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Ready-to-adjust Coleman cabin tent for 4 people | Camping tent built in 60 seconds
Ready-to-adjust Coleman cabin tent for 4 people | Camping tent built in 60 seconds
  • Weather resistance: Welded corners and upside-down seams keep out water.The integrated rain cover provides additional protection from the elements with better airflow
  • Durability: Double-thick fabric lasts season by season.
  • Instant setup: just 1 minute
  • Spacious interior: 8 x 7 feet. Center height 4 feet 11 inches.Fits one queen size inflatable bed
  • 1 year limited warranty
CORE Cabin Tent for 9 People – 14 x 9ft
CORE Cabin Tent for 9 People – 14 x 9ft
  • Instant 60 seconds setting. I sleep with 9 people. Suitable for 2 queen size air mattresses. Center height: 78
  • CORE H20 block technology and adjustable ventilation
  • Featuring dividers and wall pockets, it keeps your items clean and out of touch with the tent floor.
  • Connector to access the power cord (connector closes completely when not in use)
  • Includes rain cover, tent pole and carrying bag.
OT QOMOTOP tent, camping tent for 6 people, setup for 60 seconds, waterproof pull-in tent with top …
OT QOMOTOP tent, camping tent for 6 people in 60 seconds, waterproof pop-up tent with rain fly, instant action tent, advanced ventilation design, goal mat
  • [Instant setup]With instant setup, you can set up an inner tent in 1 minute. It can be easily adjusted by one person.
  • [Waterproof tent]Polyurethane tape for rain seams and seams inside the tent. The floor is made of polyethylene pipe with welded corners to keep the inside of the tent completely dry during heavy rains.
  • [Spacious interior]Dimensions 10 x 9 feet, central height 5 feet 6 inches. The spacious interior can accommodate a queen-sized inflatable bed and other camping equipment. Recommended for 3 adults and 3 children for a more comfortable stay.
  • [Electric cable connection]The electric cable can be easily connected. You can completely close the port when not in use. Includes tent pegs, tote bags, mud mats, gear bags and gear bottoms.
  • [Improved Ventilation System]Mesh roof and floor ventilation provides much better ventilation than traditional tents and prevents the condensation of water droplets in the tent at night.
Family tent for 11 people with screen KERN (orange)
Family tent for 11 people with screen KERN (orange)
  • 11 people sleep. Space for 3 queen size air mattresses. Center height: 86
  • It has lockable windows and a front window that completely covers the tent floor.
  • CORE H20 block technology and adjustable bottom vent
  • Gearloft with lantern hooks and bags keeps things tidy and out of the tent. Connector to access the power cord (connector closes completely when not in use)
  • Includes tents, tent poles, rain covers, equipment floors, tent pegs and expandable tote bags. 1 year limited warranty
Kazoo Family Camp Tent Large Waterproof Pop-up Tent Cabin Tent for 4 People Immediate Installation …
KAZOO Family Camping Tent Large Waterproof Pop-up Tent Cabin Tent for 4 People Aluminum Automatic Sunscreen Instant Set
  • ✔ Spacious space and easy to install: The instant awning with large Kazoo cabin is in the shape of a cabin and provides unmatched volume. It accommodates 4 adults very well. This is one of the most spacious tents in its class. As the most comfortable tent for 4 people, automatic features make it a really big instant tent. Installation was quick and easy. A person can lift it in 30 seconds like an umbrella.
  • ✔ Waterproof and durable: The Kazoo camp tent for 4 people has a two-layer structure. Lining made of invisible B3 mesh and breathable 190T polyester. The raincoat is made of Ripstop 210T polyester and uses the best materials to instantly provide a high performance tent that is waterproof. This 4-person tent has passed the waterproof test with a rating of 3000 mm or more. To make a large cockpit tent, use high quality ultra-lightweight 19mm aluminum poles to create a sturdy and lightweight frame.
  • ✔ Large tent veranda and optimized ventilation: The large KAZOO tent has mesh walls and ceilings for excellent ventilation. The Kazoo Cabin Tent for 4 people is a relaxing and cozy place. Two large doors with double zips and seams allow easy access. Zippered doors can be worn to make the canopy. Children can take a nap in the tent, but adults like to be outside. As a very comfortable 4-person instant cooking tent, it works well in most situations.
  • ✔ Kazoo’s Note to All Details: Kazoo pays attention to details to create the perfect tent for a variety of purposes such as camping, hiking, fishing, surfing, outdoor grilling, adventures, family gatherings, travel and more. I will. High-quality details include a slim, durable SBS double zipper, mesh pockets, an incredibly durable waterproof fabric material, a fully covered raincoat, and the durability to withstand your greatest adventures. Includes lightweight construction.
  • ✔ 2 year warranty: Kazoo tents are 100% tested before delivery. There are two main series, camping tents and backpacking tents. The camp is equipped with high capacity sockets that use the best materials and techniques for maximum durability and greater living space. Hiking tents are designed for maximum performance such as light weight, environmental friendliness, super strength and weather resistance. We offer a 2-year warranty.
Hewolf Instant Waterproof Camp Tent – ​​Easy to set up family dome tent for 2-4 people
Hewolf Instant Waterproof Camping Tent – ​​Easy to set up family dome tent for 2-4 people
  • Set up in seconds Automatic tent – ​​Very easy to set up thanks to the instant mechanism. Your girlfriend or wife can easily build it. Spread the six arms to lift the top of the tent, lower the mechanism at the top, and then snap the hinge at the bottom into place.
  • Breathable – The outer canopy is made of breathable polyester and the inner layer is made of mesh material. This quick rollback tent is not suitable for strong wind days.
