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iPhone Lens Kit, Phone Camera Lens 9 in 1 Tele + 198 ° Fisheye Lens + 0.35X Super Zoom Lens…
IPhone Lens Kit, Phone Camera Lens 9 in 1 Telephoto Zoom + 198 ° Fisheye Lens + 0.35x Ultra Wide Angle + 20x Macro Lens + 0.63x Wide Angle Lens + CPL + Mangekyou Lens + Samsung Android Smartphone Starburst
  • With the 9-IN-1-HD Telephone Camera Kit YKEYWING portable lens, you can get 0.36x and 0.63x wide-angle lenses, 20x and 15x macro lenses, telescopic zoom lenses, and 198 ° -fish-eye lenses. I can do it. , CPL filter lens, starburst lens, kaleidoscope lens. The camera lens of this smartphone can meet all your needs. Comes with a design clip and travel case so you can take it with you when traveling. Capture every memorable moment for you.
  • [Latest high resolution professional lenses]KEYWING lenses are worth the investment for enthusiastic smartphone photographers who are interested in high quality images and well thought out mounting systems. Our lenses are made up of 5 layers of film glass. Unlike other cheap glass lenses, which can result in a slight loss of image quality, KEYWING uses a large glass optic that produces crisp images with minimal or no distortion throughout the frame.
  • [0.36x ultra-wide-angle lens]This is the best wide-angle lens that can occur in camera-equipped mobile phones. 0.36x ultra wide-angle lens. A great field of view is achieved by combining a 0.36x ultra-wide-angle lens and a 20x macro lens. Travel landscapes, landscapes, architecture … With borderless transparency lenses, the world’s rarest and most breathtaking views fit in your pocket.
  • [Portable and usable all year round]Professional lens kits for iPhone and Android are perfect for you. You no longer need a high-performance DSLR or lens. With KEYWINGihone, you can take the same pictures as your DSLR without distortion, dark corners, reflections, glare or other artifacts. The travel case keeps all components of the lens kit from getting dusty and scratched.
  • [CustomerServiceAfterSaleNoMaintenanceAllKEYWINGPhoneCameraLensKitsaremadewithanaccurateandrigoroussystemEachparthasbeentestedatleast3timesbeforedeliveryToprotectyourrightsweoffera24-monthrefundservicePost-saleissueswillberesolvedwithin24hoursPleasecontactusfromAmazoncom
Xenvo Pro Lens Kit (for iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, Macro, Wide Angle LED Lens) and …
Xenvo Pro Lens Kit (for iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, Macro, Wide Angle LED Lenses and Travel Bags)
  • ✔ Compatible with all single and double phones including all iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and Note, Google Pixel, Huawei and more. Includes: TruView 0.45x Wide Angle Lens, Clarus 15x Macro Lens, TruGrip Lens Clip, Rechargeable GlowClip Mini LED Lamp + Charging Cable, Quick Release Cable, DuraCase, EasyClip, Cleaning Cloth, and Lifetime Warranty.
  • ✔ TRUVIEW 0.45x Wide Angle Lens – Create 45% more photos per press: Take amazing photos of people, pets, tourists landscapes, landscapes, architecture, selfies and more. There is no dark angle (kerare) like cheap lenses. Made of high quality aircraft grade aluminum and optical glass for increased strength and transparency. Multi-element coated glass lenses minimize ghosts, reflections, stray light, and other artifacts. The Xenvo lens mount for mobile phones is perfect for photography enthusiasts and professionals.
  • ✔ CLARUS 15x Macro Lens – Surprise your senses. Zoom objects near both super-large photos: Capture all the subtleties and details with precise focus for very sharp macro shots. (For best results, place the macro lens approximately 30 cm from the subject. Not suitable for magnifying distant objects.) TRUGRIP LENS CLAMP has excellent detection capabilities in action mode. And attach the lens to your mobile phone to create the next perfect lens. shot.
  • ✔ Rechargeable GLOW CLIP LED Light – The GlowClip LED Light clips everywhere on your phone and instantly illuminates your subject and surroundings with warm, continuous light. The warm and natural LED light is better than the smartphone’s built-in flash. This can be dazzling and unnatural, especially in dark environments and places. Property 3 Brightness settings: Low, Medium, High. Say goodbye to frustrating photo transplants and experience world-class photography for the first time.
