indoor basketball hoops

SKLZ Pro mini basketball with hoop ball, standard (18 x 12 inches)
SKLZ Pro mini basketball with hoop ball, standard (18 x 12 inches)
  • Includes professional spring-loaded tear-off tabs for flapping
  • Sliding door bracket with foam pad
  • Includes 5 Pro Mini Hoop Basketball”
  • 9 inch diameter breakoffspring steel rim
  • Transparent shatterproof transparent polycarbonate protection 18 x 12”
Official Home Basketball Arcade Game Pop-A-Shot Dual Shot
Official Home Basketball Arcade Game Pop-A-Shot Dual Shot
  • BASKETBALL ARCADE GAME: From the pioneer of the original basketball game Pop-A-Shot, there is a completely redesigned version of Home Dual Shot with innovative technology and many gaming options.
  • 16 individual games. Home Dual Shot offers 16 different games, more than any other arcade basketball game, and 6 sound options that guarantee hours of interactive play.
  • Durable Structure: Home Dual Shot is made of durable 1½ inch steel pipe, powder coated to remove rust and chips, and features a thick nylon lamp.
  • Incredible accuracy: Using a patented infrared sensor and a redesigned placement, the home dual shot rating system is almost 100% accurate. A large 3-digit display board and audio jacks for external speakers enhance the gaming experience.
Franklin Sport 54132X Mini-Slam Dunk Approved through Door-Crushing …
Franklin Sport Mini Basketball Hoop 54132X Through Door – Slam Dunk Approved – Impact Resistant – Includes Accessories
  • Durable Board: At Franklin, play as hard as you do. The backboards in this set are designed to outperform all other basketball door sets on the market.
  • LEGIT SETUP is a continuous set. Shoot a 5-inch rubber basketball into a 9.5-inch metal rim fitted with a durable 8-loop net.
  • DOUBLE SPRING RIM-Bring the game! This set was developed for 3-point sandshots and throws.
  • Professional Basketball Set-This set is designed for all standard size doors with 0.5 inch EVA protective foam to protect the door itself.
  • High Quality Steel Equipment – ​​Because we chose not to cut the corners, this set includes all steel fittings and tools.
AOKESI Kids Basketball – Pro 16.5 x 12.5” Pro Mini Basketball Hoop Set for Doors and Walls…
AOKESI Basketball for Kids – 16.5 x 12.5” Professional Indoor Mini Basketball Door Wall Ring Set Full Accessory Set – Basketball Ball Toy Gift for Boys
  • The AOKESI brand guarantees endless fun for baseball fans. The 16.5 x 12.5 inch back panel is made of high quality clear polycarbonate that is impact resistant and durable. Foam pads on the back and bracket minimize noise in doors, offices and living rooms.
  • What’s Available: This set of professional mini basketball hoops has detailed installation instructions on the box. You will receive a basket containing steel rims, ball nets, backrests, two rubber balls, an air pump, and complete assembly accessories such as wrenches, tires, screws and screwdrivers.
  • Easy Installation: This door-mounted mini basketball hoop set fits all common doors in your home or office by simply hanging it on the door. Alternatively, it can be wall mounted. The ideal removable design saves a lot of storage space and can be easily installed anywhere. The flexible 8-loop net lasts a long time for each game and achieves the desired swing.
  • Play basketball now!” The maximum tilt angle is up to 45 degrees, thanks to the spring-loaded tear-off” steel rims. You can detect shock anytime, anywhere. As soon as you fire the shot, the spring pushes the bezel back into place. Built for games, but very durable. In your living room or office, our basketball set is the best choice!
  • A perfect gift for kids: basketball games are great indoor toddler games. It’s well packaged and it’s easy to reach your goals. Keep your interest in basketball and let video games and TV shows say goodbye. Make it a great birthday and Christmas gift for kids, especially basketball fans.
Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Kit, Blue, 3 Balls – Amazon Only
Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Kit, Blue, 3 Balls – Amazon Only
  • Indoor and outdoor basketball hoops adjustable to 6 heights from 2.5 to 4 feet
  • Includes large rims and 3 junior basketballs
  • Develop social, motor skills and coordination
  • For stability reasons, the base can be reduced in weight with sand (not included)
  • Ages from one and a half to five years. Material: Plastic.
