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Swimming goggles OMERIL, 2 packs of waterproof children’s swimming goggles with anti-fog function. Flexible nose bridge, 3D …
Swimming goggles OMERIL, 2 packs of waterproof children’s swimming goggles with anti-fog function. Flexible nose bridge, snug 3D design, wide field of swimming goggles, carry bag for kids and adolescents (6-14 years)
  • [Bundled items]Swimming goggles x 2, carrying bag x 1, gift box x 1, instruction manual, 12 months warranty. ✅ Remove the protective film from the glasses.
  • [Anti-fog / wide clear view]Each lens is carefully coated with the optimum amount of advanced anti-fog coating. It prevents the lens from fogging and provides a clear, distant view so you can focus on swimming in the water with a 180 degree peripheral field of view. ✅[Caution]Do not touch the inner surface of the lens with your hand or a sharp instrument. The lens may be damaged or cloudiness may occur.
  • [SUPERSOFT SILICONE SEALS]The silicone pad is very soft and comfortable. Thanks to the double seal, we guarantee a perfect seal every time. They are placed around the eyes and can evenly distribute the pressure and provide maximum comfort. After swimming, they do not leave red spots around your eyes and nose for hours.
  • [Ergonomic 3D design]Glasses are a kind of washing machine that is based on the mechanical principle of fine body structure, effectively dissipates pressure, and can be worn comfortably. In addition, the frame of the glasses is curved to fit the eyes perfectly, preventing water leakage, protecting the eyes from bacteria and water, and maintaining good health. ✅ Check the professional instructions in the instruction manual 🙂
  • [Adjustable closure and easy to use]Easy adjustment of elastic straps and soft silicone seals provides a comfortable and comfortable fit for most types of faces. The strap size is easy to adjust and the quick release buckles on the sides allow you to set it up in seconds without getting tangled in your hair.
2 children’s swimming goggles, green / black, mirror blue, teenage swimming goggles, anti-fog …
Two children’s swimming goggles, green / black and mirror blue, teen goggles, anti-fog and UV youth goggles, sealed, free earplugs, one-button open strap, children’s set for 4-16 years
  • ✅ Package contents: Swimming goggles x 2, Portable mesh bag x 1, Earplugs x 4, Instruction manual, 12 months warranty.
  • ✅ Anti-Fog / Anti-UV / Wide Vision: Fog when swimming is really annoying. High-tech anti-fog lenses and UV-coated lenses guarantee unmatched image clarity without fogging or glare. Do not touch the inside of the lens with your hands or sharp instruments. It can damage the lens, damage UV protection, and cause fogging.
  • ✅ Ultra Soft Silicone Seal: No leaks! A very soft silicone pillow completely seals around the eyes and keeps out water. They fit comfortably and do not leave the goldfish’s eyes behind. For children, impact-resistant PC lenses keep them safe.
  • ✅ CRYSTAL CLEARVISION: With an anti-fog coating lens with 180 degree peripheral vision, you can see clearly without blurring or distortion. Unlike other color lenses, these lenses are really clear / crystal clear.
  • ✅ One button and comfort: Very easy to set up! The well-designed closure makes it easy to put on and take off your swimming goggles with one push. The flexible silicone frame and pads provide maximum comfort for the child. Thanks to the adjustable straps, all kids keep their eyes dry and don’t hurt their hair. 12 months warranty and perfect customer service!
Aegend Kids swimming goggles with two swimming goggles for children 3-9 years old, silicone …
Aegend Kids Swimming Goggles Set of 2 swimming goggles for kids 3-9 years old, silicone bridge, clear view, easily adjustable straps, UV protection, anti-fog, no leaks, aqua fuchsia
  • Crystal Transparency in Water – High magnetic permeability and wide field of view of clear, flat PC lenses make Aegend’s children’s swimming goggles mysterious, helping kids to see clearly in clear water. I have the courage to explore the underwater world. Great for little boys and girls to take swimming lessons and inspire them to swim. Designed for children ages 3-9.
  • Leaky Soft Silicone – Aegend Baby Glasses Protect Your Baby In Your Name! Aegend’s latest children’s swimming goggles are made of odorless, non-toxic soft silicone that relieves pressure on the skin and forms a waterproof seal that protects the child from periorbital hematomas, chlorine and bacteria. The very soft bridge of the nose will not hurt your nose and will help you enjoy water activities in a fun and safe way.