  • ✔ Release T-shirts and Street Soccer Quickly – Lens Kit Transport and Protection: Perfect for carrying your Xenvo lens right away. All components of the lens kit are stored and protected in a travel bag. The quick release strap is a great way to carry your lens the next time you go out. Just hang the tip and lens around your neck. Equipped with a quick release strap head, the Xenvo lens is instantly accessible so you won’t miss a photo.
CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens iPhone Phone Lens Samsung Pixel Android, 22X Telephoto Lens, 4K HD…
CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens Phone Lens for iPhone Samsung Pixel Android, 22X Telephoto Lens, 4K HD 0.67X Ultra Wide Angle Lens and 25X Macro Lens, 205 ° Fisheye Lens, Telephoto with Metal Tripod
  • Designed by both enthusiasts and professionals, the CoPedvic camera lens is ideal for exploring advanced mobile photography and video capture. These lenses have a high quality multi-resistant coating that captures all photos from portrait to landscape format. Note. The kit is designed to allow the phone to take a variety of pictures without improving image quality. The advanced coating minimizes ghosts and flares.
  • [Industry-leading 4-in-1 telephone lens kit, functioning as a monocular / telescope. ]The telephone camera lens kit includes 22x telephoto (fixed focus), 205 ° fisheye lens, 4K HD 0.67 x ultra wide angle lens, and 25x macro. Lens (rotation). , Flexible clip, phone holder, metal tripod, eyecup, Microsoft fabric, zipper pocket. The CoPedvic Phone Lens is a great feature for turning your mobile phone into a regular camera. With an eyecup, the telephoto lens can also be used as a monocular or a telescope.
  • [Extended mobile phone photo capabilities]22x telephoto lens (fixed focus) – magnifies distant objects (not close-up). 205 ° Fisheye Lens-Creates a fun and unique circular mysterious image. 25x Macro Lens – Take close-up shots of flowers, insects and other small objects (optimal shooting distance: 1-3 inches). 4K HD 0.67X Ultra Wide Angle Lens – Captures a wide field of view for breathtaking views (should work with macro lenses).
  • Does the kit work on my cell phone? ]Works with the most popular mobile phones. If the lens screw ring on the clip reaches the main camera of the phone, the kit is working. This works if the distance from the center of the main camera to one of the ends of the phone is less than 1.4 inches. Open the camera app and lock the cameras one by one. If you see a blockage, this is your main camera.
  • Choose the best gift and 100% satisfied phone A phone lens kit that will bring you an unforgettable experience to capture the wonderful moments of your life. With a sturdy aluminum alloy body and excellent packaging, this lens kit is a great gift. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. You can still contact us after the Amazon refund period has expired. Don’t doubt. Entertain your family and friends with the CoPedvic telephoto lens now!
Godefa Phone Camera Lens Kit 14 in 1 Selfie Ring Light Lens for iPhone Xs Xr 8 76s…
Godefa Phone Camera Lens Kit, 14-in-1 Selfie Ring Light Lens for iPhone Xs, Xr, 8 7 6s Plus, Samsung and other Andriod smartphones, Universal Wide Angle Clip + Macro Lens + Zoom Lens, etc.
  • 14-in-1 Telephone Camera Lens Kit: This kit includes self-ring light, 0.63x wide angle lens and 15x macro lens, 2x telescope lens, 198 ° fish eye lens, 3/60 million kaleidoscope lens, CPL filter lens, radial lens filter. Includes, Starburst Lens and Blue / Green / Yellow / Purple, each phone lens has its own results. You can choose from seven adjustable brightness levels for selfie lights.
  • The better the quality of the lens, the better the result. The lens caps of all phone cameras are made of finely crafted glass to produce crisp, sharp images with minimal distortion and eclipse.
  • Unique results: wide-angle lens for wider scenes, telephoto lens for high quality zoom, macro lens for close-up and fisheye lens for fun 360 degree view of the world, filter out stray light for visibility CPL lens to reduce.
  • Various effects: The kaleidoscope lens recognizes the central object at multiples of 3/6, the starburst lens adds dramatic starflare to very bright areas, and with the radial filter lens, with radial visual effects You can capture the object.
