girls, including toy sets, children’s toy sets, wooden percussion instruments for toddlers, preschool and educational toys with storage bags, tambourines, malacas, castanets and more.
  • ♪ A set of musical instruments: shake, hit, hit, blow, 12 pieces. Eight types of rhythm instruments can give children a variety of playing experiences. This percussion set includes tambourines, maracas, castans, triangular xylophones, rainbow sticks, whistles and more. Great creative birthday gifts for kids, boys and girls.
  • ♪ Super Safe: Made of durable and non-toxic wood and plastic for kids. , Our tools create a healthy and safe play environment for toddlers and promote greater interaction between parents and children while playing.
  • ♪ Easy to store and carry: A nice yellow plastic bag will help you carry all your tools and can be carried with a durable strap and a weight suitable for the bag. Alternatively, you can put part of our music set in your child’s pocket as a pocket toy. This cute music toy invites your child to a magical world of music wherever they go.
  • ♪ Unique color vision: Two of the three colors, blue and yellow, seemingly appeal to children as the main colors. In addition, the rainbow was used to enrich the world of youth color and improve their color perception.
  • ♪ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: This product is guaranteed for 3 years. Response within 24 hours is a promise when you send a message about a problem with this product. We will do our best to get 100% satisfaction.
Melissa and Doug Band in Box
Melissa and Doug Band in Box
  • Other 10-piece instrument set: Melissa Doug’s band-in-box applause! rattle! click! Is a set of 10 musical instruments with many musical instruments that children can use to move, touch and feel the rhythm.
  • There are multiple sounds for children: Melissa and Doug’s instruments help children develop their musical ears. This set introduces mini musicians to different tones, volumes and beats.
  • Convenient Wooden Box: Includes a sturdy wooden box with ample storage space for each of the 10 tools to organize your child’s set.
  • Great gift for kids 3-6 years old: This set is a perfect gift for kids 3-6 years old. Add Melissa Doug Wooden Starter Recorder to complete your music game and provide fun options for off-screen entertainment for kids.
  • Golden Standard for Children’s Games”: Melissa and Doug have been developing beautifully designed products that inspire imagination and creativity for over 30 years. NBC News calls this the gold standard for children’s play.”
SMART WALLABY musical instrument set for babies, 25 musical instrument toys made of wooden percussion instruments …
SMART WALLABY baby musical instrument set, 25 pieces. A wooden percussion set for children with a xylophone and a storage backpack.Big group
  • Good Times Rock and Roll – Wake up to SMART WALLABY’s 25-piece instrument, the big band. Children play the trumpet, click on the castanets, and hit the triangles to increase rhythm, creativity, and development. Enjoy with the whole family!
  • Sound as Physical Support-Music not only improves a child’s intellectual ability, but also sets the pace of physical development by playing a musical instrument. Pushing, shaking, playing and rhythm improve motor skills, hand and eye coordination and social skills!
  • Safety is an instrument – ​​ASTM certified children’s instruments protect your child from danger. Their high quality construction, natural smooth wood, and child-safe colors ensure that your child’s practice remains safe.
  • Portable Storage-Don’t leave the toy drum kit in place after the concert. Just put it in a portable backpack with two side pockets!
  • Buy Bonus-Buy Now, Get Smart Wallaby Music Activity eBooks, Have fun with your kids, or get a colorful and classic xylophone note sheet to get started easily!
Stoie 18-piece musical instrument set for toddlers and preschoolers. Musical instrument toys-trees …
A set of 18 Stoie musical instruments for kids for toddlers and preschool age kids – wooden toys for boys and girls. Includes xylophone – facilitates early development and educational learning.
  • EXCEPTIONAL MUSIC TOYS COLLECTION – This children’s instrument set contains everything a child needs to find an inner musician. This toy set includes a xylophone, two malakas, two egg shakers, a rainbow bell stick, two finger scissors, a tambourine, a drumstick, a wooden echo sounder, two wrist bells, and a triangle with a drummer. .. These musical toys (18 in total) help boys and girls learn the sounds and timbres of different musical instruments and show off their musical creativity!
  • Fun and learning. Many studies have shown that music not only helps children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but also helps them to better understand their intellect and emotions. Your child will learn to express themselves creatively by playing creatively with these fun and addictive toys.
  • Family Time – Take time for your family to spend time together on these musical toys to the next level. Your kids will love family groups, no matter how old they are (this toy set is perfect for preschoolers and above), because you all make great music. At Stoie’s, we are committed to creating high quality toys that extend family time and inspire the family. You will be amazed at the smiles and laughter when everyone plays music together.
  • 100% Safe – These toddler instruments are not only fun, but also safe. They are non-toxic and child-safe and are made from wood and other safe materials. The high quality construction features a slim and durable finish. With these tools, you can enjoy hours, weeks, months and years of music. Your child will definitely appreciate this wonderful gift!
  • Free Storage Backpack – All the tools fit in a cool backpack that your child will want to use. You can now carry your instruments, such as drums, triangles, and other instruments, on your car trip or vacation. The free backpack provides a comfortable storage space. Buy Today’s Music Toy Set for Your Kids-Just click the Add to Cart button. Your purchase is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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