  • UV Protection and Anti-fog – Aegend’s children’s eyeglasses have an innovative UV-resistant coating on the lens surface and an anti-fog coating on the inside. The lens reflects sunlight and blocks UV rays, making it comfortable and comfortable for children to wear. Thanks to the anti-fog coating, these glasses automatically fog and prevent the fog from easily condensing and affecting the child’s eyesight. Children will love and trust these glasses.
  • Easy Adjustment – ​​Quickly adjustable straps are easy for kids and parents to adjust. Simply press the clasp and pull the strap to the desired size. The elastic head strap can be stretched significantly without breaking and fits most children’s head sizes. Children can stand on their feet and adjust the belt themselves.
  • Free for 12 months – We offer a hassle-free return policy for 12 months. If you have any questions, please contact us. The package includes one children’s swimming goggles, one protective goggles (and one safe and one entertainment).
Aegend Swimming Goggles, Swimming Goggles Anti-fog UV Protection Triathlon Goggles For Swimming …
Aegend Swim Goggles Swim Goggles Anti-fog UV Protection Triathlon Goggles Adult Free Protective Case Swim Men Women Adolescents Children Children 9 Options
  • 【It’s cheap? Of course]The flexible silicone frame and advanced nosepiece are very convenient without damaging your nose or leaving marks on your face.[Higher outlet]
  • 【fog? NO! ]The inner surface of the lens is non-fog and coated with the latest environmental protection technology, so the anti-fog property of the glasses is improved and it does not harm the face.
  • 【leak? NO! ]High quality silicone material and ergonomic eyeglass design fits perfectly to all face shapes and won’t get wet.
  • [Stylish look? Absolute]The outer surface of the lens with UV protection coating reflects harmful UV rays and protects the eyes from damage caused by heat and sunlight. I’m sure the trendy colors will make your glasses trendy and make you stand out from the crowd.
  • [High performance]Polycarbonate lenses maintain strength even under the harshest conditions. A well-designed clasp makes it easy to put on and take off your glasses without pulling out your hair. * Our glasses are guaranteed for 12 months! ◉ WARNING: Customers who are allergic to silicone should not purchase this product.
Speedo Unisex Skoogle Children’s swimming goggles, 3-8 years old, black / green, one size
Speedo Unisex Skoogle Kids Swimming Goggles, 3-8 years old, black / green, one size
  • Country of origin: China
  • The height of the product package is 3 inches
  • Product package length 8 inches
  • Product package width is 3 inches
FINIS Frogglez Libra Glasses
FINIS Frogglez scale glasses
  • It is designed to provide children with comfortable and comfortable eyeglasses. Great for children 4-12 years old.
  • Softly split neoprene tape provides cushioning and comfort for a waterproof fit
  • The floating material prevents the glass from being lost at the bottom of the pool.
  • Durable polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant and provide UV and fog protection.
  • Loop and lock strap for quick and easy adjustment of the strap
KNGUVTH Children’s swimming goggles set of 2 Leakage prevention swimming goggles Crystal fog and UV protection …
KNGUVTH Children’s Swimming Goggles, Fog and UV Protected Leakage Prevention Swimming Goggles Set of 2 Visionary Swimming Goggles with Nose Clips and Toddler Earplugs (Pink and Purple)
  • Leak-proof waterproof: Made of high quality silicone material, the swimming goggles are ergonomically designed to fit a variety of face shapes and never get wet.High impact resistant PC lens provides better water resistance, reduces pressure around the eyes and allows you to swim
  • Anti-fog UV: Swimming goggles use high-tech anti-fog. The outer surface of the lens is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture, preventing fog and clearing the field of view. After processing with UV protection technology, it has a special UV protection function to protect children from damage caused by heat and sunlight.
  • Wide field of view: Our swimming goggles are equipped with a wide lens to allow children to have a 180 degree peripheral vision.Wide and flexible silicone frame keeps out water with excellent comfort and perfect seal around the eyes
  • Easy to carry and comfortable: Button design that makes it easy for children to wear with the push of a button, disassembles quickly, and makes it easy to carry and remove swimming goggles.The straps are easily adjustable so each child keeps the area around the eyes dry and prevents the hair from getting tangled.