  • Widely compatible devices: Portable, removable and durable to connect to almost any smartphone including iPhone Xs Max, XR, X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 5S Sexual design SE, Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, HTC, Sony, LG G6, G5, etc.
Selvim 4 in 1 Phone Camera Lens Kit, 22x Telephoto Lens, 235 ° Fisheye Lens, 0.62 Width…
Compatible with Selvim Phone Camera Lens 4-in-1 Kit, 22x Telephoto Lens, 235 ° Fisheye Lens, 0.62x Wide Angle Lens, 25x Macro Lens, iPhone 10 8 7 6 6s Plus X XS XR Samsung – Black
  • [IndustryLeading4-in-1PhoneLensKitкомплектDesignedforbothenthusiastsandprofessionalsThiskitincludesa22Xtelephotolensa235°fisheyelensanHD062Xultra-wide-anglelensanda25XmacrolensaflexibleclipaphoneclipanupgradedmetaltripodaneyecupacleaningclothandastoragecaseSelvimPhoneLensisagreatfeaturethatturnsyourmobilephoneintoaregularcameraWiththeeyecupyoucanusethetelephotozoomlensasamonocularortelescopetostimulateyoursenses!
  • [Extended mobile phone photo function]22x telephoto lens – Enlarges a distant subject and zooms in for a vivid close-up. 235 ° Fisheye Lens – Creates a fun and unique circular mysterious image. Macro 25X – Captures all details and details with precise focus (does not magnify distant subjects) for very crisp macro shots. HD 0.62X Ultra Wide Angle Lens – Captures a wide field of view for a virtually distortion-free, breathtaking view.
  • [Necessary for photographers and videographers]These lenses handle everything from portraits to landscapes, minimize ghosts and flares, and avoid scratches and fingerprints on the lenses. It has a coating. Selvim mobile phone camera lenses feature a smooth aluminum alloy body that allows the lens ring to be easily rotated to adjust the focus. Say goodbye to the disappointing repeat shots” and leave great memories with great photos.
  • [Compatible with front / rear cameras and single / multi-camera mobile phones]The screw ring on the lens of the clip moves, so you can slide it to move to the main camera of multiple cameras. iPhone XS MAX XS XR X 8 Plus 8 7 Plus 7 6 Plus 6 5S 5C 5 4S Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus S9 S8 Plus S8 S7 Edge S7 S6 Edge + S6 Edge S6 LG iPad Motorola HTC One Plus Mobile Phone Camera Lens Kit HUAWEI Works with and other Android phones.
  • [Travel with excellent lens protection. ]Ideal for carrying a selvim lens immediately. The travel case stores and protects all the components of the lens kit and makes your trip even more immersive with the amazing photos you take. For those who like to take pictures with their cell phone cameras, hiking, mountaineering, traveling, etc., this is a great tote bag with incredible portability. Please contact us if you have any problems.
4-in-1 camera lens kit, 18x telephoto zoom / 4K HD ultra wide …
Compatible with 4-in-1 mobile phone camera lens kit, 18x telescopic zoom lens / 4K HD super wide angle / macro / fisheye lens / tripod / camera shutter iPhoneXs Max 8 7 6 Plus, Samsung HTC Moto, etc.
  • 4-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit: This phone lens kit includes an 18x telephoto lens, a 0.45 x 4K resolution ultra wide angle lens, a 15x macro lens, a 198 ° fisheye lens, a tripod camera and a Bluetooth camera. .. shutter. It makes mobile phone cameras much more capable than standard photography.
  • 4K HD Ultra Wide Angle Lens and Macro Lens: The highlight of the iPhone Camera Lens Kit is that it doesn’t provide distorted images. The image quality is much better than the others. A wide-angle lens fits the frame even better. The macro lens focuses much closer than the camera of a mobile phone.
  • 18x Zoom Telephoto Lens: You can zoom in on a distant object and take a clearer picture of the object from a distance with your mobile phone. This is useful when shooting things that are difficult to approach or do not want to approach.
  • Fisheye Lens: Create a fun and unique circular mysterious image and create a unique perspective. This lens is all about creativity and fun. With a field of view of 198 degrees, it also functions as an ultra-wide-angle lens.
