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Bonnlo’s modernized baby uniforms, 2-3 years old, 3-4 years old, upper body dolls for toddlers …
Bonnlo improved baby clothes uniform, 2-3 years old, 3-4 years old, toddler torso mannequin with adjustable rubber wooden jewelry stand (2-3 years old)
  • Durability – Thanks to the combination of the upgraded rubber wooden tripod and stainless steel tube, the baby mannequin is stable and strong enough to withstand heavy clothing, apparel, wedding dresses, furniture and decorative materials.
  • Adjustable Height – Height can be adjusted in the range of approximately 18-30 inches. Great for all kinds of clothing. 2-3 years: Shoulder width 8.8 inches; Bust 21.2 ”; Waist 19.3; Hips 21.7 inches
  • Lightweight – This woman’s mannequin shape is lightweight and easy to move.
  • Easy Assembly – Use the installation instructions included in the product package to complete assembly or disassembly in minutes without tools
  • Additional Information: Elegant linen material is perfect for decorating your clothes in bedrooms, shops, studios, shows and other places. The material inside the case is made of durable Styrofoam, and the pen can be inserted freely.
Mannequin in the form of wooden-based children’s clothing (3/4 years old)
Mannequin in the form of wooden-based children’s clothing (3/4 years old)
  • Fully unpacked 3-4 year old torso doll
  • Fully attachable elastic white polyurethane cover
  • Wooden base with neck
  • Great for presentations on children’s clothing and accessories
  • Dimensions: Bust: 23 | Waist: 21 inches | Height: 17.5 inches
(Group JF-11C) Roxy Display 4 Units Kids / Kids / Kids Dress Code with Mannequin Base …
(JF-11C Group) Roxy Display 4 Children’s Mannequins / Children’s / Children’s Suits with Base (JF-11C6M JF-11C2T JF-11C4T JF-11C7T)
  • Group of JF-11C4 blocks JF-11C6M JF-11C2T JF-11C4T * JF-11C7T
  • High quality tricot cover. Color: White jersey uniform.
  • Includes wooden base and neck cover.
  • Children’s uniform, straight.
  • (JF-11C6M: 6 months old baby, bust 19 inches, waist 19 inches, hips 20.5 inches, size 15 inches) (JF-11C2T: 1-2 years old, bust 22 inches, waist 20 inches, hips 23 inches size 19 ) (JF-11C4T: Child 3-4, Chest 23”, Waist 21 , Hip 24” Height 21 ) (JF-11C7T: Child 6-8 years old, Bust 26”, Waist 24 , Hip 29” , Size 25)
Baby jersey mannequin dress for 5-6 years – boy or girl – white, natural tripod base
Baby jersey mannequin dress for 5-6 years – boy or girl – white, natural tripod base
  • ✔️ Unisex: For boys and girls
  • ✔️AD: Children’s clothing size for 7-8 years. Some sizes may need to be adjusted on the back for a better fit. Adjust from behind using the included unmarked clip.
  • ✔️ Full function: It has a perfect body shape (back and front), solid, height and light adjustable.
  • ✔️ Quality Material: Everyone cares about what’s in our home, so this mannequin is made of high density pure foam covered with knitwear and natural wood details on a tripod base I am.
  • ✔️ Excellent display: For retail stores and photography.
White mannequin for babies and kids 8033W 8112W foam set Competitive store for boys and …
Competitive store 8033W 8112W Boys and girls clothes 18MO-7, white mannequin kit for toddlers and kids for use in kids size
  • As it is half-shaped, it is light and can be stacked and stored.
  • Recommended for children aged 18-7.
  • Durable plastic makes it easy to clean with any detergent
  • For hanging (with removable hook)
  • Great showcase for retail, photo and trade fair clothing
Baby jersey mannequin dress for 3-4 years – for boys or girls – white, natural tripod base
Baby jersey mannequin dress for 3-4 years – for boys or girls – natural tripod-based white
  • Adjustable natural wood tripod with white jersey coated foam.
  • Upper body height: 16.5 inches.Shoulder-to-shoulder width: 10.8 inches
  • Bust: 22 inches. Waist: 20.3 inches.Hip 22.5 inches
  • Height adjustable from about 36 = 3ft10 ” to 55= 4ft7 .
  • Made of durable foam that can be pasted anywhere
Stacy Adams Shoe Michael Classic Oxford Shoes, Smooth Toe Lace (Small / Large), Black, 4.5…
Stacy Adams Shoe Michael Lace-up Open Toe Uniform Oxford Dress Shoes (Little / Big Kids) Black 4.5m Big Kids USA
  • Streamlined oxford with lace-up vamp and fold heel
Baby uniform 3-4 years old Pinnable baby uniform Round wooden base newborn mannequin…
3-4 Years Children’s Mannequin Pinnable Children’s Mannequin with Round Wooden Base and Neck # 11 C4T
  • Torso dress for 3-4 year old baby with mannequin
  • High quality white stretch jersey cover
  • Includes a round wooden base with matching neck cap
  • Ideal for displaying clothes and accessories for toddlers and children
  • Dimensions: Bust: 23 | Waist: 22 inches | Hips: 24” | Height: 21 inches
Set of 5 baby torso mannequin dresses – hollow back style for boys and girls ages 5-7…
Five-part baby torso mannequin – hollow bag for children ages 5-7. Clothing Size – Great for children’s clothing sellers or presentations at art and photo exhibitions.
  • Half-shaped style: The hollow back makes it easy to carry and stack.
  • AD: 5-7 years size. Some clothing items may need to be adjusted on the back for a better fit.Clip is included
  • Lightweight but durable: Made of 2.85 mm hard plastic, it’s tougher than its flimsy shape.
  • Suspension only: This shape is for hanging only (including removable hooks)
  • Matte Color: Non-reflective mannequins work best for product shot and photo editing.
(JF-C Group) Roxy Display 4 Unit Group Children / Children / Children Dress Code Mannequin Body Shape …
(JF-C group) 4 mannequins with base / children / children’s clothing Roxy display group (JF-C06M JF-C1T JF-C2T JF-C3-4T)
  • 4-member group JF-C06M JF-C1T JF-C2T JF-C3-4T (JF-C06M JF-C1T year JF-C2T year JF-C3-4T years old)
  • High quality tricot cover.
  • Color: White jersey uniform.
  • Children’s uniform, straight.
  • Includes wooden base and neck cover.

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