  • We meet our products – you will receive 2 packs of swimming goggles, 2 nose clips + 2 pairs of earplugs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team. We offer one year of free returns and exchanges so that you can buy this product with confidence.
Children’s swimming goggles, boys’and girls’ swimming goggles 2-10 years old Children’s colorful swimming goggles transparent …
Kids Swimming Goggles, Boys and Girls Swimming Goggles Colorful Swimming Goggles for Kids 2-10 Years Clear Vision Anti-fog UV Protection No Leakage Nose Bridge Soft Silicon Protective Cover for Kids Scooples
  • ➡️ More colors and children’s swimming: Colorful swimming goggles specially designed for children. More fun and safer.
  • ➡️ No damage to children (2-10 years): Durable and hypoallergenic silicone frame, impact resistant PC lens. A soft belt, soft padder and soft face bridge that are perfect for children, ensuring leak-free and leak-free for children.
  • ➡️ Fog and UV protection: Swimming goggles have a high-tech anti-fog treatment on the inner surface of the lens. The outer surface of the lens is well coated to remove harmful rays and protect the eyes from damage from heat and sunlight. Please provide the best clear vision for children!
  • ➡️ Non-slip belt, simple adjustable jaws, especially for skating girls: Soft and smooth silicone material and split straps effectively secure the straps of your glasses. Do not let the child pull the strap. Enjoy a comfortable swim that does not require constant breaks for adjustment!
  • ➡️ Nice car with hooks: Our swimming goggles are packed in a comic case. This is a great surprise as a gift for children. The hooks provided make it easy to carry and store. *** In addition, we will provide it to our customers 12 months after the sale!
COOLOO Children’s swimming goggles, two sets of hyperopia swimming goggles for preschool and toddlers …
COOLOO Children’s swimming goggles 4 to 15 years of hyperopia swimming goggles 2 pairs Children’s swimming goggles Leak-proof, anti-fog, waterproof
  • Universal Ergonomic Design: Our swimming goggles are made entirely of high quality materials, with a soft silicone shock absorbing frame and a comfortable nose bridge. Ergonomic 3D design fits eye socket. A well-designed buckle makes it easy to put on and take off your swimming goggles. Our straps are easy to adjust, so children, adults and children, always have good swimming goggles.
  • No Leaks or Water Dangers: Swimming goggles are made of high quality silicone material and ergonomically designed to fit a variety of face shapes and never get wet.High impact resistant PC lens provides better water resistance, reduces pressure around the eyes and allows you to swim
  • Anti-fog and anti-fog: Swimming goggles use high-tech anti-fog. The outer surface of the lens allows moisture to escape and absorb, preventing fog and making the field of view clearer. After anti-technology treatment, it has a special sunscreen feature that protects your child from heat and sunlight damage.
  • Wide Vision: Our swimming goggles are equipped with wide lenses to allow your child to have a 180 degree peripheral vision.Wide flexible silicone frame for excellent comfort and perfect seal around the eyes keeps out water
  • What’s inside the box? – Colorful COOLOO Children’s Glasses x 2, Nose Clip x 2, Earplugs x 2 Pairs, Mesh Pouch x 1. Questions about the product are welcome.
A set of two children’s swimming goggles – children’s swimming goggles with quick adjustable straps – A.
A set of two children’s swimming goggles – children’s swimming goggles with quick release straps – A.
  • Ultra-easy and fast adjustment of the buckle – Easy adjustment of elastic straps and 3D soft silicone pads provides a comfortable and quiet posture for most face types.
  • One set of indoor and outdoor – OutdoorMaster Kids swimming goggles come with a combination of transparent and colored lenses for indoor and outdoor swimming.
  • Underwater Premium – Tetras’ unique anti-fog technology ensures a clear view. The 3D SNUG-FIT design provides a wide field of view and is waterproof.
  • FISH STYLE FUN DESIGN – Children’s fish-style swimming goggles make your water adventure even more enjoyable with a soft, skin-friendly silicon frame and color combination.
  • What’s Available – OutdoorMaster Swimming Goggles for 2 Kids, User Manual, Cute Gift Bag, Lifetime Warranty, Friendly Customer Service.

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