  • Wide compatibility: Universal removable clip design. Works with the most popular brands and models of smartphones and tablets such as iPhoneXsMax, X, 8, 7, 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, Samsung Note, Galaxy S8 +, S8, S7, S7 Edge, iPad Such.
SHUTTERMOON Upgraded iPhone Camera Lens Kit …
SHUTTERMOON UPGRADED Phone Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 11 / Xs / R / X / 8/7 / 6s / Smartphones / Pixels / Samsung / Android Phone Camera. 2x Tele lens Zoom lens + Fisheye lens + Super wide-angle lens Macro lens + CPL (5 in 1)
  • Engineer[PROLENS QUALITY FILM AND PHOTO MATERIALS]We worked hard to achieve the perfect upgrade. High quality metals are not cheap plastics, but multi-element, multi-group, unlike other 1-group / 1-element lenses. Quality is not quantity.[Scroll down to watch the video! ]The lens is coated with high quality laminated optical glass to minimize artifacts such as reflections and ghosts. There are no dark corners anymore![No more photos]!
  • [Compatible Clamp Structure-Protection and Scratch Prevention]To prevent scratches, attach the clamp firmly and firmly to the device. Our clips are versatile and compatible with most mobile phones such as iPhone (all types), Samsung (all types), iPad, Google and more. Great phone accessory with a very practical carrying case. Get a full set of camera lenses for travel shots, close-ups, close-ups, birthday photos, Instagram, weddings, vacations, teenage gifts and more. It’s very fun.
  • [Better than most lenses]Our 198 ° fisheye lens has a much longer range than the 180 ° lens offered in other lens kits, and the 15x macro lens is 5x the traditional lens. 0.63x Depth-Wide-angle lenses offer more distortion than the traditional 0.65x lenses found in most kits. The Video Tutorial is included in the package and will be sent the day after delivery unless you have signed up to receive junk mail.
  • [Gifts for everyone]Who is not good at photography? We provide creative tools that allow anyone to immerse themselves in the world of photography. With the 2x telephoto zoom, you can capture distant subjects for a realistic photography experience. With a 198 ° field of view fisheye lens, you can capture an image of a raised hemisphere instead of a square image, giving you an aquarium effect. With a 0.63x wide-angle lens, you can capture the entire field or log at once.
  • [1yearrefund–2yearwarranty–LifetimesupportпоIfforsomereasonyouarenotcompletelysatisfiedwithyourpurchasepleasecontactusIfyoudonotreceiveanemailwithadditionalinstructionspleasecontactussothatwecansenditassoonaspossibleWithasimpleshoppingcartyoucanturnregularphotosintoprofessionalphotosandcreatememoriesthatwillneverbeforgotten
MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Kit 9-in-1 Phone Lens, 20x Telephoto, 205 ° Fisheye Lens, 0.5x Width …
MACTREM Telephone Camera Lens Kit Telephone Lens Kit 9 in 1, 20x Telephoto Lens, 205 ° Fisheye Lens, 0.5x Wide Angle Lens and 25x Macro Lens (Screwed), Compatible with iPhone 8 7 6 6s Plus X XS XRS Samsung
  • [HD DSLR Camera Telescope 2 in 1] The MACTREM phone camera lens kit includes a 20x telephoto lens, a 205 ° fisheye lens, a 0.5x ultra wide-angle lens, a 25x super macro lens, a universal clip, a tripod, an eyecup, and an EVA case (Note: macro lens). And the wide-angle lens is screwed). The Supreme 9 in 1 Phone Lens Kit turns your mobile phone into a portable telescope and camera. With this phone lens kit, you can take great pictures anytime, anywhere. There are no more riots at the big headquarters.
  • [Enable Your Phone To Take Varied Pictures] The 25x macro lens provides a 25x zoom target and allows you to take stunning close-up photos. A 0.5x wide-angle lens adds an extra shot to the perfect shot for cityscapes and group shots (Note: wide-angle lenses must be used with macro lenses, macro lenses can be used individually). The 205 ° fisheye lens provides a fascinating visualization of the world. A 20x telephoto lens for shooting distant subjects. A tripod is recommended for use with a telephoto lens.
