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SFC Tool Kit-1700 Butane Torch Jewelry Soldering Kit
SFC Tool Kit-1700 Butane Torch Jewelry Soldering Kit
  • Package Includes: Solder Book, Mini Butan Torch (delivered empty),
  • Sparex Pickle Compound, Silver Solder-Light, Medium, Hard,
  • Handy flux, magnesia soldering block, curved copper pliers,
  • Tweezers-Borley style, third arm with tweezers, mesh tripod,
  • Environmentally friendly soldering iron, wire cutter (PVC style and color may vary), universal flux brush
Soldering iron kit LDK Electronics, [Upgraded] Complete set 60W 110V temperature control welding …
Soldering iron kit LDK Electronics, [Upgraded] Complete set of temperature controlled 60 W 110V welding tools with 5 different chips, stands, tweezers, sponges, suction cups, solder wires, and user manuals
  • Adjustable temperature from 200 ° C to 450 ° C (392 ° C to 842 ° C). It gets hot quickly and works well.
  • Tin / lead solder 60/40, diameter 1.0 mm, 13 g, flux 2.0%, melting point: 183 ° C.
  • The improved heat resistant material and the four openings in the steel pipe of the soldering iron body help to cool quickly.
  • Solder Removal Pump – High pressure tube with aluminum casing. Ideal for removing solder from circuit boards through solder holes.
  • 5 different tips for all your soldering needs. Great gift ideas for home refurbishment, repair of various types of electronics and particle boards, welding, jewelry, guitars, watches, wiring, mobile devices, computer hardware and small electronics.
OLLGEN 3.5X 12X Helping Hands Magnifier LED Glass Adjustable Soldering Iron Clip With Alligator Clip…
OLLGEN Helping Hands Magnifier 3.5X 12X LED Glass Adjustable Soldering Iron Clip Soldering Iron Stand Jewelry Repair Stand Third Clip
  • Purpose: – Practical tools for soldering, electronics and modeling.
  • Magnification: – The size of the magnifying glass with the main lens is 65 mm and the magnification is 3.5x. The additional magnifying glass is 17mm in size and has a magnification of 12x.
  • Power: – The LED light is on a separate magnifying glass, so it is very easy to place to avoid shadows and glare.Powered by 3 AAA batteries on the stand
  • Flexibility: – Flexible metal tubing can be bent into various shapes. All tools and levers are attached to clamps and ball joints.These are highly adjustable and have screw friction clamps to keep things in place
  • Stability: – The base area is complemented with sheet steel for added basic weight and stability. It is also heavier and stronger.
40W welding tool with replaceable inserts for soldering irons, electronics, jewelry repair, …
40W replaceable tip welding tool for soldering irons, electronics, jewelry repair, wire reconnection, and electrical projects.Author’s immobility
  • Safe Design-Listed on the Robust 40W 120V Soldering Iron UL, equipped with a 56-inch tip and a replaceable solder tip. The comfortable handle design protects the user from burns, holds the iron at the right working angle and dissipates heat quickly.
  • Durable – Robust tools are made of durable construction and high quality materials. Our tools are designed to last a long time and help you get the job done, so they offer the highest accuracy and safety.
  • Multi-use tool – A sturdy soldering iron is useful for a variety of tasks and projects. Ideal for jewelry repair, soldering, rewiring, reconnecting electrical / electronic components and audio equipment, DIY, welding and more.
  • Product Details – Dimensions: 8.75 x1.5”. Includes spare soldering iron tip and 56 inch cable. 120 V. 60 Hz 40 watts
  • Guarantee of Satisfaction – Persistence strives to provide consumers with absolutely the best value for money across our product line. Note: This is a Stalwart exclusive product and only guarantees that a sturdy soldering iron is genuine.
TasiHome 110V 60W Soldering iron set, with temperature control, highly reliable electronics …
The TasiHome 110V 60W Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron Set provides reliable electronic repair by eliminating component damage.Reliable repair of appliances and jewelery
  • Easy to adjust and control the chip temperature – The built-in soldering station measures the temperature of the heating element and turns on the power based on the temperature as needed, with a temperature deviation (± 2%) of the chip. Improves temperature control. .. It falls while maintaining a constant peak temperature.