  • Versatile UV Protection Beach Tent – ​​This double-walled tent consists of a summer canvas, a remote mesh tent, rain and other accessories. You can use it as a sunscreen immediately by removing the indoor mesh tent.
  • Here’s how to set up a windbreak tent. Even after lifting the tent, you still need to secure the corners with six stakes. It is recommended to add 8 twists for added stability and wind resistance.Can withstand winds of 15 mph
  • Lifetime Warranty and Free Pole Replacement – ​​When you receive the product, check the Hewolf name on the surface to make sure the order is from hewolf. Only Hewolf products offer lifetime warranty and service for rod replacement
Easy pop-up 6-person tent, 12.5 x 8.5 x 53.5 inches, automatic installation, waterproof, 2 layers, instant …
Easy Pop-up 6-person tent, 12.5 x 8.5 x 53.5 inch, auto-adjustable, waterproof, 2 tiers, instant family camping, hiking, travel tent, green, blue
  • Quick and easy setup: A ready-to-retract tent with pre-assembled legs in seconds.
  • Spacious interior: 12.5 x 8.5 feet floor, sleeping bag for 4-6 adults, or 3-5 with lots of luggage. Center height: 53.5 inches.
  • Ventilation: Large mesh windows on the left and right allow hot air to escape and prevent insects from entering. Vents on the bottom provide additional ventilation to keep you cool on summer nights.
  • Keeps it dry all year round: Waterproof fabric. Ventilated rain cover integrated with sealed seams keeps you dry.
  • Ideal location: daily camping, hiking, backyard activities, festivals, outdoor activities, boy and girl scout trips, mountaineering, beach gatherings.
Camping tent Sunny chic pop-up tent, automatic instant tent setting with UV sunscreen …
Sunny chic pop-up tent camping tent, automatic tent for instant installation with sunscreen, UV protection, portable family camping tent for 2-3 people, waterproof for beach walk
  • [ QUICK EASY SETUP POP UP TENT ] With pre-assembled legs, you can quickly set up this tent in seconds. Just open the bag, throw the instant pop-up tent into the air and throw it in 3 seconds. It magically makes the process simple and fun.
  • [ HIGH QUALITY WATERPROOF TENT ] This instant tent has a PU coating and there is no offensive odor inside the tent. The material of the external ledger is 68D185T elastic polyester, and the waterproof property is 2000mm. The lower Oxford 150D fabric can reach 3000mm. All seams are carefully sealed to keep out rainwater.Please do not continue to use
  • [ UNIQUE DOUBLE LAYER ANTI-MOSQUITO DESIGN ] All internal accounts are made up of high density B3 mesh. It uses a two-way zipper that allows both doors and windows to open very easily. The outer layer of fabric can be closed or rolled up and buckled for cold nights. You can prevent mosquitoes with a double-sided lock. Say goodbye to the annoying little bugs that keep you fresh outdoors and keep your kids free to play in your tent with a dense net that keeps them away.
  • [ HIGH BREATHABILITY PRIVACY FAMILY TENT ] Front and back 3D ventilation design improves air convection and promotes dual ventilation. This provides additional ventilation to keep you cool on warm spring and summer nights. Two mesh windows on the front and back improve air circulation, and a sturdy nylon flap on the window ensures privacy.You can see not only breathability but also a really beautiful starry sky
  • [ SUN PROTECTED ROOMY TENT SPACE ] ANTI-UV polyester fabric provides UPF50 + sunscreen that protects you from direct sunlight. The 102 * 62 * 43 inch tent can easily accommodate 2-3 people, but is not recommended for queen air mattresses. Great for outdoor activities, perfect for family gifts and sun protection.
Hewolf Instant Setup Camping Tent-Waterproof, Lightweight Pop-up Dome Tent Easy to lift and quick to set up …
Hewolf Camping Tent Instant Setup-Waterproof, Lightweight Pop-up Dome Tent Lightweight Quick Step Climbing Tent, Great for Beach Trekking
  • Pop-up Tent-This easy-up tent is designed for busy families who don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up and removing. Not only is it a great camping option, it’s also an incredibly versatile option that offers protection from rain and wind. This is the perfect option for almost any outdoor activity, from football to park days.
  • Spacious Interior Waterproof Instant Tent-Both walls are made of waterproof polyester material, with two layers of walls and a rain cover to provide protection from rain and shade. 2-person tent (7 feet x 5 feet x 4 feet) and 3-person tent (6.5 feet x 7 feet x 4.4 feet), 4-person tent (7.5 feet x 8, 2 feet x 5.2 feet), 6-person tent (10.3 feet x 7.7 feet x 5.4 feet)
  • Set up in seconds Automatic tent – ​​Take out the tent, choose a flat surface, park the tent, extend your four arms, pitch automatically by simply lifting the top of the tent, lock the top and make the tent more stable Let me do it. This tent is now self-supporting. EW also offers stakes and windbreak ropes to secure the tent.When the camp is over, simply slide the two short poles up and the tent will fold.
  • Here’s how to set up a windbreak tent. Even after lifting the tent, you still need to secure the corners with six stakes. It is recommended to add 8 gilin for stability and wind resistance.Can withstand winds of 15 mph
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and breathable – our panniers are the smallest compared to other automated tents. Suitable for indoor hiking, hiking, camping, large windows, ventilation and improving air flow.
Coleman instant tent for 8 people
Coleman instant tent for 8 people
  • A spacious tent for 8 people can accommodate two inflatable queen size beds.
  • Set up in one easy step in three easy steps
  • WeatherTec system with patented weld base and reverse seams for drying
  • Large screen windows and doors keep insects away
  • Inch law 14’x 10’@ 6’7″ center

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