  • [Well-built Construction Premium Materials ] Each lens has 10 layers of green coating on each side of the lens. Unlike other plastic lenses, the MACTREM phone lens has a smooth aluminum alloy body, so you can easily rotate the focus ring to lock the focus. The kit also includes a flexible tripod for less stable” hands. Note. When using the lens, it is recommended to remove the phone case as it can cause instability during recording.
  • [Compatible Devices] The lens kit works on 99% of the popular mobile phones on the market. If the distance from the center of the camera (the phone has only one camera) or the main camera (two or more cameras) to the edge of the phone is less than 2.2 cm, the kit will work on the phone. How to find out which camera is the main camera: Activate the Camera app and lock the cameras one by one. The displayed camera is the main camera. Note: If you have more than one camera, attach the lens to the main camera.
  • [Reliable After Sales Service] MACTREM strives to provide our customers with first-class products and services. If you have any problems or need help, please contact us. We will reply within 24 hours and resolve any issues.
Mobile Phone Camera Lens Kit, Universal 6 in 1 + 0.62x Wide Angle and 25x Macro + 235 ° Fisheye Lens + Phone…
Mobile Phone Camera Camera Lens Kit, Universal 6 in 1 + 0.62x Wide Angle 25x Macro + 235 ° Fisheye Lens + Mobile Phone Holder – Shutter Remote Control + Tripod for iPhone X / 8/7/6 / 6s, Samsung Android and Mobile Phones
  • 1. Ten-in-one kit covers all requirements: Blutooth remote release, 12x telephoto lens, 2x telephoto lens, 235 ° fisheye lens, 25x macro lens, 0.62x wide angle lens, tripod, lens clip, cleaning Cloth and carrying bag. You can easily take beautiful pictures with your mobile phone.
  • 2. Expected ultra-multipurpose lens: Telephoto lenses are designed to capture distant objects. Macro lenses are ideal for detailed close-ups. Wide-angle lenses allow you to create breathtaking landscapes and group shots. Fisheye lenses create fantastic circular images. The Bluetooth lock is ideal for selfies and continuous shooting with a tripod.
  • 3. Incredible portability, a unique gift: All lenses and accessories are packed in a lightweight zippered bag that protects against bumps and bumps, so you can take it anywhere. Easy to install and remove thanks to the screw-in lens and clip.
  • 4. Compatible with almost all smartphone models. Example: B. iPhone11 / X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6 / 6S / 6 Plus / 5, Samsung GALAXY S6 / S6 Edge / S5, LG, etc. These tools will help you take great pictures on the go.
  • 5. First Class Customer Service: This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year replacement warranty. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us. We are glad to help you and solve your problem.
Ailun iPhone lens, 180 degree fisheye lens 3 in 1 clip + 0.65x wide angle + 10x macro…
Ailun iPhone Lens, 180 Degree Fisheye Lens 3-in-1 Clip + 0.65x Wide Angle + 10x Macro Lens, Universal HD Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 7 / 6s / 6s Plus / 6 / SE / 5 / 5s, Samsung, BlackBerry, Mobile phone [Black]
  • High Quality: Professional HD lenses with advanced optical lanthanide glass provide crisp images every time, reducing stray light and reflections. The high quality aluminum construction makes the product more durable and makes the lens kit a photo partner.
  • Easy-to-use snap lens: A removable, portable soft rubber clip for bumps and scratches on your cell phone. Easy to install and remove, the rear view camera with lens connects to all popular smartphones and tablets.
  • The mini lens is a versatile removable clip design that works with most types of mobile phones (B. iPhone, iPad, Samsung, other smartphones, and even laptops) with a camera lens diameter of 13 mm or less.
  • Fisheye lenses provide a wide hemispherical image. A macro lens for close-ups of the smallest objects in detail. Wide-angle lenses project very large areas such as groups of people, buildings, landscapes, and so on. Enjoy the fantastic world!
  • Package contents: 180 degree fisheye lens + 0.65x wide-angle lens + 10x macro lens. Note: 1. Macro lenses and wide-angle lenses will be put together when they arrive! Wide-angle lenses should be used in combination with macro lenses. 2. Macro lenses can be used individually. It is recommended to keep a distance of 1 to 2 cm from the subject.

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