  • Repairs for Reliable Electronic Warranty – By using closed loop temperature control, the chip temperature is kept constant and the dial temperature is set for uniform soldering. Along with an antistatic cable that does not guarantee static damage when connected to the ground of the repaired equipment.
  • A wide range of tips for different needs – Your device comes with three tips to meet most repair needs. If you need more tips or different types of tips, you can access our offer at the following address: SOLREP 2000 tips
  • Safe and easy-to-use visual power control indicator – A red indicator light will come on when the switch is turned on to maintain the set temperature during soldering. If the temperature drops, you can safely proceed with the soldering by simply waiting for the indicator to turn red.
  • Guaranteed reliable and reliable soldering or moneyback performance! When you’re ready to become a professional with your own hands[カートに追加]Please click on the.
Hand soldering, third party soldering tools with 5 flexible stainless steel arms, circuit boards …
Help with hand soldering, third hand soldering tools with 5 flexible stainless steel holders, circuit board tools, solder plate repairs, electrical equipment repairs, jewelry repairs
  • [Solder handle]Flexible sleeve made of stainless steel. Durability Standards for Stainless Steel Manufacturing: The material of this sleeve is different from that of plastic sleeves. Easily place and hold your desktop wherever you like, withstand high temperatures, and guarantee lifelong durability and performance.
  • [PENTAGRAM ALUMINUM ALLOY FLOOR]The aluminum alloy base provides stability when working on heavy projects. The white soft rubber pad keeps the device stationary during soldering.
  • [360 ° rotating alligator clip]The alligator clip can be rotated 360 degrees and locked”. Each crocodile skin clip is covered with a silicone sleeve to prevent the item from being scratched or crushed. Rugged clamps provide stability when handling heavy projects. We have a mini wrench for screwing.
  • [Suitable for various people]RC model (quadcopter, fixed wing, helicopter) / computer circuit board / jewelry maker / craftsman soldering. Very useful for keeping circuit boards and discrete components in optimal position during soldering.
  • Includes 1 aluminum alloy base, 5 soldering arms, 5 alligator clips and 1 mini key. US customer support, 30 days full satisfaction, no questions.
Ambes Soldering Iron Electronic Work Kit 60W Adjustable Temperature Welding Tool Soldering 5 Pieces
Ambes Soldering Iron Electronic Work Kit Temperature Adjustable 60W Welding Tool 5 Soldering Tips, Soldering Iron Pump, Soldering Iron Stand, Tweezers
  • Soldering Iron Support Station: A standard soldering iron holder with two springs and one jaw is a very useful tool when working with a soldering iron. The base is solid and safer than other thin solder stands. Maximum size to prevent user burns. It is damaged.
  • Unique Features of Soldering Iron: A good professional soldering iron has 5 replaceable tips, heat resistant and impact resistant thread design, so the iron head won’t fall off easily. .. 200 Adjustable temperature from 4 to 450 ° C. It gets hot quickly and works well.
  • Solder Suction Suction Pump: A solid metal solder removal pump is a high pressure tube with an aluminum frame that is easy to operate with one hand and is ideal for removing solder from circuit boards by soldering through holes.
  • Widespread Portable Handheld: A soldering iron tool widely used in PCB welding, home appliance repair, home renovation and jewelry welding. You can take it anywhere and find the tools you need in your carry bag.
  • 14-in-1 Soldering Iron Kit: The soldering iron kit includes a soldering iron, a desoldering pump, 5 multiple soldering tips, a sheet metal tube, a soldering iron stand, tweezers, a stripping knife, and 2 pieces. Contains electron beams.