Spalding NBA Jam Mini Basketball Hoop on the Door
Spalding NBA Jam Mini Basketball Hoop on the Door
  • Door bracket: for indoor games
  • Includes basketball: Includes 5 inch rubber miniball and assembly tools
  • Padded: Soft polycarbonate sheet
  • Board size: 18 x 10.5”
  • Steel rims: 9 inch separate steel rims
ESPN EZ Fold 2 player basketball game, polycarbonate back and LED rating
ESPN EZ Fold 2 player basketball game, polycarbonate back and LED rating
  • The 6-piece set includes an ESPN EZ-Fold basketball table, a 7-inch basketball (4), and one air pump.
  • Foldable design for easy storage: Saves up to 30% more space than comparable basketball games. Built-in locking system for storage mode for added security.Lockable 3-inch casters that are convenient to carry
  • Premium Design: A 43 x 20.5” polycarbonate back panel for a genuine look, feel and sound.There are two 12 inch steel rims with a sturdy nylon mesh
  • Electronic LED counter with multiple gaming options: Built-in 3 x11” LED display and music box. Includes 8 great gaming options. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Assembly dimensions: 81 L x 43” W x 80.5 H. 43L x 23 ”W x 80.5H folds for easy storage and transportation.
SKLZ Pro mini hoop basketball system with height adjustable rod and 7 inch ball
SKLZ Pro mini hoop basketball system with height adjustable rod and 7 inch ball
  • Complete mini basketball system with height-adjustable rear wall / edge, bar and mobile base
  • It has the look, functionality and durability of a professional basketball system.
  • Adjustable height to 7 feet for court play and 3 feet for junior or pool play
  • 33 x 23” transparent, shatterproof sign made of clear polycarbonate with 14.5 tear-off springs
  • The weighted mobile base (31.6 x 20 x 6.3 inches) is filled with sand and has built-in wheels for easy movement.
Mini Basketball Hoop-Glows in the Dark
Mini Basketball Hoop-Glows in the Dark
  • FULL OFFUN – ROPODA Home Basketball Hoop is a fun and addictive basketball game for all ages. It’s a great game not only to bring happiness to children, but also to relax in the daily work of adults. It’s a great gift for both kids and men.
  • [High Quality]– The back wall of the basketball hoop on the door is made of maximum strength transparent, shatterproof polycarbonate. The dense, high-density foam on the backrest and bracket protects the door from damage and reduces noise.
  • [Easy to assemble and store]– The mini basketball door frame comes with a clear description and all the tools you need. The basketball hoop toy is easy to assemble and this basketball hoop can be removed from the back, requiring less storage space.
  • [LIGHT IN THE DARK]– Backboards, ropes and basketball are made of luminescent material and glow in the dark. You can also play basketball in the dark with the mini basketball hoop.
  • [ROPODA HELP]– Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.
JAPERBEES Inner mini basketball hoop above the door and wall-mounted indoor basketball hoop …
JAPER BEES Home basketball hoop on the door and on the wall bracket Home basketball hoop with unbreakable back (Mini Pro)
  • 2-in-1 installation: Play mini hoops everywhere. Both the door hook and the simplified wall bracket are part of the mini basketball hoop and can be easily attached to any door or wall.
  • DOUBLE THICK ANTI-LARGE BOARD: Reliability, reliability, reliability! Our backrest is made of clear polycarbonate reinforcement and is twice as thick as other mini tires. A genuine, fragile rear wall with a thick foam pad on the back makes the mini tires quieter and more durable.
  • Slam Dunk and Swish: Enjoy every moment of Slam Dunk and Swish. The tear-off edge of the mini basketball hoop is made of thick solid steel, professional Dural Black springs and a durable net. Pro Rubber Mini Balls provide on-court activities such as dribbling, batting and diving.
  • Quick Assembly: Our mini basketball hoops are designed for kids and adults to assemble quickly. Includes all necessary accessories for doors and walls. Let’s play basketball now!
  • Great Gift: Basketball Time! Our mini tires are designed for intense play and will last longer than other tires. This is a great way to play at home with family and dorm friends, or say goodbye to video games and gadgets. A perfect gift for birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays.

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