Soldering iron, NEW ACALOX automatic 60W electronics soldering iron kit, soldering iron …
Soldering iron, NEWACALOX automatic 60W electronics soldering iron kit, soldering tool with soldering iron pump, tweezers, solder wire, jewelry, DIY, for circuit board repair
  • [Soldering iron 5-IN-1 set]-The automatic soldering iron NEW ACALOX” set is the most functional, most reliable and safest welding tool. The soldering iron kit includes a soldering iron, a desoldering pump, two tweezers, and a solder wire. An ideal companion for connecting components.
  • [One-handed operation]– Can be operated with one hand. You don’t have to use all your hands to point the tin wire and tin gun again, and you won’t accidentally burn your hands. The solder wire stand provides a hands-free solder feed during soldering. Soldering irons heat very quickly (thermostat range 200 ° C to 450 ° C), have a long life and heat up faster.
  • [Unique Properties of Soldering Rifles]– Natural mica heating rods are rapidly heated, have a long life, are replaceable and easy to assemble and disassemble. Soldering tools can meet your daily work and hobby needs, including: B. Electrical repair, refurbishment and other soldering work.
  • [Vacuum Pump Discharge]– The solder removal pump is a high pressure vacuum tube with an aluminum frame that is easy to use with one hand and is ideal for soldering circuit boards.
  • [How to get]– 1 soldering iron, 2 tweezers, 1 solder removal pump, 1 solder wire, 1 instruction manual. US customer support, 30 days full satisfaction, no questions.
KOTTO soldering tool from third hand PCB holder Formalgnetic with iron holder, flexible metal …
KOTTO Third Hand Soldering Tool PCB Holder 4 Magnets with Iron Holder, Handicraft Jewelry Hobby Workshop Help Station Flexible Metal Handle to Support Non-Slip Steel Weighted Base
  • Third Hand Craftsman Vise-Ideal for soldering, PCB holders, assembly, repair, modeling, hobbies, jewelry and handicrafts. Precision stainless steel clamp with four adjustable magnetic metal gooseneck arms and a 360 degree crocodile / crocodile tip. Durable to keep your components safe, you can place them anywhere.
  • Weighted Base and Anti-Split Rubber Foot: A sturdy weighted steel construction with mechanical coating and industrial grade rubber feet provides a stable base that doesn’t move. Our rubber legs protect the work surface from scratches and abrasions.
  • Crocodile Stainless Steel Clip – Can be rotated 360 degrees and then locked” with a knurled nut. The 2-pound base prevents falls and twists and keeps everything calm.
  • Great for a variety of projects. Our support hands can be used for all kinds of work and many clients use it for hobby projects, electronics, arts and crafts. During the painting of figures and models, prototyping of products, and manufacturing process.
  • US customer support, 30 days full satisfaction, no questions.
Soldering Iron Kit-Temperature Adjustable 60W Soldering Iron, Soldering, Tweezers, Soldering …
Soldering Iron Kit – Temperature Adjustable 60 W Soldering Iron, Soldering Wire, Tweezers, Soldering Iron Stand, Soldering Chip Set, Soldering Removal Pump, Soldering Core, Shrink Tube [110 V, US Plug]
  • Multipurpose Soldering Iron Kit-A Essential Tool for Soldering, Home Refurbishment, Electrical, Electronic, Home Appliance Repair, Circuit Board Welding, Home Refurbishment, Jewelery Crafts and Many Other Applications
  • Premium components with safety features – high quality soldering irons, stands and all other accessories.Temperature controlled soldering iron (200 450 – 450 ° C), 5 replacement tips, heat resistant cap, handle for maximum protection
  • Optional Accessories-Over 15 optional items such as solder removal pumps / suction cups, tin soldering tubes, tweezers, mini wire strippers, mini screw drivers, mini circuit boards, heat shrink tubing, and e-books to download.
  • Durable and convenient carrying bag – A sturdy and easy-to-carry PU bag with a variety of tools. Organize all your components and make them easy to carry, store and transport anywhere.Everything you want to put in your own homemade package
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – All purchases are backed by a 30-day money-back / exchange guarantee and lifetime customer support to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

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